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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. Thunder Storms

    Yep, and only some of them are my fault which is even worse ! But seriously guys, don't rez a thread unless you have something to say about it
  2. Why did my thread got deleted?

    I was confused as to why the thread was deleted, it was a solid suggestion with a nice set of 3d models :S
  3. Sorry guys, I was asleep .. I woke up at 3pm :S Working on it It should be back up, did it crash soon after I left ?
  4. Guys, the server will soon have an official forum
  5. Combat Overhaul cont. (2/3)

    After my relatively successful ranged overhaul thread, I present part 2 of my 3 part “combat overhaul†idea. This was developed off the back of many suggestions and conversations with users including: Boea, Daxx367 and Srgnoodles, so my thanks (and some of the credit ), goes to them ​As per usual, images will be uploaded as and when I can complete them A prologue: There is a misconception amongst some, that the sword was the tool for any job (if that job was killing). This is not true. The sword (especially in the period from the beginning of the bronze age right through to the middle ages) was a slashing weapon, made to be swung, as opposed to thrusted. This meant that other weapons were used to defeat armoured knights, before thrusting swords became more viable due to advancements in heat treatment and armoring techniques. The mace was one of these weapons, used because the damage was transmitted through the armor, as it relied on crushing force, not sharp cutting. As technology advanced towards the beginning/middle of the 15th century, two handed weapons gained popularity as plate armor improved, allowing the knight to drop the shield and opt for more power, safe in his strong plate, yet the mobile and light infantryman retained relevance through this period, such as at the battle of agincourt, where the French aristocracy were massacred by english “commonersâ€. It is this sense of change in military tactics, and the weapons used, I hope to capture with this suggestion Basic Premise: Change melee combat to bring equipment selection and skill into the equation more than the ability to spam mouse clicks. New Features: Shields Three types of shield will be added, buckler (small round shield), Heater (stereotypical knight shield) and a scuta (or “roman style†tower shield) Shield Bashing I feel this is self explanatory Shield Infrastructure Including a shield slot, block button and block bar/stamina Distinction between blunt and sharp weapons Swords will now be classed as a sharp weapon, while maces will be classed as a blunt weapon Two Handed Weapons Essentially larger versions of the other weapons, with one addition Use of existing features: The sword and mace used will be the same, with added features One Handed Weapons: The Sword: The sword has been altered and set out as a sharp weapon (i.e. it relies on the cutting action of the sharp edge to do damage). All damage values will remain the same, however, as a sharp weapon, it will cause additional bleed damage against unarmoured (or lightly armoured) foes. Against heavily armored foes, the sword will do ¾ damage and will not cause bleeding The Mace: The mace has been set as a blunt weapon. It’s damage will be reduced to below that of the sword. However, the mace has two benefits. It has a chance to stun on hit (due to winding the opponent) and ignores 60% of the opponents armor. This will be balanced to ensure armor is not rendered obsolete by the mace Two Handed Weapons: There will be 3 two handed weapons. A sharp (claymore/bastard sword), blunt (warhammer) and reach (spear) weapon. These will have the same features as their one handed equivalents (spear will be elaborated on later). Two handed weapons will have 1.5x the reach of the regular weapon, apart from the spear which has 2x. Their damage will be balanced to be rougly 1.3 - 1.5x one handed damage. I had initially toyed with implementing different attack speeds, but this is overcomplicated. Bastard Sword: The bastard sword was a mid to high medieval weapon, designed to be used with two hands. It is the two handed equivalent of the sword. It causes more bleed damage and more hit damage, but cannot be used with a shield.It is crafted similarly to a regular sword, but with a slightly different pattern. This will give Bastard Sword 1: The second step is to craft Bastard Sword 2. This has a different pattern to Sword 1 shown here, and is crafted with a double ingot: These must then be combined as shown with a stick in the crafting bench to give a bastard sword: Warhammer: The warhammer was a blunt weapon, similar to a sledgehammer, which was used to combat armor in the medieval era, right up until the mid 16th century. It will be similar to the mace, but with 70% armor negation and a higher chance to stun. Additionally, the base damage will be higher, but still less than that of the bastard sword, a shield cannot be used. It is crafted using this pattern and a double ingot. This will give Unfinished Warhammer 1: This must then be welded to give a warhammer head. This warhammer head must then be placed in the crafting bench with two sticks as shown to give a warhammer: Spear: The spear is neither a blunt, nor a sharp weapon. It does just less damage than a sword of equivalent metal, but more than a mace. It has no additional damage or debuff effects, but does not suffer additional damage reduction against armor. The spears advantage is its reach, as it has the longest attack range of any melee weapon, at 2x normal. Additionally, the spear can be used 1 handed with a shield, which reduces its damage by ½. It is crafted with this pattern and a double ingot, to give a spear head: This spear head is then combined with two sticks as shown here, to give a spear: Shields: Note: In real life, large shields are not made of metal. They are, at best, metal banded. However, for the sake of reasonable game progression, I have decided to incorporate metal shields. Apologies to those of you out there who acknowledge the flaws with this move. The shield will act as a defensive barrier, as it has done for thousands of years. It will not add to your armor value, but will absorb damage before it reaches the player, with increasing effectiveness as the material advances. Blocking only works if the attack hits the shield, so if the attack hits Steve past the shield, no damage is avoided. The first thing to be established is the concept of a “block bar†which limits the time Steve can block for. How quickly this degrades will depend on the shield. Shield bashing will further drain this bar, preventing “spammingâ€. Here is a mock up of the block bar (Note-other possible methods, see “stamina†section): The second is the concept of a shield bash. This is necessary to break out of “defensive loops†where shield users must break free of a relentless attack. This could be done by right/left