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  1. Hi everybody, i'm new to TFC forums. I have one question: does anybody played the TFC with Thaumcraft 4? I wanted to have them on my server but i found one bug - the baubles mod adds his own crafting slots, and unfortunately has craftingbug. This means that anybody can craft food which has no rows which shows decay and weight, re-craft it in TFC inventory and haveas much food as they want. How can i solve that issue?
  2. TFC Scales - divide your food precisely This is a simple mod that allows you to build scales and make weights to use in your kitchen. Remember that time you had exactly 160 oz. of potatoes and you wanted to make four barrels of vodka? But you've forgotten to cut the potatoes with your knife and by the time you placed the barrels and filled them with water, your potatoes decayed slightly and you were able to make only three barrels? Remember that time you had 158 oz of cherries and wanted to turn your barrel of vodka into a barrel of vinegar? And how you huffed and puffed and cut and joined and calculated to get as close to 100 oz. as possible (because you really,reallywanted to just eat the rest of your cherries)? Well, now you can use "advanced technology" - the scales. First, you craft your scales: Next, you need to make weigths. For weights you use anvil (copper will do) and the following materials: one tin ingot for five 1 oz. weights or one 5 oz. weight one silver ingot for five 2 oz. weights or one 10 oz. weight one gold ingot for one 20 oz. weight one platinum ingot for one 50 oz. weight Finally, you can use your new kitchen tool. Click to open the interface. The bottom slots are for storing your weights - the weights stack up to 8 in your inventory and in these slots. The top left 9 slots are the left bowl of your scale - put the weights there. The slots on the right are for food - you put your food in the left one, press Cut (make sure you have a knife to cut with in your inventory!) and the amount equal to the weights in the bowl will be cut and put in the right slot. The scales do not remove decay from your food!That way, youcandivide those 160 oz. of slightly decayed potatoes into 4 equal parts and still enjoy your 4 barrels of vodka. If you want to get rid of decay, do it the old-fashoned way. See how it works: Legal stuff: You may download and use this mod freely. You may include it in modpacks as long as you do two things: first, you need to post information about what modpack will include this mod in this thread,second - please, include informations about authors and the webpage of this mod in the description of your modpack. You may only modify this mod for your own use, but you may NOT redistribute the modified version in any way. This will hold true also if at any point we decide to make the source code available. By downloading the mod you agree to not hold the mod authors responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result of using this mod, including, but not limited to: corruption of minecraft savefiles, corruption of any other minecraft related files and meteors falling down from the sky. And remember the magic word: BACKUP! Finally, what you've been waiting for - download link:Click here to download TFC Scales for TerraFirmaCraft 0.79.23+ Older downloads: Version 1.0.1 for TFC 0.79.23+ Version 1.0.0 for TFC 0.79.18-0.79.22 Brought to you by the team: Acid-Maker&Chogata. Changelog: version 1.0.2 fixed a bug that caused the anvil recipes not to register client side when playing on remote server version 1.0.1 updated to work with TFC 0.79.23 API (NOTE: tested on 0.79.24 due to anvil bug that exists in 0.79.23) version 1.0.0 initial release Mod spotlight by Grimkor - thank you!
  3. Hunting and world generation.

