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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. I know im probably not the best person to be posting this as im very new to the forums but you must remember im only new to the forum so we'll begin. im gonna go over some combat tactics that have always helped me survive in tfc during the brutal stone age stages even when I didn't have a house to go back too. this is in NO WAY going against what the wiki says these are just some personal tips that help me survive the mobs. tip 1: never engage wither skeletons or skeletons: the bows they have do brutal damage wait until you have a sufficient metal age weapon and run when you can in worst case scenarios hide behind something and wait for them to come close or run behind the objects so they cant get a clear shot the bows do brutal damage and they have very good accuracy same is to be said about javelin wielding wither skellies tip 2: when in a combat situation with mobs that melee attack or creepers go into the water: the mobs have a harder time hitting you in the water especially if you go underwater (but watch your lung capacity) it also slows them down giving you a speed advantage (it would appear as if the player moves a bit faster swimming than the mobs) this is especially true for spiders and baby zombies the water makes it much harder for them to move toward the player, on a side note make sure you lead the mobs to land again if daylight begins to approach tip 3: use trees for cover: if there is not water around and lots of trees run through them mobs are stupid and will oftentimes run into the trees giving you a distance advantage you can also use them to hide behind in a combat situation just don't do that when your being chased by a creeper (for obvious reasons) tip 4(some of you are not gonna like this one but please hate politely LOL): javelins and axes are overrated (as of current build) when you throw a javelin it doesn't do very much damage and you have to go pick it up again even if you have a bunch its still takes annoyingly long to kill a mob and if your not very good with ranged weapons in the game its even more difficult. yes the axe does a lot of damage but its durability runs out fast I use on average 1 and a half axes to kill a single zombie. the knife however has a balance its got good durability and high damage javelins run out extremely fast when used to melee, use the knife I do really well during the nights with it until you can get a sword I believe it to be the best choice tip 5: make traps: simple traps can be made by digging a hole that way if a mob catches you off guard with no weapon you can just hit them into your hole trap and if you dug deep enough they will die from fall damage remember these are worst case scenario suggestions run and hide from mobs when you can don't go all commando that will just get you killed one last thing I have to repeat is please hate politely.
  2. food preservation

    just an idea for a new game mechanic, food goes rotten especially meat we all find that out the hard way when we buy stuff that's on sale at the grocery store. I figure bioxx and his team of modders could find a way to make that a game mechanic considering their brilliance and knowhow, heres my idea on what that might look like: how long food lasts: dependent on the type of food you haveI figure different types of vegetables/ fruits will spoil faster than others and if you like the idea the life of food is based off of an in game month, many foods will spoil within half a month per se most of the meats, and some foods will last much much longer e.g most of the veggies will last well into the month, many foods can beeaten after they go rotten/stale like grains last a really long time and can be eaten after the expiry date, this would also help to balance grains because they restore so little hunger. with all of this though come preservation methods heres some ideas on that: dehydration: this will make the food capable of lasting well over a year as removing the water from the food causes bacteria to die (water= life) my Idea is 2 methods would exist: method 1: dryer (no not the one that finishes your laundry), made by placing a 3x3 pattern of glass at least 1 block above any other block type so long as its not dirt and something to support the glass rewards you with a food dryer which you can then place food items into wait about 4 in game hours and then your food will come out dehydrated pros: lasts longer cons: restores a little less hunger (beef jerky availability over 9000) . method 2: smoking: smoking would do the same thing as drying but it would restore the same hunger and make it last twice as long as just drying made by placing a fire pit with a bellows and a closed 3x3 hut around the 2 utilities add items you need to smoke to it seal it off with the last stone and wait 4 hours, most of these methods would be used for meat. root cellar: used to store vegetables underground prevents spoiling for up to 2 in game years, made by digging a 4x4x4 cave in the dirt and sealing off with any block not affected by gravity and 2 trap doors at least (for access) this will makea root cellar where you can simply place vegetables on the ground similar to with clay and ceramic items or store them in chests either way they will last for about 2 years cold underground storage (winter only): akin to a fridge sort of, can store meat and veggies for the duration of winter underground to prevent spoiling, to make find an area with snow dig 2 make a 1x2x2 hole in the dirt under the snow seal off with trap doors then you can use it to store meat , veggies so they don't spoil works only during winter canning/ jarring: cans made from tin sheets worked in an anvil can be used to store veggies meat add a bit of alcohol to the jar and they last even longer, jars made by working high temperature glass in an anvil used to store fruit preserves which can last well over 5 years to make fruit preserves simply combine any type of fruit and a jar in the crafting menu. canned foods last 3 years with no alcohol added adding alcohol too the can will make the food last forever. canning follows the same process as jarring combine any food plus any alcohol you want in it with a tin can and boom you have canned food. sorry for the long post I hope it at least all comes in handy to one of you
  3. TerraFirma+ : Medicine & Health

