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      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Metric vs imperial

    Well a stack itself is not a measurable item/object. A stack as a number is normally 64, but that is not always the case in TFC. You'd probably need to choose one common type. Like a Pile of Dirt. A Pile is the combined weight of a stack of dirt (It's a lot of weight though). Then choose an item that fits somewhat conveniently towards being half and a quarter that weight. I don't know these weights or the proper plural terms for these things.I'd probably say something like using a single Apple (, Stone, Log or Straw/Thatch) as a base unit of weight. However many ounces that is can be used to approximate a starting point. Then make plural terms for greater weights starting with a stack of apples, then things that are multiples of that amount.Things like Stone/Log/Thatch can double as units of length. A stone being 1/8th block. I'd assume an Apple is easiest to apply to Bioxx current system though. A stone would be an easy way of relating to the 8th chislel system. A 5 stone thick slab is the same as 5/8. Asking someone to chisel the 3 stones off the edge of a block would be taking out the first 3 lines from the corner.
  2. Very small food suggestion

    You're right. Damper isn't crappy. Damper does produce less per unit of material.Hence damper should be crappy in game. Providing less neutrition than bread, since you used the same ammount of materials to make bread with none of the effort.Though I wouldn't say damper is hard to mass produce. It's just that no one has industrialized damper production.
  3. light sorces

    I always thought new lighting options should come from fire clay. Since it doesn't have a whole lot of use. And would put advanced lighting at a later stage of gameplay, without restricting players by metal availability. Here is a suped up example. Fire Clay BrazierFill it with 4 pieces of coal. Light it. In this default state, it burns like a torch (Luminance 14) and burns forever.Throw additional coal in the brazier to activate it.In the activated state the brazier generates invisible light producing blocks in a 5x1x5 area around it. (Meaning there is a solid 5x1x5 of Light Level 14))Making a solid area of light. Hopefully enough to light a whole room. Or 2 on either side of a road/bridge to light the whole thing, when fuelled.Once the coal runs out, these light blocks slowy disappear.It generates a decent amount of heat. If ambient heat/body temperature is important.Wrought Iron Bar Brazier?Bands of iron. Given the walls are not solid. The Wrought Iron Brazier burns for less duration per coal piece. But creates a 7x1x7 area of 14 Luminance. Seriously though it doesnt seem like there are many reasons to have a new item to generate light. Since it would just be a torch, that looks different. Better off making some neat looking designs to hide torches.
  4. Integrated Crafting Guides

    Something like this with the achievement system could work. Texts from past explorers. Perhaps drop off mobs, found in loot-ables. The idea itself seems much more like an add-on. If it was structured to fit into player progress it could be an interesting addition to the mod.Finding etchings and paintings on boulders that show how to knap things. Like Lightning Tiger said, they could be cryptic/semi-cyrptic books or parchments. Which could be looted from corpses. Or hoarded in an animals nest.Leading to players having community Libraries were they store found and player-written knowledge.Kitty has already done most of the work on the wiki. Another side project maybe?
  5. Metric vs imperial

    Adopting the "idea's" of the imperial system for TFC could work. Like in the posted video. Take an arbitrary item/object, then multiply/divide it to make weights and lengths. Metric is based on properties that are not necessarily true in the Minecraft Universe. (That smooooth silicon ball for the kilogram is pretty neat though)For example. One Tree is 6 'blocks'. A sluice is a 1/3 tree (2 'blocks'). So you're building a road that's a half tree wide (3 blocks). Giving space to a player to build a house on is 3 by 4 trees and a plank (18x(24+1) blocks). :PI wont make any examples for weight. Given how much Bioxx has worked on the food system, he could probably make a decent estimate.
  6. An Aesthetic Use for Gems

    You summed it up pretty well. Place gems. Make pretty.
  7. Compost/Organic Fertilizer

