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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Corpses, Food, and Butchering

    When a mob dies, it turns into smoke and a bunch of items. And for some reason, while monsters are just as big, or bigger than animals, they give much less. Doesn't make much sense, does it? So I think when all mobs die(including you) it should drop a corpse. What a carcass(corpse) is, and what it does A corpse won't be an item, but a block/mob thing(like minecarts), that spawns when the corresponding mob dies. When a mob dies by fire, it will give a charred corpse. You cannot butcher a charred corpse. it will rot much faster than normal corpses, and when broken, will leave behind ashes.Extremely rarely, a charred animal carcass can give around 5% of the meat it would have given otherwise, cooked, a charred zombie carcass can give a rotten flesh or two, etc. A charred player corpse will lose all food, wood, and organic material(grass, leaves, flowers, etc)Corpses can be moved by using a jute rope, like animals(other than the fact that they don't move themselves). otherwise, you can pick it up with your hands, but that will make you unable to fight/interact with blocks/equip items/etc until you drop the corpse. Shift-right clicking a corpse will let you loot it, opening up a inventory where you can take it's belongings. All carcasses will rot ultimately being destroyed, and they will rot faster than raw meat(except skeletons). When a player's corpse rots away, all food and natural items(grass, leaves, flowers, possibly wood products) in the inventory will rot along with it, and what remains(metal/stone things, tools, some wood, etc) will drop as items.(I think having the rotting process be like the sapling growth[a timer, then a random tick-thingy] can reduce lag. Probably. I don't know a thing about coding) However, rotting corpses will kill plants, attract scavengers, contaminate water, and spread sickness. (see by Moressfor in-depth info on sickness[one idea per thread, so borrowing this a bit ]) But lets say we spent the night merrily slaughtering defenseless undead, and now have a mountain-high pile of zombie carcasses. Don't want that messing up our nice lawn, right? So how will we get rid of it? 1. Speed up the rotting processes Simply speeding up the rotting process can dispose of all those carcasses piling up at your doorstep. damp(water, rain, etc), dark, heat, dirt(well, the microbes in dirt), and rotten flesh can speed up the rotting process of a corpse admirably. doesn't solve the problem of all that nasty rot, but it's cheep and it works 2.Burn it If you set a corpse on fire, it'll burn down to nothing but ashes in a few momentsSimply right-click with a firestarter/flint and steel, or drag in into the flames.The ashes might be annoying to clean up though.3. Contain itDumping the corpse in a casket or coffin can stop the rot from spreading and contaminating other things quite well.The only annoyance is that if you're not careful, wild creatures can break the coffins looking for a bite to eat, releasing the rot.Better put it in a safe place.4.Vaporize itIf all else fails, you can dump the corpse into lava to instantly vaporize it into nothing.Now only if you could find lava.....5. Dump it.If all else fails, and you can't find lava.... just drag the carcass somewhere you can't see, say, a shallow cave, or maybe dig a big hole, then dump it in there, and let it rot away.Now since you know what a carcass is and what it does, you should know how to properly prepare it for eating. Preparinga corpse forusage The simplest way to work a carcass is to mindlessly hack it to pieces with whatever you have. However, this will near-completely wreck the carcass, and the most you can hope for are scraps, bones, and possibly a few bits of product(gunpowder, meat, etc[when I say few, I mean few, like no more than 160 ounces, or one or two items at most. You'll get a load of scraps though]). The only exception to this is skeletons. You can safely hack it to bits and still get most of the drops although a few will be lost But if you wanteverything you can get from that carcass, you'll need to butcher it. To butcher something, you need a knife. You can butcher anywhere, but it's advised to do it in-doors, as the smell of meat might attract unwanted attention, and you can find yourselfbeing butchered next. Right-click the carcass with a knife to open up the butchering interface. It should have a little panel telling you what you are butchering, and what stage it's on(skinning, cleaning, jointing), an output slot, a progress bar, a 'damage' bar, and four buttons(slice, slit, chop, cut). The progress bar would work like smiting, each button(slice, slit, chop, cut) moving a green arrow, your goal being lining it up with the red arrow. Slice and chop will move the green arrow right, and slit and cut will move the green arrow left. However, there will be no 'rules' that you have to follow. Instead, each button will increase the 'damage' bar, which decreases the amount of products that come out. A button will not move the green arrow the same distance or increase the damage bar by the same amount on different carcasses or different butchering stages, and it is possible for a button to not move the damage bar at all. Butchering is done in 3 stages. 