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      Server Move   09/13/2018

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.
    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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  1. creation of mud brick as an early building material

    actualy, if you simply make a block and leave it out to dry, that is the kind of mud bricks used (even today) in some parts of the world. i havent had a chance to play with ExtraFirma (problems, meh) so i do not know how the Adobe works or looks, but i still champion the inlcusion of mud bricks, and the other form of basic walls....Wattle and Daube... into vanilla TFC. i realy want to move from the stone age to the bronze age and live in my little mud hut, with my wattle fences. then move up to iron age and hav a nice roundhouse with thatch roof and watttle n daube walls (still with a wattel fence ) (especialy since they need no special tools, dont need to be baked in a fire pit or furnace and could be just stacked outside to dry)
  2. Compost/Organic Fertilizer

    that DEFINATELY sounds much better than what i had imagines in my head, StarXephir *grin* and could allow for more types of barrel use (i still would love to see a barrel that can collect rainwater automaticaly, even if it cannot be used to make source blocks of water till you have the redsteel buckets) you could also combine them on a rooftop or hill top like the water tanks they use for those train mods (but not designed to just *create* water out of free air, but have to be left open topped so they actualy collect the rainwater?) along with the worm colonies (think of the composter barrel as that, and it works better) you could also maybe make a barrel that you combine rainwater and then the mineral fertalizer to make a water based booster. add that to the mulch system with watering cans (starting with clay watering jugs, probably amphora style with a longer lip, so as easier to pour, then maybe pitch sealed wood, passing thru to the metal versions.) the better the watering can, the more uses it could have befor it breaks, and the more water it could hold (to a point) but they could *only* be used to water crops (seen something similar in the old rune factory style farm mods for normal minecraft. it has a hardcore watering system where you can turn off the vanilla water mechanic if you want to, so you ether use the watering cans as optional extra ways to water, or with the hardcore watering ON, it meant you *had* to use the watering cans to water your crops sometimes up to twice a day) but i would set it so that you culd only water the crops with the special booster mix, once in a dont want them going mad (unless you also added a killer plant mod XD)
  3. Compost/Organic Fertilizer

    If food spoilage ends up off the table (so to speak) you could still make non-doo fertalizer makeable. If anyone has seen one of the skyblock mods, one of them has wooden barrels that are open to the sky. Anything you throw in that is not rocks, such as saplings and fruit and even zombie flesh (i think) eventualy composts down to dirt in those (because you need dirt in skyblock survival maps of course) and when left out in the rain, they collect water (which you can add stone powder to that makes clay, if memory serves) So, why not make special Composting Barrels or Composting Bins out of wood and some other components, and like those barrels, just eave them out? Instead of a block of dirt, after a month or two you would get some nice Organic Fertilizer. Even if food spoilage actualy makes it into the game, you could still use that as a base and just code it to work slightly faster with spoiled food added (and slower to just sticks, leaves and saplings ect) The better the composter, the better the fertalizer even (specialy hardr to build ones with metal or waterproofing and so on)
  4. Alternative beds

    hm, i thought that the 'resource pack' thing was for soon to be released 1.8 lol. if so, i wonder what i have to do to get the bed and chest textures to work (if anyone has a tutorial they can point me at, would be apreciated) i should probably pay more attention to updates, but some days (like now lol) im stuck replyng and internetting on my wiiu and not as many sites fully work with her browser. thanks for the heads up
  5. Alternative beds