clicking while blocking. Buckler: The buckler will be the smallest of the shields, not much larger than Steve’s hand, perhaps covering half of his torso. This shield will be the “lightest†so will drain the block bar slowest, however, as it is so small, chance to block attacks is only 40%. The player can still move at full speed while blocking with this shield. The shield bash of the buckler will be the MOST powerful (I know this seems counter intuitive, but it is possible to use far more effective “shield bashing†techniques with smaller shields, such as aiming for the visor of the opponent etc.). The bash will cause damage and have a chance to stun.The buckler will be made with this pattern and a double sheet or with this pattern of planks: This will give a finished buckler (as they are small). Heater: The Heater shield will be the middle shield, which will cover all of Steve’s torso, but little/none of his legs, because of this, chance to block is 60%. The player can’t sprint with this shield but is not slowed down. Its weight is more than the buckler, so the block bar will drain faster. The shield bash will be less powerful than the buckler, causing knockback and damage (less damage than the buckler). The Heater will be made with this pattern and a double sheet to give Unfinished Shield 1, or this pattern of planks to give a finished wooden Heater: This must then be welded with another single sheet to give a finished Heater Shield (for metal shields). Scuta/Tower Shield: The Scuta will be the largest of the shields, covering ¾ of Steve’s body, meaning the chance to block is 80%. The player moves at crouching speed constantly when blocking with this shield, whether crouched or not. It is the heaviest of the shields, so it drains the block bar quickly. The shield bash is weak, due to the weight of the shield, and only causes knockback. The Scuta will be made with this pattern and a double sheet to give Unfinished Scuta 1, or this pattern of planks to give a finished wooden Scuta: This must then be welded with another double sheet to give a finished Scuta (for metal shields). Stamina: Stamina is actually the only part of this mod I would consider “non essential†to the balance. The basic concept is replacing the “block bar†with a “stamina bar†which would control both blocking and attacking. Swinging weapons would take a small amount of stamina, with two handed weapons using more per swing. I was considering this problem and came up with a solution. Could stamina be tied in with smart moving mods stamina bar for sprint I wonder ? Just_Another_Guy_ has been very active in helping support/develop this suggestion, and has now compiled a list of different "classes" you could be in this suggestion. It's worth noting that you aren't forced to pick any of these, as you can change "class" with a simple equipment change, no skills, no attributes, no grinding Link:
  6. IP: Removed, check website for info
  7. Ok guys, I am releasing the IP EARLYon mumble, so get on there ! The IP will be released in 2 minutes on mumble IP POSTED !
  8. It's been a while since I have made a suggestion .. And you thought you had finally escaped ? Ha ! I have made this based on the discussion thread, but thought it deserved a suggestion. A prologue: A cart rumbled along a deserted cobble highway. It moves no quicker than walking speed, piled high with goods covered with a sheet. He is making the trade run to the northern territories. Five guards surround the cart, ensuring it is safe from any highwaymen and other bandits. It had been a long time since he had crossed the great ice road, that glittering path of frozen water which led across the sea to the northern Capital, and he was apprehensive, dreading the coming traverse. As it conspires, that was the least of his issues. As he rounded a bend in the road, a loud explosion was heard and the guard in front of him fell into a large pit which had opened in the road. He turned. The men to his right had been filled with javelins, now resembling human pin cushions. They still could not see their attackers. He was unable to move the cart as the road infront and behind him were both collapsed. He knew he was doomed. At that point, a hidden voice shouted, "We will have these goods, you can surrender them or we can take them. Your money or your life. Your choice". Basic Premise: Several features which would allow trade on servers to flourish and develop. New Features: Carts I have covered these before, so I won't go in depth Regionalized Resources Why trade if you can get everything you need ? Use of existing features: None Carts: I covered these in my transport overhaul thread (which would complement this excellently). Here is a link: Regionalized Resources: Why do people trade ? A few reasons. Convenience, laziness, time restrictions, the inability to fulfill that need by yourself, the list goes on. However, one of the key requirements for trade to happen is differing levels of availability of goods in different areas. I propose that the resources of the game become more localized and valuable. As an example, lets say you needed sinew to make a bow, and that sinew came from deer. If deer only spawned in norther territories, equatorial nations would NEED to trade with the northerners for sinew to make a bow. Lets say you need to eat a certain amount of fruit to prevent illness. If the north was only suitable for certain crops but not fruit, meaning you need to trade with the equator. Lets take this a bit further. I propose a new generation option (Note: This is an OPTION. It is not mandatory as I know it would break SSP). This would generate the world as normal, but the minerals would be grouped in huge deposits and would be far more distributed. This would lead to regional variations in mineral levels. This is only necessary for the most common ores (Ores like nickel don't need this as they are already rare). This would also lead to interesting dynamics as certain places would change in value (e.g. Early in a servers life, tin bearing areas would be very valuable. As the server matured, iron would be far more valuable than tin, so the value of the tin rich region would fall. This suggestion is still in its infancy, so lets see where it goes. Please don't comment with things like "Would break SSP, hell no". It's intended as an SMP change and will involve adding a NEW generation method in addition to the regular one.
  9. Could anyone who wants to use the voice server please download mumble: I am releasing the VOIP server details an hour earlier than the game server. Just because I'm a bastard IP: Password: Terra
  10. It's open for a fortnight mate .. I obviously didn't see your application :S 48g
  11. Soooooonnnn I am on right now, admiring my tin pick
  12. Good to see everyone is excited Everything with the server is good and stable, I'll be making a couple of small changes before start, but everything is pretty much as it will be
  13. The Poles Distance Poll