1 skinning. you skin the hide off the carcass. this results in hide, sheepskin, or feathers depending on what you are butchering. Slit and slice give the least damage in this stage 2 cleaning. You chop off the head, remove the tail and hooves, remove the guts, and otherwise get rid of everything that is not meat or bones. results in scraps or string, depending on what you are butchering There are no (major) differences in damage in this stage After you clean the carcass, it will rot at the same speed as raw meat, and can be hung and salted/smoked to last longer. 3 jointing. you joint carcass into usable joints. results in joints Chop and cut gives the least damage in this stage, Note* Some carcasses will not go along the same rout as described. Zombies and spiders will go straight to stage two(because I really don't know what you'll get from skinning zombies or spiders) Squids and creepers will go straight to stage two, but unlike the zombie, it will need no further processing(squids have no joints, and people say creepers are plants, so.....) Skeletons will go straight to stage three, for obvious reasons Preserving the carcassWild animals(like bears, wolves, giant spiders and zombies) eat a corpse(of all stages), damaging it ultimately destroying it. keeping your meat in a safe place is necessary to preserve it(unless you want to feed your wolves that way, I suppose) After you skin the meat, you can hang it on a meat hook(drag to hook, then right click hook[while holding onto/dragging the carcass]) This can be used to store meat you don't need for now. (for example, you needed lots of leather so you slaughtered lots of cows, but you don't need the meat, and don't want to waste durability getting it cleaned and jointed) You can salt it by rubbing salt on it, or smoke it by putting a firepit under it to preserve it for even longer. You cannot hang the carcass of creepers, zombies, spiders or skeletons to preserve it. Items added and what they do. Scraps: can be used to bait fishing rods(better chance of getting a fish), or fed to your pets. Joints: Each is worth 320 oz of meat. can be cut into two normal pieces of meat, yielding a bone in the process. Spider meat: Has a chance of poison. Chance lowered when cooked. Gotten from butchering a spider Only makes poor meals meat hooks: made with metal ingots in a J shape. yields 6 can be placed on below or to the side of a block. Made with any metal, and the only difference is color Ash: Placeable block. It is made/placed in layers, like snow or charcoal, it can be broken with bare hands, but needs a shovel to yield drops. Dropped as a item from charred corpses, or created(in block form) when a carcass burns Can be used as black dye Changes Rotten flesh can now be eaten and is counted in oz like other meat has a high chance of poison. Chance lowers when cooked. Only makes terrible meals Changelog Edit: some things removed to fit in with the one idea per post rule Edit2: Edited after the 0.78 update added lots of things, and to better work with the Botany & Food post byMoress. And also to remove some of the needless ideas, refine other ideas, add a bit more, and make it easier to read(I do hope I succeeded in the last goal). Edit3: Minor changes
  2. I think having mechanical power could help with some tedious, time-consuming things in TFC. Refining grain, grinding, sluices, making planks, and so on sometimes gets a bit annoying for me. Then I read a post by dunk, and the bit that caught my eye was -Strength affects things like attack damage, and in horses, what they can accomplish mechanically.- This got me thinking about mechanical power. Now mechanical power should be high on the tech list, but not as high like bronze or wrought iron-ish I guess And I think It should be able to help you with do some things faster/better Generated by: hand crank: would move small machines that don't need much power and would be a placeholder of sorts until you can get a better source of power. This power would be fed directly to machines, and would not be able to transfer through gears and axles due to it's low energy Can only power some mechanisms. Windmills: would provide continuous power that could travel via axles and such. Can power everything a hand crank can, and more Waterwheels: Provides continuous power. the amount of power output depends on 1.The size of the waterbody it's in 2. whether the water is still or flowing 3. How close to the wheel the water is Can power everything a windmill can, and more if conditions are right Horses/horsewheel: would provide the largest amounts of power and be able to power all mechanical things but the horses would need to be fed and rested, so cannot provide continuous power. Can power everything a fully powered waterwheel can, and more Moving/storing power Power can be moved by axles/shafts, and gears. axles would move power in a straight line, and does not need supports. Gears will be attached to axles/shafts or a solid block, and will turn (unpowered)axles attached to it, or a gear interlocking with it. Energy is lost every time it goes through a gear/axle. Power can be stored in a 'spring box'. It has a input side and a output side, and it can store large amounts of energy. however, it slowly looses energy even if not in use. It can give out power equivalent to a fully powered