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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. Is There a TFC2 Guide?

    its stone-age only at the moment, so as of right now there isn't much to write about that isn't at least partially consistent with the way things used to work. Its similar enough that figuring it out isn't that difficult, provided you're aware that metal isn't a thing yet.
  2. A small question

    it'd be interesting if we could get a seed breeding mechanic similar to agricraft. (though the cross-breeding to produce different species of seed is a bit silly, i'm referring to increasing yields, perhaps improving growth rates or somesuch)
  3. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    I don't think every feature should necessarily have to fit into the metal progression. In fact, focusing too many features into metal progression just makes the game feel that much more grindy. Living off the sea is one of the things that non-industrial islander nations have done since ages back with absolutely no assistance from metalworking. I suppose you could throw in some higher tech versions of spears etc, but putting a lot of these things behind a blockade of access to metal isn't really believable.
  4. Some Stone Tools Don't Need Wood Handle

    @KittychanleyI agree than generally speaking consistency serves the best interests of the mod, however one can make the argument for differentiation of mechanics as far as thethe stone age goes. I don't really think it serves the mod well to make it behave the same as the metal tools purely for the sake of that. Metalworking and stone-working should be different, it would make sense for them to be different, notbecause of realism, because I know you target playability and believability and NOT realism, but also because there isn't any particular for sticks in all cases. Its different enough from vanilla that users are all over the wki anyway much of the time, so I really don't think that it would be too confusing for people if the stone age had slightly different, but simpler, mechanics and recipes. its still up to you guys of course. Its not like it'll be harmful to have to get a stick.
  5. Some Stone Tools Don't Need Wood Handle

    given that vanilla already introduced a few built in rock types beyond basic stone, perhaps that could provide a basis for there being more than one for TFC2. making TFC2 even more simplified than vanilla as far as rock types would be a bit of a shame.
  6. Smithing bonus based on player skill

    You could have the sever salt the random number generator seed for the red arrow locations with a hash of the player's name or mojang ID or somesuch, so that the setting is still pre-set but not server-universal.
  7. Steam Logic

    some lessons on steam and non-electric power styles could be taken from mods like rotarycraft. Stuff like flywheels and rotation transmitting stations withgear ratios etc.
  8. Some Stone Tools Don't Need Wood Handle

    "If you want to go for realism, then some stone types (e.g. most sedimentary rocks) would also be completely useless as stone tools." I actually support this idea, but stone-type specificity has been proven to be a bit onerous at times, depending on how the worldgen works out. If you could somehow tweak it so that at least one appropriate region of tool-usable stone would generate somewhere on the surface of each hex island, or each hex island within some N grid size, then perhaps it would be acceptable, but acting as too much of a block to gamers even beginning to play would put realism too far above fun. If it were to be done, they would have to be very very careful not to make it too tedious. I have long been of the opinion that the stone-age stages do not actually last long enough. There needs to be a bit of a progression and more to do during the stone age so that players don't feel like they have to find metal right away to be able to do anything.
  9. Some Stone Tools Don't Need Wood Handle

    There doesn't seem to be any real need to impose consistency in terms of stick consumption for stone tools, just because thats how vanilla does it. I mean, the entire point is to be a total conversion away from vanilla, and the stone age is a decidedly different tech type than any of the metal working, so conceptually having things be simpler and work differently shouldn't be a problem at all. It isn't too much skin off the back of a user to have to get a stick, but if one happens to KNOW that many of real stone tools didn't actually need handles, and that such would've actually required some attachment method (like lashings)and actually been a bit more complicated than the methods used to attach many metal tool heads to their handles the inability to just do proper flaking and immediately use the tool can be a bit immersion breaking, its not the worst thing in the world. Kitty knows I've complained about this in the past, but I can live with it as is.. it just seems like giving up the opportunity to make this make sense, given that TF2 is already stated to be a completely different mod, and that TFC is total conversion, there is no particular reason to stick to the way things were done before. consistency is now out the window except for internal arguments for how things will be done within TFC2 itself.
  10. Immersive deserts

    That makes a certain degree of sense. Would there be any way at all to mirror the rain shadow effect though? If there are super tall mountains surrounding the center of an island which isconcave, there still wouldnt' be all that much in the way of water to collect in the center. Super high elevations perhaps should act as disruptions of the local environment type, the vector lowering the moisturebeing on the opposing side from the closest ocean border, or the side where the moisture propogates from? I've no immediate idea if such can even be figured out procedurally on worldgen based on positioning though. Probably requires too much polling of local block data. Imagine it'd cause worldgen to shit pants.
  11. Harsher Winters, and Summers

