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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.

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  1. I would like to present my recent work - TFC Progressive Pack ver. 1.53 - extension of technology, transportation and weaponry beyond TerraFirmaCraft lifespan. Mod pack contents are /mods, /config and /scripts directories, which must to be unpacked into .minecraft directory (I recommend to purge these directories prior to unpacking) The main modpack assumptions are: no ore duplicates, TFC ores and items are a core of the modpack, other mods uses TFC resources extensively. additional tech. mods are fully unlocked on advance of TFC tech. chain (crucial items and blocks of post-TFC mods need end-game TFC materials) most of receipts are altered by Minetweaker scripts, NEI use is strongly recommended some vanilla items are unlocked, but need advance into TFC tech tree (for example vanilla furnace need iron) diverse mob strength and spawn conditions, valuable drops from rare strong mobs ingame manual/diary List of all mods included in modpack (underlined bold are mandatory mods involved in modpack crafting receipts, italics are client side mod): Wiki is hosted here Some images: Known issues: Important notes: Please do not hesitate to point me any bugs or problems. Modpack contain readme file with all mods author credits listed, hope that I met all license stuff correctly. Please note, since ver.0.4, modpack hosted by github. Download link is here:
  2. ProjectPer Fabrica ad Astra (through crafting, to the stars) is a hardcore technical-terrafirmacraftpack designed for experienced players. This pack aims at providing a complete, believable and smooth experience from stone age to interstellar travel, with heavy engineering content in mind. Survive, mine, craft, design your base and your automation, manage your power generation and consumption, shape the world with your hands and in the end create the massive factory you have ever dreamed of. This pack provides many unique challenges in automation, as there are no magic block which can solve every problem. You will need to use all available tools: transport belts, trains, servos, redstone and gates, or even computers to reach your objective. The gameplay can be identified with a few “ages”: Stone age to Bronze age provided by vanilla TFC. Steel age – Basic industry with Immersive Engineering and Industrialcraft 2, unmanned resource extraction and great increase in resource processing efficiency. Petrochem age – Enhanced industry featuring chemistry and oil refining, powered by Magneticraft, Pneumaticcraft, IE and IHL. Have you ever seen a real oil refinery? Aluminium age – Starting advanced rocketry, making advanced components and extracting minor elements from minerals. Titanium age – Basic space flight, moon landing, UUM production by the particle accelerator, experimental fusion devices. Tungsten age – Top-tier-insanely-complex material production, interstellar travel, ultimate productivity enhancement. Endgame – Mekanism self-sustainable fusion as the ultimate goal. This pack is intended for group playing due to its complexity, and is guided with quests and manuals with a storyline. Join us on discord for discussions: The modpack can be downloadedon ATLauncher: If you already have ATL installed, just search for "Per Fabrica ad Astra" in the packs list, if not, you can get ATLauncher here: Some screenshots and flowcharts:
  3. Its been about a 4 month break but I'm back at it again.... Enjoy!
  4. [1.7.10] Toadally TechnodeFirmaCraft

    Greeting I've been a member of this community for some time, and have often browsed around on TerraFirmaCraft forums in search of developments as well as active server communities in which to hang out. Lately, however, I've seen a dwindling of online communities here, and have recently purchased a server with the hopes of offering a renewed interest in the game to others. Information This server is running TechnodeFirmaCraft, a modded version of TFC which provides an extension of sorts from the Steel age up toward Industrial. Its most notable mods include Mekanism and Immersive Engineering. The modpack may be installed through the ATLauncher. The server also includes protection support from the MyTown2 plugin, allowing users to create their own factions, towns, and with enough citizens, even cities! To start your town, all you need is one copper ingot. Once you're ready to found your town, type /town new <name> Another important feature of this server is its use of an economy system. Utilizing the Merchants mod, we provide a backbone of currency to trade for goods in our server. We have a spawning area in which you may buy and sell merchandise. The economy is an Iron-based one, meaning that you know the value of your currency has some real-world value to you as a player, not just some arbitrary number with no value. Your coinage can be traded back and forth from Iron Ingots. We use a coinage system similar to Dungeons and Dragons. Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum coins, with each coin being worth tenof the previous. 10 CP = 1 SP, 10 SP = 1 GP, 10 GP = 1 PP; with Iron Ingots being worth 1 SP. Players begin the game with 50 CP to spend at the spawn location for supplies before they venture out into the world! Our Discord Server has a connection to the minecraft chat, allowing you to communicate back and forth with players who are in-game even if you are not on the server. This server is open to the public and is not whitelisted. The server is administered by myself and my boyfriend, who himself does most of the moderating on the server, whereas I handle the server side of things. Rules I would like to think that most rules I write in here would be self-evident - we're just relaxed and like to hang out. Come play, build your world, and try not to be a jerk. PvP is allowed only if both parties agree. Server Details Attention: When you install TechnodeFirmaCraft, do not install the Prattle mod. Prattle will cause you to crash. Server careful if you Copy/Paste this into Minecraft that you do not accidentally copy a space after the link.) Discord Server: *The server has 5GB of RAM allocated to it, and is hosted in Montreal Canada.
  5. Just a Little server I put of for the Reditus TFC modpack on Twitch. to join please be ready for some light/heavy, Roleplay. This server is based around a Kingdoms aspect Community with player defined currency and borders. To join Please add the TFC Merchants add-on to the Reditus modpack. JustDownloadthis file and place it into the mods folder of the pack! Hope to see you all there! Server Map:
  6. I'm working on a new modpack from the ground up, how would I assign weight/size properties to various items? On top of that, is there any other tips or information anyone thinks I should have going into this?
  7. Per Fabrica Ad Astra pack - TCO Network

    TCO Network has added a new server for the Per Fabrica Ad Astra mod pack by Wormzjl. Discussion thread here: This is a new map created on March 10th, 2018. The pack is hosted on the ATLauncher, with some extra mods added by the Network. There is a step by step guide to installation here: TCO Network is run by mature adults and is a great place to play without the whining and begging you see on so many other servers. Come join us today, for a bit of fun, and a challenging pack that rewards determination and skill. TCO also has Unabridged and BevoTech pack servers.