waterwheel if it has enough energy Multi-block energy-storing tower thing(for the lack of better name) Made with weight block, modified pulley, Make a modified pulley(bad name, I know, can't think of anything though) using a pulley, gear, pulley, and metal sheets. two blocks long, one block tall(like a bed, but not a half block). A modified pulley has a input at top, an output at one end, and a rope-place on the bottom(sorry if it's confusing). It needs ropes in it's inventory, and 4 support beams(horizontal) connected to it's sides A weight block is made with a rope anchor and 7 metal sheets. It has a inventory of 4 slots. It takes stone blocks as weight. To make, place a modified pulley in the air, and connect 4 horizontal support beams to it's sides. Then, add ropes to the inventory. a rope block will dangle out. attach a weight block to the rope and add weights into the block. wait till all the ropes fall out. then give power to the input side. the ropes will raise until all ropes are back in the modified pulley. Attach a machine to the output. if the Mpulley(modified pulley, too annoying to write modified so much) stops getting powered, the ropes and weight block will start going down, and the Mpulley will generate energy from its output side. The more weight you add to the weight block, the more power the Mpulley gives when unpowered, but the faster the ropes pull out, and the faster it stops giving energy. If there are more ropes, the longer the Mpulley gives energy. Pic: So, the stone is the Mpulley, the rope is the rope, the cobble is the weight block, the oak planks are the output, and the hickory planks the input. The supports are supports Mechanisms powered by mechanical power. Grain Mill. A huge quern(5x5x4, maybe?) that can grind up to 9 stacks of the sameitems at the same time, and can grind flux (because, lets face it, do you really wan't to grind your flour with bones and rocks?) Needs at least fully powered waterwheel to work Sawmill A Mechanized saw that can cut large amounts of logs into planks in a short time Needs at lest a windmill to work Waterpump A pump for moving water. If powered and touched by water/powered pump that has water at one side, it gives water from it's outputside Transfers power to other pumps, put with more powerloss than an axle Up to 3 blocks can be powered by a hand crank. Power/mechanized hammer Can break minerals and rocks for more flux/redstone/dyes then a mill Can craft metal things like gears, metal sheets, and tool heads Needs a 'stamp' to make tool heads and gears, 'stamps' wear out on useage Tool heads come out damaged Needs large amounts of power to put into position Can be powered by hand crank as it does not need continuous power. Mechanized gate A large gate that opens and closes using mechanical power It can operate on a hand crank Pulley When powered it lowers or raises ropes in it's inventory Can operate on a hand crank Mechanical bellows A bellows that runs on mechanical energy. It has a larger range and raises the temperature hotter than a normal furnace. Can operate on a hand crank Misc Foundry A giant 3x3x2 forge. Needs a frame of ingenious rocks with crucibles at the bottom Can use most forms of fuel, but needs a mechanical bellow to work. requires a chimney like a normal forge as well. Can smelt much, much more ores, and can make alloys as well. Can also melt tools/toolheads/armor/etc to get back some metal has noauxiliary slots, and 6 input slots, 6 output slots, and 8 fuel slots, and 6 status boxes When ores/tools/toolheads/ingots/armor/etc melt, it goes into the crucibles. You can get it out from accessioning the separate crucibles on the bottom, or by putting molds in the output slots. Cannot cook food. Flax A crop that can be crafted into fiber using a knife or spindle plant fiber Made from flax, can be used as string, or crafted into rope Rope Made with plant fiber. Can be attached to an rope anchor, or used in pulleys Rope anchor Can attach a rope to it to climb. If attached to a platform, with a rope leading to a pulley, it will enable the pulley to pull the platform up or down. Platform Made with planks and sticks, can be pulled up or down by a anchor attached to a pulley Crafting Gear Made with an ingot and an gear plan in an anvil. Axle/shaft Made with planks and a gear. Windmill sail Made with wool cloth and planks. Windmill Made from windmill sails, and a axle Waterwheel blade made with support beams(couldn't think of anything better) and planks Waterwheel made from waterwheel blades, and a axle spring made with an iron/steel(can't decide what to choose) ingot and a spring plan spring box made with plank, axles, and a spring Grain mill base made with 9 smoothstone blocks Grain mill grindstone Made with 8 rawstone blocks and a gear Screw blades Made with ingot and screw blade plan Screw Made with screw blades, and axles Water pump Made with screw and metal sheets, and some gears Sawmill Made with axle, planks, an iron saw head Mechanical Bellow made with bellows, gear, axle, and planks --------- Notes: I haven't been able to think up everything like all crafting recipes or how to measure energy and such KuroNeko87 gets credits for Pulley/platform and handcrank ideas Kazahied gets credits for power hammer, foundry, gear, and multi-block energy storing tower thing ideas
  3. Soups.

