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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. You mean a cam-driven pulverizer, and macerater grinds.
  2. Your chisel creations!!

    You can shave things down if you have a hammer and chisel in your hotbar. so they sculpted a few chairs, and what nots.
  3. One water mill being able to power a million items, a million blocks away is ridiculous, even for Terra Firma. The only part of it being intuitive is that it can channel power, and is based on something other than one block structures, and wires.
  4. New slots

    Still very lenient, daxx, the whole premise is wearing to the battle, the biome, or the job, either as a juggerhaut, or as sub-arctic runner, or a marauder, and so on.A cloak, and how it covers whatever is under if is pretty powerful, so allowing plate armor, and a sweater, you pretty much made titan that can harass people openly in winter biomes, instead of restricting them to being an indoor sort of troop in winter biomes for dressing for heavy combat. And another thing that can be said is what is the logic in apiaries being in a winter biome, with adequate apiary suit, and a snugly sweater. Or wearing chain with plate, being a juggernaught.
  5. Butchering

    YOu are pretty much suggestion something like elder scrolls, and the second part of bsb's post. [Almost complete Cheese Wheel + Rest of the Cheese Wheel = Potion of Stamina ???]
  6. And something that doesn't use the, unintuitive mess that is the BTW mechanical system? You can have only one power source, and it can power everything, all you need is a very large power channeling system, using one of the more ridiculous mediums ever, and after that magic, you can power everything from elevators to a million saw blades, rotary tables, and hoppers. I'd rather feed gerbils in a hamster wheel taped to the side of anything that looks like a machine, and the comical, and morbid value of such actions would make it more worthwhile, and still make machines mid to late game.
  7. Water Barrel - metallurgy

    This is already going to be in the game, in fact, the quench option in the anvil needs a currently unimplemented water barrel next to the anvil to be used. Since Quench is one fourth of the red options, it isn't going to be spectacular to assume the barrel is going to come anyways. Anyways, currently, Bioxxx is looking for a way, other than water, to allow you to cool your hot irons. So this is to say, that the barrel is coming anyways, but not until there is something else is made first.
  8. New slots

    Eh it's pretty much restrictions. if Plate Armor is on Outer Slot, no, pretty much nothing in the inner slot. if Plate Armor in Inner slot, pretty much nothing in the outer slot. It is an easy example, because plate armor is cumbersome, and very susceptible to heat, and cold, and really strong, but a cape, or cloak would look nice, and give a little bonus against heat, and a bit of concealment, or a fur cape may do a little bit for cold resist, and be a bit more covering than a cloth cape, but bad for warmer areas. A backpack with Chest Plate, try chain mail, though I don't recommend really sticking out that much, or going places particularly hot or cold, but you can wear your silly boots, and hoods, or silly plate armor, you sore thumb.
  9. Found huge cave sistem

    It looks more like a depth map. You must've walked around for quite a bit to find nothing.
  10. New slots

    It is later for me, and I seriously urge you, no green slot. for the above reasons that I have magically decided to be an addendum. I want players to think hard about their decisions, and make sure that there is always enough pluses, and minuses for a player to play skillfully, or to their playstyle.
  11. New slots

    Anyways, what about sweaters, under armor, but over other clothes. [because a blizzard in ice plains in winter require two sets of sweaters]I'd rather have certain items restrict what you can put in the other slot to make things simple for the common user, because you can wear cloaks over most other things, while you can't wear it under most things, and you can only wear a very few items under an apron. I'd rather things be mutually exclusive, in the slots, so you can screw about the placement of items in the inner/outer slots if you only have one item per body part like a lever, it in until you have items that restrict placement that inner/outer slots matter. And I am against the green slot, it adds a bit too much leniency for the player, consider a juggernaut with a backpack, too large capacity for something already so heavily armored. Other than that, the lack of extra slots really makes a player sacrifice extra capacity for armor, or surviveability in colder areas/times, and make vanity something to consider only when one is safe, or apparently keeping your giblets from getting too toasty.
  12. New slots