  8. Hello community, Splash aka Shizaru online! Although I'm not the first who came up with this idea, but still I think it's just a fantastic idea! Well duck... What is this? TerraFirmaGreg: New Horizons (TFGNH) is a project to combine a huge number of mods with TFC by adding GregTech mod. Only 6th version GregTech'a allows to do it (thank you Greg).But how did GregTech help me combine such a huge number of mods (200+)? If you have ever played Minecraft with a mod GregTech 6 (no matter what version, the main thing that the 6th), then I think you know what a huge amount of integration (compared to the 5th Gregtech'om is really a lot) added the author of this miracle.This modpack I would call SevTech, but at 1.7.10, although it does not allow a number of huge differences.Think the main told, move to another. My ideas Well, first I would like to share their thoughts and to tell me what to do. Well, first of GregTech. GregTech 6 in this build as I have time to speak is the bridge between the"worlds" TFC and other mods this build. Himself GregTech modified thanks to addon QwerTech. Personally I never studied GT, but thanks to this Assembly\idea I got acquainted with it closer. I began to understand many things that are likely to stand in the way of developing this miracle. And of course the main motivator and what prompted me to make this build a reality-this build GT New Horizons. Was going to say that GT5 I immediately wanted to leave because with him a lot more problems in the direction of the configs, well, with 6 of such problems much less. Also in this build will definitely have the quests on their development, I am actively working, so long will not have to wait. Personally, I plan to make at least 1000 quests... Yes, it sounds crazy, but at least I'll try Modpack will also allow us to fly into space. Well of course GC (GalactiCraft)... It will also be modified and modified by Addons and GregTech. Bosses will have more lives and more damage. In General, space-a place for the hardcore (like all modpack General). Well, I'm all about industry... Talking about RPGs and Magic I leave open because I would like to make the gameplay interesting and long-lasting, fashion-type DivineRPG\Nevermine, it's Thaumcraft, but... This can greatly change the gameplay to make the Assembly just difficult in the early stages and people because of the frequent deaths lost interest to pass it. Thaumcraft is a great mod, but the magic I personally think is not very much and fits into this mix. So I would like to ask you, is it necessary to add these mods and how to change to play it nicely? I will understand all ideas and will already solve everything. But for sure I will put a mod on a huge number of mobs... Lycanite's Mobs. Damage and of life HP will be increased. This is an incomplete list of my ideas, it will be gradually replenished! List to do Finish adding mods (about 50% complete). Change or completely remove craft of some things. Remove all found bugs (if found). Publish and create a page on the TFC forum (ENGv.). Publication on CurseForge website and Twitch client(ENGv.). Finish the translation modpackon Russian language (Yes, I Russian). Publication on the website (RUSv.). About the release I still have to dream about the release... Before the release of this modpack still very far away. But I'd like to finish it at least 50% in the last months of 2018, ideally 70% (do everything except quests). If everything happens this way, then everything will be well, just gorgeous. In the meantime, we'll wait... In conclusion In conclusion, I would like to say that this modpak will definitely come out and I will not forget it, like a nightmare. But I would be very happy if you would help me in creating a modpack with your ideas and wishes. In the meantime, that's all. The list of mods will be presented only when it is finished. I'm going into the shadows... See you soon!
  9. [] Forests of Terra

    FORESTS OF TERRA About us: Forests of Terra is a new whitelisted server that I'm hoping to be around 30 members big with a large thriving community that lasts for monhts. This server is not like any other TFC server as we try and focus on the beauty of the game to maximise the enjoyment and increase the longevity of which you will want to play for. We achieve this by adding a lot of graphical mods and new sounds which includes a new soundtrack and for the first time in years I'm playing minecraft with the music ON becuase it makes the game feel less like a game but nature in it's purest from, hence the name Forests of Terra Mods: We use a lot of additional mods to try and improve tfc not only with game mechanics but content, graphical enhancements and new and amazing audio. You do not have to download the mods separately as we have complied them all into one file which can be found in our discord. How to join: Join our discord with the link below and submit an application form, if everything goes well you will be accepted. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, and Ihope that you all apply and I'll see you there
  10. Mod Pack Creation questions

    Hello Everyone! I have been considering an attempt to build a modpack and have a couplequestion that I was hoping someone could answer for me. 1.) The first question is world generation. I have comparedand contrastedsome tfc based modpacks to vanilla ones (mainly terrefirmaPunk) and one of the things I noticed is that tfc dose not generate any structures such as villages or temples and with that in mind how would add in custom generation from other mods such as new liquids or dungeons? 2.)with #1 in mind is it possible to bring vanilla villages back in without touching the TFC codeitself? It should be noted I am finishing up my junior year at a vocational school where I am learning to code so while I have not touched any Java I understand it is somewhat similar to c# which I have played around with. I should also mention I am writing this on a school notebook that the IT department has locked down pretty hard so I cant do any real testing to figure out these things myselfuntil Imy is desktop fixed.