    Hi friends. I am very anxious about TFC 2, i do not comment too much in the forum and i don't know how to mod. I will put the ideas i have here. 1 - About world generation. I am a little sad about the world functioning in slands. I have playing Kingdoms and enjoyedm but i don't think it's would be nice in TFC, but put 2 options intead, one with the old world generation and one with the new. Please. 2 - About hunting. I really love to hunt, But i don't enjoy the spawn system of minecraft to some more rare animals like deer for example. Would be nice to create and system that trigger the spawn, a system that work with tracks and after you meet some tracks requirements the animal apawn near as specific object, similar to assassins's creed 3. The tracks must be triggered to spawn, that will use less memories than letting the tracks being created in real time. And you can make use of the plants that animal feed or in case of predators they spawn near an group of cattle that they usually hunt. It would be nice too to create an generation system like this with the prospector pick, simplifiing the ore spawn system so you will have just different soil and rock types but the tracks will guide you to what you are searching in an chain of 5 to 10 tracks steps for example, or even more in rare materials. This would create an feeling of adventure and the inovative landscape that generate new structures while you play would create some signaturelandscape with rare materials or animals while you play the game. I think that is more fun than the isle system. But again, i can't program and i would not make an nice mod like TFC, so excuse me my arrogance with this suggestion. Also. The trigger can work like this. The grass and some bushes with berrys can be used like tracks creator, also some animal footsteps and even trail of bloods were they push the fallen carcass, if you use fallen carcass, you will need to make an provess of field dress and the carcass go in the back backpack slot or in the horse to bigger animals, or you need to camp near to do the field dress... But about the tracks agains. You also will need to create an line layer that create the direction of the tracks and an system that rotate the objects in minecraft and put the facing the direction the animal run, you don't need to use 8 cardial orientation points, you can use 4 instead so it work in minecrart square system. Would be very nice to collect animals and to hunt rare animals and plants, at least for decorations, but later some people can do mods that will compliment that system, so leave some plants and itemslots to them. Them someone can make the magic mod separated from the TFC so all the work won't fall in your back, also. Make an collective item with an old rock with the name of the mod developers so we can pay our respects to you in game. hehehe. Hugs. Thank You for the attention.
  4. This is my first topic suggestion, so please bear with me if I am repeating anything that has already been suggested. I found a few posts with parts of the idea in it, but none with the whole idea, so I thought I'd suggest it. I was thinking that it would be very interesting if tide pools were added to terra firma craft. This idea is piggybacking off of the idea of Ocean Tides, as was suggested by Teragen, in which the suggests that the tide would rise and fall on beaches. My idea is that on beaches, little tide pools would generate, which would be one block deep and take up anywhere from one to four blocks of the beach. They would be most common on rocky or gravelly beaches, and would spawn stones on the bottom of some blocks in the pool. I am not sure if it is possible or feasible to add a right click option on stones, but my idea is that you could right click on an underwater rock in a tide pool, and you would have a chance of getting some type of creature. So for example, maybe you would have a 20% chance of getting a crab, 25% a sea star, 5% a lobster, and 50% chance of getting nothing at all. The stones would stay where they were, but would yield only one animal and then would no longer yield any sort of animal until it was refueled. Stones would be refueled when the tide came in and then back out again, which would reset the probability of find anything under each rock. The animals would be easier to harvest than most other types of meat, and so would be an easy way in the early game to keep your protein level up. However, they would yield very little meat, so they do have their disadvantages. Lobsters would give the most hunger points when eaten/and or yield the most meat, crabs slightly less, and sea stars would yield little or no meat and would be there mainly to fill up your inventory and add variety to the world (and maybe could be used as a decorative item or something). Sea star could also just be removed, they are not very important, I just thought they'd add variety. Lobster traps could also serve to make catching lobsters and crabs easier, although I won't go to into depth with that, because it has been suggested multiple times before. Finally, this stone "flipping"/right clicking mechanic could also be used in fresh water or even on land, giving you things like crayfish, snails, insects, etc. Thank you for reading through this long post, and please help make suggestions and criticisms that might improve it, and give your opinions for whether or not you want to add this or anything like it.
  5. A small question