    @HM & Allen. Didn't think about that. Being able to manually (or later automatically?) fields would be really good too. Perhaps if there is water cans. Like ceramic Jugs, only the ceramic watering can breaks. Wrought Iron ones last forever. Then it's basically a bucket, right, like Allen said. Combining both ideas together would be pretty excellent. Using barrels to keep a 'tank' of water, in the case of drought. You could manually ferry buckets and buckets and buckets of water, so collecting rain is handy. If buckets were used, they would need to 'splash' onto the nearby blocks. They have a lot of water in them. In the iron age you can forge the watering can. It pours water on a block-by-block basis. Having more tha 9 uses, to beat the bucket. All you would need is a Copper Saw to get started. Which is good, but it migh be too early in the game for such powerful functionality. Would having all those farm blocks 'dying out' cause any additional server lag?
  8. Well I dummied out. Looks like I'm serial posting in my own thread. @Moress. The layout is definitely similar . Sadly I don't have close to the same talents. @Allen. With jewellery, I'm not sure how easy it is to render it onto a player. Ontop of armour. The problem with stripping it of giving you a title, completely defeats the purpose of this suggestion. And is the difference between pure vanity and a centre piece to community function. @Kitty. Well, it is just a suggestion to be built upon. Hopefully you read the post above this one... (I really did dummy out with that edit) Edit yet again... So many spelling errors.
  9. That's the exact reason I plan to keep it in my suggestion. I know a lot of things I have suggested and will suggest are a lot of work. This is a total conversion after all. I'm happy for anyone, even add-on makes, to use any or all of these ideas to enhance the game. If I ever get around to learning java properly (I'm doing a short course on programming! All I know is C++ and machine code for microchips and beyond ez PCL programming), I'd be more than happy to give it a shot. I don't think that making a new inventory layout would break compatibility that much anyway. From what I've heard there will be great restrictions on inventory space in the coming builds. Further breaking compatibility, and making a new inventory system a favourable idea! If anything it will follow the vein of steering away from commonalities other MC mods. Long live the revolution?I'll make an edit of this post once I've gone through everything else and done an update to the OP.
  10. Hunting Expanded / Aesthetically Enhanced

    Even without Dunk's objections. It's important to remember this game is played by all kinds of different people, from different backgrounds and cultures. Dunk's reserved stance is good, not because it is 'politically correct'. But that it shows that there are definitely people out there that can be offended by such inclusions. Having 'dogs' drop pelts is probably fair enough (never get enough leather!), but a lot of people might not be comfortable with eating the thing sleeping at their feet while they play. My dog... Is a total coward, he wouldn't want anything to do with those wild beasts, so eat away! A wolf pelt-backed hauberk would be pretty kick ass... Extending small game may not be necessarily... It would be good if mob spawning is kept as it is currently. Throwing in a bunch of "trash" passives that the player can use to eat, but not gain a substantial advantage off (like from domesticated livestock) could be a work around of sorts. I don't think Boss Mobs are at all too RPGish, but I'm biased towards RPG gameplay. You summed it up yourself best with the line "These creatures are possibly history's most successful predators." This is what "boss monsters" should be in TFC. Born predators with all of evolution and instinct on their side for killing. Compared to Humble Medieval Man and his pointed sticks. These beasts should be raised above others for their ferocity and given to the status of "Boss"! Not something bold and unique, like an eye-roll-inducing spider jockey. Obviously, I'm exaggerating a lot. Even the Roman Empire was able to capture and slay great number of Apex Predators in their Colosseum. While it shows their appreciation for the murder-power of these animals. It proves man's domination of the wild from a measurable point in TFC. In the closed scope of this mod, perhaps an exception could be made? This is a survival game after all and we are equipped with only the most basic tools for survival.
  11. Bloomery re-design

    I don't think that at all. Even in-game we need a lot of it, not just to progress the tiers. Only towards the end of the couple millennia bloomeries were used did humans start to get 'real' scientific advancements. And, much like implemented in game. There is no reason to still use a bloomery over the blast furnace. Aside from not having any flire clay... So for 'game-sake' the bloomery could use a little lovin'. I don't at all mind if you have to tear it down. That's one of the things I love about this modification. Right now the bloomery just feels stuck between worlds. @Kitty. Teaching people to abuse minecraft phsyics!
  12. Update Frequency Poll

    @Terex Well, if it wasn't school. It would be work. If it wasn't work it would be family life. I had to leave university due to poor health. Hopefully I'll be going back soon though, I had to stop working too... @Kitty Keep at that schooling. As boring as it is, it's necessary to get anywhere these days. I'm 22 as well and couldn't get a job with just my associate degree and ended up working labor. Not the best decision, but I didn't have much choice haha.
  13. An Aesthetic Use for Gems