  11. TFC360

    PACK IS NOW AVAILABLE June 1st 1000 B.C.E... Dulakaba sat in his dugout shelter staring ahead as he gnawed on the chunk of roasted pig. The hole in the clay bank was small but it was a blessed refuge from the Night Things. The walking flesh and bones of the restless ancestors growled and moaned as they shuffled past the entrance he had blocked up with sturdy logs. He still reeled with disbelief...Everyone was gone, every last member of his tribe had perished to the night things, he was the last... He knew much about living in this hostile world. However being pushed out of the safety of the village in this - the cold new spring - meant that things were going to be hard at first... very hard. Old Atuku had taught him the rudiments of working copper and bronze, and dear sweet Ereketh had shown him many times how she nurtured and coaxed the green shoots from the giving earth. Paku the weaver had told him stories as she twisted cordage and even the medicine man Agaru had freely shared his wisdom. However Dulakaba was a hunter, indeed his javelins had taken down the old boar that now warmed his belly and its skin would soon provide a new quiver. But here he was, needing to do the work of a whole village. He now must be hunter, farmer, smith, weaver... and medicine man. As he wiped the juice from his beard and longed for a drink of water he recalled Agaru's words... "360 days is the cycle of the year, then the stars return to their places, day is the time of 'that which is good', the night holds the restless ancestors. Honor the bounty of the land and do not let the sun set upon you unless you are a mighty warrior..." Dulakaba swore an oath then speaking to all and none... " Atuku, Ereketh, Paku... Agaru. I am Dulakaba, you know me, know I will honor your spirits by using all you have taught me to survive and become a mighty warrior that I need not fear the sun's setting! But know that if I find you walking among the restless ancestors I shall not spare you!" A guttural growl from outside reminded him that he was not alone and he fell silent... Welcome to the TFC360 modpack. This modpack is currently hosted on theFTB portion of the Curse Client.FOUND HERE This mod is not available through the legacy launcher of FTB, It can be located in theCurse Chat Client by 1. Launch CCC 2. clicking the minecraft Icon on the left side (looks like a creeper's face), it will ask you to install Minecraft if you have not used the app before. 3. , selectthe "Browse All Modpacks" button. 4. lastly in the new window choose sort by Author (top right box) and then search for Dulakaba or TFC360. The Icon that appears will be a photo of a Grizzly Bear with the word Kache. CLICK HERE FOR A SHORT VIDEO ON HOW TO GET THE PACK As a trained survivalist, and hunting &fishing guide versed in the craft of neolithic and 1st nations wilderness living I found TFC to be a thrilling experience that sometimes felt devoid of some of the aspects of wild living, and the default TFC year (96 days) felt too short. The purpose of this pack is to create a play experience using a 360 day year and to integrate the PlantMegaPack into TFC . This allows some PMP assets (plants of several sorts) to be used in the fashion that they were used by the First Nations peoples of our planet. THIS MODPACK IS SET TO PLAY A 360 DAY YEAR, this is not only so that the Stellarsky mod works in harmony with TFC, but also so that one must play a true hunter gatherer at first. It is also to insure that any PMP additions don't over power TFC. NOTE: Please give the pack a try in its default state before changing things. Due to the limitations of the mods involved as well as a desire to not break the progression arc of TFC the config files for many of the mods are preset. Ores are a little more populated than in default TFC and mining collapses are turned off. Many people find the load time on a fresh map to be quite long due to the mod weight, so I have included a great starting map so you can load up and try the mod right away. I suggest putting your render distance on low and using fast setting for initial map load, then crank it up to your preferences on a second map load. This pack is meant to be a learning experience both for me as the assembler and for you the player. Thus while I will provide you with some basic information of where to look for recipes, I will leave it to you to discover the particulars via NEI. A Documents folder is included in the pack directory with the pdf files for the udary mod and a copy of the information in this post. Getting started: When you first enter a map use the 'u' key to turn off the Stellarsky HUD. This scenario starts at June 1st 1000 B.C.E. There may likely be ice still in the waters if you appear very far north and the early crops have just begun approaching maturity. One starts as a hunter-gatherer and so fish, fowl, and animals will be a prime food source. Augment your diet with TFC seaweed and the few ripe food plants that will be available.. A 360 day year means everything matures more slowly. If you are patient and survive the difficult first month, a bounty of crops awaits you. Use that initial time to get your tools in order and to get a garden going. PMP: PMP is set to remove all bamboo related recipes and to reduce the over all plant spawns so that finding fields full of raw materials is unlikely to happen. NONE of the PMP foods function in TFC and while I took the time to make recipes to craft the extensive hanging plant collection and hangers of PMP, any PMP berry bushes will need to be converted to their TFC equivalents, and PMP crop plants will need to be converted to TFC seeds. One MAY NOT convert PMP berries or crops to actual food, this represents finding a wild cultivar of a species with fruit / crops from the previous year that must be grown to be domesticated. One may convert PMP items by simply placing the bush / crop in the crafting window. Toss those old PMP berries away, they are too old to be edible... Mine Tweaker Recipes I have added many custom recipes using Mine Tweaker. (remember to see recipes, open inventory with 'e' then use the search box at the bottom of NEI for the final products, mouse over the item you want to craft and use 'R') PMP Hanging plants: use a stick, the normal plant and a ceramic bowl to craft hanging plants. (The hangers themselves are easily found in NEI for details.) Wedge splitting softwoods: A stone hammer, a stone knife and a softwood log placed in the crafting grid will give two lumber (knife is lost due to breaking under the strain). Uses Pine, Fir, Spruce, Willow and Kapok. Other woods are too hard for the simple stone tools. Camp fire charcoal: Some but not all Hardwoods like Oak, Ash, Hickory and a few others can be put in the campfire to make a single piece of charcoal. You will have to experiment to see which