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      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. Why isn't minecraft as awesome as this ?

    For the first look (i just watched video on game's page) it's just minecraft on steroids (smaller blocks, slopes, etc. + better graphics). But it has big potential. What comes out, it will turn out in future. Minecraft started new game genre already, that's not the last similiar game we'll see.
  2. new awesome tool

    but this one can be used also as an axe, saw, hoe, hammer and chair That was a joke. It was posted in off-topic, not in suggestions, and has laughing emoticon at the end of sequence, isn't it obvious ? so, fail. (for not having sense of humour)
  3. new awesome tool

    Axe ? Saw ? Hammer ? Shovel ? Hoe ? We don't need them anymore ! can't wait till Bioxx adds this into TFC
  4. Balanced Diet

    The whole idea is very interesting and would enrich gameplay. In vanilla, and in actual state of TFC we've got three stages of food-gathering: 1. player hunts for wild animals (in TFC also fruits, if there are any) and gathers wheat seeds 2. player still hunts for animals (and fruits), wheat farm starts to produce wheat but is still small 3. Wheat farm sized more than 100, player has plenty of bread, is constantly growing up his farm (stone hoe working at machinegun speed and is practically at no cost) and doesn't give a ... care about anything else and as stage 3 can be achieved quite soon, gathering food is difficult only in early games. I personally take with myself full stack of bread/meat and forget about gathering until it runs off. But wait, I've got another 3 full stacks of bread in chest - harvest can wait, who cares... In TFC actually meat isn't available all time (animals must grow up, etc.), but animals now drop large amounts. It also leads to eating up large numbers of meat. Again, running with full stack of steaks, and only them. To sum it up, the only problem with food after obtaining constant source of only one food type, is to forget refilling your bread/meat stack from chest before leving home. Reworking nutrition would add some difficulty in late games, but this change would also push TFC toward practically-multiplayer-only, bacause taking care about many 'food facilities' instead of just one means another chores to players, which of course require in game time thah could be used for something other. This should be considered, but to me balanced diet idea is very good. And something about nutrition itself - it has been discussed in other threads, but fits here: thirst (as we want to add need for special types of food (vitamins), why not add water to this list ?), as dehydration is quite more dangerous than lack of elements. The second idea is to gather all negative effects into stamina (also already discussed) - when in lack of elements, stamina bar would't refill to full state, use up faster and thus everything we do would be slower. Under keyboard shortcut (just like callendar) it would be 'health screen', where information about needed food types is.
  5. What Am I Gonna Do With You?

    this is already executed by chisel, so Bioxx probably won't take it into consideration in the nearest future. But I like the idea, because placing pre-produced block sounds better than tearing off instantly layers of solid stone by chisel. And making smooth stones by r-click on stone when we can reach only one side of it is quite ridiculous And the best - breaking smooth stone with pickaxe gives... perfect smoothstone (which already is necessary because of previous). Rock tumbler could also change solid stone blocks into smooth stone. I have also idea of making stone bricks this way - polishing rocks gives bricks, bricks (when placed) create brick wall, just like placing rocks gives cobblestone block. Also, there can be 'stonework table' that acts like rock tumbler, but it uses chisels and hammer just like anvil uses hammer (to let chisel stay in use, and to have some cost of working with stone in using-up tools). Also, it'll be good idea to introduce masonry mortar - TFC is one step from creating lime mortar (http://en.wikipedia....iki/Lime_mortar), because it's created from lime (made from burning limestone), sand and water. To let player use more types of rocks, it could be possible to use flux instead of only limestone. There can be also two steps more - burning flux to obtain lime (maybe something similiar to charcoal pit ?), and creating structure for making mortar (e.g. similiar to bloomery, or just simple pit in stone). Normal brick blocks would be affected by gravity, but when player uses mortar on brick block, it don't fall. Also, game can enforce some complication just like impossibility of laying mortar on bricks that have any solid block directly above them, or time needed for mortar to dry and set (supportive beams needed temporary as scaffolding). And we came to building overhaul (I know that there's topic about BO http://terrafirmacra...ilding-overhaul but it ended in discussion about redstone-related and other mods 1.5 months ago, so I write here) My suggestion to dirt - it's currently perfectly stackable (64), but this is not realistic (every block is 1 m^3), although very playable. It could be very TFC-iike (making things more realistic and harder for fun) to limit dirt stacking (for example, to 8), forbid keeping dirt in boxes (box is only 2 m^3), and also forbid throwing out dirt from inventory as items (only way to remove it from inventory would to place it as a block, or to die ;p ). To complicate thing more, let's make dirt automatically picked up when digged (so player can't leave dirt item until it dissappear) or to be displaced (when player digs one block it appears somewhere aside, is just displaced). Also, collecting dirt would need a bag (made from skin or weave). Shovel could have modes like chisel, to choose between collecting and displacing. This is just an general idea and it would make another part of game incredibly hard compared to vanilla, but isn't TFC already complicated ? I wonder what vanilla player thinks, when sees the b47 with no stone picks, chests 3x smaller and animals growing up for in-game months ;p
  6. Ore generation- Is this permanant?

    In my world, created in b2v29 (and still played because i play with couple of friends in smp and we put lot of effort in it) ore generation was quite frustrating. After initial finds (bismithinite, tetrahedrite), I found large 'dead zones' in several layers. By 'dead' i mean 'containing nothing and coal', because i found coal quite frequently (but no ores, what makes all this coal useless) - about 8 large veins of coal and no usable ore. I found also very big vein of galena (mined 2/3 of it, ore filled small chest before chest nerf), but lead currently has no use and i have lots of silver from tetrahedrite. I started search for iron, after several-layer mining in two different places i found iron by accident... on surface. Also I found large, long caves containing no usable ore (again, 'coal doesn't count'). Quite a mess Personally, i prefer bin veins. They are easier to find and give more satisfaction when i come back to my foundry with equipment full of ore. Multiple neighbouring smaller veins can be very tough to find by pro-pick, so it creates some difficulty (what is also ok, because difficulty is what we are looking when we play TFC ). I have an idea - now, ores are distibuted quite randomly, i mean we have rock layer and we can expect every ore that spawns in that type of rock. But there's no 'dominant' ore, every ore has it;s spawning rate equal in whole world. My idea is, that during world creation in some areas (dozen of chunks or more) one (or even several) ore should have higher spawn rate than other (which, in opposition, should have lower rate). That would create world where, for example, when we find a gold vein, we know that probably there are several or a dozen of other gold veins somewhere around. In a world created this way, player who search for iron, once he found iron, knows that that's iron rich area and don't have to dig enormous mines everywhere hoping to find some iron. That would also allow making mining more complicated, because players would have less mines (when found one, the best thing to do is to enlarge it than to create another). Less mines mean, that game can bring more difficulty in maintaning existing mines (for example, by adding mine flooding and making players pump water out). Also, player would be forced to estabilish mines where there's plenty of ore, not under the house where, now, we can expect everything we need in one place - 'keep calm and dig further'. Also in PvP, players would be forced to compete over ore deposits (just like in Settlers series). Pls don't mind my english, it's not my mother language and i'm not using it very frequently.