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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Accessories/Armor

    If you mean IC2 style rubber boots then no. Those things are WAY overpowered. Maybe just something simple, like blocking fall damage if it's less than 1.5 hearts or something. I think an if the glassblowing suggestion gets implemented then goggles for seeing underwater could be possible. I don't think scuba makes sense, I mean this has been said before but how about a breathing reed a la terraria, just a helmet that could let you breath if you were within 2 blocks of surface. An underwater pickaxe doesn't make any sense. If it's heavy enough to mine as fast as a normal pick, then it will be slower underwater, and if it is light enough to be used at the same speed underwater, then it would be slower. Also that doesn't belong on this thread but hey, it goes with your suggestion so ok.
  2. This would fit in with the proposed enchantment system. So my fathers axe could be really good. I think that tools should break differently. Obviously when they run out of durability they break, but how about you get a "broken" tool that still has the enchantments, and maybe terraria-style reforgements, but is unusable, then welding it with a new head or an ingot or something would fix it. And then if you used it too quickly it would get "blunted" or something, and you'd have to work it on the anvil again to fix. You get my drift. Make tools break in more ways, but make them fixable, to a point obviously, so you can get more work out of those last few bronze. I also like terraria style reforming, maybe merge the repairing and reforging.
  3. Enchantment system

    For some reason I can't quote so I'll just say: I LOVE the idea of negative enchantments. And what if you didn't know the exact enchantment you got: it would just say ruby II or sapphire III. And you would have to figure out what you got.
  4. Sluice/Gold panning tweak suggestions

    i dont know how to reply to a comment so i'll quote as best I can tell, dig a block so there is FLOWING water next to dirt/sand/clay/gravel. Rightclick on the dirt/sand/clay/gravel with a gold pan. You will a gold pan-dirt if it was dirt, gold pan-clay if it was clay etc. You don't need to empty it, just keep repeating the rightclick to find stuff. For the sluice, You make an 8-long path of flowing water then dig one more forward and down one, and place the sluice, then you put soil in it and it sifts out gems. Doesn't work in smp
  5. Things you think should be added to agriculture.

    FUNCTIONAL plants. Meaning non-Food. I like flax to make string, and hemp or something to make rope, maybe herbs...
  6. A little suggestion to flint/wood "age"

    I agree that the tech tree is exactly that: a tree, and not a ladder. i think bone should be available as an option. I think personally that the gap between stone and metal is too big. I don't know if bone fits, maybe advanced stone, but I definitely think spending tens of minecraft days looking for sphalerite or cassiterite or bismuthinite because i can't get more than 3 mintues into a cave because I get owned by a skeleton because I only have 5 javelins and I used them already. So I think that maybe make bone as strong as stone is now, and make stone stronger? or something to fill the tech gap
  7. Tanning Racks

    I agree that tanning leather should be added. I made a topic about new armor items and I definitely think that this should be added. I think the bellows should use it, among other things. My catapult idea on the pvp ideas page, maybe even combine with rope to make cloth for making other things. It doesnt even have to be only leather. Maybe you could also use it like a drying rack for herbs, or stuff like this. However, I dont think it should be crafted, I think it should be like the forge, built. maybe some vertical supporta beams, and then a new cloth item stretched over them
  8. Casting instead of Scribing

    OHH I really like this idea. I posted on the ideas for pvp that we should have catapults and the like. Maybe if the metal components for large things (not just war machines but anything assembled from metal parts) should be made from casting. Cuz otherwise youd have tons of plans, in this way, you can have some plans and some casts
  9. Clams, and shellfish.

    I see three different kinds of shellfish. Mussels that are like vis crystals in thaumcraft, start as one, grow to more on same block, can be all harvested at once, or cultivated with a special tool a la crystalline bell. Then, clams, like mushrooms, already been said. Then, finally, quahogs or gweducs or some other LARGE shellfish. There is a gweduc block (like silverfish block) except it looks like dirt. When the player breaks a nearby block, the gweduc block will turn an adjacent block into a gweduc block and change itself to dirt (like the gweduc is moving) However a special gweduc hunting tool that does not trigger this event would allow you to hunt them. Again, if conditions are favorable, a gweduc could spawn more gweducs in the adjacent blocks. Maybe the same tool for the mussels and gweducs: a clamming tool (which is use also for harvesting the clams, cuz breaking them just gives you nothing) I'm not sure the difference, maybe someone else can go into that.
  10. Possible ideas for BIOXX reguarding pvp.

    I really like this idea, I typically play on servers with my friends, communist, but I do occasionally pvp and raiding is FUN! I think that if this is going to be a focus we should be able to primitive war machines. Like a catapult that flings a rock-like entity that would crush stuff. or maybe a siege tower, or a battering ram. Yea, I'm not trying to go all super server war, but I think it fits the feel, especially if enemy villages start cropping up. EDIT: Here is my idea per se. A catapult that would be made by combining some planks, a vertical support beam, some sort of rope, and a catapult head (new anvil item). Placeable down in the world like a boat (an entity) It would have a GUI that would have a slot for ammunition and a couple of buttons, (retract, release, etc. like the anvil). It would have lots of health, (like 100) and i'm not sure how it would move, maybe you click the push button on the GUI and then you are pushing it or something? anyway there would be a couple of ammuntion. maybe cleanstone(natural) and maybe an explosive one made with sulfur + saltpeter, and maybe a giant bolder made from stone. Tell me what you guys think.
  11. New inventory

    I agree with eternal, that this would be too cluttery and overkill. I think the gems should be used for enchanting, and I don't think a necklace makes any sense in TFC. Maybe, MAYBE, when villages come out. But still, I think that TFC is sort of set medieval and earlier, so a little magic is OK, i.e. enchanting, but i think most things should be functional instead of decorative.
  12. Carving Stone with Chisels

    I like this idea. I think that cobblestone stairs don't make any sense, so how about we can only make stairs out of the smooth version (not the natural one, the chiseled one) so then all 4 forms of stone have a 'use'
  13. Enchantment system

    I think you all overdoing it. How about this, an enchanting table where you can enchant the GEMS. the different gems could have different enchantments i.e. fortune for agate, efficiency for emeralds idk what else, maybe aqua affinity for sapphires. And then you somehow attach the gems to a tool and it picks up the enchantment. I know this is similar to what has been said but i think you are overdoing it. With my idea you still have a bit of randomness so like I want fortune so I enchant an agate, but I get blast protection instead (there would be multiple enchant per gem, lots of overlap obviously) then I'm like "Hey i can't enchant my pick with that," so I save it for when i get a chestplate or something later.
  14. Accessories/Armor

    The upgradable bags sounds a bit sketchy. Maybe when agriculture comes out we could make it out of better materials? Ok Im liking that one. I almost said the thing you said about the different belts, but remember there's already 4 different versions of each belt (normal and missing each tool) so adding a new version for each might be really ID-intensive. And I actually like the idea of the new slot, but it would also be cool to use the built in ones. My original idea intended for MCF was that it would fit in the 4 armor slots (i.e. if you want a toolbelt, you have to forgo leggings, if you want a mining helmet, you have to forgo a helmet) Maybe just for balance purposes. BTW you have a misspelled word in your location. It should be "where" not "were" lol XD