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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.

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  1. terrafirmacraft

    this video has the better quality but if you skip to this one it might confuse you without watching the videos below ep 003 --ep 003 beware this video has bad quailty only for this and the last video my apologies fraps screwed me ep 002 --- ep 002 beware this video has bad quailty only for this and the last video my apologies fraps screwed me ep 001 -- ep 001
  2. Welcome everyone to Nodcraft! Server IP: List Of Mods: TerraFirmaCraft Smart moving (Optional) CustomNPCs ExtraFirma Leather Water Sac Archimedes Ship Mod Links For Mods: TerraFirmaCraft: Smart Moving: (Scroll Down till you see older versions 1.6.2 and download 14.4.1) P.S (for smart moving you need to have player api, as it says.) CustomNPC's: ExtraFirma: Leather Water Sac: Archimedes Ship Mod: So yes! Have fun on the Server! BTW the server has 4 GB of RAM P.S My skype name Is: Lavawane360 Just incase you want to message me.
  3. Dead body [idea for TFC]

    In my opinion, what fits perfectly to this mod is what happens in real life: when you die, there is a dead body (with all the things of the inventory) which is loot-able. You respawn in your home (in your spawn point), as normally, and have to go to the place of your dead to get your stuff back, which is in the dead body (THIS IS SO COOL!!!). Ok, and I have a very good idea, if this dead body stays more than three days, it happens the following things: -You get poisoned when you are near the dead body -And your hunger bar reduces faster. (optional, I think the poison idea is better ) Ok, so, if that dead body is far away of your home, maybe you wouldn't want to do anything with it, but if it is near your home and near your minecraft environment, you would want to remove it from your sight. To remove the dead body you have two options: -Incinerate the body, with fire. -Bury the dead body And in the case you die in the water, the dead body will be floating in the water, and if the three days passes, a part of the lake or river will be contaminated, so again, you will have to remove the dead body With the contaminated water, it will go to normal water when it rains Bioxx, this is A VERY COOL IDEAAA!!, ISN'T IT? This would fit perfectly with Terrafirmacraft! TFC is a very cool mod and fun to play, its challenging, because it adds realism with all the different types of rocks, metals, wood, the way you do things..., all changes!,but the most important thing is that is fun too. I think my idea removes the problem of suicide because if they want to do that, you have to remove the dead body and all that process. I hope you enjoyed my idea, I`m just giving my two cents to improve this awesome mod! And also, it would be very fun to see dead bodies in minecraft! You could have for the first time in minecraft a cemetery!! With all the tombs under the dirt, with that tombstones... EPIC! I have to say that I created this account only to post this, so I hope you liked it. And sorry for my bad english, it is not my mother language
  4. I started a terrafirmacraft tutorial series the other day, Im covering topics, Such as Knapping, Clay / Pottery, Basic Alloys... ect... ect If you care enough to check it out heres the link - (If anyone is good with intros.... I could use one. Who ever makes me one will be linked on my channel forever even if I change intros. thanks.)
  5. I'vestarteda youtube let's play and am a big noob it would be reallyhelpfulif you could comment on my video with some tips. It's also coming to my youtubes birthday and would like to reach 25 subscribers. Series 1 Part 1 - Biggest Noob Ever Part 2 - A Home... Well Really Just A Shed
  6. This server has been taken down.
  7. HELP! Login failed