    Miklosh. We're not talking about Coal here. Coal is less than 90% coal. Lignite, the common one. Is ~70% coal. The rest of it is basically waste matter and oxygen. Because of the Diamond molecule's density it can hold massive amounts of energy per mole. Carbon forms many bonds between atoms. In an all carbon structure, it takes a lot of energy to separate them. What happens when it reaches melting point I can't say for sure. It may fragment/explode due to internal stresses. The sections of liquid diamond may vaporise instantly into carbon chain molecules. Yes, that does include combustion if you're melting in an open crucible or under direct flame. The increase in volume being a factor on internal stress, as are weakened bonds. In a vacuum or under immense pressure. Melting a diamond without a direct flame. You should get liquid (that includes gas) carbon. The hard part would be setting the liquid carbon in the crystalline structure that defines a diamond from other solid forms of carbon. Yay! Carbon... Powder...
  14. This topic will be part one in a two part series that covers a major addition. The suggestion has been split as both ideas are implementable separately. The idea is that they work off each other for the maximum experience. Forward: General: The idea of this thread is to create a design brief for a specific, complete idea. Any input is valid to the suggestion. As this is a game for everybody to enjoy. Do remember TFC is a 'total conversion'. Outlandish, over the top, and excessive ideas are fine. Implementation of such ideas needs to be managed in a way as streamlined as possible (Approaching a feasable goal). Compatibility shouldn't be a primary concern (In a total conversion at least). Though if it does cause problems with implementation then the idea will need to be reworked. This Post: Primarily concerns the lack of immersion into player interaction with equipment and the world. Expanding equipment slots and equipment usage will make way for greater depth in combat. Which will make up part 2 of this suggestion. Expanded Equipment Slots & Usage Revision 1. 26/03/14 The overall purpose of this suggested expansion is to provide a greater range of interaction with the game environment. Enhance general interaction with players and player characters. Finally, to broaden what is capable in the grand scheme of things, breaking away from the limited Minecraft format. Inventory Design: I assume you've all played with Tinker's Construct and seen the equipment screen, good you have a basic idea where I'm going. No? How about Diablo or it's clones? NO?! Well, if you haven't seen it here are some examples. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, the right half of the screen. Filled in with equipment. Diablo games are simple rouge-spawns. Which themselves are like automated single character, dungeons and dragons-ish dungeon dives. So here is a DnD Computer Game. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, a little more detailed. Contains some of the things I will suggest. Hopefully this is enough to understand the general premise. I'll go over some key design features used in these inventories. Not necessarily something needed to be used in TFC. They are just excellent for ease of use. There is no shame in copying them! Diablo 2: The layout is location appropriate. The right hand on the left of the screen because that is the right hand of the doll, AKA You. The equipment slots are directly above the inventory. This allows you to quickly use your inventory without swapping screen and saves on "tabs". Tabs and menus in menus are not intuitive. The I/II tabs are "weapon sets" something that will be discussed mostly in Part 2: Combat, and the RPG Design. Basically it gives you two options you can quickly draw when the situation demands it.Baldur's Gate II: Uses the same drag and drop interface, with the characters inventory easily accessible. Quick ____, Quick Weapons is like the weapon sets mentioned in Diablo 2. Quick Items allows you access to usable with the touch of a hot key, in-game. Not while in combat, without having to click anything.Displaying basic details. For quick reference. Saving you from needing to pull open other menus. That -2 is the characters Armour Class (it's convoluted), the number next to it is his HP. The text at the top is the players Name and Class. The slot icon features what that slot is used for. Quite clearly in the case off the 'off-hand slot'. Showing both a weapon and a shield. Quiver. No real use in TFC as is. But it enhances the idea of strategy in combat and being able to quickly access utilities. Eg, having armour piercing arrows. May be discussed in Part 2. Take from that what you will but 4 important things to note: Drag-and-Drop is the most user friendly method.Clear visual identification of what a slot is used for. Be it in layout, or imagery.Less is more: Down with menus and tabs!Quick access to situation equipment/items. Equipment, New and Old Items: As TFC takes place in a magic-less universe. Most forms of trinkets will be based towards Server Play. Other items and slots should have a functional purpose. Each section assumes the creation for the appropriate equipment slots. 'Clothing' The standard MC/TFC equipment work fine. Helm/Chest/Legs/Boots. 3 Additional slots could be implemented. Undergarment, gloves, cloak. The primary function of these slots are as insulators. Keeping the player warm, eg wool or leather. Undergarments and gloves could also be 'chain mail' Providing a boost in armour rating, but not giving the player any additional insulation. This may open up to a varied armour system. Where players mix and match. Wearing Chain on top of Quilt gives you the benefits of both when struck in the chest. Not too unbelievable. Such a suggestion would make server towns look quite lively, with a variety of different personal styles. On battle fields and PVP servers. Identifying what KIND of armour an opponent is wearing would be more important than the material. Choosing an offensive tool to counter their strengths. PvP armies might even have regimented ranks with defined armour sets! 'Jewellery' Feed back and suggestions for this section is most welcome. There should only 1 amulet slot and one ring slot at the most due to their limited use. My idea is that Jewellery is used as a 'status symbol'. Jewellery can be made of any metal, and have a gem of any quality set into it. Once a piece is complete, it is inscribed. A picture of the jewellery and the inscription appear below the players name in the world along with an icon of the jewellery (aka Bling Factor). In the form Name/Ammulet Inscr/Ring Inscr from top to bottom. The uses here are varied! An expensive looking amulet inscribed with King of Salamanadoor to give the king his title. Factions could have matching amulets as a sort of coat of arms. Rings could me made to indicate someone profession or role in a kingdom. Or players may even want wedding bands. OP's and Admins would have the ability to make special Jewellery/Inscriptions for advanced faction management or whatever their dreams desire! Removing said jewellery would allow the player to slip a little into anonymity. If they plan to commit dastardly acts. As wearing your title could be standard practice. 