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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. Yup. I believe so. Note: this is just a convenient way to get a "server crash" (it's a known bug in InvTweaks I believe, last I spoke with him). The important takeaway isn't the InvTweaks bug, its that in the case of a server crash, important information (spawn protection) seems to be reset, at least in an SSP environment. In looking through the code, I suspect that the coremod tweak populating "ChunkData" isn't being fired properly. Error cases are always problematic, but it's probably good to make sure you try to handle it.
  2. By shift-click I meant "ctrl-shift-click" (copy everything of the same kind into the target inventory). The spawn protection is gone. If I leave the area, I get mobs. It refills over about 30-40 minutes of "AFK" at my bed.
  3. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the support forum? (Yes/No):Yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. TFC Version #:79.25 Forge Version #:custom and 1541. Please note that an actual number must be provided for both of the above fields. Simply saying "current" or "latest" will result in your post being locked, due to the fact that in a large number of cases, users who say they are using the "latest" or "current" version are actually using an outdated version. SSP/SMP (SinglePlayer/MultiPlayer):SSP Have you deleted your config files or are using default configs and are still able to reproduce this bug? (Yes/No):Default If you answered no to the above question, delete all 3 TFC config files (TFCCrafting, TFCConfig, TFCOre), do NOT edit or add to any of the files, and try to reproduce the bug. This question is here because many bugs are caused by mistakes in config files. If you are unable to delete your edited config files, please provide a list of the config options you have changed. Do you have any mods other than Forge and TFC installed? (Yes/No):yes If yes, which mods?a bunch of TFC addons, Inventory Tweaks If you have Optifine or Cauldron installed, can you still reproduce the bug after uninstalling them? (Yes/No):N/A If you answered no to the above question, uninstall Optifine/Cauldron and try to reproduce the bug. Both Optifine and Cauldron edit the base classes of forge that TFC uses. Because of this, we cannot officially support any issues that happen only when these mods are installed.In the majority of cases, TFC is not causing the bug; Optifine/Cauldron is and TFC can do nothing to fix it. All bug reports should have an answer of "Yes" to this question. If you refuse to uninstall Optifine/Cauldron, and cannot reproduce the bug when the mods are not installed, do not bother making a bug report, as it will be locked and ignored. link of the Crash Report:Not available Description: The spawn protection is resetting to zero? if there is a crash in the server thread. This can be caused by having Inventory tweaks on, and trying to shift-click a bunch of sticks into the forge. This causes InvTweaks to enter an infinite loop, which means I need to manually kill MC. When I manually kill MC in this circumstance, the spawn protection is reset to almost zero. I think it's because the chunk "visited" time is not the same as the current world time (level.dat is saved at a different time to the chunk region file, and your spawn protection calculation is predicated on the consistency of those two values. I suspect you might need to track it as a flag on the chunk rather than relying on the chunk save time, since after a crash, the chunk save time might not be what you expect. Very frustrating little bug. Means that if I accidentally shiftclick whilst doing work in my workshop, the spawn protection resets and I can't go anywhere for a while. OK. Tested my hypothesis and recreated 100%. Here's an imgur album. 2 screenshots. One taken before I triggered the crash, and one after. You can see the spawn protection meter on the right of the UI. The later one shows it completely empty, not 2 hours further on in game time terms (and about 2 minutes later IRL), after the first one shows completely full.
  4. Yup, the bug was mine. I had a problem with the OreDictionary not working properly when a substitute is present. I have a hacky solution for 1.7.10, which I'll probably push today.
  5. The ore dictionary is kinda funny. I think that substitution alias is somehow broken with ore dictionary recipes. I'm wondering if there's a lifecycle issue here -you're maybe causing the ore dictionary for an item to come into existence earlier, and so a substitution alias that follows behind doesn't get picked up properly by the dictionary. The fun complexities of debugging crazy mod interactions !
