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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. Hey.

    We haven't seen you around, so just wanted to say Hi and ask if you plan on doing more work on this mod.

    I just love the ideas in it.

    1. LeitiLP


      I took a break of modding and worked on a few minor java projects, because I missed some important basic Skills of java. 
      I'm going to start with the rewriting of the mod and complete its current features.

    2. TonyLiberatto


      Really appreciate the news.

  2. Boats/Rafts

    I don't know. I hear your argument, but I still think we could rely on game fighting specifics. For example, What if on the second Island one hit from a mob would instantly kill a player with no armor. This would require the player to have at least the most rudimentary Armor, lets say leather, before he could try to conquer that Island. Weapons could also do more damage in a linear way. So even though stone weapons would be enough to go around the first Island and the ones North and South, they would do so little damage on the second Island that it would make impossible for the player to even consider fighting a mob there. What I am proposing is a progression on Armor and Weapons. this way the player is free to swim or boat to the next Island, but there is no way he will be able to survive long enough to actually mine or collect resources.
  3. Boats/Rafts

    If I understand the intended game design, it is to have Islands with increased difficulty as you travel East or West of the Initial Island. From this perspective, I don't see why we would need to artificially prevent the player from skipping an Island or going to the next Island before he/she is ready for that. It the next Island is harder to survive and the player is suppose to die without the necessary Armor level, that should be enough for players not to go there. If they insist on going and die, that should be their problem. It could even work as a challenge, like with somegames where the player tries to get to end as the lowest level possible. The way I see or have understood the discussion so far it will work more or less like this. Initial Island: You have to survive well enough to get some kind of rudimentary armor and weapon. Second Island you have to survive enough to upgrade your armor and weapons before you should even try to go to the next island. And so on and so forth. So far I have not seeing the reason to try to code some kind of mechanism to prevent the player from by passing this system.
  4. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Welcome to the server NicholasFoxden . Please register in our form and have fun.
  5. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    Thanks that will for sure help. BTW You do know the recipes for the Tomato soup and Chicken soup are not working right? Looking in NEI it looks like is asking for 160 oz of Salt.
  6. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Welcome to the server.
  7. MC Forge not opening.

    I made a small tutorial for my modpack Installation using MultMC. If you just Ignore the modpack part it explains how to install and create a MultMC instance with Java and Forge. Here :
  8. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    Well, like someone else said. It's your mod. We are just grateful for all the hard work and this amazing addon you have provided for us. For the In real life argument, as a history teacher I can tell you that clay came after wood and bone. It was not long ago that people started using clay plates. As for the gameplay, just have a log and a knife in the crafting grid and make a few wood bowls. I do not see them as an upgrade of the clay bowl as much as a total replacement. The thing was such a bad idea that no one makes salads after they have bread in regular TFC. SO the clay consumption stops there and people can save the clay for molds. Is not just about the grind to have to constantly make new bows, is also and maybe more importantly about the waste of clay and resources. 8 logs, 8 straw, 20 clay just to make 4 clay bows. I am one to ask for realism in Minecraft but this looks like grind for the sake of grind. This addon already adds a lot of work to prep the food, why make it so much hard to consume? Once the player have the prep table and access to bread the only difference between a sandwich and a salad is the bowl, does it really matter what the bowl is made of? All the features that this addon creates would remain the same. Maybe I am not giving the exactly dimension of the problem. In single player this may not be a big issue. Specially for someone that is just surviving and trying for metals. On a big server, with towns having 8 or 10 residents, pretty soon there is no more clay nearby and when someone makes a trip to collect it it is exclusively to be used for molds. Also you have the issue of a communal Kitchen. So when a player is hungry and cannot eat a sandwich because he got the message that he is tired of that food, his easier option would be the salad. Now he cant make a salad because the previous player used it all up. He looks around and cant find clay. what is he supposed to do? I understand those are server issues, but they are common and could be easily avoided by creating a wood bowl that would be unbreakable. Easy to make, log and knife. No one has to go hungry anymore. I am however open to suggestion from other players that have come across the same issue.
  9. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    That would for sure help. And I appreciate. I would still prefer a permanent solution, something like the Leather water sac. As soon as I have leather I replace the water jug and never again have to worry about them breaking. My point is that having to work for something is OK, what bothers me is the constant grind. having to make new clay bowls every few days is still a grind. Gotta remember that clay is a non renewable resource and in a server we soon run out of it on the immediate proximity of a town. IRL people used wood and bone plates more often than clay, and no one would go traveling with clay utensils.
  10. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    Would it be possible to add a wood bowl? It is really annoying to have to make so many clay bowls. No one is that clumsy. On regular TFC I never ever make salads, now with this addon I am forced to use bowls, so I think we should have an alternative, just so we do not have to keep making clay bowls.
  11. MC Forge not opening.