'Off Hand' For the purpose of this topic it is really just a swap-to item. Items could be shields, or a bow. Some what unnecessary here, but it is a whole undeveloped area of Minecraft. Elaborating on "Shields". Shields should be used to "parry" (negate damage within X ticks, not spam-able). If you get hit hard, a shield wont dissipate the force. Parrying or deflecting the blow would. Large shields (eg Tower Shield), block while holding down the button, but only mitigate damage. Not prevent it. It's a bit complex, but I hope to hear some thoughts. 'Etc' This is a vague slot. I envision it as kind of the missing ring slot... I would suggest this as a place a player could put something with a special function or vanity feature. Equip a 'Trophy' from a boss mob. It would place a little icon text to the players name with a symbol of their heroic (Or not) feat. For example, killing a mighty bear, rewards you with a 'bear paw' (opposed to scalp or head for the squirmish). Equipping it would show what is in the most basic sense, an "Achievement Icon" next to your name. Killing a tiger will give you the tiger pelt icon, etc etc. Founding a kingdom might grant you a Crown from the admins, giving you the crown icon. 'Quick Slots' I can't think of many other uses than "on-demand" items. Like a throwing weapon, or medical item. In terms of the 'balance of power', giving people who prioritise close quarters combat quick access to a decent throwing weapon is invaluable. Whether to seal a kill in a pinch, or stop that jerk with the bow from taking pot shots at you. Try to keep in mind this suggestion has the idea of a "Combat Stance" where simply chaning items on your hotbar may not be a viable option of 'quick action'. 'Weapons' Generally, I'd say two considerations are needed here. The first is to break away from the default Minecraft attack (Clicking as fast as you can in a frenzy). Second, to create weapons for each major niche. Though if anyone plans to suggests spears should be penalised at close ranges, check yo self. Just hold that thing closer to the point. Making weapons have a 'wind up' and 'back swing' to limit their actions and require a cognitive understanding of how they're used optimally (ie, reward practice and skill) would be 'best', but I don't know if Minecraft is capable of such a system. It can be rewarding for some, and frustrating for others. So it may not be "fun" for everyone. Key Notes: Diversify "Steve", by giving players additional choice. Allowing them to be themselves beyond the skin. (For long term interest)Create interesting equipment for players to use. Opposed to powerful items.Maintain the multiplayer focus of TFC by creating additional community tools or frameworksBuild the base for later additions to use these slots. Equipment Abilities: Having choice is nice, but dull. What I mean by that is there is no reason not to max out. Take the BEST of everything. Using only items with the best stats. I present the idea of "Evocable" equipment. Equipable items that serve a function more than a statistc. Players can create their own playstyle by using the full 'abilities' of their equipment. Example: Cloak When the assigned key is pressed. The player wraps them self in the cloak. Hiding their armour and (depending on the cloak colour) blending them into the surroundings. If the player takes any action that requires their hands, the wrapping is cancelled. Another suggested idea, is to make cloaks shroud the player's identity completely. Perhaps the material the cloak is made from defines the function of it's evocation. One item (and slot!), but with two distinct options. Example: Shield A great shield may not as useful as a regular shield (sluggish), but when it is evoked, it is slammed into the ground, making a temporary 2 high wall. Alternatively, pressing the Action/Dodge key with a tower shield, puts the user into testudo-like stance. Such implementation helps to create "soft" classes amongst PvP. A dedicated archer may take a Great Shield and Bow as their main layout. Using the Shield to instantly fortify a position to attack from. I coursely suggest that all things like shields. Be made statistically equal (within their tier ). Consider it as a starting point, to highlight the individual functions, opposed to derived statistics because "It's bigger, it should be better". That works in simulation, but material, worked into any shaped shield will have the same protection, regardless of surface area. Wooden shields were a staple for a long time, which says a lot about Minecraft's material designation (Wood being almost garbage). Design Guideline: Equipment implemented as more than a statistic.Equipment must enable/enhance additional forms of play though item-based abilities. Using new Equipment: This is where Part 1 and Part 2 will converge and ties in with some of the suggested equipment slots. 'Hotkeys': I propose ZXCVBNM be used by TFC. The bottom row on the keyboard basically. I know other mods use some of these too. But they are usually configurable. The idea of having keys like these is to promote strategy and make the game more immersive. A sort of ground level RPG feature that makes interacting with the environment and items more streamlined. Pimary Actions: X- Quick Swap. This may be between weapon sets (Part 2). Or used to pull your "off hand" equipment out. Changing to another item in your hotbar, or pressing X again, changes to your normal equipment. This could be pulling out a ranged weapon quickly, for example. Z- Combat Stance. Mostly for Part 2. Swaps your character from "default minecraft" into using weapon sets. In "combat stance" Left click does your right hand action, right click does your left hand action. Sword and Shield (Slash and Parry). Dagger and Bow (Stab and Draw). C- Special Action/Dodge. Depending on what you are wielding the function of this button would vary. I guess it would be based on your off hand equipment. (See: Equipment Abilities) Item Buttons: V/B- Use/equip items. Once they have been used. You swap back to your original equipment. Example. Press V, you bring out a hatchet. Throw the hatchet and you re-equip your Sword/Shield. Press B and you bring out a medical item from the medical suggestion. Should yout be playing a medic role. N/M- Are your configurable quiver items. Or quick Weapons. Not sure on this. They are basically a toggle. Specific Keys, alternate options: FGH- Easily and quickly accessible. Could do things like the cloak 'wrapping' ability. Leaving them free may be for the best so players have more room to re-configure keys into "good" spots. The number pad could also be used for global items. Like cloaks. However it is used by other mods. Using hotkeys to simplify the gap between player action and character action is important for the implementation of "quick" items. It also enables a higher difficulty on the action side of things. As players will have more tools than just "Left click until it's dead". Correctly managing those tools should be a more central point of gameplay than hard countering a monster with an improntu thatch structure it cannot overcome. Key Suggestions: Intruduced items should be accessable in use.Creating alternated stances ("Combat/Construct") may aid in fully realising some equipment.
  15. Water Currents. Stopping swimming across oceans