ones. This process takes a long time and it will use much fuel for a small return. Lime chunks from coral fragments. If you brave the depths and harvest some coral, it can be broken into fragments in the crafting grid. These fragments can be heated in the campfire to make a simple calcium compound usable in the place of limestone. This is a delicate and slow process, the coral must be heated ever so slowly to avoid the release of carbon dioxide or the ruining of the final product, so be patient! To insure that one does not gas themselves or burn up the coral, use Ash, Oak, Maple or Douglas Fir as fuel, no other woods hit the right temp. Break up the resulting lime with a hammer. Flu-Flu Arrows. Feathers are not the only fletching material used by our ancestors. One may use a stone, a stick, some string / yarn and a tuft of wool to make 2 arrows. This represents the use of 'flu-flu' fletching Alternate bed recipe: 3 burlap cloth, 3 thatch blocks, and 3 lumber creates a functional (if somewhat uncomfortable) bed. String and rope. Our ancestors used many materials for rope and string. Use the recipe function in NEI to find sources of string and rope made from: Cattails Dwarf Palmetto Cordgrass Pale Yucca Sphagnum moss Fertilizer from zombie flesh Are the walking dead making life hard? Well use them to make life better! Grind a stack of 10 zombie flesh in the quern to make a single fertilizer. Tannin from ash wood, use standard TFC tannin barrel recipe with an ash wood log. Fire clay. While graphite and kaolinite are indeed used in modern fire clay, our ancestors were not so fancy. Any block of sand and 3 clay balls will make a single ball of fire clay. Remember to scatter the clay around the sand rather than stack the clay balls. Fire flint: a piece of magnetite picked up off the ground and a piece of flint make a basic flint and steel. Note that poor magnetite wont work (it is too impure) also magnetite and rich magnetite mined from ore blocks is too large to fit the hand comfortably. Udary mod allows one to use a hammer and ore in the crafting grid to break large ores into smaller pieces. Potions: The following potions are made by adding the correct plants and items along with an awkward potion in the crafting grid. Check NEI for the recipes. Night vision 1 waterbreathing 1 regeneration 1 (takes many items to make) Swiftness 1 10 bottles of awkward potion are gained by sealing a stack of 10 woolly Gompus (a rare mushroom) in a full barrel of vinegar for 8 hours. Drop empty potion bottles in your crafting grid to get a TFC bottle back out. Any issues with this modpack should be directed to me rather than the mod authors. Mod list with notes TFC 0.70.29 (Bioxx, Dunkleosteus, Kittychanley) Not Enough Items (Chickenbones) all custom recipes show in NEI Terrafirmacraft NEI Plugin (Dries007) Fastcraft (Player) Damage Indicators (rich1051414) Decorations(TFC) (Aleksey Terzi) Leather Waterskin (Emris_Morath) Terrafirma Stuff (Bunsan, AnodeCathode) Terramisc (Powerman913717) TFCPewter (Peffern) Cellarsaddon (sladki) Better Boat (SanAndreasP) due to the mod syncing boat and server locations these boats can rubber-banda bit. Bibliocraft (JDSinclair) BibliowoodsTFC (JDSinclair) Farseek (delvr) Mine Tweaker 3 (Stan Hebben) TFC Tweaker (Stray Wolfe) Plant mega Pack (10paktimbits) Skinport (zlainsama) This allows you to use your current minecraft skin in 1.7.10 complete with outer layers Stellar Sky (Abastro) Set to the actual sky for june 1st 1000 B.C.E and adjusted for correct sunrise and sets. (use the 'u' key to close the Stellarsky HUD) Streams (delvr) WAILA (ProfMobius) Udarymod (Bletch) TFCScales(Acid-Maker&Chogata) Fingerintheiwnd (Konlii) DEPENDANCIES: Code Chicken Core (Chickenbones) IVtoolkit 1.0.3 (Ivorius) Bookshelf 1.7.10 - (darkhax, lclc98) sciAPI 0.5.2 (Abastro) COMING in 2.0 TFCshaman, a custom mod that adds drums, a rattle, flute and medicine pouch. You will be able to become a shaman and tap the mysterious forces of the Endermen, Spiders, Zombies, horses, Bears and other denizens of TFC! ETA FEB 15 2017. Note: While I am a big fan ofDynamic Lights (AtomicStryker) it is not included in this pack due to Licensing issues via Curse. Also I tried adding Cooking with TFC but could not get it to work. I have not added some of Peffern's other coolmods like the well and pumkin mods but I HIGHLY recommend them. Edited to add tags
  12. Please read all Announcements Soon server will have monthly or bi monthly goals/tournaments/or achievements to win Amazon Gift card. Current Modpack: If you are having errors on server login. Delete your.minecraft\GunCus folder. Copy all mods in this download to mods folder. Missing or extra mods will cause you not to connect. If you make a new instance. Please replace all files on modpack update. List of server mods include Bibliocraft Minepainter Better records Custom NPC Leather Water Sac Terra Misc Automated Bellows & + TFC0.79.29.922 Custom Guns Tool Box Trade Booths Hardcore Darkness Too Much Time Server IP: How To: Press O to enable and disable Not Enough Items Press R over item to show recipe About Day cycle is one 30 minlong. Beds are useful. PVP enabled with death chest. No towny, greif protection Use gunman to protect valuables. Gunman one shot players, and respawn in 20 seconds. Regular guards for areas, and perimeter. Use bowman to stop players attacking your guards from above. Hire followers, such as Guard Boy, Bow Girl, Bear, or wolf to fight with you in your adventures. Items such as mob drops are exchanged for coins, used in shops. Faction mob kills drop orbs. Which can be used to purchase rare items. Orbs can also be purchased at high price. Enchanting table works for tools, and for projectile protection. Loot does not work. PM me here to get access to your faction guards. PM me with your faction name. Share music with radio stations, or etch your own records with single or multiple tracks. If you have link to mp3, or radio station. Requeset custom paintings to be added to Bibliocraft. I can pixilate for you as well. Check forum post here for updates on custom recipes and changes. Updates Custom Recipes crafted in Carpentry Bench Open your carpentry bench UI. There is a list, end of list is custom Vividcraft recipes. Playing Make sure you have most current version of modpack installed for full experience. Replace all files in mods folder. When ready for town guards. PM here. Players with factions get orbs, used to gain access to purchase faction guards, and to give to other players sames access to faction. Commands /home set Sets your home to current position /fwarp name set Set your personal named warp point. Max allowed 2 /fwarp name delete Filedrop: Upload here. Get file link here Radio Crystal: Go here use mp3 link to listen to radio Server is not pre generated. Please allow me to figure out how to do it best.
