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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Questions Regarding the New Block Physics Demo

    Speaking of poly bridge... Bioxx, are we looking at hanging support at all? I know I would like to be able to use some form of block to hang things for scaffolding (Say, a block somwhat like a reverse support beam) which would allow a window washer's/painter's scaffold to be created? Hung scaffolds are (as is made apparent by IRL usage) insanely useful for bridge work and maintenance and I would love to see them in TFC, especially since excavating mountainsides is currently an affair of "Pillar up or find another vein" This would of course necessitate a later tier if you ask me which includes heavy-duty ropes for hanging things... maybe spools? (Note sarcasm above) That being said, I would like to see rope and other flexible strands of material having more uses in TFC2, if it's at all possible. Mainly though, I would love to see the ability to use hanging support so that we can do things like the good old fashioned underslung walkway without interfering with the beautiful arches on our own rendition of TFC London Bridge! XD Hopefully with less of the falling down
  2. Slings!

    Yeah, I really love the weapon (So much so I EDC it) and you could do some really fun Roleplaying gameplay. As an aside, the sling is known for being able to easily put down lions, bears, and other big cats (Shepherds would carry them for this reason) if you could hit it in the head, and I think that this should carry into TFC with a bit of balance. The basic idea is the addition of bleeding (Which both piercing and slashing weapons can cause) and would only affect certain mobs (AKA zombies, skeletons, and spiders don't bleed, but orcs or whatever else you guys add as the mobs that make island progression difficult or something like that would bleed) and damage zones. Bleeding from the head = non fatal bleeding from the neck = fatal bleeding from the chest = potentially fatal bleeding from the extremities = non fatal And, in the same way: Crushing to the extremities = non fatal crushing to the chest = potentially fatal crushing to the neck = potentially fatal crushing to the head = fatal (If incapacitations were added, obviously crushing to the extremities would become VERY useful for putting a bear or similar out of commission before finishing them off with a spear/arrow/sword strike intended to cause bleedout.) Anyway, just some basic thoughts there, Up to you devs what you want and don't, as always. And of course, thanks bioxx and kitty for my favorite MC mod ever!
  3. Slings!

    Crap, I knew i forgot something Please merge this then, admins if you are watching. Thanks for the heads up darmo, feel like an idiot now. Heavier/lighter rocks are incredibly different as far as timing goes. I've got a slightly more in-depth explanation of the experience system in the works, but basically your total number of shots in a stroke with a sling type will give you a base experience modifier, and then the specific stone will have a separate modifier. Simply put: sling type exp, = 500 shots stroke type exp. = 250 shots stone type exp. = 500 shots total exp = 1250 shots Basically, every shot with a certain type of stone will improve your accuracy with it, every shot with a stroke will improve your accuracy with it, and every shot with a type of sling will improve your accuracy with that type of sling.
  4. Slings!

    I would love to see TFC2 have the ancient shepherd's sling, or rock sling, make an appearance. since a greater focus on combat is coming, and nomadic shepherds are going to become a little more fun to be, I'd love to see their classic weapon. But why add it? First off, the weapon fills a much (In my opinion) niche, with a ranged weapon that actually can hurt skeletons worth a darn. Also, having ammo everywhere will be nice. Reasons for addition in a slightly more structured manner: 1. Ahistoric weapon associated with a common player type 2. Capable ranged damage without crafted munitions, 3. Simple to craft, but potentially upgrade-able. 4. potentially skill-based (Much like blacksmithing) On the subject of skill upgrades: I feel like skills should be very state dependent, for example, having experience with a long sling wouldn't transfer to a short sling, having a lot of practice with overhand swings won't transfer to side or under-hand swings, and having a lot of experience with chert won't transfer to basalt. Basically, the following would be important factors: 1. stone weight 2. sling length 3 swing type Players may or may not be able to use different swing types. In some cases, it's actually important - for example a lighter stone type will be at full power after an overhand swing while a heavy one will take a sidehand swing, and a denser still rock will take an underhand swing. Additionally, the sling will create a use for lead. Sling bullets were common and extremely effective, and almost always cast from lead. I think these should be readily cast with a ceramic mold from 10 units of lead per. this is obviously totally subject to change. Anyways, I do have more thoughts but this is the most basic overview and is totally up for revision. It could also be implemented with a mechanic that requires you to time the shots (At least for a long sling, which is essentially "Parked" by spinning it over the head before casting it forward to fire the stone or bullet, and the timing to release could be up to the player)
  5. Separation of fluxes

