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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. House tutorial - nice, easy, midgame

    well to me I think it looks great, and much better than anything I could make I suck at making nice homes lol so I definitely appreciate this guide and you for posting it ^.^
  2. Thanks for sharing I forgot about juice's penchant for fermenting without treatments. Didnt know the bit about Welch though, neat tidbit
  3. Hello all :)I wanted to throw into the ring my various ideas about drinks. The goal of this post is to outline the many drink concepts I have swirling around my head, codify them, discuss possible implementations, and put it all together in a nice package for people to read and discuss. I'm sure the fantastic TFC developers have considered beverages in complete and already have their ideas, but whats the harm in throwing some ideas out there. This is mainly to inspire discussion from the community Drinks are an important part of life for most of us, though there is quite a variety of drinks around the world. There are many categories of drinks, all with their fans and critics; Alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks referred to as soft drinks by some, brewed beverages such as coffee and tea, et al. I plan to touch on the categories named here, and throw in my two cents as to the possible uses of them, and implementations. _________________________________________________________________________ | A Quick Overview | _______________________________________________________ Currently, Steve has a rather narrow selection of beverages to enjoy at the moment in my opinion. He is limited to water(which has its uses, and is an important part of survival), alcohol(which also has its uses, though as a drink its primarily for relaxation), and Milk(which isn't drinkable at the moment if memory serves). Primarily focusing on water and alcohol, they both serve a purpose and have a function. Without water, you dehydrate, which leads to moving slowly. Good incentive to keep your thirst quenched. Alcohol gives various buffs and debuffs (or outright kills you if you decide to over-indulge) and gives a pleasant swirling effect to your screen. There are a plethora of beverages that the mods can devote their development time on, and everyone has their favorites, but I do not simply want to see beverages added that don't bring anything new. I feel that each beverage should be evaluated on its potential believable benefits rather than just adding drinks for its own sake. The beverages I will be focusing on will be from a handful of drink categories; Soft Drinks: This term is loosely used to reference a specific subset, specifically non carbonated non alcoholic beverages. Brewed: Mainly Coffee and Tea, what most people would think of as a brewed beverage. Alcoholic: some would say we already have enough diversity within this category of beverages, but I have a different approach to try. _________________________________________________________________________ |Soft Drinks | ___________________________________________________________ For most, when you think of Soft drinks, you think of carbonated drinks like soda. Sadly there is no carbonated water in TFC at present, so I use the term loosely to refer to various mixtures involving fruit juices. Some could argue hot springs could be harboring carbonated water of a sort, but that is a different discussion, right now I want to discuss non alcoholic non carbonated beverages. We have fruit, so why do we not have fruit juices you may be asking? In my mind, it's a simple matter of what benefit would be reap from having fruit juices? Thinking upon this, I wondered what believable benefit could be gotten from drinking fruit juices. First thing that popped into my head was nutrition. Having yourself a nice tall glass of OJ? (Orange Juice, not the football player!) Surely I would receive some nutritional benefit similar to eating the orange itself you might wonder. That was my go to solution, until I happened to peruse the forums and found kitty mentioning that the developers were trying to limit the amount of nutritional benefits you can get from food, for good reason. When you juice a fruit, you end up losing a good bit of mass in the conversion, things like fiber, pulp, seeds, etc. It is unlikely that converting 160 oz of fruit to 80 or even 40 oz and keeping the same nutritional content would be balanced, as now eating the fruit is sub-par, why do that when you can chug juice all day. With that in mind, I toyed around with the idea of having fruit juices improve food saturation, slowing the rate at which you become hungry. A possible solution, but it could have strange implications and didn't feel entirely believable or impactful to me. Another idea I thought about was adding potion effects into the mix, things like speed boosts, temporary max health increase, temporary absorption. In the end, I leave these questions for the community to decide, while I continue to wrack my brain for possible solutions to this problem. In any event, Here are some ideas for soft drinks. Lemonade: I cant tell you how many times I have tried to deliver the age old saying about lemons, but every time I was stymied by the lack of lemonade in TFC. Jokes aside, most people wouldn't countenance eating raw lemons, the fruit is mainly utilized mixed into food and drinks to most of