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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. Since I remember when you could cut trees down with a saw, what about renaming it to "Hand Saw" to help with the ambiguity of "saw" and have it make sense to why it can't cut down trees. It's just a thought I came up with while talking to my friend about the game 7 days to die. I was thinking about the survival comparison, and somehow the saw came to my mind, and that it should really be called a hand saw. This is probably a rather pointless thing to waste any effort on, but it makes sense to me, and it's something I'd do.
  2. If you wish to appeal a ban, please go to our community website, and check the "Ban/UnBan Requests" section. Please mention which server you've been banned from, we run several.
  3. Some server back-end mods that you may optionally download the client side components for, should you wish to! Please note, these are completely optional and by no means required in order to connect. Only a legitimate copy of Minecraft, Forge and TFC are required. More Player Models Smart Moving If you have a request for a mod that does not require a client side component, please let me know and I will look into it!
  4. What's your favorite method for storing food?

    Most people on my server build a tower into the sky, and store their food in there. Up at 250, the temperature is very low, and since I've adjusted the decay times down on the server to about 8 times slower than default, players are saying it close to doesn't decay at all. People found a way to cheat the decay system, by simply making a tower with a ladder attached to reach below freezing temps at optimal locations for growing crops at ground elevation. It's pretty well eliminated the problems or hassle of decay and made playing just like it was before the food decay system was put into place.
  5. In a single player world or local host/network game, I can greatly agree with this, however on a 200ms latency connection to a server, it is close to impossible to not get hit while dealing with combat, since monster spawning tends to simulate the game Left 4 Dead (swarms of zombies coming at you from all sorts of directions). So for my situation, armor is not that great since I do not have means to avoid being hit, since that just means I'm going to spend more time building armor than I will just regenerating health or running and hiding. Archery is somewhat also out of the question as latency makes mobs terribly hard to hit, and skeletons are just suicide to try to kill. Typically one skeleton will take out 40-70% of my HP (assuming level zero) before I kill him while in leather armor. So my view is a bit different perspective from the "as intended" view. I would assume the head would be a vital spot to be hit more commonly than the legs. It makes sense for baby zombies to hit your legs often, obviously due to size, but I'd see the zombies making more shots in the order of torso, head, legs, feet. Zombies are more dumb, but in traditional comat, the head is a very vital spot to go for. War hammers and maces were intended to hit for the head armor most frequently in order to stun and daze the opponent, or even give them a concussion. The skeletons (both types) make sense to hit most frequently in chest and legs, but I think it'd be more of a 50/30/12.5/7.5 to be perhaps a bit better accurate than what it presently is. As an archer, I think that if I were up against an opponent that I know isn't going down within a couple shots, I'd go for the legs to cripple them to give me the advantage of avoiding them or giving more time for getting them taken out before reaching me. The spiders are for sure chest pouncers, and most the damage I ever take from them is fall damage from the knockback. I don't know the game code for how the combat works, so I don't know if it could be possible to define hit patterns by entity, but that could perhaps help the issue as well. I know since there is the different damage types, it may be possible to use that codework as a basis for defining which piece takes a hit most often, by damage type. That's just an idea though. It's just that from my end where if I have to fight a monster, I'm going to get hit, my most 'expensive' armor is going to get thrashed, and it gets destroyed unpropotionally quicker than the other pieces and gives the least value to cost ratio as it breaks so significantly quicker. However, if I only craft that one piece, and then use leather for the rest (with is rather cheap and quite renewable, as pig breeding provides quick access to hides), I will be best protected for a large portion of the hits, allowing me to make more sets of that armor piece as well. Perhaps another improvement would be an increase in durability by even a small amount by metal types. I can only imagine that steel armor would take more hits and be more durable than copper.