    Yeah, I feel like a weight system for metals would work better (Each ingot is 1 pound or so, so enough for a knife or something of similar size, but not enough for picks and axes, so a forge weld is needed after a partial completion) in order to make fluxes a bit more useful with this system? Or maybe we don't need to do anything to make flux cooler, XD
  6. Separation of fluxes

    My idea was purely that upon final weld for completion of a piece of armor, there is flux taken into consideration, not that each individual welding of an ingot would cause NBT. I was hoping for TFC2 you guys could change smithing a bit so welding is a part of producing products in more ways than it currently is (Folded axes, edged blades, etc.) and is something done over two heats (Heat to red, apply flux, heat to yellow/burning, make weld) instead of the current one. I think it'd make welding more immersive and enjoyable than it is right now (And less finicky! You wouldn't need to worry about ingot demolding at just the right time, you've got a good window to apply flux and then you've just got to reheat to weld temp) So, just to be clear, flux applied in the last weld would be counted toward armor pieces, and if an item is made out of a double ingot (I'm blanking on any tools that are, honestly) it will either not be counted or will be stored in anvil data (Or "This item has been worked" data, where if you want proper fluxing to apply, you would weld it and then hit it a bit in order to make it register? Or maybe welds could be considered hits unless done in a specific way? Make it optional is what I mean [possibly a different button for the different kinds of welds if that's not too odd... "Stock weld" and "Tool weld" buttons]) Honestly I think it'd only really make sense properly with armor, and would add the ability to make, say, riveting armor desirable if the proper flux isn't available!
  7. Separation of fluxes

    Well that was the idea from the start. Aside from armor, a crappy weld won't cause many issues with edged tools (I.E. folded leaf axes, something I would love to see added, taking only .5 ingot but involving a weld halfway through and being less effective. Also, (Toma)hawks with different capabilities. I'd love to see designs for different axes that can cause certain things to be more or less effective. Folded axes can use less of more expensive materials (Wrought iron chunk for the base of the axe, blue steel bit for the cutting edge, has the durability of blue steel minus the difference between it and its binding agent) and get rid of excess ingot stores of your old metals you no longer use. Felling-specific axes and combat-specific axes could be separate, both capable of doing both of the jobs, but each specifically fine-tuned. This would only require three different types of axe head, which I don't think is too big of a deal (It's almost entirely textures, because it's not a completely new tool.) But that's tool specifics and not tool making! Basically, the important part of this is to increase the ammount of detail in metallurgy and smithing, because that's why a lot of people play the game... I don't think the attractive building crowd would even care because when I want a world for house making I'm always using copper or a bronze to make my tools, and those are cast anyhow.
  8. Separation of fluxes

    Just to be clear kitty, I meant that every flux (Except limestone) could be used for everything, but certain ones would mean something to add convinience... It could even be as simple as a lower weld temp (Which is a real thing, getting fluxstone style fluxes to melt means getting the steel to yellow, whereas borax melts at red and can produce good welds at high orange) and I feel like that would make a great mechanic to simply increase the value of borax witout devaluing the other fluxes. Should've mentioned that as a possibility before, sorry about it slipping my mind! Also, limewater can't be made from borax or marble dust, only from limestone. I feel like including that would be kind of difficult for players to deal with, though, so maybe make it more like it takes less limestone to make limewater than any of the other fluxes (Maybe, say, 4x less so it's got an edge over borax?) On the subject of borax veins, I think that going for a new spawning mechanic for borax could solve that... What with the chemical being so important for human devealopment, I think that you should be able to find borax stalagtites and stalagmites, just like in normal caves, in any cave in the middle stone layer (Or something like that) so it's still difficult to get but you don't need to find rock salt in order to get it.
  9. Encumberance Inventory system