us. The simplest route to implement this would be crushing the lemon for its juice, whether it be by hammer, hand, or what have you. lemon juice + sugar + water, and you have lemonade. This method would be barbaric and cruel to the poor lemons though, so I would suggest the implementation of a new item, the Reamer. A simple tool made from wood, fired clay, or knapped stone, it would humanely juice the lemon, and it would be easier on Steve. I can only imagine him coming home from a vicious battle and trying to juice a lemon by hand, it would be almost unbearable getting lemon juice in wounds, scratches, or cuts D;. Various fruit juices: Of the food available to us, I believe the best candidates for juicing are oranges, tomatoes, apples, cranberries, and plums. these all have a good water content that make them suitable for juicing. There are other foods that we juice today, but they are typically pulverized and macerated to obtain their juices, and couldn't be reamed by hand to produce said juices. As for berries, I would recommend they be put into a generic berry juice, either by themselves or mixed, so as not to create a ridiculous pool of dubious juices like strawberry juice. That is all I have to say about soft drinks, these will come up later as basic units for other beverages. _______________________________________________________________ | Brewed Beverages | ____________________________________________________________________ Brewed beverages are another of the popular drinks around the world, tea and coffee having worldwide appeal and mass consumption. This section will involve adding several new mechanics and will be more complex than the previous section. Lets start with tea, shall we? Tea goes back a long time, earliest records show tea being consumed as far back as the tenth century BC in China. But enough history, most of us know tea, and how great it is. to add it to TFC, we are going to need to add new items and mechanics to give it justice. Starting off, we will need to implement a tea bush. Tea bushes are typically grown in tropical or subtropical climates, require at least 50 inches of rainfall a year, and prefer acidic soils. It takes 3 years for a new plant to be ready for harvesting, and in harvesting, only the top 1-2 inches are plucked. It can be harvested every 7-15 days during its growing season. The slower they grow, the better the flavor. Implementation of this would involve creating the tea plant, mimicking the characteristics mentioned, and then harvesting by hand. I feel the best method would be to allow us to right click to harvest every few days to collect tea leaves, while leaving the bush intact. Unfortunately, I do not know if the devs plan to bring that feature back, as it has been removed from tomatoes and other plants. (disclaimer: the following is based on traditional small volume methods, and isn't a perfect step by step process or perfectly accurate representation of actual tea making) Once harvested, depending on the type of tea. For this thread, i'm going to stick to black, oolong, and green tea. Black tea is laid out in the sun to wilt, losing some of its water content, and activating enzymes to help break down the leaf and produce tannins. Next, the leaves are bruised and shredded, breaking open cell walls for the enzymes to oxidize them. After oxidation, they are heated to dry them to a specified water content, thus finishing the tea. Green tea has a slightly different method, where instead of wilting them in the sun, the tea leaves are blasted with heat / steam to stop the wilting process. they are then dried immediately with no oxidation allowed. Oolong is a half step between black and green, wilted, bruised/shredded, but only partially oxidized. In game, I can see the implementation working something similar to this. Using a woven reed mat or a large cloth blanket, sun wilting the leaves, crushing the leaves in a quern, leaving them out to oxidize on that same mat/cloth, and then drying them somewhere warm. For green tea, it would simply be harvested, then dried. Now to move on to coffee. Coffee does not have as long a history as tea, the first credible accounts of coffee being drank in the middle east around the 15th century by monks. There are two major types of coffee in the world, Robusta and Arabica. Arabica is considered the better flavored of the two, as Robusta is bitter, but has a great body(just like my wife! haha! no plz stahp). To keep it short, ill move on to processing. Coffee beans and berries are de-fleshed, and the seeds are left in the sun on screens to ferment, followed by drying on the screens, making Green Coffee. As many of you are aware, there are some variations to this, most notably kopi luwak, which has the coffee berries / seeds being fed to Asian palm civets, who then excrete out the seeds, which are collected and sold for large sums of money. I know dunks aversion to coding excrement, but it would be neat to have that process, only using creepers instead. That will give the coffee some real POW! talk about an EXPLOSION of flavor! (I'll let myself out now). All jokes aside, next comes the roasting. Roasting is a deceptively difficult affair, requiring an experienced roast master to acquire proper coffee flavors, but its simple for translating into TFC. Simply roast green coffee to the desired darkness. After roasting, all that is required is grinding the bean to powder, and then you