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask you a question that has been in my mind for the last day. Right now TFC 2 is dependant on Pam's Harvestcraft for its food items; without it, the player will starve. Is this a permanent choice, or is it only a temporary mean of getting food? In other words, will TFC 2 implement food items in the future or will it rely on other mods for that?
  6. The purpose of this thread is to keep an updated log of topics covered in the suggestion pages, to help people find topics, andhelp keep information together. There is already one by Kittychanley but it hasn't been updated in some time. To find something, go to the category and expand the spoiler. The categories will be in alphabetical order and some may have sub categories. Some topics may find themselves under more than one category which is fine while others may not be included due to it falling under another topic. Topics will be evaluated by content on first page. It can be hard to know if your idea is close enough to a topic to be added to that idea. When indoubt skim closely related topics to see if it would fit in with the flow and then decide. If it fits into multiple categories your idea may need refining. A new topic should have no less than around 200 words. If you can explain it in less than there's probably already a topic it could fall under. If you can't find your topic using this directory then do a search by going to the suggestions directory, navigate to the top right of the page and select "This Forum".As always thank you for being polite and follow the rules outlined in this forum. Aesthetics(mostly), light, and sounds Crafting, Carpentry/Wood Working, wood and earthen building materials,and Glass Containers, weight, size,inventory, and transportation Magic, chemistry, gems, and Supernatural Mechanical, electrical, and steam power Pain, injury,illness, and fatigue Plants,bees, food/water, and Mobs Player skills, stats,professions, and progression Smithing,metals, mining, ore's and ore generation,processing, tools, weapons and armor Temperature mechanics Water management World Generation, weather, and NPCs Miscellaneousstuffthat doesn't fit in the other categories or really low interest
  7. Ok, I cant mod, but I do have some ideas Id love to see made into an add-on mod for TFC, that I think could possibly work well with how TFCraft works. 1. Presser. Similar to the Pams Harvestcraft presser. soybeans to tofu [protein/meat substitute], soy milk [dairy supplement/substitute]. Eggs to Mayonaise? If peanuts could be added, could be used to make peanut butter. 2. Slicer. Slices meats, veg, fruits? a way to control how to divide your food items easier and with more accuracy and ease of use. 3. Canning station. Make "Mason Jars" and can your fruits and vegetables to drastically cut down on decay. Maybe the mason jars have a percentage to break when opened, and would need tin to make lids. Or could even add a recipe to the forge to make tin cans? 4. Sandwich station. A more advanced place to make sandwiches than a stone or wood block, would need prepared foods like cold cuts or sliced vegetables, etc? 5. Appliances? tables and chairs, counters, oven, range, refridgerator, sink? I dont know how some of these would work but TFC has a unique way to do things, Im sure someone clever could make some of these work. Some possible crops to add could be peanuts, lettuce, celery. Grapes could be added if someone could figure out how to make vines. Think Growthgraft. A cauldron could be added for a place to make Broth, Soup, Stew, Porridge, Stock... Edit 1: Maybe also add a Jam and Jelly station, to make jams, jellies, and preserves out of fruit. Also, an Apiary would be cool. Bees in TFC? Honey and toast... Perhaps some additional Egg recipes, like Egg Salad Sandwiches, Hard Boiled egg, Quiche from the oven, with tasty veggies mixed in? Yeah, a lot of this stuff could be end game, but imagine distracting that bear that always kills you with a bit of honey...
  8. Agriculture

    There's been a bit on this topic already so I am gathering the pieces and putting them here. This is strictly about the process of collecting, growing, and harvesting crops. If you have any ideas about cooking or how anything discussed here could be used to that end please post here. This is also not about animal collecting, raising, and butchering animals. Those subjects can be found here and here. The main things I found doing quick searches was two posts of Darmo's which I have combined into one, and one post by me. While bees are mentioned, for a more in-depth discussion on bees go here. Darmo Stuff by me Cliff Notes because not everyone will spend the time to read for 15 minutes. Wild plant spawning decreased by number of plants and animals in the area. Wild seeds only appearing in certain climates Reduced chance to get seeds/can only get seeds from mature plants/can only get seeds from produce. Bad seed that won't grow. Plants that are not harvested in time will die and regrow. Temperature,water, and light effecting the plants. pests and blightsneeding pest/insect/fungicide. Animals messing with your crops both grown animals and birds. Growing different crops together being beneficial. Leaving space between crop fields being beneficial. Crops breeding - various resistances. weeds. fields needing to go fallow without fertilizer. farming equipment - planters, seed silos. needing lattices for berries. needing supports for fruit trees. functional use for scarecrows/ bird deterrent. Having drops tied to farming skill.
  9. Players can stop decay

    Some players told me they can stop decay. When food are storedin dispenser, dropper, large vessel and vanilla chest, food will not decay.I think you don't like this happening, so you setonce foodare took out, they should decay rapidly to avoid people using these container cheating. But now, some players told me when food are took out, they can stop decay by using knife to cut off decayed part immediately. This action will stop food decaying.
  10. Coconut palms

    The coconut tree is one of the most important cultivated plants in the world. It produces harvest year round. It has spread throughout much of the Tropics and can be found on nearly every tiny island in this area. It is known in many cultures as the tree of life due to it's nearly limitless uses: -the outer husk of a ripe coconut, called coir, can be used to make stuffing for mattresses and clothes, and white coir from unripe ones can be spun into string or rope. The dry husk can be crafted with string to make simple sandals that reduce fall damage a tiny bit, and used as firelighter and fuel. -the shell itself is useful as a dish or a container for both food and beverage. An intact coconut shell could be used as a jug. The shells can be piled on each other to create low walls. -the fluid inside is watery in unripe nuts, and can be used to quench your thirst. The milkier substance in ripe nuts is more nutritious but when drunk in too large quantities acts as a diuretic and a laxative. Considering the understandably strict rules on such mechanics, it shouldn't be too disgusting for the player's hunger and/or thirst bar to decrease faster when a certain limit is reached. -coconut meat is high in fat. It helps survival drastically. -the large leaves can be used to make roofing, baskets and sails. Coconuts are found in two varieties: green unripe and brown ripe ones. For clarity, the green ones are found in the trees and the brown ones on the ground. When left alone, both the ripe and unripe nuts slowly regenerate.
  11. Spearfishing