    Hey guys i just need help because i am wanting to play this amazing game, I am using the launcher for ease but when i try to log in up come's up saying (net.tfcl.utils.GeneralException: Error connecting to login servers) If you could help it would be much appreciated, thanks your time
  8. Hey there! So after watching some TerraFirmaCraft videos on Youtube, I was very interested in the mod - so I followed instructions found in videos/online for how to install/play the game. Although everything went well, I could only play for 2 mins max before my FPS would shoot down to about 1 frame per 5 seconds, ultimately resulting in me restarting the entire launcher to play for another 2 minutes. After scouring through forum posts, suggestions, and lagg fixes found online, I found nothing - the only thing that people really thought the problem was from was not enough RAM being allocated to TerraFirmaCraft, and they were right. However, their suggestions for allocating more RAM to TFC did not work, so I came up with a revised workaround. I've been playing now for about 3 hours with no hickups at all. Here is the guide: #1. Download TFC Launcher (Currently version 1.5.1 supported): Once downloaded, open the launcher so it can download all of the necessary files. It will place them under %Appdata%\Roaming\tfcraft TFC comes preinstalled with PlayerAPI and Forge, but I recommend downloading the latest versions of each anyways, as I know mine were out-of-date upon download. Just make sure the versions downloaded match the versions of TerraFirmaCraft currently available (1.5.1 at the time of this post). You may want to update your Java too, as TFC will not run correctly if it's not up-to-date. PlayerAPI (1.5.1) download: http://www.minecraft...api-player-api/ Forge (1.5.1): http://www.minecraft...hp?topic=7053.0 Java (64x): #2. Download Optifine (highest version that TerraFirmaCraft supports, currently 1.5.1): http://www.minecraft...-and-much-more/ #3. Once all of these mods have been saved to a location on your computer (Player API, Forge, and Optifine), you need to place them in the proper TFC location. This is under %Appdata%\Roaming\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\jarmods. After all of the files are placed in here (simply drag and drop the 3 mods listed above inside the jarmods folder), just the loadorder.txt file needs to be edited. This file is found under %Appdata%\Roaming\tfcraft\minecraft\bin. Open the file with whatever text-editor software you have. Change the file-names located in this folder to match the file names EXACTLY to what you just placed in the jarmods folder, including the file extensions. For example, my text file reads as: Player API Once you're done, save the file. #4. At this point, a lot of people seem to be able to play the game fine. I however, was not. It was far to laggy, as not enough RAM was allocated to TFC. Here is how to allocate more RAM according to this described download: Create a text file on your desktop, name it whatever you please. I named mine TFcraft.Next, open the text file with whatever text-editor program you currently own. Place the following text inside the file:java -Xms1024m -Xmx2048m -jar TFCLauncher.jar "%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar;%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\jinput.jar;%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\lwjgl.jar;%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\lwjgl_util.jar" -Djava.library.path="%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\natives" net.minecraft.client.MinecraftThen, save the file as a batch file. You can do this by using the drop down menu at the bottom of the save window and choosing "batch" as the save preference.#5. That's it! 2 gigs of ram has now been allocated to the TFC Launcher, and for me, this has ran the client perfectly. Simply double-click the batch file you just created to launch the game.You may need to adjust optifine settings accordingly once the game is started for the best performance. It's worth mentioning too that you can allocate more or less gigs of ram if you choose by simply editing the text I provided - just change the values of 1024 (1 gig) and 2048 (2 gig) respectively to whatever amount you wish to allocate. Just remember it is best to use gigabytes as the representation, not gigs. So writing it out, it would be 1024, not 1 gig. ~~~~ I hope this tutorial helped you; I really wish I had it when trying to get TFC to run properly. Enjoy! ~~~~
  9. Plug N’ Play Maniacs is a gaming crew who enjoy playing and recording all sorts of games. They are crazy, they are funny and will surly entertain while bringing your high quality entertainment. Players currently doing TerraFirmaCraft: LadyLexy: Episode 1 "Finding Water" Varience Episode 1 "Surviving The First Night"
  10. Yesterday, me and my teammates at will be starting Let's Plays of Terrafirmacraft for about a month and my series starts out as me going to sleep on our vanilla server and I start dreaming about Terrafirmacraft. Since most people in our group is going to be doing a series on Terrafirmacraft they will be in my dream to! http-~~-// I hope you enjoy.
  11. Forestry and TerrafirmaCraft

    Hello. I get an error when I run Forestry ( tested) and TerrafirmaCraft mods together. Error report: Can this be fixed? Thank you.
  12. Ссылка на плей-лист: Также новый сезон кооператива:
  13. Hey peeps, Im streaming really often these days. If youre interested in texturing / learning how to texture, then come to my stream and follow me if you like it. There are even some videos already where you can look at my stuff when im offline. Follow me on twitch to get notified whenever i stream. Here you can download my process so far : http://terrafirmacra...ment/#entry1545 - Offline
  14. Bloomery trouble

    I've been making a bloomery on TFC Beta Build 69 For MC v1.4.5 and it's not working. I've used both kinds of design and I tossed the ore and charcoal in and nothing happens. Here's what it looks like: (just click arrows to find other pictures)
  15. Loading World Converting World

    I have installed all the necessary mods to run TerraFirmaCraft, and it seems to launch correctly. However, whenever I create a world or open a world that seems to be created already, it gets stuck on "Loading World - Converting World" or "Loading World". I have tried reinstalling, but I will try again if I need to. When I use the crash report program, it doesn't seem to do anything, as no crash screen seems to appear.
  16. Crash :(

