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      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. GTA Meet up?

    I'm interested.
  2. Time management in TFC

    Hi Treyflix, Respecting an arbitrary cut-off time will be hard if you're hyper focused and in the middle of a project. When you're reading, you just want to read one more page and when you're biking, you just want to go a little further. Sooner or later, you'll have biked too far and it'll be a dark and unpleasant ride back home (certainly happened to me ). It's much easier if the time-limit is part of the challenge. I like starting new time-limited TFC maps because it makes every minute of game play a precious strategic opportunity (even at night). You'll find that you get really good at adapting to different starting conditions. I find the early stages more entertaining than grinding through the later stages of the game. If you've challenged yourself to make a copper anvil within 6 days in hardcore mode and if you've failed to do so after 2 hours of game play, then it's game over and you can retry some other time with a different map. It's midnight and you've just failed a challenge or project you've set yourself. What will you find easier to say no to? a) hitting the snooze on your timer and continuing just a little further for a little longer; or starting a new 2-hour chunk of game play that you know will end around 2am?
  3. Staying with 1.6.4 discussion

    I agree with AllenWL You have limited development resources and you're devoting a portion of them to playing catch up with Mojang instead of coding the features you actually want to code. Code what you want now and then play catch up later with MC 2.0 or whatever's around the corner once TFC is polished.
  4. If you're a TFC veteran and you're looking for something new, I've got a challenge that will definately test you. There are only three rules. Bloomery Challenge 1. On or before your 30th Minecraft day, you must craft a bloomery in hardcore more 2. At all times, you must not place anything outside your inventory for the purpose of storage Examples of things that would contravene rule #2: placing something outside your inventory for a storage purpose like putting an item on the ground and then putting it back in your inventory later, placing clay/ceramic items on the floor (even empty vessels), placing log piles, using a chest, using a tool rack, using ingot piles, using armour stands, using item frames, etc. Examples of things that would respect rule #2 but still trigger the timer for rule #3: placing something outside your inventory for a transformative purpose like an unfired clay item to turn it into a ceramic item in a pit kiln, or a log pile to light it on fire, or a vessel filed with ores to smelt it, or an empty barrel to fill it with water, or an anvil so as to smith an item, accidently dropping something (default key = "q") and then picking the dropped item back up, etc. If you contravene rule 2, the item in question is lost and must be abandoned. 3. At all times, you must not be within 100m of any block upon which you placed anything "Steve-made" 12 or more hours prior (i.e., 10 gameplay minutes) Examples of things that would respect rule #2: placing anything unmodified like dirt blocks, raw stone, etc. Examples of things that would contravene rule #2: placing anything manufactured in the crafting grid (e.g. thatch) or otherwise made (e.g., firepit, torch, wood supports, etc.) If you contravene rule 3, the game is over. I don't play as much TFC as I used to but I really enjoy this challenge and maybe you will too. I find the caveman to bloomery stages of TFC to be the most engaging so I'm focusing on that part in the challenge. I love how I must do all this as nomad without the benefit of a safe base. REI's Minimap and Xnote stopwatch are very helpful. If I'm firing a pit kiln, I place my first clay item, hit "T" to start the timer (you can configure Xnote's hotkeys), place the remaining clay items, place the straw, place and light the logs on fire, hit "C" to create a waypoint, wait for the pit kiln to finish, collect the fired ceramic items, run at least 100m from the waypoint I set earlier, hit "R" when 10 minutes have elapsed to reset the timer. You absolutely can never within 100m of that waypoint - even if it impedes your desired path across the world. Have fun!
  5. New to multiplayer servers

