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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Moved to a winterless, eternal summer area 2 years ago. Singapore is 30 degrees +/- 4, all the time. I don't even remember what snow felt like. Anyway I got obsessed with everything cold. Listening to cold music (Diablo 2 soundtrack, Biosphere, Brian Eno), watching cold movies etc. Even bought a massive ventilator and AC's simulate eternal winter in the house. Got sick a few times but it's worth it. I've been waiting for the body temperature update on TFC but as it seems it will arrive after I dissolve into hot and humid matter, I set out to create my own winter survival experience. The Idea Superhard winter survival within an eternal winter place, with very little food, barely any fish caught, doing anything requires immense effort, even digging takes quite a long while. Essentially, each block built, each piece of wood cut, should be a massive accomplishment and should hold a story of it's own. The entire world is blanketed with snow, temperatures are hellishly cold and there's barely any resources anywhere. Humans are the only ones left alive. It's harsh harsh survival. Unfairly harsh. Every second survived represents a tiny victory. How? With the help of some good folks over here, I installed Enviromine into TFC and modified it so torches emit some heat. I dropped the temperature of most biomes to barely survivable. You die very quickly if you are not within range of a heat source. Unfinished business? A whole lot, this is an embryo of an addon. Ideas are welcomed as long as they adhere to the SURVIVAL, HARDCORE, WINTER aspects of the addon. Unfortunately I've only managed to make torches emit heat. The idea is to make torches a mild but fairly easy way to stay warm enough so you don't die. The main method to stay warm would be trees. Player will be forced to hunt for trees all the time. This forces a certain nomadism and necessity to travel all the time. But traveling is hard. The hope is that I will figure out how to make campfires emit heat ONLY when they are fed wood. This will be the main way to stay heated. It will provide ample heat to stay healthy and warm, and cook food. But the fire needs to be fed, constantly. HARDCORE, how hardcore? Very. The addon should initially be unplayable for most. Ideally people should die their first 3-4 attempts until they get the tricks on how to stay alive. Free heat from lava and hot springs will not work (eventually heat from lava could burn you, so you could get warmer but you will lose health from proximity to gasses and or particles flying, this is just lore, no mechanic other than health damage would be implemented, but it needs to exist so there's balance in the winter) Technology Barely any is used. The player barely rises above the basics and if he does, it would require much dedication and smarts. The more primitive gameplay the better. How can I help? Are you a Minecraft programmer? Can you do some code in MC? Can you work with other people and have some ideas shot down while others accepted? PM me and we will go from there. Are you a texture creator or even modeler? PM Do you have an awesome idea that would work great within the context of the addon? Write it right here. Do you live somewhere cold? Good job, I like you already. Do you know of a quick way to decrease temperature everywhere in TFC? Please do tell.
  2. You could've not told me and I could've donated But seriously, if the entire process is a bit more packaged and prepared, people might be ready to donate more. I might be saying this from a purely subjective viewpoint and a viewpoint from pitching other games, not mods. So there's a large possibility that I'm an idiot
  3. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No):Yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. Please do realize that this is not meant to insult any of the devs nor the players, but kickstarter like early access has worked quite well from what I can observe AND from my experience with my video game. This is a tried and tested structure to bring more attention to a project and satisfy extremely passionate followers that are ready to put up with a clunky early build. Could this be done for TFC2?
  4. Body Temperature in Survivalist Mod

    @DcNdrew would you by any chance be ok for me to bother you a bit about this in PM? I'm willing to give it another dedicated go, and if it works, I will add a guide on how to do this on the forum.
  5. Body Temperature in Survivalist Mod

    I actually installed envriomine a few months ago. Managed to make torches emanate heat and if you are not close to one, you die after a while. But the numbers were funked up and unsynced with the ones from [email protected] it's quite unfortunate that good mods, excellent ideas and steps forwards, just die off because the developers decided to keep it closed source and not share it with the community. Sharing with the community is just about the most sure way that the mod will continue having a worldwide impact. I've seen too many excellent MC mods that say "Developers became busy with real life, they had 20 kids and a small war happened, so they will cease developing". Even more sad is that they didn't even get to see the actual impact of their more complete ideas. It could've fired off arenaissance in Minecraft modding if they either stuck to it enough or at least unleashed the beast before closing shop.
  6. I'm really not sure where exactly to post this. I know that posting is discouraged generally through all the rules, so if I'm making a mistake, please direct me to the place where I should post this. I searched the forums for this topic before posting and I'm writing this in the positive constructive hope that it could help something someone.This mod has integrated body temperature and crafting clothes fairly ok from what it seems. They've discontinued the development but code could be still used maybe? Hopefully?
  7. @Djakuta, that's really cool. Maybe it's possible to get together a bunch of stuff tweaks and changes that make up a much more grueling, slower, harsher survival in TFC?
  8. It's much harder to mine and move. Something close to realistic right? Much more than flat terrain and tunnellable mashed potato mountains.
  9. It does look freaking awesome. Did you guys manage to make No Cubes mod work on TFC? I'm failing at it badly. It doesn't even start. It's in the mods folder, but it doesn't react at all.And the really awesome thing with this is that it forces you to terraform so you can move faster. Exploration means more effort on players part and seeds, rocks sticks aren't always easily visible. Can anyone help me out on installing this with TFC?