  6. Well, based on the results I had between the sampling I took and also the armor durability in the screenshots, the weighted RNG is very weighted onto the chestpiece, and enough-so that other armor slots hold trivial value to protect and the durability vs damage taken is unbalanced. Name : Durability : Durability % : Durability Lost Head: 1798/2500 : 71.92% : 702 Chest: 459/3750 : 12.24% : 3291 Leggins: 1898/3000 : 63.27% : 1102 Boots: 2018/2500 : 80.72% : 482 *These values are taken from leather armor that was at full durability to begin with. No flaws from anvil are factored to skew these numbers. Out of 5577 durability lost in total that results in this: Head: 12.59% Chest: 59.01% Leggins: 19.76% Boots: 8.64% Nearly 60% of the hits go to the chest, making it take 3x more durability hits than the leggins. So in a more ideal protective set, I'd make a high quality chest, and whatever for the other spots as they're very infrequent to be hit. The problem I'm seeing is that the chest piece gets obliterated extremely quickly in comparison to the other armor pieces, making it rather unbalanced to the other armor. By those given percentages, someone will go through about 6 chest pieces in the time they go through one pair of boots. Now, let's disassemble the armor into the resources to craft, by ingots, and see how much durability value is provided per ingot: Head: 4 ingots, 2500 durability : 625 durability per ingot Chest: 8 ingots, 3750 durability : 468.75 durability per ingot Legs: 6 ingots, 3000 durability : 500 durability per ingot Boots: 4 ingots, 2500 durability : 625 durability per ingot *It should be noted that all armor gives the same durability values, whether leather, copper, or steel, it's all the above values (with exception of leather obviously not made from ingots). The chest, taking the most amounts of hits is provided the lowest amount of durability per ingot spent. My only opinions I have on this are as follows: I think this is highly unbalanced and should have durability per ingot even between all pieces to help reduce the rate of destruction to the chest piece, keeping it better scaled to the other pieces. I don't think the most valuable to protect area should be made so poorly in proprotion to a less valuable to protect area. I've personally always found the armor in TFC to be a waste of resources, as earlier versions didn't give armor enough durability and things broke quickly, and now, the balancing causes the chest piece to break about as quickly as all pieces used to break back in earlier versions (arround version 56 if I recall correctly). This mod is in beta. I'm simply providing feedback, I'm only providing statistical data I have collected so far. I'm only one person and have only been experimenting with this and checking things out today.
  7. Each test was repeated between 3 and 5 times. You're welcome to actually test this as code and results can, at times, not match up in testing. Possibly the RNG is broken and frequently comes up with the same value, which causes the chest piece to be most frequent. That's why I asked for discussion on it and further testing. I don't doubt this to be unintended, but the results are there. My armor sets are further proof. The chest piece gets obliterated. My tests show the chest accounts for virtually all defense from attacks taken. Please test in-game to confirm the code is working or not working as intended, because my results show that the chest plate is the only thing worth using. This is three sets of armor. I see one similarity between them all. The chest piece is near broken on all of them. I am playing on the Happy Diggers TFC Server. You're welcome to hop on and I can provide you with a quick set of armor that you can test yourself.
  8. I haven't browsed the forums to see if this exists, I just happened to do some testing to find this out on my own. Here's the results of testing damage taken from mobs: This link is a HUGE spoiler.. don't click it if you don't want a "cheat" of information. It appears armor has a huge flaw within it. This does appear to be quite a bug within the game. Just posting this for discussion if anyone else is willing to take the time to help test the accuracy and extent of this issue.