    Installed forge. Then put TFC build 75 in mods folder, crashed. Won't let me put the crash report in. I will as soon as I can.
  17. Alright, before I get harped on by people saying that it's posted somewhere in the forums, I have searched for over three hours. This is the fastest results. I have tried everything from downgrading minecraft, to using a different API, to using a different jar, to using the exe, to looking for a pre-working zip file with everything already done. Whether it be in server form, or SSP form, or even SMP form. None of it works, period. Now; for my issue, as each case is individually special, and different in some aspect. I want a server, that can host me, and about 10 of my friends please. Alright: I have tried editing the jar, and opening it. Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. Tried Downloading and opening it. Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. Tried accepting one from my friend Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. Tried downloading the regular .jar file for singleplayer instead. Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. That is all I get. After all tampering, changing, editing, modding, resetting, deleting, redownloading. I've tried the clean download, tried the modded download, sent it to my friend over skype. Worked for him, except it crashed after the spawn was created. he sent it back to me, thinking something changed, nope. Still get that error. Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. This error is the bane of my existance. I have tried, and looked, and downloaded, and updated, and downgraded, and fucked with everything you can imagine. My ire is rising and I want to put my fist through my screen, but I know that *that* won't fix *anything*. Moving on. I don't get irritated easily, but this has got to be the most infurating thing I have ever messed with. The .Jar file just *refuses to be executed*. Fuckin' wanna execute it myself. Geez. Alright so, I will instead of posting new posts, continue to edit this one as "fixes" or "attempts" come along until we get this monstrosity in working order. Please help, I am desperate and I really enjoyed watching this mod spotlight. This looks like so, so, so, much fun. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Question What exactly are the "Prerequisites" I've googled, and searched... I know of mod loader, but... Is that all? Answer (Edit, oh yeah has all the instructions and prerequisites for tfc.) QUESTION Where are these? Look at the BOLD BRACKETS Those are the ones I'm talking about. I followed these steps SEVERAL times. To no avail, otherwise I wouldn't be here. (Optional) When upgrading delete your configs to fix any change of id errors.Install the latest recommended Forge Universal / Official Mirror into your jar file. For best results, use the version of forge that TFC was compiled on.Install PlayerAPI[[[Place TFCraft_Universal into your Minecraft mods folder after installing the >>>prerequisites.<<< <--- It does not explain these.]]]Be Awesome!ANSWER(NONE YET) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PERSONAL UPDATE Alright, after messing with SSP client, deleting my entire .minecraft I got as far as "Done Loading" [================= ] It just stops after that, any tips? ANSWER Emris_Morath This always happens to me when i use a 32bit Java. Remove every Java install and download/install the latest 64bit version, that should fix the Java memory Error. Also in my signature, i have a step-by-step server and client tutorial. I have seen your signature on almost every thread, I tried the uninstall-reinstall, that did not work, nor did your signature. QUESTION What else do you suggest doing? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OUTSIDE UPDATE Try using this setup I was told. I will be indeed trying this! Forge and Player API for Minecraft 1.4.6 QUESTION now.. How the hell do I..? xD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OUTSIDE UPDATE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE "Could not create the JVM means you don't have enough memory to even run the server. What are your computer's specs?" This is not even remotely the problem Intel® Core™ i5-2500k CPU @3.30GHz per core, quad core -- Link here 2 4gig Ripjaw™ Series RAM sticks -- Link here 2GB 512 bit processor ATI Radeon Sapphire Graphics Board -- Link here 64bit Windows 7 home premium ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE "If you can't even get a single-player install to work I would recommend you get multiMC http://www.minecraft...dows-linux-mac/ and use that as your launcher and installer. I'd also make sure that you are using a 64bit java, but I'm sure you've already tested both 64 and 32 bit versions in your frenzy. But let me know if you can get a multiMC setup of tfc to work on your system." QUESTION How do I use this exactly? I'm not understanding it one bit. (or even 8bit. ;p) Do I open the "Mods folder" And drop everything in there? Or..? ANSWER (none yet) PERSONAL EXPERIENCE UPDATE I was tweaking with it for about 10 minutes, I figured out how to start an "Instance" and name it, and icon it.. But from there, I am very lost. I named it Terrafirma Craft, but.. Nothing beyond that, it's just normal Minecraft. QUESTION How do I mod this, or update? And how do I do the rest of the stuff that's needed? ANSWER (NONE YET) PERSONAL EXPERIENCE UPDATE I was messing around with it a bit more, and decided to rightclick. That seemed to bring me to the "Edit Mods" Do I drop all 3 of those mods in there? The Forge and Player API for Minecraft 1.4.6? And that's it? And I need the uhh.. Core universal, right? ANSWER (NONE YET) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE FIX!!! Firstly, I must thank the three of you who have helped me trial and error to great success! Secondly I would ask the mods to Lock and STICKY THIS TO HELP OTHERS. Feel free to trim up my guide/errors/questions! And finally, my fix! THANK YOU #3 flamestrider Get This thing right... If you can't even get a single-player install to work I would recommend you get multiMC http://www.minecraft...dows-linux-mac/ <---- here and use that as your launcher and installer. I was messing around with it a bit more, and decided to rightclick. That seemed to bring me to the "Edit Mods" Do I drop all 3 of those mods in there? The Forge and Player API for Minecraft 1.4.6? And that's it? And I need the uhh.. Core universal, right? AFTER THIS, FOLLOW Forge and Player API for Minecraft 1.4.6 forge install this first API <- this may not work, the link that is. The damn things keep taking me to Minecraft Forge... You may have to google API for 1.4.6 then install this!! NOW INSTALL THIS!!! create a new instance! Then right click it and click "Edit mods!" (Now, I'm not sure what one worked, but Edit mods and add "TFCraft-Universal-Core-B2Build75" to Coremods and Mods Add Forge and Player API for Minecraft 1.4.6 to the MINECRAFT.JAR, PUT FORGE IN FIRST!!!! spam click "Reload", THEN PUT THE UNIVERSAL CORE MOD INTO "CORE MOD" AND "MOD" (not sure which one worked! ) THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HELPED IN THE FIXING OF MY SINGLE SINGLE PLAYER ERRORS! <3 now... To get a server working... Hmmmm
  18. LetsPlay TFC German