    I had an idea. How about spearfishing as a way to get early protein. The fish and squid that spawn in TFC are honestly more trouble then they're worth. I suggest a lowering of HP to be able to one-shot them with a thrown stone javelin. For a real world example, see this search of youtube.
  12. Granaries

    Grain decays a lot faster than I'd like, even in Vessels. And even then, more structures are always fun-so why not a Granary? Must be constructed of stone, with a minimum capacity of 1 block, and a maximum volume of 5 blocks per Y-level, in the shape of a +. A granary must be built on stone brick or raw stone, and capped-with stone brick, wood, or thatch in reverse order of effectiveness-and made of stone or wood, again in reverse order of effectiveness. Within, grain decays at one tenth speed (wood) or one percent speed (stone brick.) Placing the Granary Hatch creates a context sensitive space behind it akin to the Bloomery, turning Grain dropped from above into Grain Blocks. Grain is removed from the granary by breaking a block at the bottom (resulting in the Grain Blocks within returning to item form) or right-clicking the Granary Hatch to bring up the Granary interface. The total capacity of the Granary and current amounts will be displayed in said interface, and blocks immediately adjacent to the Granary Hatch will be immediately available for removal, represented as a stack in a central interface space like a barrel. Kind of vague and not without issues but I wanted to get the idea down, and out for discussion.
  13. Crayfishing/Crabbing/Lobster Hunting?

    Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No): Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. Yes. Crustaceans; They're very tasty, but people have allergies as well to them, and yet they're so attractive for food, pets even and just to look at. Terrafirmacraft can have hunting and trapping for these, and there are at least three varieties to catching them. You'd need to be able to break open their shells, which can also work as decoraitons or jewelry! (Not magical, just something pretty.) Bare-Hand/Weapon Admittedly a sword wouldn't be tremendously useful at catching a crab or crawdad, but a knife wouldn't be so bad. Bare-hand catching would only work with some things like beach and freshwater crabs, or crayfish, especially since they are small to get already. You will have to crack the shells off of them or store them quickly so they won't pinch you! You look for holes in rivers, lakes, ponds or near the coasts and you dig around (Right click) and you can get a little crab or crayfish! Trap Pods/Cages/Other traps can catch a variety of things, not just crustaceans, but let's focus on those for now. Baiting them with other fish would work as something to make them be caught faster, or a more plentiful amount (Up to ten or twenty for small creatures (Weight of 2/160?) and you won't need to kill them since they'd still be in the trap while you carry it home. Crack the shells off one at a time by crafting the knife with the trap. Set them in a lake or oceanic area with a bit of rope and a fence post, come back in half a day or a full day, and check it out. Net Not a trawl, just a small net. Low durability, but if you dive down you can get stuff like lobster, bigger crabs or a bunch of shrimp! If you see them swimming around or crawling in some cases, you can just scoop them up and take them away to the fire and enjoy a lobster roast!
  14. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No):Yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. What would you think... if you could make crapplesapples dipped in some sort of liquid, or apple pie? This is what my idea suggests. Huge food variety through texture and taste variety and combinations. You can dip foods, well, probably fruits, in any liquid, provided the liquid can't kill you (I wouldn't want a lava coated apple!). And there wouldn't need to be a different texture for each. By using some sort of metadata/NBT/whatever, you could easily keep the same item, but with a different texture (I know it's probably possible! Meat in a campfire slowly changes texture!), and you could have many combinations. --- Oh yeah, pie. You could get dough by mixing flour(which you would grind wheat or something to get) in some sort of water barrel/bucket. You could make pie, cookies, pizza, dumplings, biscuits or whatever. Just use a knife on it, put fruit in it if it's a pie, and shove it in a brick oven and try not to burn it or your house! The dynamic texture could apply to these, too! Wait.... I just had an amazing idea... which will be explained in the next section! --- FRUIT JUICE! Why can't we drink lemonade or apple juice in MC? I've always wanted to! Don't forget dipping apples in cranberry juice, to make crapples, with my dynamic texture suggestion! Put an apple or lemon or something(just not a tomato or you'll get some messy results) on some sort of simple thing, and you get juice! Put it in a bottle or something, and you get that juice! --- Just a bonus - MARSHMALLOWS! Eh... use sugar for this. Dip em in everything! Edit: Caramel.
  15. When i kill an animal i only get a small piece whit less than 20 ounces, is that a feature now? when i played in the last patch, the animals that i killed (pig and horse) used to drop like 8 pieces of meat whit 160 ounces each. If it isnt a feature, here`s the bug report. TFCVersion#:0.79.15 ForgeVersion#: SSP/SMP(Single/MultiPlayer): Both Description: When i kill an animal it doesn`t drop too much meat, only one small piece whit 20 ounces. Haveyou deleted your config filesorareusingdefaultconfigsandare still able to reproducethisbug?:No, i didn`t change or delete anything in the mod files. Doyou have any mods other thanForgeandTFC installed?:Yes,Optifine 1.7.10_HD_U_B5, i can reproduce the bug whit the mod uninstalled
  16. TFC Version #: b79.15Forge Version #: (Single/MultiPlayer): SSPSuggested Name: Unsure, bug could be related to the food item or to the vessel item, or to something else entirely.Description: While playing singleplayer survival mode, I randomly encounter food items that cannot be stored inside small vessels. As an example, slaying a deer yielded two haunches of venison. One of them I was able to put into a small vessel for storage, the other would not let itself be placed there. I observed similar things with bunches of seaweed I had harvested, porkchps dropped from pigs, mutton dropped from sheep, and tomatos harvested from wild plants. I did not observe it with garlic harvested from wild plans, yellow peppers harvested from my own farm, or rice grains (from wild plants, but refined). Unfortunately this only serves to underline how random it is, but I'd say that somewhere around two thirds of all the food items I procure are not storable in small vessels. They can be stored in other stroage mediums just fine, but I'd really like to have that decay reduction modifier... Fun bonus: I saved, quit and restarted the game. After doing so, one out of four previously unstorable items became storable all of a sudden, while the other three didn't. I read in the changelog that small vessels are supposed to reject items with incorrect NBT data. If that is the source of this bug, then somehow my game generates faulty NBT data for the majority of food drops it generates. Have you deleted your config files or are using default configs and are still able to reproduce this bug?: YesDo you have any mods other than Forge and TFC installed?: YesIf yes, which mods? - CodeChickenCore 1.7.10- - NotEnoughItems 1.7.10- - TFC NEI Plugin 1.7.10- - FastCraft 1.16If you have Optifine or Cauldron installed, can you still reproduce the bug after uninstalling them?: Neither of them is installed.
  17. Food/Water Poll

    I was playing tfc when i noticed that not eating has no fatal effects... Why is this? Plz post what you think about this. Also I am curious why there is no pumpkin pie in tfc either... Post in the comments if you want pumpkin pie in tfc!!
  18. I need a seed with lots of food

    Hiya guys i need a seed that provides food and surface ores or a cave with ores, that would be enough Thnx
  19. I was following the 'no nonsense' guide on the wiki, but I couldn't find enough food to sustain myself. Most of the berry bushes and fruit trees were not ripe yet, and the few that were just weren't enough. I could only find around 5-7 fruits/ vegetables. I'm using a seed that was on this forum and other people recommended as well, so other people could find enough food.
  20. Configuring Food Decay

    I've been experimenting with setting up a server for myself and my friends, but we've been running into a problem with food decay being simply too rapid for us to be able to manage it.However, I have no idea how to properly scale it from within the config menu. I'm hoping to scale it back quite a bit, would anyone have any recomendations?
  21. I have managed to stockpile a large amount of vegetables in my SSP world but their levels of nourishment are a bit low for the time imputed and I would like to see some way to prepare them for benefits. For example, cooking a potato and putting butter on it (butter from a churn) would satisfy more hunger than the raw potato. Also, will bread making become more realistic, or having to mill the grain in a quern or millstone, make the dough and cook it in some sort of oven (which would be awesome for us builders who think forges and firepits look gross in kitchens). It would also be nice to be able to get seeds (or the baby plant) from the product instead of smashing grass all day. Just an idea, and if this has been said before or if something else is in dev, my bad, I'm fairly new to the forums and TFC.