    I'm not a historian so I could be very wrong, but to my knowledge, stew and soups, for a long time, was a meal for the poor(well, I guess sorta, like the cabbage stews and pea soup and such, not any fancy meat stew or whatever), and a way to stretch food supplies. You could easily feed many people by dumping what food you had in the pot with plenty of water and boiling it, and the liquid would more or less 'swell' the amount of food you got.(Ok, so a bowl of slightly-radish flavored water wasn't very nutritious, sure, but hey, it fills your stomach[shrugs]) Currently salads are the simplest kind of meals, which can be made straight from the stone age, and sandwiches are a more advanced type of meal, which is made in the metal age. So here's how I think soups/stews could be implemented. Creation: You would get a ceramic vessel, and put it on top of a firepit to make a cooking pot. The pot would have a slot for adding water, a liquid inventory for water/soup, and five ingredient slots. Once you add the water and ingredients, all ingredients would be used up to make the stew. You would be able to use raw, refined grains as a ingredient for soup. The amount of soup you get would depend on the amount of water, rather then the amount of ingredients in the soup, and the more water you add in, the weaker the taste if the resulting stew would be, meaning that if you put a large amount of water and little food to make soup, the soup will have very weak taste, and most will not find it tasty. Stew would restore a little thirst and the same amount of hunger as a food of the same weight, so it could be used to stretch food supplies(a 10 ounce piece of pork, when dumped in enough water, could end up as say, 100oz of soup[or ultra-thin broth I suppose] or more, drastically stretching your food supplies), but it will restore nearly no nutrition, so a diet of thin stew would keep you going, but not be all that better then not eating at all. However, the higher the food-to-water ratio, the 'thicker' the stew would be, and the thicker the stew, the more nutrients it would restore, so in theory, while soup could be the ultimate 'poor man's food' by adding minimum ingredients, it could also be the ultimate luxury food by adding tons of ingredients in it.
  4. So, Zombie Apocalypses. I don't like most of those games. I mean, sure, fun, but darn graphics gross me out. But I do like zombie apocalypses in minecraft. Sorta. Another thing I don't like about those games are the 'shoot on sight' policies they have. I don't really like PVP much, so I end up running, or dying. Usually dying. Sometimes 'teaming up' to get stabbed in the back at first opportunity. Anyways, I randomly happened to hear about a zombie apocalypses server and that people traded and stuff there. And that got me thinking for a bit, and made me wonder, what if we had a TFC zombie apocalypse thing of sorts? Well, the thought process was: What if there was a zombie apocalypse where the goal was no to simply survive, but to 'reclaim' the land from the dead? Followed by how would we encourage players to cooperate instead of fighting? To what if it was with TFC? Warning: Long and complicated idea which I only have avagueidea on how to actually implement coming up. The gameplay should be same as TFC, but with challenges. For one, zombies will not burn in daylight, be the only naturally spawning mobs, and spawn at daytime as well. The only way to stop zombie spawns would be the 'spawn protection' mechanic, and possibly a plot-claiming pugin thing. Wild crops will re-spawn very rarely, and animals would only very rarely be at 'barn' structures. Most crops and animal goods should be found as loot in abandoned towns and such. Most surface ores and nuggets should be 'mined out' and only ores deep underground should remain. Zombies should spawn more frequently underground, meaning the early-metal supply should also be from loot. Zombies would break through everything but stone, and attack animals and destroy crops. When your health falls below a certain point due to a a zombie's attack, you will turn into an 'infected'. A infected would be unable to do things such as placing blocks, smiting, 3x3 crafting, tilling ground, leveling up skills, etc, and have their skills reset to 'novice'. The only thing they should be able to would be pretty much breaking blocks, eating/drinking, attacking, and things that are not 'complicated' such as placing tools on tool racks, pumping bellows, using a quern, etc. However, they can be cured with a medicine of sorts. The medicine, while usable by a infected, will need a 3x3 crafting, meaning a infected cannot get one themselves unless the find it as loot(really really rare) However, infected should be ignored by zombies until they attack one, and will be very hard to kill, instead, when their health falls below a certain level, they will get a very high resistance effect, preventing any more damage, along with other effects such as blindness, weakness, slowness, mining fatigue, etc, preventing them from doing much until they recover. Once their health rises again, all negative effects will disappear, but the resistance will remain for a few more seconds, giving them time to escape. However, it will still be possible to kill them by dealing a high enough damage, or attacking them right after they 'recover'(say, if they need to fall below 100hp for the effect to take place, if you deal over 100 damage when they are at health 150 or something, you can kill them.), or by lighting them on fire. When someone dies(whether infected or non-infected, doesn't matter) all levels and skills are lost, and they are dropped in a random area. However, it is possible to set spawn with a bed. Thoughts?
  5. [Rule #4] Additional Fuels for Lanterns