have your coffee, ready for brewing. I've saved mentioning Implementation ideas for last here, since they will be similar for both tea and coffee. The best way I see it happening is through the introduction of a kettle or pot with which we can bring water to a boil. A pot would have more uses to it, you can find plenty of threads asking for pots to make stews or soups, etc. With that said, it would almost feel like a missed opportunity to not include a tea kettle for one reason, its distinctive whistle. Hearing a recognizable sound in a game, like a tea kettle whistle, gives me a better sense of immersion, and when it's done right it can downright give me thrills of excitement, but i'm weird like that. With a method to boil water, we can produce the end result, tea and coffee. Throw the leaves / powder in the pot / kettle or pour a cup and steep leaves /powder in that. Of course, what is tea and coffee without a nice ceramic (porcelain) cup with floral designs? Another missed opportunity I am sure. ____________________________________________________________________________| Alcohol |___________________________________________________________________ Rather than try to justify more types of alcohol, my suggestions will be more in line with mixed drinks and cocktails. This ties in with my earlier section about fruit juices, as a large portion of mixed drinks are mixed with fruit juices. I don't think i have to bother with coming up with any mixed drink/cocktail ideas, i'm sure the community and/or dev team can think of plenty on their own. The purpose they would serve would be mirrored in what the fruit juices will end up doing. Slight bumps to Nutrition and/or food saturation with your alcohol buffs would be splendid, or whatever else the community comes up with And with that out of the way, I want to talk about an egregious oversight, the lack of wine in TFC. I am here to give out my take on bringing wine to the game. Wine is a drink produced from the fermentation of grapes or other fruits. Wine has an incredible diversity, but for the purposes of this thread, I will keep things simple. Grapes / fruits are harvested from the fields, taken to where they will be fermented and processed. for simplicity, I will only discuss white and red wines, of the non sparkling variety. Red wines are fermented with the skins and pulp of the grapes / fruit, white wine is fermented from fruit juice that is pressed from said grapes/fruits, there is no skin - juice interaction for white wines. the wine is fermented for one to two weeks, allowing wild or packaged yeast to convert the sugars to alcohol. after fermentation, juices are allowed to empty and collect in a holding tank, and the remaining must(grape skins) is pressed, this liquid is taken to a different tank, and kept separate from the free run juice. At the winemakers discretion, these two are blended to achieve the target flavor profile. After this, both wines can be barrel aged, or blended and finished off. With such a simplistic rundown to work off of, the implementation of wine in TFC is rather open ended. Of the things we would need to have a fairly authentic experience would be grapes, a press, and a non flammable drum to ferment in. Amenities include wine bottles, wine glasses, filters, and a decant(er)ing machine(that's a wine joke ). Barrels can serve as storage, aging vessels, vessel for pressing, etc. With the introduction of wine, I will be able to turn my nose up at those rival towns who make an inferior copy of my high class chardonnay and scoff at their efforts! __________________________________________________________________| Concepts |_____________________________________________________________________________ Now that i have discussed those things, I wanted to throw a few concepts out there that I have been pondering for a short while. One of which is a system similar to taste we have now, only applied to beverages. Food and drink share a few desirable flavors, sweet, bitter, and sour, but in my experiences I've never sought out a savory or salty beverage. I would recommend that if a drink specific taste panel be set up, salty and savory would be replaced by body(mouth feel). I suggest this creation to help give drinks a purpose, and to go along with my next suggestion, packaging food and drink together to create a sort of pairing bonus. This pairing bonus would be for matching flavor profiles to your character on the food and in the drink, greatly improving the saturation bonus for your food. Sorry for the wall of text, there is plenty of mistakes in it I am sure, but I hope to create some good discussion points in the community. Regards, Chocmerc
  4. thanks for the fun entro! it was good while it lasted ^.^
  5. Irrigation / Water Channels

    i remember that xD
  6. Ingame money