    I was thinking simple I didn't want to get to complex with it as that's not what the mod is about
  4. terrafirmacraft is like viagra

    it makes your life harder but in a good way there ya go a little joke to brighten your day
  5. TerraFirma+ : Medicine & Health

    so a new strain of the h1n1 virus is going around my house and its landed me and my siblings with a bad case of pneumonia (no im not gonna die calm down people they got me on some strong antibiotics and ill be fine in about a week) the good I got out of this was it gave me an idea for tfc viruses read on!: water quality: determines whether or not a chance of contracting a virus/ bug from the water will happen drinking dirty water such as from a lakeor the ocean has a chance of getting you sick but only with bugs that you can get over to keep the game playable. boiling water into a clay jug in a firepit is the safest way to clean the water and get rid of any unwanted passengers food quality: thisties back to my other post "food spoilage" if you eat spoiled food you have a chance of contracting something from it and it could be deadly too the solution: don't eat rotten food... mobs: mobs can give you things too though they will only give you bugs that can be eliminated with simple remedies types of viruses: simple bugs( you will get over it eventually): the common cold: can be contracted when in cold temperatures character will cough and have a slight slowness debuff over the duration of it, no rememdies but your character will eventually get over it, barking cough: not sure about the technical name but a barking cough which drastically affects the characters stamina but eventually goes away can be managed by drinking tea(explained later), contracted from drinking dirty water, spoiled food, and cold temps just a runny nose: pretty self explanatory, can be managed the same way as abarking cough, contracted solely from cold temps like c.c. harmful if not treated: pneumonia: what I have right now can kill the player by suppressing the ability to breathe can be treated with mint tea, low activity and antibiotics (gone over later in the post) influenza: killed over half the population in a large pandemic back during ww1 you can treatit by taking menthol (obtained by processing mint plants In a quern), drinking lots of tea, and lowering the amount of activity your player is doing as well as making sure he stays warm you would have a very very verylow chance of contracting this don't worry. can be managed but not cured (your chance of contracting one of these is extremely low like 1/500000 chance against): malaria: give the player a permenant "wither" debuff which you can get rid of by taking antibiotics every day or so if you miss a day you will have the wither debuff until you take antibiotics again contracted from dirty water, and spoiled food, and zombie encounters parasite infection: random virus that takes away 1 heart every 2 minutes, can be managed by taking antibiotics, menthol and drinking tea incurable viruses that insure death to your player(1/ 1 million chance of contracting) black death: everyone knows what this is can be slowed by antibiotics but will eventually kill your player, contracted from mobs, spoiled food and some animals h1n1 deadly variant: everyone also knows this one, can be slowed but will eventually kill you contracted the same way as black death zombie infection: it wouldn't be me not to opt for something that will eventually zombify your character resulting in you having to respawn and fight your former self for you stuff, this is the only virus with no cure plus nothing that slows its advance, contracted from zombies of course even lower chance of contracting than other incurable viruses remedies(gets rid of most things): tea( boil some water than add some fruits, veggies, mint plant, or menthol to it and boom you have the most effective cold remedy around) antibiotics(weak antibiotics made by grinding up 2 fruits or veggies in a quern add 2 more fruits/veggies to make strong antibiotics) menthol or straight mint: menthol made by grinding mintleaf in a quern, mint leaf obtained by finding mint plants around the world which yield 0-4 mint leafs when broken, can be turned into seeds and grown. pandemics: have a 1/400000 chance of happening during a pandemic your chance of contracting incurable but manageable or incurable/insures death diseases drastically increases so watch out! infections: infections which can kill the player if not bandaged and given antibiotics( bandages made from wool) can be contracted via wounds from combat. that's all hope this helps
  6. terrafirmacraft is like viagra

    ooooooh I see why its not funny to you it reminds you what you need "a little help with"
  7. terrafirmacraft is like viagra

    i can see your closed minded and boring
  8. is terrafirmacraft growing as a mod?

    so Im not bashing the mod or anything in fact quite the opposite, im concerned. I have been seeing a lot of suggestions getting put down by seemingly closed minded people (im not referring to my suggestion post you have given me a completely logical reason as to why it cannot be done and I agree with you) who say things like "terrafirmacraft is not meant to be like that" or " this mod is not going in that direction or particularely any direction for that matter" I even seen a post that was suggesting that you have ADHD if you think that the mod needs more things to do in it (to which I agree to an extent but wish for it to remain free and with no purpose if you make that choice). so back to the original point I wanna hear it straight from one of the devs is this mod really closed minded and not open to new Ideas like some people think, is this mod really "not going anywhere" are you guys done is that it? I don't like to make judgements but it seems like the whole community is really closed minded I don't know if that's just because they don't like changes, or maybe because we haven't seen much development with the mod and people have lost faith I haven't been here long enough. I will not make any judgements until I hear both sides of the story my question to anyone whos been quote on quote "negative" in any posts tell me if there's a reason. I personally think the mod is amazing and only getting better and the developers are listening to our suggestions otherwise they wouldn't have allowed us to make suggestions, but right now it seems like the whole suggestions page is just a big cesspool of negativity and ridicule. I understand that some suggestions are pretty ridiculous or undoable or even not realistic at all gameplay wise, but there were some pretty good ones out there, totally plausible, and realistic that get thrown overboard, so please reassure me somebody -noobsrtoast
  9. burning peat sometimes gives magnetite nuggets