    I think it should have a 2nd set of armor slots for "clothing" gear, so you don't have to choose between damage protection and weather resistance Either that or make the armor pieces modular so you can add or remove padding, chain-mail, etc.
  12. Food + Taste + Hunger

    perhaps you could make it so that eating an apple would give a weak, stacking, time-limited temporary debuff against eating more apples (stacking such that each additional apple makes the debuff stronger up to a point), but rather than permanently tracking the last few items eaten, its similar to a potion effect in that it wears off. so, you get tired of apple flavor for a little while, eating something different would hasten the loss of any already acquired taste boredom, but it would also diminish over time. The favorite flavors / foods could play into this by reducing the amount of time, or the debuff amount per stack for the favorite item, or both. this would encourage more variety in a single meal, or short term series of meals without conferring an immersion breaking and slightly annoying permanence to the food eating cycle. or instead of a potion effect, a player could have flavor tolerance values similar to the nutrition bars, but instead of them draining over time, they refill over time and get diminished when eating things. so if you've been eating a lot of veggies, but no meat, it would have an entirely full meat / protein bar such that you've got a bit of a craving for that kind of item. Preferred flavors would refill the fastest. There might need to be some fine tuning on the speed these bars decrease vs how much "food" the player is losing over time, to make sure you don't wind up with so muchstacking flavor boredom that food loses the ability to nourish the player very much on a semi permanent basis. It needs to refresh fast enough to give the system a purpose rather than making it a useless burden. Secondary effects like regen, or extra satiation could be conferred depending on how much craving value the player had for the flavors in a food when they ate it. Perhaps if someone maintains a healthy diet long enough, and doesn't die, you could have a sort of long term health tracker and confer protective potion effect type stuff likestrength or increased damage resistances. ( not necessarily required, its just a thought to give higher importance on long term survival AND healthy eating). I somewhat like how 7 days to die handles hp and health / stamina. People who die a lot might hate this idea though. It would also be nice if player choice over the long term could have an effect on character preferences. Even if the character starts out loving tomatoes and beefand hating pork and carrots, if they end up in a scenario where pork and carrots are plentiful and tomatoes and beef are extremely scarce or completely absent, the repeated experience of eating a food and it becoming familiar could slowly make the taste grow on them. Perhaps you could make it so it edges toward neutrality rather than becoming their new favorite, but it'd be interesting to have taste change due to player actions and choices as opposed to it just being a random and permanent setting acquired upon joining the server.
  13. I really like carpenter's blocks: So i decided to create a compatibility addon for it that provides recipes for .carpenter's hammer, carpenter's chisel, & carpenter's bed (it already recognizes TFC wood so the recipes using wood/sticks are already functional). I have changed several recipes and more changes might follow. I will post the new recipes here once I am able to generate the images. --Download-- [*] [*]Current version requires TFC build 0.77.17+ and Carpenter's blocks version 1.91 --Known issues-- [*]can't obtain nether quartz, until TFC provides an alternate recipe for solar detector, i'm not sure what to do for this. [*]Follow my progress and report other issues at github: [*]Ladders & Smart moving have issues I created a mod to adjust for this problem: NOT PUT CARPENTERS LADDERS DOWN UNLESS THEY HAVE THEIR "BACK" TO A WALL, IT WILL CRASHTo fix you have to temporarily remove the smart moving ladder registry mod so smart moving will stop treating the carpenter's ladder like a ladder. (or have someone remove the ladder with smart moving disabled) I have notified divisor and am looking into a fix. --Changed Recipes-- <-- Single planks instead of sticks, 5->3 for 1:1 wood block ratio <---Wrought Iron Hammer Head <--- Wrought Iron Chisel Head <-- Vertical and Horizontal Supports instead of sticks <-- Vertical Supports instead of sticks <-- Single Planks instead of sticks <-- TFC's wool cloth instead of wool block --Screenshots--- Carpenter's blocks containing white birch painted with various dyes (last one doesnt have dye, can't use bonemeal) --Other Changes--- Use grass blocks obtained from shearing tallgrass to get grass overlay instead of vanilla seedsCompares IDs instead of class identity for dyes so TFC's custom dyes work.Treat dyes as a stain for tfc blocks not paint, it applies color but doesnt cover up natural color, thus dying blocks with dark hues will net you a color that may not be desirable..For wool cover & side cover functionality from Carpenter's blocks, use carpetsUpdated calls to methods so they now work with carpentersblock's facing support.--Possible Future Ideas--- [*]I'm also considering providing TFC metals versions of the carpenter's hammer/chisel that use the carpenter's block as their "handle" and the tfc hammer/chisel heads. I need to figure out how to subclass the items and make them have sane damage value limits in accordance with TFC metal value. [*]However I'm not an artist, I would be completely unable to do the sprites/textures or whatever you call it for the new-color version of those items, so i'd need to rely on somebody else to help. --question to forum users-- [*]For the solar sensor, what should I replace the nether quartz with for a compatible recipe? [*]If you need me to relax the TFC version requirement let me know, be careful though it might cause crashes as I dont develop against old versions. Feel free to suggest changes to the recipes I thought of or any other alternate ideas.
  14. yes, i want to do some playtesting so I know how the system feels to play and then i'll start looking at the codebase and what I need to do to get this working.
  15. yeah, i've been busy with a new baby and school, but I still intend to deal with the incomplete tool head problem.
  16. An Alternate Dimension

