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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Now, when you start knapping, you get a "perfectly square" stone - from the knapping UI view. But what if some of the side bits were already randomly knapped, rendering 30-50% of stones unusable? Unusable for the recipe you wanted - but maybe worth making a knife from it. And also, knapping should deplete hunger bar -I tried knapping once IRL, and it depleted mine pretty fast. And, you know, the shift-knapping is very convenient... butthat's not how the it works. P.S.: I watched this video: What I understood - in the stone age you have to findyourself a worthy stone to make a hachet from.
  2. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    Tried 0.1.10. Thank you for fixing placeable blocks messing with laying stones! Teleported to 0,0,0, got lags (maybe, from reloading some island caches). Then I teleported to the center of one of nearby islands, reached beach. There I saw palms, tried to pick block in creative (it had no texture), then tried to place it and everything crashed. I tried to reload world, but got a message about MC cannot find things from my inventory and it never loaded. The shadows under the tall birches are bugged to be too dense. They disappearafter some time. Riversstarting from lakes still drop down 1 meter at the very start.
  3. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    So, I downloaded 0.1.8. These are the things I met while crossing an island I spawned on. Not all of them are bugs - some are minor issues or things that I find strange. Some of them are propositions. I will drop it all here, so you don't have to read this in "Suggestion" forum, too. I will mark redthe things I see as bugs and greenthe things I propose to improve the atmosphere and feelings from the mod. Please, enjoy this wall-of-text: 0) After loading into the world the server part of the game did not respond - block broke w/o drops, and after a minute I was lagportedto the spawnpoint and since then game behaved normally. 1) When cutting high grass with knife, ifI break top block then bottom block, I get 2 straw; if I break bottom first, I get 1 straw (top breaks itself, no drops). That not how real grass works. 2) Clay looks like sand. 3) Water sometimes doesn't flow. 4) Rivers are still cut on waterfalls sometimes. 5) I'm in peaceful. Hunger bar doesn't drop (so I can't eat), but nutrients bar do drop, lowering my hp a bit. And the thirst bar drops, too. Either all bars should drop or none in peaceful. 6) Rivers still start with 1 meter drop from lake level. 7) What about adding some local portals - connecting with other local portals along the island? A connects to B, and B connects to A. This will add a bit more value to scouting. 8) Sometimes, hexes become visible - when 2 borders of the cliff or hole are parallel to X. I think you should either add some noise, rotate or distortthe hexes a bit. 9) When you rightclick on the laying stone with a block (of wood, in my case), you get the stone dropped and the block you clicked gets placed and disappears. When you try to place the next block from the same slot in the clean place, all blocks lost "due to laying stones" reappear. 10) When you click on the block with laying stone on it - and not on the stone itself - stone disappears with no drops. Is that intended? 11) High hexagonal cliffs look a bit lamy. Sorry, Bioxx, but its true. You need height noise, rotation, distortion or some "erosia" pass (or all of that, shaked and mixed). 12) When stacked things expire (rotten meat), they loose 1 thing of stack and restart the timer. 13) Cotton is a snack. 14) River generation is not bad, but how about more natural way of doing it? Like, making a height gradient map or something? I'll try some algorithm myself. 15) What about adding a stationary water with direction, drag and the sounds of a flow? It will add a buttload of atmosphere. 16) Swamps have holes in the water sometimes, looks strange. It might be due to incoming rivers (are they trying to do an unnesessary dropdown?). 17) All the grass in the swamp is 2 meter tall - as if it was cut with some giant razor. Maybe, randomize it a bit? And I don't remember 2-meter grass growing in swamps. 18) How about placing a "sea sound effect" blocks in the sea somewhere? Because the silence is not the sound of seas. Again, easy, buttload of atm. 19) Trees in "fancy" look niiiice, but framerate doesn't. 20) After going through tfc forest, I feel my real face all being cut by 2-meter-high grass. When I last time was in forest, the grass was 0.5m max. It just doesn't grow in forests due to the lack of light. But ferns and bushes do. The lack of diversity of grass height (what about 1.5 m grass, btw?) plays against the atmosphere. 21) And the leaves don't start from 2 meter high. Again, no light - no photosynthesis - no leaves. Except pines, they don't care. 22) I forgot how to bonfire. Can we have a `help` command which teaches us how to do simplest of things? As the player unable to lit a fire cannot enjoy the mod in its full. 23) Sounds of wind (and, maybe, birds) in the forest will be good. 24) It would be nice, if swampy land and water diminished player moving speed (gods save you from quicksand-like effects!). 25) What about placing markers pointing to the nearest portal? Like, the portal could be in 45-degree cone from the direction the marker points. 26) When you place last block on the laying stone, the block disappears. Nothing could be placed from that slot. But if you place other block in the wild, the initial, disappeared is placed first (vertically, btw - it was wood in my case) and then the block you're actually trying to place is put down in quick succession - on the same ray you look. 27) When you do the same as in 26) but you place some other block in the slot, things get messy. 27) The high grass loves to grow in pits, btw. 28) Seems like you using linear metric instead of von Neumann one to update the tree thunks and leaves. 29) I created a new world and there was music! Wow! (And chestnut!) 30) I think we need another biome with dense bushes, up to 2-3 meters. 31) Maybe, sometimes portal should spawn broken? N) Forum bug - if I add a file to the post and then remove it, it will still diminish my upload limit.
  4. Leaf decay mechanics