    I agree with Atharsea. The current light sources seem to be very 'all or nothing' in it's ways. You either get a stone-age(actually more of a pre-stone age) torch that lasts about two days, or a iron-age lantern that lasts 80-something days. And while lighting might be 'necessary' it is something very desirable. Sure you can increase game brightness, but there is something about walking into a lit house, or wandering back after a long day's work and seeing the light shining through the windows at your house that gives you a good feeling. Without lighting, I can still see everything, sure, but it leaves a very empty and cold feeling that I don't really enjoy. A middle ground between those two would be very nice, and by making the process of turning fat into tallow/rendering beeswax need (pre-iron age) metal, it could make a nice bridge between two light sources.
  6. Ridiculous Suggestions

    'Only you can prevent cave-ins' Die from a cave-in 'Well, there goes that one' Destroy ores with a cave-in 'Well-done?' Burn meat. 'Whoops...' Make a messed up charcoal pit(you know, the kind that tends to burn down everything in it's path?) 'Blub blub blub' Drown 'No idea what this is, but I like it!' Make a ingot of unknown metal 'Not a useless metal' Beat something to death with a lead ingot 'Knowledge lost...' Die when at level 10 or higher. 'Out of the frying pan and into the fire' Die while on fire and standing on a firepit or any other food cooking method that I cannot recall just right now.
  7. I highly disagree on aiming for a zombie's lower extremities, or decapitating. Both cases, while slowing down or stopping a zombie, will still leave a live head, which will be very tricky to spot due it it's reduced size and the fact that unlike a normal zombie that is standing upright, is crawling(or rolling) on the ground, and may cause casualties when stepped on. The point is to exterminate the undead, not turn them into landmines.
  8. Best of Luck Dunk

    But, but... There are cows in the US(and other places, sure, but let's go with US. Everyone knows there's cows in the US!), and the US is on earth, and the earth is in the solar system, which is a part of the galaxy, which is in space, so there are cows in space! Unless... those aren't cows? .... What have I been eating!?!?!?!?
  9. Ridiculous Suggestions

    I think I'm bored of minecraft. I suggest that TFC, once installed, turn minecraft into another game, like Rimworld, or Legend Of Zelda.
  10. Firepit Construction

    Seeing how lighting a fire is basically making a firestarter(two sticks) then spamming it on whatever you want to light(possibly putting up some thatch to stop rain), I don't think letting straw be used as tinder will really take away the 'challenge' in lighting fires
  11. I'm pretty sure Enviromine does display ambient temperature, they just don't tell it to you in numbers. The temp bar has a white circle and two black arrows that both move separately. One shows body temperature, the other shows ambient temperature. The body temperature icon will slowly move towards the ambient temperature icon. Anyways Enviromines is very configurable, and you can change how each consumable, biome, armor, blocks, and held items/tools effect temprature. The hard part is finding all the id's for the biomes/blocks/items, and making it make work in a balanced way.
  12. New skills