    I presume most have you have voted on the "distance to poles" poll by now. If not, shame on you ! Go and do it. Right now ! I'm waiting ..... Right, so now that we have all definitely voted on the poll, lets discuss. GCountach kindly worked out that the rate of travel on foot in MC is around 1.5km/day (wow.. Steve sure does walk slowly) The average human walking speed is 5km/h. Walking for 12 hours a day a human will cover 60km First, lets discuss scale. It would take the average human 167 (rounded) days to walk one quarter of the circumference of the earth (or the distance from the equator to one of the poles). It would take Steve 40x this long as Steve only covers 1.5km/day. Thus, if we are aiming for 1:1 representation of Earth like distances in terms of travel time and not proportionality to Steve's height (which is that of a normal human) then we must scale the earth down by 40x. This leaves us with a distance of 250000m (again, rounded) from equator to poles. This is equal to 167 days of MC travel (as expected). With 50,000 blocks from equator to pole, we would have a planet roughly 1/5 earths circumference. This means it would take 33.4 days (rounded) to go from the equator to the pole. I feel this is just right. Others may have a different opinion. Discuss
  14. Hey guys ! I have uploaded the new .jar file with Sdbaynham's very useful mods There is a 1 minute death ban now, so that it can be established whether you are dead or unconscious. Sorry to Danny and ECC ... I was pretty fucked when I came on yesterday, I don't really remember what happened, I remembered the death ban duration chat with Danny though The spawn is looking great and I think is complete ? Server will be opening to the public tomorrow as planned at 1900 GMT
  15. Combat Overhaul cont. (2/3)

    I really don't get it >.< .. I'm way too tired
  16. [Offline] F.M.P. - Highly-compatible Forge Server Mods

    2012-09-01 07:45:49 [sEVERE] Error while opening thieftaker.db: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC .. What does that mean ? :S
  17. Block Heads [0.79]

    I've put this as the recommended texture pack for my server I like it that much ! Awesome job
  18. Had to reset, should be back now
  19. Combat Overhaul cont. (2/3)

    What is redundant about it ? I don't understand
  20. Ore Tiers

    I'm not being aggressive am I ? I just meant recipes don't turn the whole game into a numbers thing where people say "dig at level 47 for the highest percentile chance of finding nickel" I think all of the recipes.should be added because you were totally right. Sorry I didn't elaborate, I'm using mobile phone :/
  21. Ore Tiers

    There's a difference between a recipe and statistics though
  22. A Question of Motivation Relating to Trade

    Yeah, I took account of Countach's suggestion in my suggestion thread for trade
  23. No, the VOIP is prefered but not mandatory Yes, you can post applications They opened some time ago
  24. Encumbrance

    ... and in that moment, all the hypocrisy was felt >.<
  25. Red steel!

    That's a good thing really (and in keeping with the *naughty word* real world ) It makes armour worth something, instead of vanilla where NOT having armour was unusual :L