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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Welcome to Rome and the Roman Republic Our town is designed to model Roman building styles, and culture. We are located in the north west section of the main land body, you can see this on dynamap provided by the server website. Being that the server we play on is pvp free, everyone play peacefully, we like to trade with other towns and plan to build roads to connect most of the towns. Town Pics Members Wanted Our goal in Rome is to live like the real Romans, the best we can in TFC of course. We also want to build as many of the great Roman buildings as we can, such as the Colosseum[in Progress], Circus Maximus, and a large Roman Theater. Among other builds that both fit the style of Roman building, but also are realistic and are just has functional as they are visually pleasing. Smith THIS ROLE IS CURRENTLY FILLED: TelpinYou do not have to worry about ore and charcoal running out as other roles will be filled to provide those things at the ready. Another duty of the smith is to keep everyone tooled up, and to keep community tools on the tool rack. The tools everyone needs are the following: Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Sword, Mace, and the Prospectors Pick.Community tools include:Chisel, Hammer [Also kept in the anvil], and the saw.You must also melt down ore into ingots as the miners bring it in, this makes alloy production a lot easier. However do NOTmelt down, iron or go smelting all of it. Leave it in its raw ore form until needed as sometimes we will need just iron, other time we will need steel. We are just diving into the steel age, all tools should be made of regular steel NOTred, blue, or black steel. Armour should be bluesteel as it offers better protection from skeletons. Weapons should be made out of red steel as if does the most damage per hit. Herdsmen/Herdswomen THIS ROLE IS CURRENTLY FILLED: LydeckerThis is also an important role, this job doesn't need previous knowledge other than knowing the new animal system. You just need to shear the sheep on a regular basis and move them from the barn to the field as needed. Cows need to be milked and pigs need to be mated to provide meat [only breed in the spring or summer, and do NOT kill them we have a butcher type person for that, plus meat doesn't rot when its still walking.] and leather for the town. Sheep at times will also be killed and mated for sheep bladers because we have the leather water sack addon. Lumberjack/Lumberjill THIS ROLE IS CURRENTLY FILLED: DoomThe job of the lumberjack or lumberjill is to chop down the trees, stack the logs, and make charcoal when needed. The tools needed for this job, and these tools will be supplied to lumberjacks. Lumberjacks need shears for removing leaves at a much quicker pace than by hand, you also need ladders to climb larger trees, and of course a lumberjack need an axe to chop down trees. First, remove all leaves from trees to get saplings and sticks, use the shears to do this. [don't worry damage shouldn't occur to the shears] Climb the tree if need to reach all of the leaves. Second, chop down the trees, ladders that are placed on the tree will come down with it once they are chopped. Once all of the trees have been chopped down, place the logs in neat stacks behind the Villa, you will see some other logs already in piles. Put the logs you just collected in the same format and keep it neat and organized. After all of the tree farms have been tended to, check the charcoal chest in the forge if less than a stack is in the chest than get the charcoal pits going. Use the wood that is less used in building and produces lots of logs. [Doughless Fir, Willow, etc] As a lumberjack or lumberjill you must also manage the land in Rome, this means the spruce saplings that appear in Rome need to be removed before they grow, if they grow you must remove the trees don't bother with removing leaves as we have enough spruce around and its only good to burn really. Also because your role means managing our wood supplies you also need to supply log stacks to the following locations: Butchery, Pottery, and the Kitchen. The Butchery and Pottery require much more wood than the kitchen keep that in mind, as in one log pile for kitchen is good. Five to Ten stacks of wood is better for the pottery and the butchery. Brewer During the fall season our apple orchard will be filled with apples, you must harvest all the apples. In the Winery we have barrels that must be filled with water(This can be done simply by right clicking with a barrel in your hand on the fountain in front of the winery. For each barrel a full apple is needed, if all barrels are filled with cider or have been prepared with apples the rest of the harvest needs to be send to the fruit storage inside the villa. Your