    Whatever, what I suggested allows you to place the sword and shield where ever on the hotbar, that sort of flexibility, and incentive for inventory management, would be pretty canonical with TFC as a whole. [i cross my fingers that that doesn't backfire.] All's fun and games in the winter with a fur cape over your iron plate, make sure to live well away from the desert.
  13. Research

    What he is suggesting isn't "you have to research things to use them," but "you can reasonably figure out how things work," and the way to do that is by experimentation, graduated cylinders, breaking rocks on/next to a research table, placing the table next to a firepit, or bloomery, next to a anvil, or scripting table, and honestly screw with the head you are making, until it makes a good pick, or a bad hoe.But I really draw the line at drawing plans, because you want to make the tool, not spend half an hour perfecting it, let alone getting close to making one. I'd rather have the research table next to the anvil and make it open up an 'advanced gui,' and call that your research, but that is a huge if.
  14. New slots

    Splints for the limbs? Legs for minimal fall damage mitigation, and chest for a bit of help blocking. [insert obtuse reference to noodles] Either that of minimal, or dirt cheap 'armor.' Oh yeah, and it seems everyone forgot the part about wearing things because they look good, 'aesthetics,' who wants to wear a cape, over your heavy, full set of steel, or copper, for nothing other than vanity, or parading around your town because you are captain of the guard, or a hero, or something. [All bow before the power of pride, which soon begets hubris when your village is burnt down, or you are ambushed by rubes] At the waste of a slot, all I can say is that you can at least hold a lot of other things in your inventory, like chainmail to complete your Juggernaut outfit in a second, or shimmy around the corner, and wear some bandages, after getting the brunt of the first wave, to the face, for a while.
  15. New slots

    Jed, should I suggest reading my post, I've seem to have the knack of ninja'ing, and I am afraid of ignorance... Anyways, the suggestion about removing 2 of the seven slots from the hotbar, and not allowing anything in them that can add damage to your fists is stupid. Because all the tools, cause extra damage, except the hoe. I'd rather something I said that is less intrusive, and forceful, like my suggestion with blocking and shields, in noodle's thread, at the bottom part of page 1, ending at the top of page 2, for now. Back to clothing, you can have other novelty items that you can hamfist into the clothing slots, aprons, or bandages, for a bit of warmth, or a sort of medical system that stipulates "not getting grotesque injuries" or "losing armor slots" Actually, that sounds smart, reducing the amount of armor slots for temporary regenerative effects with bandages [i have edited several times in the space of minutes, I have not learned my lesson about fast edits]
  16. New slots

    All I cans say is if there is such a thing as two sets of armor slots, I would rather make them a bit more aribtrary, as in one set is in the top layer, and the other is the lower. What matters is how you place the clothes, but other than that, you can wear your armor over your sweater, or your extra shirt under your sweater in winter in ice plains or tundras, or simply a cloak over your bandoleer, or oyur cape over your armor. Restricting it to two slots really means you have to dress for your battles, or weather, or aesthetically, restricting your players to consider more than what is the heaviest shell than they can carry, but what works. A cloak over heavy armor may dull sound, and hid the fact that you are wearing clothes to kills, but you could wear chainmaille under your plate armor, and become a Juggernaut, if in a wintry biome, where it's cold, trade warmth for a bit of armor, and risk freezing, or wear a cloak in a desert to shade yourself, and avoid using the second slot because it may lead to overheating. For you suggestions about swords and shields, I should direct you to another thread for another idea on how to handle shields. [shameless self-promotion]
  17. All I can say about the shield and blocking thread, is that noodles has oodles to work with~

    1. Jed1314


      Haha ! That is definitely true, and as if that wasn't enough, it also rhymed :D

    2. Boea


      I could've worked in toodles, but that was just stretching it. [like making noodles? ya'know?]