    Hi TFC-Community, short intro to my self: I´m from Germany and 37... I started a LetsPlay / How-to Series in German on TerraFirmaCraft because i found so many Videos on YouTube in English but no good German once. So now i´m on Episode 18(live 21.01.2013) on my LetsPlay / How-to Series. In the Videos i try to get into every single peace of TFC to show and to explain how it works and what´s needed to make it. So long Story short... here is the Link for our German TerraFirmaCraft Players ^^ I hope you like it... cheers
  19. Hey guys I recently started up a LP Series on my Minecraft Channel. This series is one part blind lets play and one part guide on the TFC basics. I do my best to follow along with the wiki, but there are mistakes occasionally here and there. I'd also like to mention that adult language is in use on occasion so if that offends you dont watch. I have six episodes up at the moment you can find the playlist for the series Here's the first episode. Feel free to drop me some feedback and I always respond to comments on the individual videos. http-~~-//
  20. ItemTracker

    I made a server and i tried to have TFC and smart moving on it. It seems to have some sort of itemtracker thing in the cmd. it says "WARNING ForgeItemLoader the mod terrafirmacraft is attempting to overwrite existing item at 344 form <tw from Minecraft> with TFC.Food.itemterrafood." There is about 25 of these for different things if that makes any sense please help me?
  21. Now what are we to be expecting in Build 70 of TerraFirmaCraft? Could the build be the long-awaiting Construction Overhaul update? Another set of tweakings and fresh features to agriculture? Or... could it be another significant update to the terrain generation? Let me hear your speculations, if you wish to do so! -Sda209 P.S. - I have a headache, so it is advised to not infuriate this user, or the consequences will be severe... EDIT: Because only a part of the construction update was implemented, I had to change the title.
  22. Very good building seed

    Hey guys, Looking for a good seed to just build on. Maybe something with just a flat plains biome? Or a very scenic mountain biome. Really, I just got bored and wanted to see what I could build in this. If you know of any it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  23. This is a simple guide to installing TFC with NEI, IT CI and RMM... TFC -> TerraFirmaCraft IT -> Invetory Tweaks CI -> Convenient Inventory (Choose one of the 2 above: IT or CI... They dont go together) RMM -> Rei's Mini Map NEI -> Not Enought Items 1). Make a clean .minecraft folder 2). Download and install the lastest version of modloader (Drag all the files from Modloader zip into minecraft.jar.). 3). Download and install the minecraft forge client (The recommended by bioxx in the TFC download section). 4). Download and install the lastest TFC_Core_Client and TFC_Texture from the TFC download section) 5). Download and install the lastest CodeChickenCore (Goes into minecraft.jar) 6). Download and install the lastest NEI (Goes into minecraft.jar) (OPTIONAL) -> 7). Download and install the latest Convenient Inventory (Goes into minecraft.jar) (OPTIONAL) -> 8).Download and install the latest Inventory Tweaks (Goes into mods folder located in .minecraft! If you dont have one just make a new folder called "mods" 9). Download and install Rei's Mini Map (Goes into minecraft.jar). 10). Your done! Now all you have to do is play TFC and have a good time! If your having problems,something is incorrect or you just want to say thanks just comment bellow!
  24. Mac Crash

    Hello, I heard about TerraFirmaCraft, I was eager to try it out, but what I got was this: >> Click Here<< Can someone tell me how to fix this crash? It happens every time.