    This post makes me want to find a kirby skin.
  17. some ideas about cooking

    why not put a slot for a recipe book in the meal UI, whenver a new recipe mixture is put together on that table, it gets put in the book? That way it only needs to be calculated on the fly again?
  18. Roman-style aqueducts and lead pipes

    that mod is derp as hell
  19. Finite liquid?

    its not so bad for rendering continuous volumes of water, the problem is the individual slices, the way they were handled in TFC was just too derpy. It reminded me of watching a run of the game of life. The fact that they acted like solid roaming slices was the problem really, they didn't subdivide volume enough, and never got around to implementing evaporation/boiling/pressure-leveling so it was kind of OP for farming. at one point in time djoslin's mod allowed the water to thin out almost continuously and it would dissipate and evaporate in believable ways (it would even level-out between connected water masses using a pressure system he implemented). in fairly large floods it tended to lag a bit, but it wasn't nearly as bad as you might expect the exception being in his older implementation placing a source block at a height and making it fill the world with a huge tsunami of water. THAT tended to get insane. The newer implementation is very smooth, but it lacks the boiling/rain/pressure-leveling and adds too much bullshit (in the form of pipes, sponges, & methane that acts too much like water with inverted gravity in that if you enter the fluid you can swim and it applies a blue visual field like being underwater), but a system very much LIKE that without the unnecessary fluff would be great for TFC.
  20. Finite liquid?

    They didnt have djoslin's version and his mod isn't completely abandoned, he just has a real life and a real job and as such his dev turnaround time is LOOONG. someone developed the TFC finite water for bioxx and hasn't been around since to fix/update it & bioxx isn't a water physics guy, its not his thing. If someone developed a functional codebase for finite water that wasn't derpy as hell and didnt create immense lag via updates orinclude unnecessary features (like propane,pumps,sponges, & random worldgen crap) he might make use of it.
  21. 0.77.19 - The Stairs that WOULD NOT DIE!!

    wish we could make slightly larger plank chunks that took up more than just 1 sliver of space.
  22. 100% head?? could you explain what that means? oh you mean the damage value, if it doesn't accept damaged heads I can try to fix it. --edit: I've started working toward making the tfc metals version of the tools I will try to tackle the damaged-heads (not perfectly produced from anvils) issue in the process. ---edit2: Jan-9(2014) Apologies, i've been really busy with graduate school and this project completely fell by the wayside and has been ignored for a while. I haven't forgotten about it and I plan to pick this up once Bioxx releases stable build 78 as it will likely require some changes to my code to be compatible with the "many" changes he is making to the TFC system. --edit3 Feb-1(2014) Decided to go ahead with fixes for imperfect toolheads and work toward creating TFC metal version of carpenters hammer and chisel. I have figured out how this mechanism works in TFC (I found the recipe additions in the code). I will figure out the best way to create versions of the tools with appropriate TFC metal color and available # of uses. carpenters block code underwent some cleanup and additional development so I may have to rework how I edit his methods to get it working again.
  23. [Request] Modification of TFC's "Treecapitator"

    aren't scythes historically meant for crops and not tree branches?
  24. Bauxite (Aluminum Ore)

    actually it is the method that matters b/c we aren't truly recapitulating history by having 1 character invent every technology from the stone ages to 1100. for one character to do all that hes a supergenius anyway, and whatever is at his disposal should be considered usable
  25. Rotting wood and weathering?

    maybe lichens too