    My game runs much smoother in SMP, presumably because the server does the heavy lifting. If you're playing SSP with fast graphics, you might find that you can go up to fancy graphics with a far render distance. Time doesn't stop when you log off so your crops will continue to grow but they will also wither away if you don't log back in to harvest them in time. All players spawn in the same area where starting resources are eventually depleted and new players such as yourself will have to travel great distances before starting. Alternatively you can join a town. Town "chunks" are protected. Only town members and allied towns can modify their contents. Bioxxville on the happydiggers server goes one step further and town members have private plots that only they or a select list of their friends can access or modify. This eliminates griefing from members of allied cities or new town members. It took a little planning to design the town accordingly but it works well now. You can always complain to a server admin and have changes reversed but personal plot protection makes everyone's life easier. If you're going solo on a server that doesn't have protection, you're more vulnerable. On a previous server, I designed an underground base that was all in one chunk. This meant that either it rendered completely for others walking by or it didn't render at all. If you build on a chunk boundary others might see inside your base if one chunk loads and the other doesn't. I used a single transparent farmland block surrounded by trees for the "sky access" of the blast furnace and forge and animals farms were at least 16 blocks down to avoid hearing them at the surface. Everything was self-contained. It worked well on that server but it would be ineffective on the happydiggers server where everyone can see you at Have fun!
  6. Donations

    One button would be simpler but whatever you're comfortable with. My buddies and I avoid these transaction costs by just paying a portion of each other's credit cards. There's a cost to transfer X$ to their chequing account but there's no cost to transfer X$ to their credit card account through online bill payment. So if I organize and pay for a camping trip everyone chips in by transferring their share to my credit card free of charge and I have a smaller balance to pay to Visa at the end of the month. We find this simpler. I don't make the rules, I just play by them.
  7. How the game looks to a new player.

    Why do we always get into these discussions on the forum? The game is in development and we're all clamoring into the kitchen to taste the uncooked soup and tell the chef that it's not quite ready yet. What exactly are we expecting the response to be?I would respectfully suggest that this should be in the suggestions section where these same issues have already been brought to the attention of, and addressed by, the development team in numerous threads.
  8. Days are so short in TFC

    Not really. Night time is the time for knapping your spare tool heads, shaping your clay, firing your pit kiln, trimming your decaying food, and cooking meat over the fire in the early game. There's even more to do later on. I'm very rarely bored at night. You need to think ahead during the day about what your night time projects are going to be and get those ressources into your inventory before nightfall. In brief, don't do during the day what you can do at night. Have fun!
  9. Food Decay Protection (FDP) system

  10. The Food Decay Protection (FDP) system is exactly what SMP needed. I suspect it won't work if your friends log in and access a communal food storage because they would load the chunk. In 78.5 does everyone need to spread out far and wide so as not to risk having our chunks loaded in our absence or is there another way? Just how far away does our food stash need to be from others?
  11. Donations

    Build 78 is out and it's awesome. Think about donating to the developers.
  12. Ideas about food preservation.

    My post must not have been clear. I am salting meat in TFC. When I do so, the meat has a "salted" state. I think a similar state for vegetables (i.e., "pickled") is a great suggestion.
  13. It would be nice if the success of getting a sapling from a fruit tree depended on your agricultural skill level. I may be wrong but the success rate doesn't appear to have changed in build 78. I would be ok with it starting out much lower but others may disagree. Also, even though wilds crops are now seasonal, I would welcome lower spawn rates in much smaller clusters. Fruit trees for example, seem to be everywhere in my world. I would be ok with working harder for seeds and sapling but others may disagree.
  14. Ideas about food preservation.

    I like the pickling idea. Like salted meats, vegetables could have a "pickled" state that would decrease their decay. You could only put 160oz in a barrel at a time. Once the vegetables are picked, you would take them out of the barrel and put them in your inventory or chest. In the winter, you might have to make due with salted meat and pickled vegetables for your nutrition and I like that idea. Good suggestion!
  15. A Thank You

    I really love the new build. You guys did a terrific job. I used to get bored in the mid and end game but the new food system and the mining changes is drawing things out and making for a wonderful start of the game. I really like how you've slowed things down. Thank you