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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. This is a collection of all of my mods. I will continually update it as I perfect these and make some new ones.If you want to use any of these mods in your modpack, feel free. Just make sure you credit me somewhere :). My mods are on GitHub here: To download mods, look in the.jar repository API Mods (Dependencies): Content mods (uses my API): Compatibility with Other Mods: Other Stuff I Made:
  2. Agriculture

    There's been a bit on this topic already so I am gathering the pieces and putting them here. This is strictly about the process of collecting, growing, and harvesting crops. If you have any ideas about cooking or how anything discussed here could be used to that end please post here. This is also not about animal collecting, raising, and butchering animals. Those subjects can be found here and here. The main things I found doing quick searches was two posts of Darmo's which I have combined into one, and one post by me. While bees are mentioned, for a more in-depth discussion on bees go here. Darmo Stuff by me Cliff Notes because not everyone will spend the time to read for 15 minutes. Wild plant spawning decreased by number of plants and animals in the area. Wild seeds only appearing in certain climates Reduced chance to get seeds/can only get seeds from mature plants/can only get seeds from produce. Bad seed that won't grow. Plants that are not harvested in time will die and regrow. Temperature,water, and light effecting the plants. pests and blightsneeding pest/insect/fungicide. Animals messing with your crops both grown animals and birds. Growing different crops together being beneficial. Leaving space between crop fields being beneficial. Crops breeding - various resistances. weeds. fields needing to go fallow without fertilizer. farming equipment - planters, seed silos. needing lattices for berries. needing supports for fruit trees. functional use for scarecrows/ bird deterrent. Having drops tied to farming skill.
  3. Volcanoes

    Before you start reading this topic, I want to warn you that English is not my base language, I might have made some mistakes in writing if you notice any errors or have not understood the essence of some of the proposals, write about it in the comments below topic, I will try to fix problems as soon as possible.If you have questions or additions to my idea, please leave a comment. I will answer you.Why this idea must be in TFC:The variety of the world.Believable spawn for igneous rocks in the world.Creation of natural hazards such as: Fires, lavafalls, evaporation of water, dehydration of plants.Hot springs are located near the volcano, as it should be.Large space for new ideas. For example new types of ores and rocks, volcanic caves, geysers.Cons:The complexity of creating the right eruption model.Too easy access to the lava at the beginning of the game. (I do not consider it as a bad thing).Possible drop in performance for large eruptions.Synergy:Hexagon world generation. I still do not know, about this type of world generation, but using this type of generation of the world, volcanoes will look very believable.TFC has a cave collapses mechanics. Eruptions can be combined with landslides and cave collapses, to create additional hazards and interactions. Types of volcanoes: Shield volcano, stratovolcano, cinder cone, fissure vent. Shield volcano Dimensions - Large, low. Base diameter 400 to 800 blocks. The ratio of height to diameter 1/10.Crater - Large, shallow, contains water (hot spring). Diameter of crater 1/6 of base volcano diameter. Depth of crater 1/3 of volcano height.Eruption - Rarely. The time between eruptions 1.5-3 years.Biome - Any. It may appear at the bottom of the sea or ocean.The amount of plants - High. Trees grow across the surface of the volcano.Danger - Variable, depending on the time elapsed since the last eruption.Note - Due to the small height and a large stretch goes unnoticed for a long time. During the eruption may seriously damage buildings and forest, which are on the slopes of the volcano.Stratovolcano Dimensions - Medium, high. Base diameter 100 to 160 blocks. The ratio of height to diameter 3/4.Crater - Medium, shallow, contains lava or air. Diameter of crater 1/4 of base volcano diameter. Depth of crater 1/6 of volcano height.Eruption - Moderate. The time between eruptions 5-8 months.Biome - Mountain often. Other types rarely.The amount of plants - Above-average. Trees grow on more than 70% surface of volcano.Danger - High.Note - In the mountain biomes can be hidden among other mountains. The top can be hidden by clouds. The volcano can be dangerous if not detected before the eruption.Cinder cone Dimensions - Average, very high.Base diameter 80 to 140 blocks. The ratio of height to diameter 1/1.Crater - Small, shallow, contains lava or air. Diameter of crater 1/5 of base volcano diameter. Depth of crater 1/1 of crater diameter.Crater - a hemisphere.Eruption -Frequently. The time between eruptions 3-5 months.Biome - Any.The amount of plants - Low. Trees grow on less than 20% surface of volcano.Danger - High.Note - Due to the strong inclination of slopes and frequent eruptions, it has no plants in the vicinity. May be found in the system of volcanoes, two or more.Fissure vent Dimensions - Huge, flat.Width 10 to 20 blocks. Length 150 to 400 blocks.Crater - Huge, flat. It occupies the entire volume of the crack depth to bedrock, contains lava.The depth of the lava below ground level at 20-30 blocks.Eruption -Extremely rare. The time between eruptions 5-10 years.Biome - Mountain never. Other typesextremely rare.Single volcano on 100.000.000 blocks in the square. This mean 10000x10000, width and length.The amount of plants - Depend on biome.Trees grow everywhere, like vanilla minecraft fissures.Danger - Very high.Note - Rare form of the volcano. It has a huge interval between eruptions. Because of their planar structure scatters lava in a small radius from the center of volcano. Large amount of lava provokes fires, emissions of dangerous gases, huge amount of evaporation, drought. This type of volcanoes can dry the rivers and lakes.Other parts of volcano idea: Temperature. Being near the source of the lava, should provoke an increase in ambient temperature. It will affect the growth of agricultures, thereby diversify the gameplay. If the body temperature is introduced, the lava will provoke overheating or warming. Active volcanoes should increase their size with each eruption. Covered with a new layer of lava and lapilli. Lapilli are small stones, so the game should replace them with gravel, thereby increasing the attractiveness of living near the volcano, if you need a lot of gravel. Volcanoes must faded out after a certain number of eruptions or initially be extinguished, so as not to provoke the uncontrolled increase in the size of the volcano. Necessary to change the interaction between lava and water. Add the chance of water evaporation and replacement of empty space with lava. Approximate odds: 80-90% evaporation, 10-20% of the occurrence of rocks. (In vanilla minecraft we have 100% chance to get rocks) Pyroclastic flows. The eruption of ash and gases must be harmful to the environment, to the player and to the NPC. How to implement - Local weather changes like rain. Add particle effects at the top of the crater, like a charcoal pit, but with a large amount of particles. Maybe with new sprites. (I do not know if you can make a local weather, if not already is). How it should work - In the area of ​​the eruption must change the weather. Inflicts poison effect "Ashes in the lungs" the strength of the effect depends on the distance from the center of the crater (I do not think that it is difficult to implement, like a mechanic in Industrial Craft, when you walk close to the nuclear reactor). If you are very close to volcano, should appear additional effect, suffocation, it must work like a suffocation underwater. Volcanic bombs. 10% chance of pyroclastic flow may contain volcanic bombs. The sky must have a reddish tinge, and on the surface appear new stones. A huge advantage of this idea it's circulation materials in nature, in this case the stones. Volcanic ash is a source of micronutrients. The soil around volcanoes more fertile. This idea can be used in the game, to accelerate the growth of agricultures. The soil should get a new option - Ash content. This option has a value from 0 to 3 units. Each harvest should subtract 1 from this value. Bonus - agricultures growth rate increased by 20%. Ash content in the soil shall be updated at each eruption within a radius of the negative effect of paragraph 5 (Pyroclastic flows).
  4. Pagan Religion/Sacrificial System

    Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No):Yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. Let me preface this by saying KEEP THE IRL RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION TO A ZERO. I remember how quickly the last religious thread turned into a crapshoot over psuedo-intellectual bs. Okay, so I'm super glad to hear that there's going to be a little more wiggle room for the fantastical in TFC2. So my proposal is a very basic animistic style of religion. I'm not sure if I fully understand the new hexagonal worldgen, but perhaps if multiple hexagons happen to be, say, predominantly forested, perhaps in the middle there would be a special tree, or statue possessed by a god. Now again, these gods have nothing to do with real life religion, and are more like the old gods from GoT. The gods are merely primeval protectors or spirits of their territory. Now, TFC could scan how much of a good, wheat perhaps, you have in all of your possession (including inventory, vessels, chests, or any other container that's in TFC2) and if you brought a large percentage, maybe a minimum of 25 or 33%, of that good and sacrificed it to this statue/tree/monolith and you'd get a buff in return. Hopefully, these rewards would be balanced and proportionate: give half of your harvest and your soil is depleted half as quickly, or your crops can survive in wintertime. I'm not talking "give a little and gain a lot", I'm talking "give a lot and gain a little". Perhaps there would be different castes/classes of god that had jurisdiction over different types of livestock/crop. Perhaps also the sacrifices have to be performed by the winter or summer solstices. Gods that offered greater benefits, but greater sacrifices, reside on islands further away. That would make for a cool adventure, trekking over dozens of islands trying to make a specific due date on time. It would be even cooler with the implementation of a punishment system. See, these gods are fickle, and offending them or forgetting to sacrifice to them on time can lead to some nasty effects. If you had already entered into a covenant with a god, and didn't give the god the amount it required, the opposite effect could occur, i.e. crops consume twice as many nutrients, or your crops start to die of cold in the peak of summer. Or, say you started harvesting wood too close to a god's sacred grove, and it summons a small army of forest sprites to attack you. This is just an idea I've been thinking about for a while, and I don't think that would offend the sensibilities of any players, or be too sensitive of a subject for a developer to deal with. Thanks for reading, and feel free to add input!
  5. Can't plant seeds. [Solved]

    I recently just turned a lake into a farm by placing dirt blocks and tilling them. However, when I try to plant crops in certain blocks none of the seeds will even plant. I've tried every kind of plant I've found (at least 2 from every nutrient class) and none of them will work. So I'm wondering if this has something to do with the type of soil (quartzite) I used. Can anyone confirm this?Edit: The real problem was the monster tree that I didn't realize grew out over my farm. Always look up folks.
  6. Why are my seeds white boxes? [Solved]

    Why are my seeds showing up as white boxes? Image here: They are on the right in the middle. I thought it was Optifine, but when I removed it, they were still white boxes. It can't the texture pack because all of them do the same thing. I checked the texture in the mod files and they were fine. Why are they showing up like this?! When I do have Optifine, all planks show up like THIS! Please help... =(
  7. Agriculture and Planting

    I am fairly new to the mod, and I am very much enjoying it, but i dont find the wiki very helpful with some things. I have been trying to get a farm started. I have seperated all A, B, and C type plants. They are all planted, but seem to be growing slow. Is there anything im doing wrong? Are crops affected by season?
  8. Agricultural help

    Hey guys, I was reading the agriculture article on the wiki and could not find any information on planting times. If any one knows when you can begin planting crops, the help would be much appreciated.
  9. Seeds from non-grains?

    So I've been playing on DHB, and Slink made us a client patch so we can tell when crops have grown. Oddly, I can't seem to craft my carrots into more seeds, I thought we could use crops to recycle into seeds for larger subsequent harvest?