  13. Living on the edge

    I would like to share my adventures during trial run of my TerraFirmaProgresivePack. This game is in pure survival mode, no cheats/creative/peaceful helpers (the only cheat is Reis Minimap with radar enabled, but I need it to control custom spawning of creatures). My creations are rather ugly, because I was focused on their functional purposes (and trying to survive). I chose to play seed 8324927933154456079, with spawn located in subtropical acacia jungle. It was rather hard to survive, especially because spawn was located at the top of a trees - it hurts! There was very thin layer of soil covering basalt or shale solid rock, therefore I was unable to dig trenches. I cut some trees and run along the beach seeking some drinkable water. I found a pond adjacent to hot springs, not fat from the sea and with some lava fissures nearby and spectacular lava fall. Spot was located near the edge of the acacia jungle, wood-less plains and mountains extend in a north direction. There was also clay, but thin layer was exploited quickly and give no possibility to make cover up - therefore I panicked start to throw some logs here and there, creating small, ugly shelter just before dusk. Making temporary shelter from logs was not a good idea - i takes some time (and many stone axes) to disassemble it later (using log heaps and thatch blocks is a batter solution, if you have a little more time), but least I had safe place to make stone tools and pottery. The only animals were pigs and chickens. With fireplace I was able not only to prepare food, but also use ashes to make dirt base liquor, which allow me to prepare leather, unfortunately acacia had no tannin for finishing leather. This wood had also too low temperature to melt sand. I decided to make excursion to the north. I don't have many pictures from the beginning, because I was trying to survive.
  14. TerrafirmaPack PACKCODE: Terrafirmacraft (On Pack tab click the Add Pack button in top left. This will prompt you for the PackCode.) An ATLauncher modpack for just TFC and any TFC compatible mods and Addons. You can personalize your instance with mods or just have it pure. You can choose from various utilities, minimaps, client side mods and TFC addons. Just check the ones you want and you are good to go. The only configs provided are OpenEye , CustomMainMenu (a TFC themed main menu is being designed), which are required, and Inventory Tweaks, Better Foliage, Dynamic lights and Hardcore Darkness, which will download their TFC-compatible configs when selected. Server Owners you can use packshare codes to help your players build an instance compatible for your server. Build an instance that has the base mods that players can use on your server. Once the instance is built right-click the TFC logo image and you can generate a Share Code, which your players can enter to automatically generate the proper instance. Please report bugs to appropriate developer. Please report any problems with pack or ATLauncher to Bunsan or AnodeCathode on the TFC forum. Included Mods: Required: CustomMainMenu with ResourceLoader OpenEye Optional: Utilitiy Mods Fastcraft AromaBackup Information Mods NotEnoughItems TerraFirmaCraftNEIplugin Waila DamageIndicatorsMod ClientSide Mods SoundFilters Connected Glass Inventory Tweaks Better Foliage Dynamic Lights Item Physics Lite Hardcore Darkness MiniMaps MapWriter 2 JourneyMap Voxelmap Opis Libraries (Loaded automatically if needed) CodeChickenCore AromaCore liteloader Mobius Core FarSeek Addons Decorations TFC add-on by aleksey_t Merchant AddOn by aleksey_t Merchants Containers by aleksey_t BiblioCraft with BiblioWoods[TerraFirmaCraft] by NucHaz Streams by delvr Animal Crate by TaeoG TerraMisc by Powerman913717 Cellar Addon by Saldki Leather Water Sac for TFC by Emris TFC-Tweaks by Dries007 TFC-Additions by raymondbh Udary Mod by Bletch Automated Bellows Addon by Sladki BetterStorage-TFC by CopyGirl, modified by TechNode Googly Eyes by Dries007 TooMuchTime-TFC by dmillerw, modified by TechNode TerrafirmaStuff by Bunsan Finger in the Wind by Konlii TerraFirmaPumpkins by Peffern TFCPewter by Peffern TFC Metal Index by Peffern TFC Wells by Peffern
  15. After a long, successful and very fun run with the TNFC Server, the time has come to move on. After 4 different maps and 300 odd players over them, we've had some great times, great builds and tons of laughs. Hope to see you all for whatever our next TechNode project might be. Anode This is the official server for the TechNodefirmacraft (TNFC) pack on the AT Launcher. TNFC integrated a number of tech mods (Railcraft, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism to name a few) into a smooth and complete experience that takes off where the TFC progression comes to an end. The official TNFC server just launched a new huge map on Friday and we're always happy to have more join in as we explore the new world and build away. This pack does run a slightly customized version of TFC to allow some better integration with some of the mods in the pack. No plugins are run. No cheaty /back /home /tpa commands. If you want to get around quickly, then it's up to the players to build it. The only admin tools we use are Forge Worldborder to keep folks on the pregenned chunks and FTB utilities which allows players to claim chunks for themselves and prevent others from doing anything in those chunks unless designated. The server is whitelisted, we're looking for mature, self starters with a good sense of fair play and a keen sense of humour. If you'd like to join the server, submit an application on our forums. There is no hard age limit. As long as you don't have a history of server bans, and can exhibit mature behaviour, all are welcome. The server is a dedicated i5 4670k with 16GB of RAM running CentOS 6. A RAID 10 array supports the world providing both security and performance. Daily backups and 4 daily restarts as well as a completely pre-genned map ensure a smooth playing experience. The admins have a long history of moderating and running servers and have the tools and knowledge to keep the tick rate up, keep the griefers away and ensure everyone has a good time. Details on the TNFC Modpack are available here If you have any questions about the pack or the server, feel free to come ask away on IRC: #technode@espernet. Hope to see y'all soon! AnodeCathode
  16. TFC's ore generation

    Hello, I'm creating a new modpack with TFC, can you provide me formula of veins spawning with tfc's vein generation and which is averages volumes of each vein's sizes?