    ^ This. I think rather than coins made from metal, we should go with paper money or something thereabouts. A material that has no inherent worth and can be made rare, through serial numbers, or as mentioned earlier, a stamp with a unique name. When gems were first added to TFC, i was mayor of a town on a non white-listed server that had many people coming and going. I was tasked with creating a fiat currency system using gems and it worked out alright... at least until someone who had been sluicing for gems for days came in and destabilized the economy . I think that if we had a complicated and / or expensive way to produce a fiat currency that could be regulated and controlled, it would serve to be a boon for multiplayer servers. The reason I would like to see this is because not everyone likes to do the same things in TFC. For instance, I hate mining, and trying to find ores, or even working them on the anvil. I very much dislike it. Rather than doing that, I enjoy making town infrastructure, taking care of the agriculture and livestock, etc. When I need a tool made, I call on a townie of mine whose only joy in TFC is metallurgy and making rum . It would be a great boon if I had a stable currency to trade to him in exchange for his tools, which would then be circulated around as he purchases ores from the other players and towns, so on so forth. Ultimately the currency would serve three purposes, Allow the trade of items between players who might not have something the other wants, which in the case of "specialist" players, is a difficult hurdle,Give a tangible feeling of worth for said "specialized" players, as they can see how well they are doing and how their services are appreciated by how fat their coin purse is,Encourages specialized professions through a time vs reward metric, where they can figure out what makes them more currency in the long run, being a jack-of-all-trades or actually improving your skills with agriculture, metallurgy, etc. I can understand the people who aren't interested in currency, saying its a waste of time to code, but it all depends on what interests you in TFC. If you like to do everything in the game without any help from others or you have goods that others want for which to trade for goods you want, then it would be not much use to you. However, if your server hosts a diverse group of players who dislike certain aspects of TFC and do their best to avoid it, then this will be useful for you. As for the fiat currency itself, it should be an item with no inherent worth, something that is rare or production of it could be controlled as a unique substance. That said, I would highly discourage the use of metals, whether they be tool metals or non-tool metals, due to what people have pointed out in this thread, people will most likely melt it back into an ingot for other uses. Anywho, thats my 2cp on that Choc
  7. Bedroll

    Uh oh, we got a real man here, cover your eyes ladies! :3

    Someone hasn't had a great cheesy hollandaise sauce i see... <3

    Yes but the key here is that taste is subjective... mortar is not Taste varies from person to person because it is a personal experience. while you could say we could randomize mortar to be wool sugar and a healthy dose of red mushroom, it wouldnt make sense, noone would believe it. But if I told you that somewhere out there someone likes the taste of bread bananas and fish, while it might be far fetched, you could never rule it out entirely. I guarantee you there are a few people who would like it and i can also guarantee you that combining wool, sugar, and red mushrooms will never make a sufficient mortar.
  10. Ease

    I will agree that many of TFC's mechanics seem to be complex just for complexities sake, but most of the time settings can be changed in the config file as AllenWL points out. This mod(at least originally) was made for multiplayer, to have a community to work with and help build, and the time scales fit having the game world advancing under time 24/7.
  11. Ideas about food preservation.

    Hello all, It has been a while since I have posted on food preservation, so in the interests of revising old ideas and adding new ones, I humbly present some ideas that I feel will add to TFC and the experience that it delivers Pickling Now I believe I posted about a year ago about pickling, but just to bring it up to speed... Pickling / canning is a method of food preservation that utilizes antimicrobial herbs, an acid (vinegar), brine, pressure, heat, and the basic mechanics of boiling liquids. Lets have a look at some of these elements; Antimicrobial herbs: things like Dill, Rosemary, and a few other pickling herbs are added not just for flavor, but also make the pickling liquid (brine) very hostile to them. I would love to see various herbs added to the game(Culinary herbs that is), but if development resources cant be diverted to adding them, they could be skipped with minimal loss of verisimilitude. Acid(Vinegar): The Acid component, filled by vinegar at this point in time, is used to create even more of a bacteria-hostile environment, and to also change the chemistry of the product to inhibit bacteria and decay. Brine: Brine is simply a liquid (usually water) mixed with copious amounts of salt. this should be fairly easy to accomplish, either adding salt to water, or just harvesting salt water. The salt changes the chemistry of the product to inhibit bacteria and decay. Pressure: The pressure component is used to make the finished container sanitary(along with heat) as well as when the container is loaded, it is used to help cook and force any bit of air out of the container. This can be implemented through a specialized cooking vessel, a Pressure Cooker. Now pressure cookers dont have to be fancy like our modern devices, but could be as simple as a very stout metal pan filled with water with the pickling containers, having its lid sealed with a clamp, or even heavy stones, and then using a great deal of heat over time to create a well preserved