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  1. Welcome to the Official Thread of madflavius's and yubyub96's JohnSmith for TFC texture pack! ----Acknowledgments---- This texture pack was originally created by the great JohnSmith over on the Minecraft Forums. He is a texture genius, and all credit for the design style and vanilla blocks goes to him. Additionally, some of the TFC menu GUIs were created by BluPixal here on the TFC forums. The Endermen skin comes from the Conquest texture pack, which is itself based on JohnSmith to some degree. ----Why another JohnSmith Pack?---- But madflav, someone else is doing a JohnSmith TFC pack! Yes, please do check out BluPixal's fantastic port of JohnSmith on this very forum! The reason I'm doing my own variant of the same pack is simple: JohnSmith, from the beginning, has allowed its users to heavily customize the particular "flavor" of their own pack. The JohnSmith Customizer allows a wide variety of choices, from the use of different textures of stone to doors and torches. I simply want to offer another variant on the gorgeous original pack. What differentiates your pack from BluPixal's, then? A number of things! First, I have a slightly different style to the GUIs, all of which are done but for the metallurgy screen (however, I am always eager to hear comments about the work, and I can certainly be persuaded to modify "finished" parts!). Secondly, I use a few non-John Smith elements in the pack, which I have been making for my sadly-still-Vanilla 1.3.2 server, Eleutheria. First, the skeletons are now "bandits" and use various human skins--yes, their legs and arms are gangly, but it fits better in the ancient/medieval aesthetic than do skeletons! But here is what really separates these two packs: unique tools, ores, rocks, and trees. Rather than using a palette-swapped version of each tool, I am drawing each metal's tool uniquely to give each level a different feel. Each tool is further based (as far as is possible with 32x32 pixels!) off an actual historical find. For instance, the bronze axehead is based off a Minoan find; the copper ax is based off the historical copper ax found on the body of the Iceman (no, not Val Kilmer) mummy found in the Austrian Alps. This will take me a bit longer to finish, but I think it's worth it. The rocks, too, will have a custom geology in line with their actual appearance. ----Screenshots---- Here are some screenshots and comparisons for your viewing pleasure. NEW 2/14/13! Marble brick, smooth marble, and dacite brick: a match made on Mt. Olympus! NEW 2/14/13 Logpile, bellows, charcoal pile, and some brick textures! Older Images Be vewy quiet...I'm huntin' cows--with javelins! Completed anvil texture. A few of the new shovels. L to R, top row: Copper, bismuth, rose gold, black steel. L to R, bottom row: black bronze, bismuth bronze, steel, wrought iron. Download Link Please be aware that this is a WIP pack. I would appreciate any feedback so that I can make it the best JohnSmith conversion possible. Download v0.1.7 (for Minecraft 1.4.6, TFC Build 75) (dropbox link) Also, if you have any ideas about historical examples of the various metals for the tools or weapons, please let me know. I'd love to implement your suggestions! Changelog 3/13/13 - v0.1.7 available for download! Changes: Added all metal axes and toolheadsAdded native gold oreAdded gold ingotAdded limestone: raw, cobble, brick, smoothed, iconAdded granite: raw, cobble, brick, smoothed, iconAdded rock salt iconAdded zinc, iron chiselAdded red, yellow, green bell peppers (first draft, will be fixed)2/14/13 - v0.1.6 available for download! Tons of changes and updates, mostly tools, which include:Fixed off-center tools, toolheads (blue, red, black steel pickaxes; bismuth bronze pickaxe toolhead and pickaxe)Added tin axe (and toolhead)Added toolheads for stone axe, shovel, and hoeAdded all metal shovel toolheadsAdded toolhead for iron axeAdded toolhead for copper axeAdded bismuth axe toolheadAdded new hickory doorAdded new kapok doorChanged birch doorAdded new (super sexy!) marble: raw, cobble, brick, smoothed, and iconAdded new dacite: raw, cobble, brick, smoothed, and iconAdded new chalk: raw, cobble, brick, smoothed, and iconAdded new siltstone: raw, cobble, brick, smoothed, and iconAnd yubyub96's updates:Added copper hoe (and toolhead)Added stone knife, hammer (and toolheads)Added tin axe, pickaxe (and toolheads)Added bismuth axe (and toolhead)Added zinc hoe (and toolhead)Changed bronze hoe (and toolhead)Added several new crops and fruit tree textures2/10/13 - v0.1.5 available for download. Not as many changes as previous updates, still getting back into the swing of things:added all pickaxesadded all pickaxe headsOlder Changes 12/6/12 - v0.1.4 available for download! Lots of changes and updates this time: added default door textures (missing before)added default quern handstone (missing before, thanks bubba_h0tep!)added default squash, green bean, soybean seeds (missing before, thanks bubba_h0tep!)added missing growth stages of the various plants (missing before, thanks bubba_h0tep!)added rock salt textureadded molten metal bloomery blockimproved igneous stones textures to match RL stonesimproved Douglas fir textures and some minor changes to othersmade different textures for each dirt type, with new clay texturesnew ores: malachite, nickel, cassiterite, native copper, hematitemade new saplings for chestnut, hickory, and sequoiamade metallurgy tablemade logpiles look less redimproved several wood texturesadded cooked egg, corn12/5/12 - v0.1.3 available for download. Changes:Food update! Orange, banana, red apple, green apple, potato, carrot, cherry, plum, peach, olive, all breads, onion all added.11/29/12 - v0.1.2 available for download. Main change (besides updating to Build 69) is:health, hunger, and thirst icons JohnSmithified!11/19/12 - v0.1.1 available for download. Updates include:logpilescribing tabledirts, clay, sand, and dry grassbarley, rice, wheat, rye, carrots, and onionsmetallurgy, calendar GUIsquernimproved wood planksbellowscharcoal blockmany new rock textureschanged unfired, fired ceramic moldsall unshaped ingots11/16/12 - v0.1.0 made available for download! Updates to v0.1.0 include:All shovels for all tool metals completed.Tool heads updated for finished tools (except for the shovels).Firestarter finished.Bloomery block updated.(yubyub96) All logs, plank blocks, and wooden doors completed.Fired and unfired ingot molds updated; I might end up changing this design, however.Fixed the orientation of all tools and sprites--they were a few pixels off-center.(yubyub96) Several of the rock blocks updated!11/6/12 - v0.1.0 underway. Newly finished pieces include:All bronze tools and weapons completed!Copper Tools: Pick, Shovel, AxeRed/Blue Steel buckets (may change depending on how I interpret red/blue steel in the tools themselves)Gold pans (empty, sand-filled, gravel-filled) done11/5/12 - Thread started! Since there isn't a release yet, I'll keep track of my updates and changes from here.