  17. Yet another Terrafirmacraft based pack. However, rather than focusing on advancing in technology and machinery, this pack has some elements of the game Don't Starve. The grindyness of normal TFC has been reduced just a little bit, and there may be more than one way to obtain certain materials(where I deemed it was logical). Expect darkness, a bit of magic, and many deaths. This pack is balanced around the vanilla hardcore difficulty.Pack Code: ReignOfTerra On the FTB Launcher Current Version: 1.1(Last updated Dec25th) Please Report Issues to the FTB threadhere This is a fairly small pack(about 55 mods). This is not a questing pack, it is simply meant to be played on hardcore difficulty, and you're meant to figure things out on your own(hence I will not outright post any spoilers about the pack in this initial post, however, if you have a question about something, feel free to ask). Due to me not having a server I can test on, I have not yet uploaded a server file(I want to make sure things work first). If you are interested in hosting a server with this pack, PM me on the FTB forums. I generally cater to SSP in my pack design, so do note that some bits of the usual TFC progression may be less grindy than normal. Changelog: 1.0: released 1.1: added sprinkles for vanilla, configured drops for void monster, stone bricks can now be used for a beacon base Mod List
  18. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    This is a WIP modpack focused around Terrafirmacraft available on the Feed The Beast launcher ( via a private pack code. Will you survive the trials of the elements and physics? Will you advance far enough to capture energy and bend it to your will? Please notify mod authors when submitting crash/bug reports of the use of Fastcraft Pack Code: technofirma Mod List: AquaTweaks BackTools BC Builders BC Factory BC Transport Better Rain Better Sleeping Core BiblioWoodsTFC BNBGamingLib BuildCraft CellarsAddon Cobble Haters CoFHCore Computronics CoroPets Crafting Tweaks Cuchaz Interactive Custom Modpack Decocraft Dynamic Lights Electrical Age Extended Renderer FastCraft Flood Lights Forge Microblocks Forge Multipart Hardcore Questing Mode iChunUtil Immersive Engineering Inventory Tweaks IvToolkit Leather Water Sac Localized Weather & Storms (Weather 2) Machines MalisisCore MattDahEpic Core MC+ Collision MC+ Wheel Memory Cleaner Merchants Containers MineTweaker 3 MobiusCore MrTJPCore NEI Addons NEI Integration OpenComputers OpenPrinter planetguyLib ProjectRed Compatibility ProjectRed Fabrication ProjectRed Transmission Push and Shove Remain In Motion Revamp Schematica Ships Mod Sound Filters Stellar Sky TabbyChat TerraFirmaCraft Territorial Dealings Thaumcraft Thaumcraft NEI Plugin Waila Harvestability What Are We Looking At Info for the mods: Terrafirmacraft: Leather Water Sac TFC: Fastcraft: Player, Weather 2: Enviromine is only used to add more block physics and air quality. Electrical Age: Features: Item physics, more block physics, sound improvements ( sound reverberations in caves, better footsteps), end level technology (computers, machines), NEI (with addon), a minimap, localized weather, more building opportunities, leather water sac, air quailty. Current YouTube series featuring this pack: English: redrazoraaron SP TheLeninistPlaysGames SP Jerry The Penguin and Traff Co-op Mavrik76 AndrewHere BevoLJ French: Henora Ash SMP Soupla MC SMP Soupla MC SP Raccoon SMP Polish: KukenDot ( Portuguese Tiago Sirious Joserobjr
  19. TFC Collection

    Available on FTB Launcher! MODPACK CODE: shadeofdeadtfc Minecraft Survival. A thing we have all experienced, but perhaps it has lost it's fun and excitement? In a world where there are hundreds of modpacks for different playing experiences, Survival has fallen to the wayside. Well now it's time to see how Survival should have been in the first place! This is a collection of mods to give you a Minecraft Survival experience you may have never had before. Also. This modpack is for those of you who would like to experience TerraFirmaCraft with some addons and things that might be to intimidating to install and play with. This is the same modpack I use in my TerraFirmaCraft playthrough on YouTube! A simple and easy way to play TerraFirmaCraft. Enjoy! I built this modpack as I was doing my YouTube playthrough, Here is a link to that if you are interested! It's nothing amazing just a collection of some of TFC and some of my favorite addons. I hope you guys enjoy it if you want a simple way of running TFC and these addons down below! Enjoy! TerraMisc info: IGN:powerman913717 This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled. This pack contains the following mods by default: Animal Crate by TaeoG Cellars Addon by Sladki CodeChickenCore by Chickenbones CodeChickenLib by Chickenbones Decorations Addon for TFC by aleksey_t Dynamic Lights by AtomicStryker FastCraft by Player - Granted ItemPhysic by CreativeMD - Granted JourneyMap by techbrew Leather Water Sac by Emris_Morath Not Enough Items by Chickenbones Player API by Divisor Render Player API by Divisor SciAPI by Abastro Smart Moving by Divisor Stellar Sky by Abastro TerraFirmaCraft by bioxx TerraFirmaCraftNEIplugin by Caveman TerraMisc by Powerman913717 - Granted TFC Additions by raymondbh TooMuchTime by dmillerw Udary Mod by Bletch Waila by ProfMobius
  20. Salut à tous ! La Nativ Gaming à ouvert un serveur publique basé sur un modpack entièrement créer de nos petites mains centré sur le mod Terrafirmacraft, évidemment. L'expérience que l'on vous propose se rapproche d'un Banished, voire d'un Animal Crossing, où vous êtes un des habitants en quête de reconstruction où chacun a son métier et contribue à l'évolution de la communauté dans le but d'atteindre un âge prospère de technologie moderne. Certes il n'y aura pas de PVP ni choses du genre dans un futur immédiat, cependant il n'est pas exclu que des événements et autres évolutions viennent pimenter votre vie d'exilé. Avec une base de semi-RP, le chat vocal en jeu renforce l'immersion déjà bien présente et rend notre village plus vivant que jamais. Un système d'urbanisation et de terrains est à disposition des joueurs permettant de faire des parcelles personnelles et de ventes privées. Les métiers sont -pour l'instant- répartis en deux catégories et comportent : Collecte de ressources: - Forestier - Agriculteur - Mineur - Cuisinier - Éleveur Artisanat: - Menuisier - Bâtisseur - Décorateur - Forgerons - Électricien Certains mods se rajoutent donc à Terrafirmacraft pour compléter l'expérience de jeu déjà bien changée avec ce seul mod. Quelques exemples : Electical age, Gliby's voice chat, Mr Crayfish, Progression, ainsi que les addons à TFC comme Cellar et Merchant. The link for this server has been redacted due to violation of Minecraft's EULA. A bientôt en jeu !