job is to also provide the butchery with the needed brine, and vinegar which are both require alcohol(cider). We also rarely produce whisky for drinking or party purposes in game, this is NOT to be used for vinegar or brine. Potter The job of the potter is to make all of the clay based or ceramic things we need in Rome, this is mostly the making of jars and ingot casts for the smith. However you could end up making water jugs and other items if they are needed such as for big trips. (Most of us don't need jugs as we have water sacks, however these are cheaper to carry large amounts of drinking water when needed.) Butcher For the first few days after you join you will NOT have to kill our animals, instead go fishing to raise your butchering skill so we are getting lots of meat from our pigs. Your main job is to salt, brine, then smoke the meat. After that you may need to speak to the potter, as you need to place the meat in jars then inside of barrels. Miner and the Mining Team As all towns do from time to time, we need intake of resources...particularly ore. We are looking for a head miner that directly works with the smith to figure out what is needed, you will eventually when we have enough people have a fully equipped team of miners. The team isn't needed other than to remove ore very quickly, as I've seen that 3 people can very easily remove an entire ore vein in under 30 minutes. Also to transport the large amounts of ore it is suggested that you carry a barrel full of vessels. The miner team may not be a full on team more so anyone who isn't busy with something else. Application Format IGN: Have you already been whitelisted on the server?[This means I want you to be whitelisted before applying, makes things easier.] What role are you applying for? Whatexperience do have in this role? How often can you be online? [Every day, just weekends, please specify.] We have started building houses in Rome, peasants homes are outside of the inner walls. However craftmasters get houses inside the walls or a room inside the main Villa. Ranking System in Rome This a list of ranks from lowest to highest, these are the basis for how things are ran in Rome. Things are sometimes ran likewise in other towns but not always. Slaves- These are the start for most new players in Rome, the job of slaves is to do the annoying painful work that others don't want to do. This is a rank that you will not be in for long. You exit being a slave by completing a large task or by winning you freedom in the Colosseum (The Colosseum is still being built so this isn't an option at the time. Peasants- They can fill in at any job they are needed in, and are working with craftmasters to help when needed. They get their own house and tools in a section in Rome, BEFORE building anything you get to build anything, you must get permission on the location from a one of the Consuls. You also need to do at least a little research into peasant type houses we have an example built of an upper class peasant house that you can draw from. Craftmasters- Are allowed to build houses in locations inside or closer to center of the City. They must however also go through the approval process BEFORE building. Craftmasters are any player that fills a role or job shown below, they work on that one job most of the time some take up hobbies to do when not working such as fishing. CoConsul- Elected monthly with votes from every player in the republic. There job is to fill in where needed or if they were a craftmaster before to still work on that job but with the extra work of this rank. The main purpose of the CoConsul is to act as a pep officer and keep everyone on task. CoConsuls can only be from Rome however the opinions and voting from everyone in the Republic matters. CoConsuls also act as a police and enforce laws in Rome, they can also suggest new laws for voting in the Senate. Consul- The leader of Rome and all of the Republic, makes laws, enforces laws, etc. Followers the same type of system as the CoConsul however is not voted on and remains in the job constantly due to the way towny works even though inRealRome, both consuls had equal power. The Roman Republic The Roman_Republic is our nation on the server, the server runs towny so went ahead and created our Roman_Republic. A few towns have already joined, they will not have to follow these rules to join as they have already joined. Advantages 1. We can help you progress such as shipping you a bloomery, and/or providing an anvil. We can also help to produce blast furnaces if materials are provide or we have surplus materials to produce one. 2. We often prefer to trade with towns in our nation, this means that we will make our trades a bit more fair when working with other Romans. 