    thanks for the heads up. had no idea there was problems that way. i havent used vanilla in so long, that i completely missed using the new mojang launcher. i used to manualy mod minecraft from the old days (around the OLD 1.2.5 days just after survival was added) but the fact my mind seems alergic to coding (again, tried to do it in the old neverwinter nights days...attempting to use ATS and make custom ore/gem spawn rocks nearly melted my mind XD ) meant that i was constantly falling foul of the dreaded ID conflicts and crashes because i just could not follow all the mods i liked. i also gave up using texture packs years ages, not because of optifine (which i understand was my bed texture problem. i know its not TFC's issue lol, so i wasnt asking for support in that, just have this thing about explaining 'why' i was supporting more beds) but because once you start with modding, you cant allways find what you need (texture patch wise) to make your own custom pack. and again, its likely it is my own fault. so i settled on sticking with vanilla textures. once the 1.8 arrives, im sure i can find someone that has better bed textures on their own i can slip into the resource folder to over-ride 'just' the vanilla chest and bed textures. and thanks for the tutorial link, hopefully its simple enough that i can wrap my head around it. so strange, i build and fix PC's for a living, but the code part just goes right by me...XD lol
  6. Alternative beds

    @kittychanley ah, i didnt know that was the case. so next question. does my using such things also invalidate my sugestions, and mean anything i sugest will *also* be ignored untill i stop using unfavoured launcher systems? also, want to clarify. i would never have found out about TFC if not for finding it in the technic launcher more mods list, so would have missed out on it entirely. (the only other conversion i have seen has been BTW and that started to take a path i was not happy with, so was looking for something more my style.)
  7. Alternative beds

    in caveman terms, stone beds were not *realy* stone beds, but rather, a stone edged area that you placed a nice soft pile of braken or hay into, then popped your skins and furs ontop of to bed down on. if you scroll down to the Skara brae image on this site you can see the stone sides and head of the bed onthe left of the image (and the stone edged fire pit in the middle like we use in game) so you could make a stone bed out of a straw bed with rocks around is (assuming you could pick up a straw bed itself as a block item once you have placed it) though it would likely be just for looks.... we can also find some wood that *looks* like rock, or use a chisel and make decor style but....its sometimes nicer to just have an item that you can pick up (with perhaps, difficulty) while i can understand that in multiplayer, there is no way to use a bed to skip the night (unless you can get everyone to agree to sleep at the same time lol) it kind of feels like we (those who play 1 player) are being punished for NOT using multiplayer sometimes in TFC. so i would like the beds, and while i understand why the straw bale bed is only for moving your spawn point (and i DO actualy like that mechanic) it would be nice if some later beds could be designed with an on/off config that lets you change it to work like a normal bed... becasue i realy like the imersion of TFC and the modern minecraft vanila chests and beds kinda make my imersion meter bottom out. (and when i say config, i mean so that we anti-social cave people can make the harder to make beds skip the night, while the multiplayer beds dont...a win-win if you will, since everyone can have what they want) (yes, i could use a texture pack, but i use a pre-packaged TFC that comes with Optifine installed with invent tweeks and rei's minimap, and when i try to use any texture pack, the optifine pitches a fit, so i am left with vanilla textures till we are 1.7 and resource pack ready so i can just add a bed and chest texture i like) perhaps in multiplayer (and defalt single player) the better the bed, the slower your hunger and thirst would go down? if, at a later date, a fatigue or stamina meter was added, the better beds could restore some of your stamina, or lower your fatigue (lack of food allready gives you debufs, so maube lack of rest would too) giving you a reason to progress through the bed types. would also mean some players could invest in the tools needed to make the beds, and sell them on multiplayer.
  8. Dirt into Mud Brick?

    you could use dirt as part of the old wattle ans daube type homes. since we are missing one smelly part of how we used to make the daube (cows dont make it here,thankfully lol) we would have to find other ways to make the daube. wattle could probably be made from sticks, maybe one atop the other to make the uprights, then two side by side to make the wall (combine the two to make a fence like block that is the wattle. it could also be used like fences as decor walls) then mix up the daube from a combination of a filled clay jug of water, dirt, clay (to make it sticky since we miss the other stuff) and straw and then later combine the daube ball with the wattle block in the crafting box and bingo. wet daube wall block. will dry out over time (or dry out in the fire one block at a time) has a rough look but can be removed without a pickaxe. not as good against a creepers blast but is handy for quick builds and transitionry shelters when you are traveling.
  9. Rotten Flesh to something useful?