  21. Hello all!This is a server for those who like TechNodeFirmacraft and want to play in a community!Mining together. having a pro smith, giant factories run by actual people and not machines, its all possible as long as the players want it to be possible!Thats why this server is whitelisted, if you want to join you should really first have some TFC experience and some TNF (TechNodeFirmacraft).Also I and I hope you to, would like all builds to be realistic, it stays TFC ofcourse, AND FIX YOUR CREEPER HOLES!TNF: Server:24/7EU hostedCreeperhost Zombie (not the best but luckly this isnt a heavy pack)Interested:If you'd like to join please react to this post or send me a private message or send an mail to: [email protected] containing the answers to the following questions:What is your IGN?What is your real name?Do you have skype, and if you do what is your name? (please do, you have a better chance of being accepted)What is your TFC Experience?What is your TNF experience?Why you? (promote yourself)What are your specialties? (Mining, Farming, Building, Smithing, Making those nice machines)I would be glad to see you soon on this TNF fan made server!-Itsa me Stephen
  22. You guys asked for it and here we are bringing it to you. That's right, a modpack with TFC as the base mod and many progression options later on, including but not limited to Thaumcraft, Progressive Automation, Automagy, even Hardcore Questing mode directing you all the way through TFC! It doesn't even end there! Continue reading if you are intrigued: Features: Significant increased difficulty in early game thanks to TerraFirmaCraft. 200+ Quests planned (currently 100+, will be updated continually through beta) to help learn new mods and experience known mods in a new light. Mod integration and pack creation by Charles and CBro, rewriting recipes, new oreDict entries and changes to the value of items (Vanilla cobblestone is valuable, what?!). Brings back the fear of darkness from early MC, making shelters 100% absolutely necessary. A complete rebalance of fighting. An absolute overhaul of vanilla systems, including, health, food, hydration, sanity, physics, water mechanics, mining, encumbrance, storage/inventories, you name it. Everything is significantly more satisfying to accomplish, even gathering sticks to make torches (which has another complete overhaul). My only advice going into this pack is you need toforget everything you know about Minecraftand start unbiased. Mobs will act differently, they can hear you through walls and track you from what seems to be forever away. No punching trees anymore! Gravity and cave-ins are possible. Endgame is truly rewarding! No more plugging up a quarry hooked up to an infinite power cycle any more, there is nothing that is infinite, but there are fun loopholes to exploit and feel powerful about. Be the first one to find a new one! This modpack is like NOTHING you have ever seen before, remove all expectation because you will be surprised by everything. This is not Minecraft anymore, this is D.I.E. Currently the creators have over 150 hours into creating this pack and it has been in Alpha for months. It has been tested several times by the community over at and we feel as if it is ready for a public release. We are hosting a public server and would love to see you there! You will find us personally on our publicServer UPDATE: Released 0.9.1 with several updates, including lots more quests, the TFC lantern addon mod (thanks to grimbug for the suggestion) a lot of recipe balancing and mod updates. It was a focus on SP Stability as top priority and in those efforts made our server a lot more stable as well. Check out the Home Base for the full changlelog! How to Download: Currently the pack is hosted on theMineYourMind Launcher. Please take a look at our changelog, modpack list and credits over at ourHome Base. Sample of mods: TerraFirmaCraft Thaumcraft Automagy Progressive Automation Electrical Age Hardcore Questing Mod (100+ quests and challenges) Invasion Mod Nodal Mechanics SecurityCraft ZombieAwareness
  23. (Better (Infernal)) Tinker's Firma (Factory) Craft 7.77 - (Probably) the final update I'll end up doing on this pack, I keep getting sidetracked by stuff to try. Disclaimers below the modlist (very important)! Download (for the impatient who don't care about the rest of the post) MC 1.6.4 Forge 965 BUILD STUFF! BUILD A SMELTERY AND IT'LL SUPPORT MOST* OF THE TFC ORES! BUILD A FORGE AND THERMAL EXPANSION'S ITEMDUCTS CAN HELP AUTOMATE IT! (Yes, the enchanting table and anvil do, in fact, work with some TFC equipment) COLLECT NEUTRAL MOBS! BREED AND CULL THEM FOR DELICIOUS JUICY MEAT! SEE ALL THOSE CRATES EVERYWHERE? THEY'LL STORE MORE THAN CHESTS AND ARE EXPANDABLE! JUST BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU'RE SWINGING THAT AXE, MEATSPLOSIONS ARE NOT UNDER MY PURVIEW WAIT WHAT'S THAT THE MFR LASER DRILL?? THAT'S RIGHT! VANILLA AND (NON-TFC) MOD ORES HAVE USES THAT ARE USEFUL! YOU EVER WANTED TO HAVE A LITTLE MORE TO *DO* IN TFC? HERE'S AN OPTION! Build a great huge automatic wool farm! Conveyors, Autonomous Activators, and a bunch of spare knives will last a good long while! You could also do it with birds, without needing knives, but you'll kill your birds real fast. Your choice. Build a factory for smelting (TFC-style) your soft metals - ItemDucts can help but their filtering is simple (you'll still save a ton of time!), or build a factory for smelting (TCON-style) and there's one particular material you can massively exploit, but there's a drawback... Your TCON tools? They level! Good luck getting the nether'll need to be prepared for battle! *TCON weapons will do exactly shit against mobs. Don't bother trying. MFR supports a lot of mods, but it doesn't support TFC crops. Sorry. It's mostly here for decorative blocks and power generation. InfernalMobs let me do a few things (like controlling mob drops in a limited way, and assigning base mob health) so I've added a nice rewarding SURPRISE with it (two, actually...) but BE CAREFUL they will WRECK YOU if you're sloppy. They'll probably wreck you if you're MLG PRO. Basically, it's TFC plus some mods to add decorative/support stuff? Have a blast, make continent-spanning factories, farms, mob traps, whatever. But at least try it out? Mods included: TerraFirmaCraft - Infernal Mobs - and Better Storage - Code Chicken Core/Not Enough Items - CoFH Core/Thermal Expansion 3 - Tinker's Construct - ExtraTiC - Iguana Tweaks (Tinker's