    Have the player able to hold their breath longer if they drown? On the fishing thing, I think it might be nice if when you are experienced in fishing, you get more messages about it, like when you cast the line(or something else I suppose), you can get a message saying thins like 'There seems to be a lot of fish here, you will probably be able to catch a lot', 'You don't see much fish. It might take a while to catch some', 'There is no fish here, you're better off going somewhere else', or other messages like 'The line is getting taunt/stressed/whatever you call it, you might want to give some slack', 'The fish is getting away, reel the line' or something like that, kindof like advanced cooking/agriculture skill giving more information in the field.
  13. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    I do believe he already has a config for water. I remember someone talking to him on the TFC water issue, and showing him the config they had and Cuchaz gave a update that he said 'should fix the water issue'
  14. Nifty tricks

    I know that, and yes, it was a fully charged shot. It was light, so the spider didn't agro until I shot it, which let me get one shot, then I ran away a bit and got another fully charged shot. Speaking of which, if you have plenty of wood to burn, putting a bunch of log piles somewhere then tossing a torch(or tossing lots of torches I suppose) on top of it can make a nice trap.
  15. Stamina

    I think stamina could be a good addition to the game. It will decrease when moving, and get restored when resting/staying still and sleeping. Stamina will drain and recharge slowly, but recharge faster than it drains(sort of). Staying still will only charge your stamina up to 900, max, and recharges at the same rate as when it declines. Sleeping can charge it up to full, and recharges faster(sleeping on ground is slowest, straw bed is faster, bed is fastest). The Stamina bar should start out with 700 units, and have the base cap of 1000, just like health. If the stamina rate is between 500~900, you will be 'normal'(no buffs, no debuffs) If stamina falls below 500, you will start to get the effects of low stamina. If the stamina is over 900, you get full stamina buffs. Max Stamina will go up by 1 per level gained. You can sleep on the ground, but it will not skip the night, nor will it set your spawn. It will only regenerate your stamina slowly When low on stamina, you will move slower, deal less damage, and break blocks slower. Eating will also be slower, and items have a chance to fail when used(hoes don't till, firestartes have a bigger chance of fail, etc) Also, being on low stamina prevents some actions you can do. (cannot use anvils/quern at less than 200, craft cannot at less then 50) If you are at 0 stamina, you will 'faint' (basically, fall asleep, and not be able to wake up till your stamina is at least 50) Having the higher your stamina, the more damage you deal and the faster you are at moving/breaking blocks/etc. Firestarters also get a higher chance of working, and you can throw the javelin/fire the bow farther and do more damage with it. You also run faster(note, run faster notwalk faster) Using an anvil/quern takes lots of stamina. Having heavy items in your inventory makes your tire from walking/running/swimming/jumping faster. Armor also Makes your more tired some foods like fruits can replenish some stamina I thought about it, and decided that a stamina bar by itself was not a 100% good method. So I thought, why not have 2 stamina bars? the first bar will be a 'slow' stamina bar(the one explained above) and the second bar will be the 'fast' stamina bar (thanks to theJalden for this idea) The fast stamina bar would start with 1000 units, same as the 'slow' stamina bar, and will increase with the levels as well. The fast stamina bar drains and refills really fast, and does not require you to 'rest' (not do anything) to refill, and will refill as long as you are not prefroming an action that makes it go down. The 'fast' stamina bar decreases when climbing, swimming, sprinting, and drawing a bow. When it hits 0, you cannot run, swim, sprint, climb, or draw a bow, and if you had a drawn bow at the time, the arrow will fly away at a random direction. You do not get any penalties as long as the 'fast' stamina bar is not 0.
  16. Nifty tricks

    Huh, really? I don't really distance-snipe mobs because it feels sorta cheaty for me, so I attacked a spider like 10-ish blocks away. I got off one fully charged shot, then another, then the spider was on top of me, and I can't really recall if I fully charged before shooting or not due to panicking. In fact, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if my second shot was fully charged either. After that, I put spiders along with skeletons on my "Do not engage" list, so I never shot at them again. Time to try again? Also, for tips When fighting lots of non-ranged mobs, and you're having a hard time, run across ponds or jump into lakes and oceans. Knockback is increased, and mobs are much slower in water, so you can fight off multiple foes relatively safely. If you're fighting skeletons stayaway from water at all costs. It will most likely end up as your grave. Right-click a lit torch with sticks to turn all held stick into a torch instantly. While you lose 1/2 the torches you could have had, it saves a lot of time.
  17. Cast Iron (not tools)