    what if it worked the same way as metal if you forget your ceramic tray your shit outta luck the metal liquefies and its gone same could be true for firepits you forgot to empty the slots your shit outta luck the magnetite Is lost just a thought
  10. hey guys im back with another suggestion, im gonna start this one off with a little history lesson: during the Viking age, Scandinavian nations raided parts of eastern and western Europe to secure rights totrade forweapons again as well as get those confiscated from them by nations like Ireland, Scotland and England back. during this time because they did not have sufficient amounts of mineable iron or could trade for weapons (anyone caught trading weapons to the Vikings received a death sentence as punishment), they developed a very crafty efficient way of making swords by burning pete for the small amounts of iron in it turning that iron into iron strands basically then forging small weaponry out of it (believe it or not the Vikings were actually a highly intelligent society with some of the most advanced technology of the time). ok well back to the original point I think it would be neat if you burnt pete and it sometimes gave you magnetite nuggets which produced 10 units of wrought iron every nugget and still had to be smelted in a bloomery, the only way you could find magnetite in pete is if there was a magnetite vein under the pete somewhere and pete only had a 10% chance of giving off magnetite even if the conditions were met. this would give it balance on top of needing a bloomery so players couldn't immediately advance into the iron age, this feature also doesn't really add t the realism of the mod very much but more appeals to its believeability hope its not hard to code or causes lag
  11. this whole post is probably useless as terras probably supposed to remain medieval age and no later but hey cool concept
  12. food preservation

    I said food lasts an ingame month for a reason and you just turned what I was saying into an incredibly long post having crop mechanics like that would make the game hard there needs to be some kind of leeway
  13. combat tips in the stone age for new players

    never use an axe or a javelin in the stone age knives are much more appropriate
  14. burning peat sometimes gives magnetite nuggets

    also the thing with magnetite is to smelt it you need a bloomery and to get a bloomery you need bronze sheets correct? so wouldn't you still have to get the earlier stage metals in large quantities?
  15. burning peat sometimes gives magnetite nuggets

    it would be a very very low chance that you would get magnetite funny that you mention it now the swedes oftentimes couldn't keep up with the need for production of weapons because of just how low the amounts of iron they found were
  16. burning peat sometimes gives magnetite nuggets

    oh does this work out too or is it to op?
  17. that's insanely awesome realism to the max
  18. [TFC 0.77.21] SteamAge v0.3.0

    I have an idea for you why don't you make a steam engine recipe which can be used in steamboats or as a power source for lights if you add them or even tocook/smelt things with I don't wanna say a steam powered automobile because tfc isn't that kind of mod buta steam boat that can store stuff on it would be cool
  19. food preservation

    me too but I only want a light touch to the agricultural system cause it would seriously piss me off if my crops got eaten or destroyed by natural disaster just a light touch of realism not a heavy touch like veggies are more filling depending on how long you wait for them to ripen or the need to water crops regularlyor during seasons other than winter crops can die if not provided with sufficient nutrients light touches like that otherwise growing crops would become as hard as finding magnetite
  20. food preservation

    just wanted to say thanks for the support/ intelligent discussion on here its nice to know a lot of you support the idea of this being a new game mechanic
  21. food preservation

    i get it jesus, i understand whats going thats why i said "ok damn would have been a cool challenge" by that i mean "i understand why you cant thats too bad" and it my idea about food preservation only skims the surface of what is required to actually preserve foods, first of all meat does not last a month,neither do veggies. second of all you build areas for you to store items you cant hold anyway how hard is it to dig a small hole in the ground or place a few pieces of cobblestone and glass to make a dryer compared to other items in the game those items are relatively easy to obtain especially since charcoal only requires 27 stacks of wood which with some time and a bunch of stone axes can be easy to get, charcoal is made in 18 hours ingame foods initially last a month, all this would merely add to "beleivability" not "realism", but as they said impossible to code in the first place so whatevs
  22. is terrafirmacraft growing as a mod?

    im not trying to rush anyone and i know that the development isnt on any specific path i was just looking for someone to reassure me that the mod was still making progress
  23. is terrafirmacraft growing as a mod?

    thats what i wanted to know i thought the devs (and everyone else) were just being assholes about things because they dont feel like the mod needs anything else nd just want people to shut up
  24. is terrafirmacraft growing as a mod?

    exactly people should be polite about it instead of being assholes this is a forum people are going to be suggesting the same things a lot i think people should take the time to read through the suggesstions like i have but still its going to happen its unavoidable people just need to try and be polite about it because the first thing someone is going to do if your rude to them is retaliate they probably would even post another of the same suggestion just to troll and piss people off because there hurt if we were all polite to each other problems like this wouldnt exist in the first place same is true for the real world