  6. Fair enough. Good find. The oredict stuff is still bad though. Oredict shouldn't get duped registrations, and he's relying on metadata facts that are not guaranteed. I like the gem thing btw. I'll have to see what he's doing.. Hmmm. Heh. I think I'm to blame for the bug. Wow! I think there's a problem in substitution alias wrt oredict. Fascinating. I'll have to see if I can fix it.
  7. Pretty sure, having dived into his code, that he's breaking the oredictionary. This looks like old code from pre-1.7 changes to oredict. Not sure why it hasn't turned up more often. I guess few people use the protection meter with his addon installed? It may be, I know there has been a bug in this area in the past though, so I'm not sure it doesn't still exist
  8. Hi, I've found what I believe is a pretty serious bug in this addon. It seems that it's breaking the oredictionary, and as a result, regular TFC recipes (specifically, the one for the spawn protection meter) are broken. You should remove the weird code you have where you re-register all the gems, in registerExtraTFCOreDictionary - I'm pretty sure that code is worse than redundant, and is in fact actively breaking the main TFC ore dictionary entries. EDIT: OK. You're not actively breaking the oredictionary. I would question why you feel the need to re-register gems however. The main mod takes care of it already. You run the risk of becoming less compatible by doing this.
  9. Cool, glad I could help. So many ways to sync. Did you ever look at SimpleMessageImpl? It's quite popular I hear Yeah, Xcomp has complained about it too. As I say, I thought I'd fixed it, but looking at the JourneyMap, it seems to think there's a chunk at what I would guess is 0,0. So it might still be a thing *sigh* (that's what prompted me to ask, as TFC is one of the few mods that tries to put spawn a long way from the default location). It's definitely not animating. Just showing chipped agate all the time. Addons: NEI, Decorations, AutomatedBellows, Cellars, TFC Scales, Udary Mod, Streams, InvTweaks and JourneyMap (+ dependencies). Udary mod adds in an alloy calculator. I notice that it seems to have a super mega derped recipe for that, featuring the same "chipped agate" as the only "valid" option, and dozens of what appear to be broken recipes. Perhaps the ore dictionary is borked? *sigh*. Me too. That's why I have to have the in game beacon. Otherwise I have nothing to orient against.
  10. Yup. I'm wondering if an addon has mashed the recipe somehow. Of course. Not necessarily true. WAILA does server->client syncing in SSP and SMP. So you could be seeing a server value or a client value. I've watched torches with "48 hours left" extinguish right in front of me. As I say, I think you need a scheduled tick in the queue on the client for this to happen. Note: TE's don't magically sync. Your code has no server->client sync code in it at all. It's not inheriting from your "NetworkTE" code either, which *might* have magic syncing code in it. There's no syncing in the server or the client. You're relying on the fact that setBlock removes and resets the TE on the client side (using 3 for the flag), but it is quite possible that the client will see the intermediate state - the torch is relit, but the TE has the old time still present. I think you might be relying on an invalidate being called on the TE that isn't necessarily going to happen, because the torch and it's unlit cousin both have the same TE type, and they're set never to update. Yup, usually been my experience as well in TFC. First time playing since Bioxx shared an alpha of 1.7 when he started updating a long time ago tho, so things have clearly changed Pigs for days. Deer for a good few hours. I found 1 sheep. And no cows. Yeah, I'll probably persist on here for now. I thought I'd explored more conically than I have. I don't pay attention to the map really, except to make use the in-world waypoints as a compass (away, towards or across kinda dealy). @KittyChanley didn't know about the JM save action. Helpful, thanks! Here's mine. From bottom right to top left is ~1400 blocks or so I believe. The trim on the previous kinda cut off how far I'd gone south east and north. All slate. Note: I think in the very north east, there might be a new rock type. I'll probably run out there and investigate. I may put a set of creative wings on to see. PS. I thought I'd fixed the bug where it would generate a chunk at 0,0 when first spawning in the world? Is that still a thing? (1448 forge).