    I think he's talking about the time it takes for the pit kiln to finish. Sure, it takes more resources and babysitting while the pit kiln-smelting is a set and forget(or set and nearly-forget I suppose), but overall, I'm pretty sure it takes less time then the time it takes for a pit kiln to finish. It just depends. If you have to do lots of other things and have plenty of time, the pit kiln method will be better, as it requires minimum attention and you can also do other things while the pit kiln burns, but if you need that tool right now, right this instant, a crucible will be better as you can melt the ore down and get the metal in a few moments, albeit at the cost of more resources. I think what he means is we would be able to line up a ton of crucibles of molten metal and molds, then kinda run along pouring the metal out of all of them, having them fill more or less simultaneously instead of feeding them in one at a time. And if we could just right-click to get the tool head out, all you would need to do to mass-produce tool heads will be to get lots of crucibles and molds, fill the crucibles up with metal, then simply walk down the line one way, tipping the metal in, then walk the other way, getting the heads out, and repeat. If done right, it will take much less time then opening up the crucible, waiting for each mold to fill one after the other, then putting each and every mold into your crafting grid to get the tool heads out.
  18. Brass

    The only time I made brass while trying to make a tool was because I confused zinc and tin. maybe they confused what ores to dump in? Or you could seporate the wiki page on alloys/metals to tool metals/alloys and 'non-tool/ingredient' metal/alloys.
  19. Mods that Compliment TerraFirmaCraft

    Actually, no, I'm talking about the Ship mod(that's it's name. Literally), made by Cuchaz. In my opinion it's loads better then Archimedes' ships, which while nice, is very limited in what you can do while the ship is in motion.
  20. Mods that Compliment TerraFirmaCraft

    Me, personally, would ditch smart moving and get the ships mod by cuchaz(I would get both, but they are sadly incompatible, so...) While I do love smart moving with TFC and has been using them together for longer then I can remember, In my opinion, it makes travel too easy. While undeniably handy, I'm not sure if being able to climb over entire mountains and easily swimming across oceans makes for good gameplay. Smart moving tempts me to just climb, swim, jump, and otherwise maneuver across the terrain just by myself without boating across bodies of water or making a path through that mountain. Since the only thing Smart moving really helps me with is hilly, mountains terrain, large bodies of water, and sometimes sneaking in people's houses(though smart moving can be a bit... weird when trying to do different moves to different blocks), getting a nice ship mod and building paths through mountains I think is better. Though, bigger mountains would help a lot in the way of being able to build paths on them. Right now, mountains seem a bit like very small, tall, and narrow cliffs, and is easier to tunnel through(provided you have picks and support beams) then make a path over.
  21. Introduce eating of kaolinite, geophagy