    you could have more than one thing drop from them. sometimes they could drop rotting flesh...use that with straw in a 2x2x2 pit and get the compost you were speaking of.also creats a few worms and magots. think of a fertilizer verion of charcol making. sometimes they could drop rotten bones, which could be used to make glue for later projects,maybe mix the bones with some flesh and water and leave for a while? and then there are the cloth scraps/ leather fragments and/or possably frayed cloth. which could be used for padding things, packing things..maybe they burn well and could be used as paper can be used, to help start fires.
  10. TerraFirma+ : Storage & Furniture

    when it comes to chairs, would you consider the very basic 'log stool'? i fancy sitting on one of those, while i watch my fire cook my meat, as the night passes and the things outside moan about. (hopefully that is, that i can place chairs near the fire/firepit and still access them to watch over my cooking) even if its just the stools that we can do that on.
  11. Why TerraFirmaCraft Cannot Have a Restricted Inventory

    hm..well packs have been used much in the days since we stoped living in caves, but what kind of makes me scratch my head and go huh, is that our current storage options are just....clay jars and chests. i feel we could work better (with or without a smaller inventory) if there were more options. chests realy should be the end game version of storage. if you look at what goes into making a chest, from the basic wood ones with very little metal in them, to the grand chests with huge iron locks you see on antique took a LOT to make a chest. only rich people in the past had chests to themselves. Priests and nobles and freemen workers had proper chests, while the poorer people had more basic things like boxes and jars and baskets. while a basic backpack could be woven from straw and string/wool, there could be other options for managing your space. right now we have the clay pots/vessels and those are great for carrying the small things. we have the pot (that may be turning into a cooking pot) but i would like to see multi part pots and baskets added for lower level storage. flat baskets for carrying crops and foods (inventory only basket) and large round/tall ones that are blocks you can store small/medium items in your home. same with pots, you could make them from multiple parts that have to be added together (ie bottom and top parts made from clay forming a bottom shape recipy and a top formed clay recipy, then merging the two parts in your inventory crafting grid) you could also make things like fish traps from baskets too, and crude packs and animal packs would be makeable. then chests could require metal parts like iron, brass or bronze parts like locks and hinges, and would need you to work harder to make them, or in multiplayer need a villages blacksmith to make.
  12. Snow and ice, changes of the winter mechanics

    i would be interested in cold wheather gear (to go with the snow shoes) since i have not made it yet to winter in an area where it snows (and thanks for the heads up, i now have a reason to head north so i get snow in winter *grin*) i wondered if cold weather gear would be even valuable. things like raw fur pelts and sheepskin would work well, but would need working on/with other items. bone could be carved into toggles, awls and needles, and scraped leather could be cut into strips of thonging to sew together the pieces needed to make the cold gear. (i would sugest perhaps a flint based knife for thonging making) the gear itself would be just clothing, so would not have any armour rating. the same could be made for hot weather gear, from cloth.maybe a straw hat for summer and wood/leather thong for sandles. all of the clothing would also be wearable anytime, but since there woud be no armour rating, it would be for show. also its era safe, since we were making skin stuff in the stone age and all the way up to the middle ages (if we were poor lol)
  13. Some more ideas to make the game a little more realistic

    yes, animal furs were the first things (along with a few sweet leaf and vine ensembles lol) that we wore..which was why i was surprised to not find at least animal fur clothing (as opposed to armour) in the game when i first started playing. been meaning to sugest things like that. i mean, it does not need a good (or even actual) armour rating...cloth and fur clothing would be more about WARMTH in the cold nights and winter. would need some more items though...bone awls (sharpend bone needle type implements) to poke holes in the wolf furs (would sugest that wolf and deer hides in raw form, and un-scraped sheepskins for the wintercloths) and leather thonging or worked string to stitchthen together with bone needles to make warm cloths for the cold could also add cloth clothes later...maybe cotten and flax plants too.