    Pretty complicated. Perhaps counter intuitive to enjoyment if over done. I do like the idea's of rivers generating with a current, and always felt it was missing. Even if weak. It would be a good step towards industry. Typically they would flow towards the ocean, but that depends on the tide... Rivers flow to the sea during the day, and from the sea during the night? Given how chunks generate it might be pretty hard getting this to work. Giving energy to water mills, but only during the day period they're set up for. Or tidal generators. Ocean currents are based on land structure (inc. water depth), environmental temperatures, salt content (water density).. Getting them functional in game would require making them pretty simple. Maybe as two 'sub boimes' of the Ocean. That flow like a river. One is the warm climate current that flows towards the equator. The other cold climate current that flows away from the equator. Zig zagging and curving as unpredictable as a river. Allowing players to access other climates quicker and even make trade routes if they find a good continuous current chain. A lot of work will be required to get them working predictably with world gen. Cool things could come of this. If there is meeting point between currents. Players could set up a trade station (think like an oceanic oil rig) in the centre. Sea faring warriors could use their knowledge of the ocean currents to launch attacks on distant empires in PvP servers. From relative safety. Currents that pull you down are normaly rip currents. Which are based on land structure. So again, hard to program. Swimming underwater, especially in the ocean is normally quite safe. This isn't Finding Nemo .