  9. I put some time into writing up a simple guide based on maximized use of nickel, it's a plain text file, not meant to be graphical or pretty, it's simply some notes I made mainly for myself, but I figured I'd share them with everyone on the server that I play on, and also here. So, here you are: About this guide: It is a cheat sheet, not a how-to, or a guide of what to do. It is a reference of notes. I will not make it more "pretty" looking, it's in a simple to read format, if you don't like it, don't use it. I put READ ME notes at the top, I suggest you read them. I'm not responsible for you ruining a batch by not following the formulas or charts correctly. If you wish to improve upon this, please share your improvements with me, I'd love to make this better. If you want to contact me, just leave a message in reply here, or alternatively my email is my name
  10. Bow overhaul

    I have several ideas for redesigning bows, as well as implementation of a tier bow system. Bows should be makable from a wood source, such as plank, and then bow string should be specifically made and then a bow and bow string crafted together. The different wood types will define the damage quality. These will be for early on types of bows, because simply making bows from sticks isn't terribly realistic, though it can be done, it wouldn't scale as well to the damage it currently does. Now, long bows, composit bows, and recurve bows can all be made purely from wood, and fully and entirely hand crafted. These would be low tier, like stone age weapons, and could be crafted from either log or plank using even just a knife to widdle it. The tier based bow system: Compound bows. They involve a semi-complex, but not too far of an advanced mechanical system to them, I don't personally think it'd be a stretch for them to be craftable. You'd need a bow press to actually string them, so a special assembly station could be made being a Bow Press, made from probably bronze, or even copper perhaps. You'd need to make the bow body itself, the limbs, the cams, and the bow string to assemble one fully. The cams would be the center point of the tier system, made from metals. A poor quality cam is more likely to have the string hop off the tracks, or have a mechanical failure that will cause the bow to explode (well, in real life it would), and this can make sense of the cam being the defining quality of durability and tier. A better cam to hold better wight for better damage, though actually mostly the stress is in the limbs, but have to start somewhere with an idea. Bow strings are typically a braided string with a wax/silicone blended finishing in order to prevent fraying. So, in order to make a bow string in TFC, you would require a fair amount of string and some wax. I suggest adding Bees & Bee Nests to TFC. I have no ideas for the bees though. The hive would provide Honeycombs when broken, which you can extract Honey into a Glass Bottle with for food and/or adding Mead as another alcohol. Perhaps craft Honeycomb Bottle = Bottle of Honey. Braided String could be crafted from a few string pieces in a pile, since a line would need a crafting table and become unavaliable early-game and really doesn't need a crafting table. To make the final Bow String, you would mix the Braided String with a Honeycomb. Anyways, this is just an idea I had to give a little balance to bows, and make them a viable weapon.
  11. Can you add this mod, please: has no impact on gameplay, it's simply the server-side component to the More Player Models mod, which allows the player to change their appearance, such as height, size, add features like wings, hair, tails, and more.
  12. 1 In game Name Kodekatt 2 Age 28 3 Name Kacey 4 Country USA currently, though I travel sometimes. 5 A way I can contact you. kacey at live dot no or skype: 6 do you agree to the rules? Don't make me add more. Yes 7 why you want to join? at least 3 sentences. I've always loved this mod, it is tons of fun and keeps me interested in playing a lot more than vanilla/moded normal minecraft does, but it can be somewhat boring all alone to play. Every time I've tried to get my friends to play it with me, they'd quit quickly and complain about it being too hard for them and then quit. I find this to be a mod that you really need at least one other person to play with in order to keep it fun and playable. Also I like some of the mods this server uses, especially the More player models, since I have a skin that needs that mod in order to display properly! 8 How can you help the server? at least 4 ways. I'm not sure what all I can offer to the server, unless you mean the players/community? As for helping with the server, I'm a linux systems & network admin. As for the community, I enjoy cooperating with the other players in the world, helping people and working together. To me, it makes it the most fun when I can contribute to something and not just build on my own, because that becomes too much like playing single player. I love helping others and donating resources/time to make the experience of playing on a server be fun for other people as best as I can. I don't get upset and rage quit over things, nor do I have any issues about getting killed. Death happens in games where death is possible. 9 Have you been on any of my old servers? No 10 Have you had any experience being an admin? Yes, for 4 different servers. I'll accept if asked to become one, but I will never ask to become one. I'm perfectly content being just a user. 11 Do you own a minecraft server? No, don't really wish to own one of my own. 12 Are you willing to help me install MyTown and permissions? As well as I can. What exactly do you need help with?