  11. Update: I just stood for ~30 minutes, and all my torches extinguished (as you'd expect). However, after relighting them, they all went out again almost immediately, as if they were catching up for all the periods of 2 days I hadn't lit them. I got this before too after my expedition away. This is a bug in the code. The TE (TELightEmitter) needs to tell the client about the updated time, which it's not doing, or you need to stop the client updating based on it's incorrect value in the TE, currently, the next client side random tick, the torch goes out again. (My guess, you probably need an !isRemote in or thereabouts, so that the client never does extinguishment of the torch, only the server). Edit because I'm a derp of derptastic magnitude. I'm pretty familiar with NEI. It's not animating alternatives at all. Yup, I have journeymap. Attached is a screenshot. It's actually less conical than I thought in maximum zoom out. Nothing but slate though. 76.25, and I only just started, with 76.25. This world has never seen another version of TFC.
  12. OK, I'm going to stand in the center of my house for the next 30 minutes. Lets see what happens. So far still plenty of mobs spawning nearby. The reason I think only agate will work is because that's what NEI is showing - only agate, nothing else. Also, on stone distribution, it's definitely over 2000 blocks in 1 direction, and still only slate. Sure the other three directions might have other types, but they're about 100 blocks under water, so not a very practical proposition. My search so far is a cone shape with my house being the tip. The height of the cone is about 1500 blocks at present, and the breadth of the cone is about 1000 blocks or so. It's all slate. By the way, I just stood for ~30 minutes, and all my torches extinguished (as you'd expect). However, after relighting them, they all went out again almost immediately, as if they were catching up for all the periods of 2 days I hadn't lit them. I got this before too after my expedition away.
  13. In answer to your question: quite possibly. How big is the "spawn protection area"? 3x3 chunks? That's probably rather small? I'm always under zombie threat - they can easily pathfind from as far as 5 or 6 chunks away, but spiders and skellies are less of a nuisance. If I cross chunk boundaries does that cause the spawn protection "timer" to reset? Does that mean that for the first few days, I should never move out of a single chunk? I can't craft a spawn protection meter. It seems to require a specific "chipped agate" (IIRC it used to be any kind of gem, so I would guess that wildcard derpage has happened here?). By the way, I can only go in one direction really: east, to the north south and west is an ocean, probably many thousands of blocks wide. I haven't explored *very* far offshore yet, but mining is definitely not a possiblility in any of those directions for a long way. So, perhaps, the moral is, abandon any peninsula type spawn quickly, cos you're likely to be in this situation?
  14. Question for the long time players. Starting out in a world, got to copper (lucky slate starting stone). I now need to explore. VERY far, and VERY wide. Slate goes on for ever. How do you balance exploration with the fact that every time you leave your starter shack, it'll lose it's spawn protection (apparently) and fill with mobs? Every time I've returned I've died to the innumerable skeletons and zombies that have taken up residence. How do others deal with nights away from home? It seems paradoxical that this mod is predicated on long running exploration, yet the tools to actually do it are put deep in the tech tree. I haven't even found a sheep (or cow) yet. Nights in the wilderness are spent at the top of a tree, and homecomings are a battle to the death (repeatedly, to the point that I'm just saying f*ck it and using creative to murder everything in my house). Is there some sort of expectation that in fact, I'm doing it wrong? I'm supposed to carry my house on my back? How do I solve the food issue then? I have a farm, at my house. I have food storage, at my house. Behind all the skeletons. Perhaps it's expected to only play in SMP? One person to stay home and keep house, while the other explores? Note: peaceful seems too lacklustre. I actually enjoy a bit of combat, but my house after an exploration trip? Yeah, that's just throwing myself at a suicide wall. Also, it's frustrating to think, after about 20 hours put in to trying to setup camp, that most likely, the best way to deal with the lack of anything but slate for thousands of blocks is to restart. How many restarts do you do before you find a "good world"?