3. All towns with in the Republic get to vote for CoConsul, this vote is held monthly. Starting with this coming december all vote will be held on the weekend before the changing of a month, such as the last weekend in December. 4. We are going to be constructing a senate building shortly we are currently planning it out, all Republic towns get to send 1 member + an extra member for every 3 people in there town. These senators should be voted in by your town, and their names need to be sent to Rome so that we know who has been elected, only town mayors are allowed to provide this information so that miscommunication doesn't occur. Senators help to make laws for all Roman towns, eg the Roman_Republic. Requirements 1. Have at least 2-3 players in your town, a one person town is not a town. 2. You need to have some progress made on your own, such as a small house to escape the night in, and a basic charcoal forge. Laws 1. Farming the following crops are banned in Roman towns this is for role-play reasons as well as historical reasons, Tomatoes, Maize, Barley, Oat, Rice, Rye, Red Peppers, Yellow Peppers. [New crop seeds can be provided on request.] 2. Be kind to fresh spawns, other towns, and other nations. You also need to uphold Roman Pride to the fullest! 3. Build in Theme with other thing in town, this means but isn't limited too simular color patterns. Also the main thing is the shape of the buildings and their roofs, you can find example pictures on google. We also have an example of a high class Roman citizen's house, its in the peasant building area. Punishments for breaking these laws, can be anywhere from paying a fine to the nation, to being put in a town or national jail. You could also be removed from the nation for breaking these laws many times. Senate Towns can elect senators to represent them in the Republic, these senators come to Rome on a weekly basis to help brainstorm more laws, to vote on suggested laws or to take care of any problems in the Republic. Most of these meetings will occur on the weekends (Eastern US Time). A majority vote is required to pass laws, the Consuls have the right to veto laws if needed to stop them from being passed. However this will NOT happen often, its just a precaution. ALL court cases, laws, and treaties of any sort will be documented by the head Consul. The names of those you are present at the forming of a law or court case will be place at the end of the document. Documents are made via written books and are stored inside a locked safe for protection. The towns can run elections as they wish, however they are still elections so that means voting . Each town gets ONE senator plus ONE senator for every THREE people in their town. Roman Towns: Swamptown Jutetown Pompeii Bragging Rights in Rome 1. Rome and Myrhurst created the first road on the server to link two towns. 2. Rome created the first working blast furnace and made the first steel ingot on the server. 3. First to produce and use powder kegs. 4. First to take a bath, in a Roman Bath House. This town is only located on the server shown below, If you wish to join us please read the post below first.
  2. Jutetown (Darkagecraft Server)

    Jutetown is a quaint little settlement just directly south of Spawn, on the west coast of Jute Lake. To the east along the lake coast you can also find Hermitville, and then a little to the east of that is Swamptown, an outpost of the Roman Republic. Jutetown and Hermitville are currently both independant towns, not part of any nation. Jutetown lies close enough to the waters of Jute Lake to allow for easy farming while being far enough away to avoid seasonal floods. The area surrounding Jutetown is prolific with many natural crops, including rice grain, soybeans, greenbeans, and of course prolific amounts of jute, with more crops not too far away. To the east just south of the lake are many lava pools and basalt plains. Currently Jutetown contains a comfy rest stop, the Andesite Inn, as well as a single home dwelling, bakery/kitchen, a decent farmland, a fantastic smithery and metalworking shop, and basic temple to Dia'mand, god of the rocks. Jutetown also has a nice collection of piggies and sheeps, with wool being one of the main exports. The Jutetown town limits are pretty sizable so we have a good amount of area to build on. Jute town currently has one active resident (me, Kurzninja). We had more, but they apparently have stopped playing. So, I am looking for more recruits to help terraform, do some farming, and building some more residences and town buildings. Things planned for building are a town hall, bigger/better Dia'mand temple, storage barn, better animal pens, stone masonry shop, tailorshop (for wool making), and more. I would also like to work with Swamptown, Hermitville, and Avalon to build some connecting roads. If you'd like to join Jutetown (and you should ), simply come visit, say hi, and let's talk. Moar pictures available here.