    What Launcher are you using? I always recommend MultiMC It makes easy to create different instances each with it's own settings. Also easy to set Java and Forge Version.
  12. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    The new animals do not work with Tucker bags, from the Udary Mod. With the way ropes are in Minecraft and the long distances in Terrafirmacraft it is not uncommon for a player to have to travel 6000 blocks to get chickens back to the base.
  13. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    One of the things that most attracted on this mod is how it makes food more realistic. Now this mod changes not only the way we prep food but also how much of a certain food we can eat before getting tired of it. I really like this feature as I have said many times IRL there is no way you can eat over and over again even your most favorite dish. If you try it would and up making you sick. that said, I have come across some logistic issues. When playing TFC the 2 things that I do more often are mining and Building. As I go down a mine shaft I have 4 sandwiches in my inventory, I do not want to come back up untilmy inventory is full with rocks and ore. I will then empty my inventory in a chest and make more food to go down again. Breaking blocks uses up the food in your bar faster than just standing around ( at least that's the impression I have ). In my mind the closer we get to the same balance we have in real life the better. Guarded the proportions, after all this is a game. It has always bother me the way TFC handle food decay. I never liked to have to cut decay from food. yes IRL is possible to cut decay from a fruit or vegetable. What bothers me is to have decay showing as a percentage and everyday ticking. I would like for food to have a expiration date. after that it would start to show decay. I do not mind working hard for anything I get in the game. What it bothers me is the grind of having to cut decay from food every day. When the first humans developed food preservation it was in a way that did not required constant attention and care. Once you make cheese and store it in a dry place it will last for years. The same applies for dry meat and sausages. dry fruit and vegetables in a lesser scale. For most of those foods once you see any sign of rotten it is time to throw the whole thing away. In essence I do not mind having to work a few days straight for food preservation. But once I am done I want to forgetabout that and go do something else. Humans have stored grains in silos for the past 5 thousand years without any special preservation. I am not advocating for no work. Okay so I have to plant and harvest and should have to process the grains ( including corn please ) then all it needs is a dark and dry place and it will last for years. Now for cooked and prep food what is the solution? No way a sandwich will last for days, the same apply for salads, soups or stews. Even today in primitive societies around the world, when people need to travel or go hunting, they have special food for traveling that will last for many days. In Medieval Europe people would always carry Cheese, bread,sausage, crackers and wine. Many African tribes had a kind of cake made with dry meat,dry fruit, fat and flour. This would last for many months. Of course this kind of food is not the healthiest, but it will sustain you. And allow you to work hard and travel. Once you back home is the time to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to increase you health again. Of course a balance needs to be found to prevent players to eating only that kind of food in detriment of others. My initial proposal was that eating the same food over and overwould get you to a maximum of 1000 points of health and the only way to go over would be to add variety. So if you are hungry is not impossible to eat the same thing you ate the last day, is just that your health will be capped at 1000 untilyou start to add different food for each food group. First thing is to have all 5 food groups, untilyou have that you will have no Bonus. It may not make much sense IRL, but for game mechanic it works better. So each food group has a range from 200 points to a maximum of 600 points. 200 points for each different food in the same group. Again the extra points only apply if you are eating from the 5 groups, Otherwise people could eat 3 vegetables and 3 meats and get to 1200 points , this would be wrong, because the lack of the other food groups has a consequence in your health. This post got a lot bigger than I have intended. Sorry, I feel like I was just venting. But those issues strike a cord in me. Maybe many features are outside of the scope of this addon, or just not what the author intended. Please use what you like and dis-consider the rest.
  14. Fences and animal AI

    You need to be a little creative with the design, but the best solution I found for this behavior is to have animal pens 2 blocks deep. This will prevent the animals from jumping on the fence. In a server this is a must as animals may tick outside the fence and escape.
  15. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    Addon is on the Server. So far works good. I do have some questions. I have been complaining about the whole perfect food in TFC for a long time. So I like the you tired of this food and cant eat anymore. Question is. How are people dealing with inventory? Usually when I go exploring I take with me the ingredients to make sandwiches and I make a sandwich table. leave the ingredients in the table and just make sandwiches as needed. Is enough for me to mine a whole vein. So what are the inventory solutions available using "Cooking with TFC"?
  16. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    If you think it is stable enough for me to test on the server I will do it. I was waiting for the official release. Minor bugs are not a main concern as we always have those with KCauldron. I will get the mod and include on the modpack. thank you very much.
  17. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    I have followed this tread closely. Am really excited about playing it in our server. I just can't wait for it to be released . Thanks for all the work the mod looks wonderful.
  18. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Welcome to the server, Have fun. please register in our forum.
  19. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Welcome to the server Swum . Have fun and please register in our forum.
  20. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    You are very welcome to the server . Hope you like it there. Please register in our forum and have fun. We definitely could use some talented people. BTW my town is recruiting and we have all the food you can ever need. We need miners and resource gatherers. So you would be very welcome. We are the town at Spawn Avalon.
  21. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Welcome to the server Jax_Nyuu . Have fun and register in our forum. Please remember that we have a rule about only English on global chat.
  22. [Solved] Can't feed animals

    Is usually recommended to create a new world after making major config changes. Terrafirmacraft was developed for survival mode. It takes very bad to any creative commands. It is best to avoid even commands like Time set day. In our servers what we do is to first test all the config options and set it to our liking, then we create a new world.
  23. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Welcome to the server. You have been Whitelisted Hypernator1 . Usually I prefer players with more experience in tfc. Terrafirmacraft is a mod that needs to be played with the wiki open on a browser even for experienced players. I really recommend you joining someones town as people are more willing to help a fellow resident. In any case have fun and please register in our forum.
  24. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Welcome back. We lost the original whitelist. Have fun.
  25. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Welcome to the server ThatMonkeyGamer. Have fun and please register in our forum.