    I'm just going to deposit this idea here because it really seems to have to do with inventory: could tool belts be added? Something like purpose made belts for different things (I.E. smithing belt with hammer, pouch of flux, drift (The thing for making holes in tool heads for heading them) chisel (For cut-offs) and tongs, which will let you have everything stored ahead of time and help with the somewhat cluttered anvil interface) or maybe a building tool belt (Chisel, hammer, and a pouch for your primary building block, saw, pick [or maybe some alternate tool designed for re-grabbing stone like a pry bar? could make building more convenient to make up for encumberment...]) prospecting belt (Pick, propick, support beams, torches/lanterns) and lastly, the battle belt (Quiver of arrows/bolts/quarrels, bow/crossbow/longbow, sword, mace, javelin(s?) and knife (For butchering)) These belts would not add to your weight totals and I feel like they could really make the game more fun and easier on newcomers if the encumberment is added. There would be a spot like the barrel one, and the belts would be made out of leather and maybe a specific item appropriate for each type of work (I.E. flux for the smithing belt, lumber for the building belt, torch for prospecting, knife (Stone) for the battle belt, and if you had a lumberjacking belt (If, say, more in depth felling were added) a stick?) Belts could be placed on the ground like a vessel and would be easy to put on and take off by shift-right-clicking the belt on the ground. There would need to be another hotbar where you can access all the items from the belts if they were added, and it'd need another key bind, but I feel like one key for that much convienience (Without losing balance or challenge) would be a good trade.
  10. Separation of fluxes

    Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No):yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. I think that there should be a mechanic in the game where certain types of flux are useful for different things, and when fluxes are applied properly, can make life easier. For an example, I am a smith IRL and borax is an excellent flux for forge welding steel and copper (And its alloys) because of the temperature that it melts at. However, sand and glass based fluxes (all fluxstones excluding limestone) are useful for wrought iron due to its higher forging temps. I think that adding a mechanic where you cannot weld copper without borax flux would be riddiculous and aggravating, so maybe making it so that there is a weld quality which determines how well the weld will hold, so if you're making a tool from the metal, it will need to have a good weld in order to last longer, and if you're making a set of armor, it won't have as high of defense unless the appropriate flux is applied in the welding process. That said it should have no affect on anvils, of course. In addition, there is a big part of this post involving limestone flux: Limestone flux is NOT appropriate for forge welding. It will cause more problems than it solves when it comes to welding in the forge. However, when making pig iron, it will allow the usage of coal coke in the blast furnace instead of charcoal. If a player has limestone and wants to use anthracite coal or bituminous coke (anthracite does not coke, but has relatively low sulfur content) they could do so with the application of limestone flux. Just as a recap, the basics of this (Which all comes from experience, either mine or that of the smiths over at I forge Iron, somewhere I highly recommend going for information concerning blacksmithing in the game) is as follows: Effective fluxes: Borax flux: Steel, copper, copper alloys "Alaska flux" (Mixture of borax flux and charcoal dust) red steel, blue steel, black steel (AKA high carbon steels) Stone flux/sand flux (EXCLUDING LIMESTONE!): Wrought iron Limestone: refining iron ore using sulfur containing fuels (Coke and anthracite) in blast furnaces and bloomeries. If this made it into the game, I would be SO stoked about it from the standpoint of being a smith and really loving this mod! I've made charcoal and refined iron ore in the past, and I must say, this game is surprisingly accurate to the real life processes on everything but blacksmithing. That said, hitting hot metal with hammers is really hard to replicate, so who am I to complain? I can just go fire up my forge anyway! I hope this isn't too confusing, feel free to ask me any questions and I'll try my best to answer!