    It could temporally remove the weakness/mining fatigue effects. I always thought those had less to do with actually being full, but more with feeling hungry, which distracts you from swinging at full strength. Or, it could fill up some of the hunger bar, but not fill up saturation at all.
  22. Now, what most people agree on, is that magic should not be a part of TerraFirmaCraft. In fact, there is even a suggestion thread that says TFC should not have magic. The developers also are not in favor of adding magic. We're not really in favour of magic of any sort, but it's dangerous to give ultimatums like "NO MAGIC EVER".if there is "magic" it wouldn't be related to combat, so no enchanting or spells or any of that. Maybe another dimension or two, since you can't explain that as anything but magic.But this got me thinking, what is 'magic'?What should be considered fine, and what should be considered too 'magic' to have in TFC?Well, obviously, no spellcasting and wands and fireballs, no glowing swords that set people on fire. But whatcan be added?I think four(or is it five?) things need some talking about. And by that, I mean1. Brewing2. Golems3. The Nether and the End4. Beacons1. BrewingIs brewing something that can be added, or is it too 'magic'?There has been alchemists, which-doctors, shamans, and weird medicine and salves and potions for a long time.And lets face it, we don't use 100% of our muscles and brain, so a potion/herb tonic/drug of some sort that boosts your strength by allowing you to use the muscles you don't normally use? Not realistic, maybe, but it's believable.We use ointments/medicine/salve/etcthat speeds up healing, so a salve/potions that makes you heal/heal faster is not unbelievable.Plus, brewing is getting herbs and other ingredients and mixing, drying, etc to get the full potential out of them, and removing(or adding) harmful properties. Not really magic if you think about it.2. GolemsHaving golems could be a great help. They could defend your base, be used to kill mobs in a trap, whatever.Of course, golems could be inanimate objects come to life by the magical powers of the pumpkin, in which case it is magic.Or, it could be an automation of some sort. This will mean all golems have to be made of metal, but they will be man-made, and believable.However, there is the problem of TFC's timeline, as they could be viewed at too advanced.3.NetherThe nether, while woefully empty, easy to beat, and lack much resources, It opens up the possibility of glowstone, redstone lamps, plus beacons, the wither, etc. Dimensions could be added, but most likely not. I think the nether should take up the very bottom of the world, separated by a very hard stone that requires steel to break(or something). Nether mobs and materials would open up a whole new window of possibilities.4.The EndThe End, enderdragon, dragon egg, and endstone.All are really aesthetic more than useful. But who doesn't want to fight the enderdragon in their red-steel gear?And everyone likes dragoneggs.Plus, like the nether, the end could open up a new tech tree.5. Beacons.A magic beacon that gives buffs to people near it if it is on top of a giant metal pyramid.Not really believable in any way. But I think beacons should be added(maybe a iron base, glass, and a gem, light it on fire, feed it fuel, and the gem focuses the light of the fire through the glass lens or something like that). It looks nice, and could make for fast, long distance, communication, or a decoration. We really need another light source other than torches anyways
  23. More Dairy Sources

    If there is ever a alternate source of milk, I think it should be un-breedable, like deer or partridges(or where they quails? I forget...).
  24. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    I see. I probably won't be on the server till at least Saturday. Probably. I'll register on the website/forums as well, possibly before Saturday, or maybe after. Probably before. Edit: Never mind, I have more time today than I thought. I'll register today, and maybe, if lucky, have a quick look in the server as well.
  25. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Minecraft user name:AllenWL Your Age:16(About. I can't really be bothered to put in the effort to find out exact numbers. Who needs to know their age anyways?) Your Time Zone:UTC +9hours Location Country and State:South Korea Tell us a bit about yourself:I lived in the us for 7~8ish years, so I'm pretty good at english. I'm very random about random things, including what I do and when I do it, so I will be on at random times for random intervals for random periods of time. I build some, but mostly small, nice cottage-like things, and don't really do big or complicated builds. I mostly like to do little crafting and farming, with random bouts of exploration. If people need help and I'm close enough to help, I'll usually go help. I don't like people who break rules much(unless it was meant as a harmless prank or something), and sometimes, I can be very focused on getting even. I'm not really fond of repetitive grindy tasks, but I'm not really against it either. How can you help us:Depends on what help you're looking for. In-game, I can pretty much do most things, though I'm not great at anything in particular. I'm decent at fighting mobs though, and a ok archer. Otherwise, I've never been a moderator or admin or anything, and can't really help much other then try and be a active player. On a random note, I noted that the modpack(Oh, for some reason, I can't download that/find the download for that....) uses Archimede's Ships mod. I would like to suggest the Ships mod byCuchaz instead, as it's a lot better(in my opinion. No seats, but can be used to move animals, and has more realistic features, like needing a helm(aesthetically pleasing too.) and sails(wool blocks exposed to air) or a oar(on extra-tiny ships) to sail, or being able to walk around on a moving ship. Plus, you can still make the ships out of blocks), but it seems to have problems with smart moving. I would suggest removing Archimede's Ships and smart moving and getting the Ship mod, since the Ships mod fits a lot better(no gauges that look odd, no need for seats and other blocks, no airships or other things that don't really fit in with TFC's timeline. But again, this is my opinion) and while smart moving is nice, especially it's climbing over ledges ability, it's not really needed, and there are problems that don't let you fully use it anyways(like being unable to crawl under many blocks) But your server, your call. I just wanted to throw this mod out there for people to look at. P.S I might not go on to the server much, right now, as I'm currently working on things(some of which are needed for my life, others that are not really needed, but I would like to do sometime in the [very]near future.)