vegetable, fruit, meat, eggs, etc. Heat:Heat, along with pressure, are the main portions of the pickling and canning process, cooking the food, boiling the liquid to create steam for pressure, sanitation, and forming negative pressure in the final container. Heat is fairly simple to implement, utilizing a modification of our standard heat system, and ties in with pressure. Principles of Boiling: This is the effect of heat on liquids, and it produces both the pressure necessary to pressurize the final container through steam pressure and the heat necessary to kill the existing pathogens within the food / container. The way I would see this going down is you would create a pressurizing vessel using metal, perhaps tier 2 bronze or tier 3 metals and higher. Once that is created you should then create the actual container that will hold the pickled / canned goods. such containers would be made of glass for the jar body and a flexible metal lid, something like tin or copper, Perhaps some sort of glue / sealant, but this can be waved away as an unnecessary extra. Once you have made some jars, next thing you will need is some pickle-able consumables. Some things are rather difficult to pickle, so I would leave them out, things like green beans, tomatoes, and other low acid produce. Typically the procedure for vegetables or eggs at this point should be sanitizing the pickle jars in boiling water for an hour or two, then mix the water, salt, herbs, and Vinegar and then boiling these in any container for a few minutes, to produce the brine. After this, throw in your pickling produce of choice in, seal the jar(could be like barrel sealing mechanics), and then place (up to 4, possibly more with higher level metal pressure cookers) your jars in the pressure cooker, add a bucket of water, then place on top of a firepit and light the fire. Temperature only has to reach boiling for a minimum temperature, Very Hot should be sufficient. Keep that temperature going for an hour or two, keeping the firepit stocked with wood. Once this time has elapsed, take the pan off the heat, and let it sit for an hour or two to cool and let the pressure stabilize. Carefully removed from the cooker, these jars are now good for storing for 6 months to a year! As for fruits, this would be less pickling and more making jams/preserves/jelly, yadda yadda. The procedure for preserving fruits would be similar, sanitizing jars, acidulation, pressurizing, and then de-pressurized and stored Summarized Steps Vegetables and Eggs Sanitize Jar Create Brine (water, vinegar, antimicrobial herbs, and salt. Boil brine) Combine brine and produce in jar, seal jar Load jars in pressure cooker, add water, seal cooker Boil for two hours, let rest two hours remove jars from cooker, store for 6-12 months Fruit Sanitize Jar prepare brine (vinegar, water, salt, boiled) place fruit and brine in jar, seal jar load jars into pressure cooker, add water, then seal cooker. boil for an hour, let rest an hour remove jars, store for 6-12 months Note: This is a simplified version of actual pickling canning, and some elements have been changed for fun factor, but is fairly realistic. This method provides you with a good long term storage method for fruits, eggs, and vegetables, though once the jars are open the food begins a reduced rate of decay, similar as if they were stored in jars(this is due to the brine creating a hostile environment for pathogens). This mechanic will be a fun useful way of preserving crop harvests, for eating or for trading. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Critters and their effects on food One problem that is still faced by restaurants, food storage facilities, and even at home is a problem that humanity has had for a long time, and that is various pests and their effects on our food storage. I think that it would be an interesting new mechanic to have to be wary of pilfering pests in our food storage. What I propose is not necessarily coding in new mobs to be pests, but more along the lines of having a mechanic added that simulates their effects, without having to create new mob AI. Such a mechanic would simply act on a few parameters. Pests like food that they can easily reach. Keeping vessels and food off of the ground, preferably higher up, such as in an alcove in a wall, or perhaps with the implementation of shelving. Other ways to pest proof your food would be implementing special storage blocks that are tougher for them to knock over, break, or dig through, such as glass, metal containers, etc. Pests can be driven away or killed through the use of pesticides, whether natural deterrents(orange peel oil, etc) or through poisons (such as borax). Tame a cat, which with the help of some more programming, can reduce or eradicate pests in an area . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Desiccationand your food! A time honored method of food preservation is food desiccation, commonly known as drying or dehydration. It works by reducing the water levels in the food to make it less hospitable to bacteria. There are many ways to dehydrate food, most generally revolve around sun-drying, as long as your climate supports that (sun is in the sky for half the day, warm dry climates, etc.) careful application of a heat source (fire), or salt packing. Sun Drying would involve a clean surface, and a warm climate with sunshine filled days, pretty much anywhere in the equatorial region, or within 10-20 degrees of said regions. The heat from the sun will drain the moisture of vegetables or fruit over a week or two when placed on a special drying rack, returning a much shrunken product (half the weight removed or more) that will have a greatly reduced decay rate. Drying can be accomplished through the careful application of fire as well, if your climate doesnt support sun drying, or you dont want to take the time to sun dry your products. This can be accomplished by keeping a low heat fire burning for a few hours, keeping the food over the fire pit in a vessel or perhaps by laying the food out on the ground near said firepit. The product of this fast method will not only be shrunken due to water loss, but also due to burning, giving you half as much product as what would normally be provided by sun drying (half from moisture loss at least, and then half again due to burning, only giving one quarter of the original weight as final product) Salt Packing was really popular for old time fishing vessels, it basically revolves around taking meat and packing it in a barrel full of salt. This cuts the weight of the meat in half through moisture loss, but massively reduces decay rate of said meat, lasting at least 4 months. I realize this kind of overlaps with the current mechanic of salting meat, though this method would require alot more salt, requiring at least 64 to 128 pieces of salt, which then can convert 10 - 15 or so 160 oz pieces of meat.This method will provide a good method of preserving your crops and meat with the proper allocation of time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The power of wood smoke Wood smoking is another time honored method of meat preservation, as smoke deposits a layer of sticky accretion called Pellicle. Pellicle is formed through brining and smoking, where the wood smoke deposits particles that create a hostile environment for microbes. There are two types of smoking, Hot and Cold smoking, I would suggest that if these do get added, only one form of smoking should be added to prevent convolution of the mechanic. The first step of smoking is Brining. (Technically you can smoke a food without brining, but you dont get the benefit of Pellicle, therefore it does little to slow the rate of decay) Brining involves soaking the meat in a mixture of salt and water (and possibly some antimicrobial herbs... ;D) for a day or two, probably in a barrel. After this, we move on to smoking.Hot Smoking is a process where you burn wood in a closed container (with a small opening) at 140 degrees or higher, cooking the meat above the wood in addition to applying pellicle. - Cold Smoking is a process where you keep the temperature of the wood fire low, and the meat away from the wood so that the smoke is cooled down sufficiently to not cook the meat, which remains raw and must be cooked to be consumed. This provides Pellicle as well. Smoking gives another method of keeping meat preserved, though this only slows the decay rate between a quarter and a half. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, those are my suggestions, let me know what you think Regards, Chocmerc

    I think that while the current system can be frustrating, due to complete randomness and having to throw together food randomly without being able to use your food knowledge from real life, I actually think this mechanic is the better of the choices available. I imagine the system as two things, one is that your character exists in a time where what we think of taste could be completely different, many plants and animals most likely tasted different, some things might even have a radically different taste from what we are used to. For example, wines are flavored differently just over a mountain range, between france and spain for example, and when crops were being grown, the grower can over the course of years, breed out flavors they dont like, and even emphasize ones they do. So when i load up a new map, for me it feels to me like perhaps im in a different area of the world or a different time period. The second thing that the meal system brings to mind for me is that your character is just running across this new food that the character has not come across before, and when making meals, they are just blindly throwing things together, not understanding taste pairing yet. If you dont think someone discovering a new food would more or less use trial and error to pair foods, think about children, they make weird food combinations all the time lol.Anywho, thats my 2 cents
  13. Armor

    sounds like just a simple request to keep meta-gaming out of the public eye
  14. Username: chocmerc Age: 23 Location: Washington, USA Why do you like to play TFC? Its a more complex survival mode, and I enjoy the large variety of agriculture available. Im not one who enjoys all the fighting, or delving into dungeons, Im the guy back at base making sure everyone has enough food to stay alive Why do you want to join? Been a while since i've played TFC, and I miss it. Was on a different server a while ago, but it vanished. Was a moderator there as well, not that I am looking to be one on here though ^.^ What will you add to the server? A friendly face, someone who enjoys getting to know people, and lots of farms
  15. i would love to join this server ign: chocmerc my current server i play on is going through some difficulties, so for now id like to be able to play some tfc smp