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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. A little too hard perhaps?

    I thought Bioxx made it so that cassiterite spawns in a few more stone types
  2. Updated the Wiki

    There seems to be a distinct lack of javelin in the page footer link box.
  3. Chest storage size

    A quick fix to limited block ids: damage values
  4. TF Craft more RPG like? But not realy RPG

    This may lead to hilarious results, and a lot of structure blocks being made, but as long as one can make a trebuchet with roughly the same blocks as a catapult, then I'm really game. [Especially if you can basically insert what you want into the cup; let it rain javelins, and arrows]
  5. Silver Items & Undead Mobs

    That's gilding You need to make metal leaf, and apply some glue to the metal implement you are gilding, and use a variety of tools to get a seamless finish. Oh and I thought blue/red silver needed precious metals in their construction
  6. Suggestion for the owner of TFC Forums!

    You know you are pretty much suggesting things that make forums weirder, and more circlejerkish, like escapist, somethingawful, and facepunch.
  7. TF Craft more RPG like? But not realy RPG

    Arthur's Gold, you pretty much make a "structure piece" of a certain item, like a workshop, or a catapult, and assemble the pieces in the overworld, not in the crafting table. Seems a bit more convenient so you don't plop a catapult down like a boat in the water, it bounces off of you, and implodes because it flies into a wall, or it is oriented wrong, for the same reason. That and it gives warnings to others that you are building a fucking catapult, it doesn't seem fair that you can plop down a catapult straight from the pocket, completely built, and simply destroy everything.
  8. TF Craft more RPG like? But not realy RPG

    No no, I mean the construction of larger structures, and most siege weapons should be based on the tested method of how we make bloomeries, and charcoal pits, but instead of giving us a static block structure, we get an entity that is rather unhandy to maneuver if we decide to reorient it. As much as the same as I suggest with ball mills. [but ball mills being upgradeable, or more dynamically built]
  9. TF Craft more RPG like? But not realy RPG

    And as a fore thought, please consider this.
  10. Silver Items & Undead Mobs

    That's because usually heavier metals, like lead, and gold are ductile. Copper, Tungsten, Some Depleted Radioactive Metals are heavy, yes, but damn do they hold an edge.
  11. Silver Items & Undead Mobs

    Heavy swords are actually very good things too, steel just happens to have an amazing edge too.
  12. On the subject of Galena and Lead

    Lead is heavy. Lead core tools, make faster tools?
  13. The larger the mill, the more items you can place in them.The mill usually processes things into smaller items with more milling mediumHeavier mediums tend to be better at pulverizingPorcelain grinding mediums usually have the least contamination in its pulverized outputHaving a grate to automatically output processed ores usually are of less quality than ones that are allowed timeLarge amounts of small mediums can pulverize hard objects, but will be slower at it
  14. Well, whatever the case, I wouldn't assume one would be allowed to let a major league pitcher be the one to insert materials. And again, having that back end would be if you invested in grates :/ Sometimes you want to make powder, or smooth a cast item
  15. Silver Items & Undead Mobs

    Precious metals are very malleable, so you'd probably have to reshape them often. Sterling silver, and rose gold are more consistent, but they have weaker effects. Silver is a pretty heavy metal, so if anything, it would make very good for cleaving.
  16. Silver Items & Undead Mobs

    So what, silver has smite, seems kind of, backassed, but I guess all precious metals don't get to be entirely dazzling with thier latent effect. Keeping in mind, this is as long as the special effects of the precious metals are not obvious, in that you don't see any captioned enchants with it. In terms of armor, I'm guessing Gold has strange mitigation [as reference to how it is strangely blast resistant in vanilla], platinum has durability, and silver has some form of other effect, poison resist/mitigation?
  17. Eh, ball mills, they don't have to be sealed, the beauty of it is how you can chuck items into it unceremoniously, and it'll still pulverize, or smooth them. I still advocate using something like placing sheets, or double sheets [if it is large enough] to make the drum, and then supporting it with a few supports [to hold up the structure, if it is large], some rails [so it can roll on the tracks], and a crank mechanism [attached to the side of the drum to roll it powered by whatever].
  18. Silver Items & Undead Mobs

    How about, brass, gold, and platinum?
  19. New Health and Medicine System

    I'd rather have health scaling, say, upon revival your heaalth has a *.5 multiplier on it, so your 10 hearts are only worth 5, until you recuperate.
  20. Silver Items & Undead Mobs

    Eh, you could make Silver Arrows glow by default, has the effects of smite, but not have the caption. What else, other precious metals have innate special powers?
  21. Arthur's gold is another game that takes a similar route to how we build larger structures in TFC, but TFC is more complicated since it uses interactions between entities, special blocks, and normal blocks. Arthur's gold only uses one generic 'XXX structure' block per structure, so you can't mix and match blocks like we can.
  22. It's simply you start out with one single block, and then you add onto it with 'ball mill structure' blocks, but simply adding on one or two blocks won't make the mill 'size up' or really 'upgrade', much like the bloomery.In Arthur's Gold, you build structures by making 'parts' of a structure, like an outpost, or a workshop, even a catapult, after constructing a block, you'd have to place it within a very simple rectangular pattern, and with all the pieces assembled you get the structure. In TFC, this is only really seen with the bloomery/charcoal pit, adding capacity, or adding a bellows to a heating apparatus, like a forge, or fire pit. And for something like a ball mill, it'd be interesting how one would have to arrange the blocks to make the mill 'tier up'. And for your concerns about compatibility, the steel mill, and coke thing from railcraft is fully compatible with buildcraft, and so on, the i/o being the interactable blocks on these larger structures. But yeah, considering, this would be a far more competent way to assemble larger pieces:Construct the drum, place a crank mechanism onto it-making sure it is the right size for what you are doing-and adding a few supports to the structure. Coding it may be a hell, so a simpler template like what you use for the bloomery, and charcoal pile may be easier.
  23. For sake of expansion, from a block into a larger structure with use of "additional structure blocks" much like Arthur's Gold.
  24. Yeah, settling tanks and that hubbub. And a manual ball mill could very much work.
  25. Pretty much a ball mill is a container, with hard, preferably hard objects inside it, and you roll said container. A ball mill has a few quirks. You can use the mill to smooth items, don't really know how, you'd need to use a small-soft milling mediumProcessing speed/efficiency is based on the milling medium's size, amount, hardness, and shape compared to the items' being milledThe larger capacity drum, the more you can put into itThe more you put in a mill/ the larger the mill, the more power you need make it runFor a ball mill, all that matters is how fast you want to mill something, and what you want it to end up as.The rest is really spending time learning what set up works. You could use a ball mill to rehone a tool, but the results are very questionable, and it may simply degrade the tool into material detritus.