  10. It works!! Hooray.For those that are interested more in what my frankenstein halfassed mutation of TFC + Enviro body temp does, continue reading, for the rest, well....I managed to make the torches give off heat locally, and since torches are a resource you have to constantly gather (the run out after a while too), it makes for a GREAT dynamic and increased realistic difficulty.So Enviromine temperature works, a bit wonky, but works. When it rains, you are fucked, if you stay at night, outside, without a source of heat, you are fucked.Now I wanted a really difficulty experience, so I regenerated a new world until I hit home run with a winter world with barely any food (only 3 pigs). So my playthrough is definitely quite difficult. I will tweak some more stuff, but I will mainly focus on finding a way to get heated up by a primitive fire, the one made with 5 sticks in total. I'm going to stick to the primitive age for a longer while, and try to be a hunter or forager.I had to enable specifically in config files, about the torches letting heat off, and about the specific biomes having really low temperatures. It's slowly developing into something extremely fun for me. Thanks to everyone for their great advise.
  11. @Kittychanley he's right about this "once you are set in your shelter, the game suddenly drops in difficulty. Food is always there, mobs can be kept outside or avoided by sleeping."
  12. Back on the more constructive and productive side, I seem to have managed to make EnviroMine mod work with TFC. I mean I just installed it, disabled all the hunger + insanity + food decay aspects of it, and retained only Ambient body temperature.This didn't work exactly perfectly since I think there's some conflict with the celsius numbers where it says it's 36 degrees, and when it gets to 33, you kind of start to freeze to death. Which I'm fine with, but I'm still discovering if there is consistency, if there is, I can just compensate with the numbers.Enviromine is VERY configurable and I can open it up and set up values for specific biomes (for temperatures) blocks etc. This is of GREAT help for making this kind of work.I'm also trying to install No cubes since it makes minecraft look really natural (Stunning IMHO) and makes it difficult to run and walk on unrefined terrain.If I solve the ambient temperatures problem, I will try and tackle configs for food availability, I will definitely disable the "as you level up with experience you get better at surviving without food" aspect, and will make crops more tender. I don't know shit about minecraft modding but I dabble in really simple programming so I might find a way :)I also found the EXACT shader that I was dreaming of ( I dreamt of playing TFC with body temperature ) So I'm recreating that too :)Harsh unforgiving survival, here I come.
  13. @KittyChanley I was holding off playing since I think adding even the simplest body temp. would infuse the game with a radically tough, yet realistic element of challenge that for me, I feel I need right now. I play my own way, single-player mostly. I like the feeling of solitude in terms of survival, and I understand a lot of people play the game their own way, and developers have their own visions (from what I've read of them, I agree on most of them). As I said previously, not telling you how to do the game, just trying to figure out if anyone is out on making a mod, or tweaking the game, or melding it with another mod, that could practically make TFC into that experience. You guys are doing a great project here, and right now, even if you actively don't want it to be, it's 100% the best survival simulator out there. A simulator that actually makes you feel that you live in that specific area and not just superficially resource managing randomly placed resources. (while evading zombies).In terms of what Minecraft is capable of, within the boundaries of modding and technical boundaries, and most of all, within the boundaries of video games in general, Minecraft TFC is absolutely the most visceral virtual survival experience out there, and trust me, I've actively looked for anything better. When people get overly specific about certain aspects of survival, that's not good gameplay, the medium simply doesn't translate well into too much complexity (unlike real life which handles it quite well )What I'm saying is that the best survival game, IS the most believable one. Believability is the dampener that enables us to stick to keyboards while at the same time feel that we are trying to survive a harsh and unforgiving nature. Any survival game that doesn't have it, will fail it :)Once I get my Oculus Rift rig going, I'm going to play TFC with or without body temps That's a given.So again, this post was more directed at passionate players tweakers and addon makers, rather than directly at the developers. I know you guys have a bunch on your plate and from what I've seen, I absolutely trust your decisions :)I had absolutely no offense in mind here, on the contrary.
  14. @Djakuta Already starred and liked all on that topic a while ago
  15. I guess I'm really pumped for the ambient temperatures update and was thinking something alternative, along the same lines. But zombies breaking through walls seems really good since the level of instant safety that you can build easily in TFC is kind of off putting. I'd rather really develop and invest in my domicile until I can be absolutely safe.Primitive gameplay at the beginning really forces you to get to know your surroundings, the ground, the game itself, that's why I'm more interested in the first tiers of tech rather than metal refining and usage.What if some flowers are edible and some aren't, and the visual difference is VERY minute? Something to make you keep an eye on the environment even more. Maybe noticing specific rocks that have metals is even harder now? as in, the graphic doesn't simply show another color. Maybe you need to indirectly extrapolate where useful minerals would be located by looking at the geology of the place, the topography.I'm not saying TFC devs aren't doing a WONDERFUL job, they reinvented Minecraft for me. I don't play other Minecraft now What I'm just freely brainstorming is for simply, realistic and easily applicable ideas that make the world harder to live by forcing you to be more aware of things, pay attention to more details, think ahead, plan ahead etc. Something that leaves you with detailed knowledge of the surrounding through a multitude of [email protected], sorry for being vague.