    The algorithm works, nevertheless, even w/o "tree number" marks. here it is. I'll try to make a separate tree-falling mod then.
  5. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    Tried some seed with portals - it looks like no chunk is generated in the target world. I teleported while in creative flying and tried to teleport after I fly through portal - there was nothing, except darkness. P.S.: Andesite occasionally spawnedin all biomes, maybe its some kind of "default block?".
  6. Leaf decay mechanics

    Currently it looks like leaf fast-decay if 1) they're get notified; 2) they aren't supported by a thunk. Notification seems to spread up and aside. This leads to situations where 1) part of the leaf mass becomes supported from neighbor tree; 2) low-hanging leaves (ivory) become not notified. I propose the next: 1)add numeric (3-5 byte) tag to the tree and the leaf; 2) randomly assign that tag to the trees (the same to each thunk block and leaf block of the same tree); 3) notify not only 5 (thunk) or 6 (leaf) neighbor blocks, but more (+1 layer), spread if notifying leaf or thunk block; 4) thunk can notify thunk and leaf, leaf could only notify leaf; 5) for each thunk/leaf notified - drop ifnumber equal to the number of the block harvested initially and the tree species are the same. This should improve the tree falling. I will try to implement that algorithm on holidays. I assume, it should work in small bursts for each tick, until the moment when no new block has been marked? P.S.: By the way, Bioxx, are you using queues/sets to determine what block to notify/already notified while falling a tree? P.P.S.: I'll try some assignment schema (random assignment, tag = ((origin.x % 4)<< 2) + origin.z % x) P.P.P.S.: Or we can allow thunk blocks notify in -Y, but not lower than harvested block.
  7. [Solved]

    Maybe, generate trees... as trees? I mean, firstly start to protrude main thunk, then branches (in 4-5 directions in random order, carefully preventing intersection). Each branch is "thinner" than its parent. If thickness < N, grow leaves around the wood block. Maybe, its already working that way; however, the code filled with "var12", arrays-as-3D-points and magical constants is pretty hard to understand (no pun intended).
  8. TFC Myths

    I heard that you can fill a barrel with a liquid and submerge in it. Is that true?
  9. TFC Myths

    I've also heard, that lighting the area could prevent mobs from spawning, just like in vanilla. If mobs spawn with no respect to lightnng level, the torches purpose becomes decorative only. Do we have the way to manually unlit the torch? Lets say, I have some dark cold cellar to store food, and I like to have light only while I'm there, but without breaking the torches. They, of course, will burn out for themselves, but in the time they burn, they cause the food to spoil faster.
  10. Combat Revamp Opinion Poll

    I have the whole crappy heap of stone boulders on me. I will be glad if I get a sling. I think, it's perfectly fit the stone age. The fiber from spiders could be changed to a leather strips, I think. Also, the projectile should inherit the characteristics of material its made from. And it should have a chance to make enemy dazed or sufficiently break one piece of armor - it was a huge granite boulder, after all.
  11. Gems?

    Tl;dr. Maybe, not made into, but enchased into? Just imagine, "red steel pick, encrusted with rubies, decorated with glass chains and the fur spikes" © Dwarf Fortress.
  12. I just wondered in creative in freshly generated world, teleported to (0, 0, 0), dug myself out and OMG WTF,n2RuPy8,KuTUcZL,NHKBXJD The humidity was maxed and the temp was +50, so only grass has spawned. Did anyone ever get to the "equator" to see, what is there? What is the mapping between coordinates and biomes (temperatures, humidities)?
  13. Environmental Dangers

    Two words about the jungles. First, drinking raw water in jungles could cause sickness, intoxication or ever vermination. I'd ever like to see the water touching some of plants being poisoned. Second - the jungle trees should have Roots. Those roots should stick out of the ground and, obviously, obstruct movement. Also... poisoned arrows!
  14. Birds. (and other atmosphere things)

    Just remodel the bats and make them sit on top of the block, rather than behind
  15. Apperently flowing water

    All you have is chunks, containing 4 half-byte array each. All the "water BODY should be entity" talks end here. Because it could not. Already in DF. If you want to test how it would lag, download DWARF FORTRESS, build a decent trench, divided by 1 meter wall from the river and then dig that wall.