  18. Sheilds and Blocking

    Yeah, and not forgetting the prerequisite need of a shield on the hotbar, and not wasting your block/stamina bar, those need to be remembered.
  19. Sheilds and Blocking

    Shit, I need to stop re-editting, anyways, what you may have missed Anyways, if the whole proximity thing doesn't work, then honestly, to the void fog catacombs, as long as that little trade-off between sneaking, and blocking happens with blocking mapped onto sneaking, it should be just as fine.
  20. Sheilds and Blocking

    The simple thing would be to map the block key to something commonly used, how about the sneak button? To prevent unwanted shielding while picking, or building? move the shield away from the items you don't want to block with, say 2 or 3 slots away from the shield. Seem a bit more lenient? What matters is where the selector is, and if the shield is in the hotbar. Blocking shouldn't be any hassle to the player, set aside obstructed vision, and slowed movement, and the other nuances of sneaking. Of course, the shield would normally be tiring to hold up, and your block bar would drain, so you have to trade prolonged fall prevention, and invisibility for your ability to block momentarily.
  21. Sheilds and Blocking

    I really hope for a response. Anyways, there is are a few other types of shields, the targe, which is a larger version of the buckler, it is a foot or so in radius, and the body shield, a massive metal construct, that does more than any normal tower shield. Other than that, I really want to add a bit of skill to blocking, other than how well you can craft it, which can increase mitigation, durability, and chance to stun, pretty robotically.
  22. Sheilds and Blocking

    COuld you reread the post, it seems you posted before I finished editting... anyways... See what I'm asking for is the screwing of having that equipment screen, and I'd like to give a reason or two why. Yes, you can have the equipment screen, but that mean you'd only have to fuss with the shield whenever you are reaching for the block button, or switching out the shield.What I am suggesting is that the shield be a constant, but little problem.Yes it means the difference of significant damage reduction, and can completely replace, or remove the block function of the sword, but moving it to a shield like that can lead to a problem of being able to block whenever you have a shield, wood or leather, or above. I'm suggesting for the added ability to block, one should lose one space of their nine in the hotbar, which is quite a lot of space to place a weapon, food, tool, and torch, with the added benefit benefit of being able to see the durability of the shield constantly, which wouldn't be available if it were tucked away. The problem remaining is still being able to block pretty much whenever, but at the cost of losing a space on the hotbar. Since the shield is on the hot bar, you can actually select it and 'bash' with it, removing the need for an extra key, or keystroke to do so. Another thing would be to go further with the idea of incentivizing the shield being on the hotbar, by either making it only able to be held up if the selector is close to the slot with the shield on it, or at least make it block better with, the closer the selector is. This is another thing, it could be used to incentivize some sense of inventory management in the hotbar by making the shield work this way: making players trade defense and utility, with hotbar management and a slot of their hotbar. [Oh and the word you are looking for, for damage negation, is mitigation, you are not nullifying damage, but reducing-blocking it]
  23. Sheilds and Blocking

    At this point, I'd suggest at least having it so that you can only use the block key if the shield is on your hotbar, or your selector is close to the slot with the shield -bonus points if the proximity of the selector to where the shield is on the hotbar affects the power/efficiency of the shielding- if dual wielding is out the window, due to awkwardness, or issues with frenzying. [in fact, I endorse that last option, it rewards inventory management, or quick-drawers , without adding the arbitrary fiddling of using an advanced gui, or two selectors]
  24. Fortification

    I'd like the more advanced measure for later, or midgame.
  25. Bsb23's Enchantment Document

    Anyways, EternalBoat, mercury being somehow liquid silver for all intents and purposes? yes, or no. [And if any, anything to say about how it'd pan out, in a believeable/fantastical sense] And then, what about other kinds of destructive venoms/poisons/toxins, link ones that cause necrosis, or dissolve flesh, bone, and other nasty things.