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      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. Who's been watching Doctor Who?

    You mean the 'new season' that just had it's finale tonight. Yeah, great show. End.
  2. Dirt and sand sliding off I hate it

    Exactly. If I want 'pretty boring and takes a long time' I'll stick with RL. Which is pretty much what I'm doing right now. Sand and dirt are actually pretty key in terraforming and this makes it incredibly frustrating. I honestly can't believe I need scaffolding just to plant trees.Has anyone ever tried COX/COH/COV? And decorated a base? Well, long story short it was the most frustrating and difficult system I've ever come across. I hate to say it, but terraforming is starting to turn out like that. Minecraft is supposed to be about building my own work and shaping it how I like. In the meantime, I've actually been getting acquainted with gnomoria because I can actually terraform shit there. Actually they do. They spawn above and below. Even the pillar doesn't help with that. No, you don't. I like building houses out of different materials each time just as the game was stated to be. Sometimes I make a lair under the desert. A log house in the snow. A plank house on an island. A cobblestone house in a valley. And yes, even a mud hut has its place in the world. As I've said a long time ago, I was once a tree farmer because I found metal work too difficult. I appreciate that the mod has some challenges, but without something easy to balance that out, it just gets to be not a game, but a nuisance at every corner. Everyone has their own idea of fun- what they like in this mod and why they chose to install it. Telling people to 'go back to vanilla' just because you can't understand someone else's opinion on what they find fun is is just a discredit to you. Just as everyone has their own idea of what fun is, everyone has a threshold of 'frustrating' is and a point where the game becomes 'no longer fun'. Can you at least understand that and respect it instead of the childish "Well go pick up your toys and go back to mommy." answer.
  3. Build 51 wierd issues...

    I don't ever use other mods for this exact reason. That and I think some of them are a good way to 'cheat' the game. Okay, now I can't use crafting tables to create chiseled stones. Tried upgrading to 52 by building a brand new jar with the following files: Forge universal Player API 1.3 and put TFC build 52d in the mods folder. No change whatsoever. Blocks still don't update correctly, I can no longer obtain chiseled stones when using a crafting table and invisible walls all around. Edit: Removed creative mode and installed NEI. Block problem removed.
  4. Build 51 wierd issues...

    I'll try to explain this as best I can. I opened up a random creative world to 'test' gothic structures that I'm learning in class Except... if I take down a wall of blocks, it sometimes creates an 'invisible wall' and I cannot move past it. It seems to be in random spots as far as I can tell. Digging around the invisible wall just widens the invisible wall and makes it more impassable. If I put up something, say glass and try to replace it with another stone like chiseled gabbro, the block placed is glass. If I try to replace raw rock, the raw rock will show up several times until the game finally places the actual block I'm trying to place. Or if I chisel a block, mess up and try to replace it, it takes several tries to get the non chipped stone to show up again. Needless to say the combination of these two issues renders that game very nearly unplayable. Since no one else has commented on this issue, it very well could be just me. Help?
  5. !!!Unreleased Chunk Files!!!

  6. [Offline] Dig, Hiss, Boom! ~ Babby's First Hardcore ~ No Whitelist

    I'm also missing a chunk in the middle of my land.
  7. Greenhouses!

    Yes please. There's nothing quite like missing spring in SMP and having to wait a week before you can even START your crops. I'd just be happy with having a way to protect them.
  8. Dirt and sand sliding off I hate it

    Because that's something easy to do when you're being chased down by something nasty like a spider or creeper.Or even when you don't see it because it's walled off with a one layer piece of grass. SURPRISE! 30 foot drop. Please kill yourself now because there's no other way out and even no way back to retrieve your stuff. My current beef with this is that it feels like we're being punished for trees not working correctly. I've always used dirt pillars to get that one (sometimes up to three) pieces of wood that sticks around after I've cut a willow tree down. Now I have to use cobblestone and by extension, waste my pick and metals... on a tree that didn't fall properly. :/ I've also never used wood for my houses. They're not house material for me. Even mud houses are far more attractive.
  9. New terrain, poles and a ton of little stuff I never realised I did

    The current server I'm on if any more than 7 people get on at the same time, eating and destroying blocks is impossible. How many players can you have on at a time and what server?
  10. Creeps

    And Dr. Who Angels if you had bothered to read up on them.... The irony. It burns.
  11. Planks stacking

    Yup. Making plank blocks gets really irritating with all the extra work of putting each individual plank in the crafting grid. x.x
  12. [Offline] Dig, Hiss, Boom! ~ Babby's First Hardcore ~ No Whitelist

    Block lag is pretty bad. I can't even cut down trees to make charcoal. Can't eat either. I've noticed that wonderful creeper mod also stopped working. Ah well, I'd be in favor of bringing the server down because in it's current state it's pretty unplayable to me.
  13. New terrain, poles and a ton of little stuff I never realised I did

    Actually I went to the pole, did a /toggledownfall and it rained.... melting all the snow in the pole, so no. Huge ocean is 2k+ of nothing but water. The last 3 maps when going to the pole, I had to cross 6k of water, so I'd love to have your seed where you don't run into ocean. As I mentioned, I have not seen a jungle. Only jungle trees in a tiny 'plains' biome and that was when I went to the equator.
  14. I think I'm really starting to dislike the 'poles' update. For one, every world I've been on has a shit ton of ocean. Several thousand blocks of it in either direction. It's nice to be realistic but realistically, I'm playing a game and can't live in the ocean. Also, having to travel that far crashes the client every single time. On SMP, having to travel that far crashes the server. Fun, huh? This brings me to my next point: inserting AFK encouragement as a feature. ANY game that encourages AFK play has terrible mechanics. It's really tedious to cross that ocean, so the best way to do is put the game on auto run and go read a book. Seriously? I'm getting very bored with the same climate and any attempt to change climate results in the above: dying of boredom. I've never seen snow nor a desert nor plains since the poles were put in. I'm actually starting to miss my desert homes. So much so that I created a new world and I went all the way out to the equator. It took an hour. What did I find? No jungles. No desert. Went up to the pole and there was no taiga. No snowy area with trees, just a barren wasteland. To be fair, I did find a spot with jungle trees that was still marked as plains. One of the biggest draws to this mod for me was the sheer number of biomes it had along with the variable climate. Now I'm seeing none of that. Mapping is now more tedious. "Where you at?" is now met with "-79332 -93558" :/ I have a very poor short term memory and having long coordinates just isn't fun for me so I tend to stay at places that have at most three digits. I'll also never see double positives again which was my default choice on multiplayer maps. This change does not promote a different game every time TBH. I thought that was the goal of this mod? In previous maps, I was a fisherman on an island. I staked out a living in a harsh, wintery area where only birch and pine grew. I lived underground in the desert where no one would think to look. I'd like that type of game back.