Construct) - PowerCrystalsCore/MineFactoryReloaded - and Natura - Minetweaker - and Modtweaker - and Veinminer - DISCLAIMERS Basically nobody will offer support for these versions of these mods. You will need bronze or BETTER tools to harvest any TFC ore. This is where IguanaTweaks comes into play (if you prefer to use TCON's tools, anyway), even if leveling the tools has been ridiculously nerfed. Seriously, a copper pick and the proper mob head is your best bet here if you want to stick to TCON's tools. Thermal Expansion allows the creation of steel (in its induction smelter) which then works in the TCON smeltery to make tools from. Also, the Cyclic Assembler (it CAN be gotten, and good luck) may sound like a good idea for automatically combining food...but it doesn't work. You'll end up with 0-weight food that disappears when you try to eat it. Natura's food (barley) does basically nothing. Mostly it's in for the cotton. Tinker's Construct tools may act weird (mattocks do not till TFC dirt, hatchets don't work with TFC trees) with some things. The heart canisters are next to useless, but if you CAN make them, feel free to. The KNAPSACK is outclassed (but still make one, it's more inventory room!) by BetterStorage's backpack. If you're making the smeltery, Clay Buckets can hold lava ONCE, then they disappear when you pour it. Pour carefully, now! BetterStorage's crates don't work properly with itemducts (or hoppers) - and I wouldn't try to use the Ender Backpack (or an Ender Chest) on principle. NEI is included because I've had to use Minetweaker/Modtweaker to make some really rough-shod recipe alterations. Especially now that the crafting table can't be gotten as an item to craft other specific things with. I offered you a way around this, try to find it! MFR's grinder/slaughterhouse work properly on TFC mobs - much to my surprise, they required zero extra work! STORING all those mob drops, now... And VERY IMPORTANTLY if you actually read the first Tinker's Construct book DO NOT attempt to go past the page with Punji Sticks. As far as I can tell, books 2 and 3 don't make the game crash.
  24. "You found yourself in a wild world, you only have some apples to eat and a little drop of water to drink and some survival equipment. Which as a quite large compass, an atlas and Survival 101 handbook (unfortunately the pages are soaked in water)"FTB Third Party Pack Code:tenebraeopusTenebrae Opus is made for an authentic TerraFirmaCraft experience with some practical mods to make it easier and interesting. This modpack will bring back the aspect of in game item maps and compass usage, no minimaps!, never suggested! If you haven't figures out yet, this modpack adds flan's mod Ye olde biplanes support to TFC, so you can explore the world easily in the copper age!WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO TFC? HOW DO I GET PLANES ALREADY? Must read!If you have no idea what to do with the starting equipment, please and please check up this link:Link to all changed recipes and aspectsIf you still have no idea, or have questions do not hesitate to ask IN THE OFFICAL THREAD ON FTB. Also you can ask me anything on this topic too. I will reply asap.Which significant mods are in the pack other than the TFC? Flan's Mod:Adding Biplanes and Two Seat Biplanes to game. Also it adds a crossbow and throwable rock thanks to Ye Olde Pack by flan.Smart Moving:This mod gives you mobility on the harsh TFC terrain. Because parkouring was the only thing you need in the TFC.Bibliocraft:You knew that was just an furniture mod, wrong! Every atlas you'll craft will have ability to Death Compass. Which is when you die, you'll have a compass in your inventory pointing towards to your last death point. Also since the Bibliocraft v1.10.0 there is something called "Furniture paneler". This is the only way to get furniture in TFC.Extended Workbench:This mod is not well known, and mostly known of the extended diamond sword. But I sadly couldn't add the tools nor the armor BUT there was two items that I really liked and adored. Extended Compass has the most critique role in this modpack and authentic TFC experience. It basically gives the ability to have waypoints... without the GUI. And the second item is the Extended Map which I found out that to be easier to use than the Atlas. Why? Because of the ability to zoom in and out with "+" and "-".Carpenter's Blocks:Adds a lot of creativity to your normal blocks. Also Includes Chisel Design Pack by Wreckage. Which adds more than 30 chisel textures to use!Statues:Have you even felt so lonely? Not anymore. Make yourself some statue friends.Open Graves:Yes, it adds Openblocks-type graves. Now go awayWaypoints:Whoa! You thought this mod will never make it to 1.7.10, but it did. It adds Diablo like wayoints to minecraft which you can use them to teleport... If you dare to get 8 enderpearls from the awful beasts thoughSome mods by the TFC community that requires extra credit:Decorations:by aleksey_t, the great mod that adds some great blocks to TFC.LeatherWaterSac:by Emris_Morath, keep your mind out of the gutter and use it to drink water!TerraFirmaCraftNEIPlugin:by Caveman, %5 less time in the wiki.TFC Udary:by Caveman, totaly genious way to get silver and nickel.This is not the full list though, you can see the full list in the launcher. Extra Credits@NuchasFor adding the paneling ability to Bibliocraft so it made TFC support more easier:THX@DivisorFor giving me the permissionsBioxx, Dunkleosteus, & the rest of the TFC teamFor your amazing mod@generikb (Youtube Channel) For inspiring me to make this with his amazing Sticks & Stones series! And all the helpful people of/r/feedthebeast!To DoServer File is coming soonCleanup/Hide for NEI
  25. So I was wanting to do this for a while, add IC2 to my TFC expirence. I would extremely lengthen the play time and I think I would be quite fun but that's because I'm a maniac (might add Gregtech too, but one thing at a time). If I decided to add gregtech it would be nice because it starts with bronze age machines and gradually works it's way to the iron machines. Everything would key up fine gameplay wise, copper is easy to find and so is tin but the other ores like iron, ferrous (nickel) are harder to get/find. I would be think diamonds would ore dictionary and red/blue steel would be iridium or some other hard to get material. If it works good then I would definitely make a let's play of it to check try it out.So what do you think? If you know about the mods and/or modding, would this work?