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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. Castle Builder Series

    With all the easy to access trees removed, I'm having to slow down how fast I publish videos to every other day, at least until I get my stores back up. I'll be uploading more photos next time it snows in game.
  2. Castle Builder Series

    Here's the progress after one (in game) year. More to come. or if you just wanted to see the album without having to click more than once:
  3. I decided to make a castle the old fashion way. I hope you enjoy watching it develop. Videos will be posted daily until the build is complete.
  4. Would you live forever?

    That's not what I described; however, everyone sees what they truely want. What I described is actually the place where hobos go when they die. Go google "the big rock candy mountian."
  5. Would you live forever?

    This world and the lives we have aren't worth living for. If on the other hand, I could have a body that never got old, never broke, never became ill, and this world was flawless and didn't resist everything we wish to do, then I think I could stand living forever. Mind you it would need to be a perfect world with nothing but perfect people for me to want to stay here. (Yes, that includes chickens that lay hard-boiled eggs, lemonade springs, where dirt tasted like chocolate and you never had to worry about food, shelter, greed, or over-crowding.)
  6. b58 loose rocks texture bug

    I simply posted what code you would change so that minecraft's engine will understand that the block doesn't fill the entire space. If minecraft's engine thinks the block is supposed to fill a 1X1X1 it won't render texture for that block if it thinks it's hidden. What we do is shrink the bounding block's par# so minecraft is on the same page as us. A collision block is different from a bounding block and for the point of textures it's what we would need to change for minecraft not to misunderstand what we're asking it.
  7. Questions about new update

    You have internet! Awesome! I remember waiting thirty minutes to watch a three minute video. We live in good times now though.
  8. b58 loose rocks texture bug

    edit these: public AxisAlignedBB getSelectedBoundingBoxFromPool(World world, int j, int k, int m) { float var5 = 0.0625F; return AxisAlignedBB.getAABBPool().addOrModifyAABBInPool((double)((float)j + var5), (double)k, (double)((float)m + var5), (double)((float)(j + 1) - var5), (double)(k + 1), (double)((float)(m + 1) - var5)); }
  9. b58 loose rocks texture bug

    You can resize a block's bounding block so this should still be addressed so minecraft knows to render that texture.
  10. Huge Mountains

    You must be a little-ender. We big-enders have a more open mind to other people's brain-washings. [Wait I just realized the king was an idiot for cutting his thumb on the little-end. Does this mean I'm a little-ender now?]
  11. Ars magica

    I'm sorry, but I'm failing to see the difference. If you don't mind could you use smaller words, because it sounded like you said exactly the same thing I did.
  12. Bug (Beta Build 56) (Graphical?)

    Hey, I didn't say it was good coding practice. I did however say that companies do it all the time because they're lazy.Bugs are bad. Hmmmkay?
  13. Bug (Beta Build 56) (Graphical?)

    Why not? That's what Microsoft, Apple, Sony, MoJang and everyone else does. I used to work in IT and you're not allowed to use the word "bug" you must say "feature."
  14. 56 bug: Ingots do NOT cool in anvil...again

    On the contrary since Bioxx plays this mod too. I'm 99.99% sure that he has come across this "bug" (as you say) sometime between patch 52 and patch 56 or at the very least someone has pointed it out before now. So I say, "No Sir this is working as intended."
  15. 56 bug: Ingots do NOT cool in anvil...again

    It's been like that since B2P52 Beta v2 Build 52 New Features The inventory size mechanic has undergone a further revamp. Each item now has a size and weight defined for it. Some inventories may have weight requirements in the future(such as bags) wherein they can’t hold items over a maximum weight and already the chest has a maximum size of Medium. There are currently three Weight classes: Light/4, Medium/2, Heavy/1. Weight applies a modifier to the stack size determined by the items’ size(which now only represents the item bulkiness). Ex: Item A is Large and Heavy. Large tells us that the stack size is 4 and Heavy says the multiplier is 1. (4 * 1 = 4) so Item A would stack to 4. If Item B is Large and Light it would be (4 * 4 = 16), so Item B would stack to 16. Hopefully this is explained well enough.First stage of mob spawning rewriting is complete. Each chunk now has a stored Spawn Protection value. When this number is greater than 0, mobs are not allowed to spawn in a given chunk. In order to increase this number, simply spend at least 1 hour(In game time) in a chunk and 6 hours(in game time) of spawn protection will be added to that chunk and each neighboring chunk. Every chunk starts at -24 hours of protection. This means that you must spend at least 4 hours in a place for a chunk to start to be considered “lived inâ€.Added wall mountable tool rack for putting your tools and weapons on display. Each Tool rack can hold 4 items. With the item in your hand simply right click on one of the 4 quadrants of the weapon rack and your tool will be placed in that spot. Right clicking again in that spot will remove the tool. The recipe can be seen Here Yes the icon uses the colored sticks textures atm. Programmer art.TweaksChanged log placement. The side of a block that you click on is now where the inner part of the log is placed.Chests now accept items up to size Medium.Added a proper file and logo image for the FML mods screen.Bug FixesFixed placing logs not reducing the number of logs in your inventory.Fixed several instances of items and tools stacking when they shouldn’t have been.Fixed some cases of improper item cooling and generally streamlined that code.Fixed saws getting destroyed after one use when crafting support beams.