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Little Whispers

Island Portals Clarification

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(self introduction)

To start things off, I've been a huge fan of TFC1 for years now but never quite knew about the development of TFC2. For the most part, I figured TFC1 just died out and the developers left for other miscellaneous things, granted that I made that assumption based off the lack of TFC1 updates and the fact of me just not reaching out to research what's going on. Though, while recently playing the TFP modpack and searching up on gameplay help, I stumbled across these forums. Honestly, they're not hard to find when you want to look for it, though it seems uncommon to come across it on a natural basses. For the past few days, I've been doing a lot of research on what's going on with this mod in excitement and curiosity, along with testing out the early alpha test version of this mod that's out.

(the actual post)

Now that we got my position on looking into this mod out of the way, let's move onto what I actually made this post for. I find the island worldgen to be unique feature that you tend to only see with adventure maps in which you require to hop from portal to portal in order to reach another island. From what I know, these places are meant to be void like, dark, scary, and I've read "dangerous". Comparing to what I've seen in TFC2 while knowing it's merely alpha, I've only seen two platforms in those dimensions with a fairly long winding path above a grand abyss with various vanilla animals and vanilla mobs spawned on it. I'm pretty sure that's not going to be the finally form of what the island portal dimensions will consist of, or at least hope not. Though, this leads to my question of what's planned to make this realm "unique" and looking at how it'd be "dangerous".

Yes, I know it's very, very dangerous in the current state due to merely vanilla monster spam. Yet, knowing more of the bigger picture in which is TFC2, that's most likely either placeholder or unintentional mob spam. From originally reading into these "leap dimensions" to traverse the apparent planned dangers of these vast landscapes of which reside inside of TFC2, one mod kept popping into my head is Dimensional Doors. I'm curious in which direction and how in-depth are these leap dimensions going to be? Dimensional Doors was one of my favorite small mods back when it was relevant due to the alien and creepy nature of it. Also, is there going to be any special threats that reside in these transference zones? Using Dimensional Doors as an example to base perspectives off of, will there be threats like those eyes that transport you to Limbo along with other demons and monstrosities birthed form the void? Along with that question, will these places still continue to be these winding bridges or will it be more like a light dungeon that you're meant to rush through before the void consumes you?


I could see the little platforms of which the portal resides on in the grand vastness having something along the lines of a ward to protect them so the void doesn't destroy them if not use it to leak out into the real world with. Heh, maybe that could be an island type, an island tainted by the void from a broken portal due to a failed ward. Though, back to normal use of these portals, I do like both ideas of this area being either something you'd have to go slow and cautiously through and the idea of having to rush through it as everything brakes apart. Unless, there were to be a happy medium of where you can find stable and unstable portals. Unstable portals would be either a one time use or something that falls apart when used, then you'll have to wait for it to "rebuild" itself. On the other hand stable portals would be used more like solid dungeons. I also like the idea of them being highly risky and dangerous to traverse because that'd force players to make 100% sure they have everything they want to take to the new land and are prepared enough. These portals could also increase in stability the more you use them which will add progression amongst these worlds. This increase in stability could be increased in either the time that's spent there, the more void you fight off, or a mixture of the two if not something else. Actually that something else could be that, sense the other two feels more "grindy", you could also have a crystal or something of such that spans a ward across the path between the two portals that you need to activate. In this ward that spans to connect the two portals, the void shall be forced back along with all it's creatures which will allow players to temporarily "claim" these passages through the void. In order to keep the wards in tact, players need to either fuel or merely reactivate what we could just call the "crystal" for now.

Sorry about that massive tangent, that's a lot more of a suggestion but I'm tossing around ideas to what I could possibly see these void transportation zones becoming with my lack of knowledge on what the devs have in mind. Hopefully it won't be frowned upon. Also, thank you for taking your time in reading this post for the ones of you who have.


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What is planned is still not fully formed. What you see is more a test of what's feasible rather than a sketch of things to come. You've got some good ideas. I too was a fan of Dimensional Doors. There's a lot more to consider in this case then dimensional doors had to. First, this seems like it might be the primary if not only way to go between islands. Therefore anything related to travel greatly affects play. Something like mob and item transportation needs to be considered. Should players be able to move them? How should they move them? Will there be magical means of transportation/teleportation or summoning? If travel is both ways do you have to worry about people stripping islands of resources? Is that the dev's responsibility to think about or server's? If travel is one way and one person goes west and the other east can they ever meet? etc. 



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vvv   Summary: Different Uses for the void.   vvv

One thing there is to consider is that there could be multiple uses for traversing the void. I personally love the rarity of the portals that hop from one island to the other due to making them more unique and possibly defended by another faction or entity. Though, now that we're in the suggestion thread, I shall suggest possibly using the void in result of not only doing island hopping but also, in some cases, making your way to different dimensions. This "void" dimension would possibly make more sense if it was used in more of a diverse way, looking at it as more of a half dimension, a split between two or more realms. It's interesting to see when you use these portals to not just fold space and time in half then just to walk from one island to another like a standard teleporter or warp gate, but merely used to enter an entire different dimension as a path way. This "dimension" instantly gets a lot more concerning for its existence and properties.

vvv   Summary: Different functionalities for the different uses of the void.   vvv

The reason I thought of using this "void" dimension for different purposes is due to the point you, Stroam, made of if we should be able to "summon" these portals along with other game changing features. If this "pocket dimension", "split dimension", "half dimension", etc. is used for passage ways to a multitude of locations being either the same dimension or another, then some portals would make sense to "summon" while others, like the ones that just transport you from one island to another, isn't. This would be able to maintain the rarity and seriousness of more concrete and permanent portals while using lesser portals for lesser counterparts, having both of these two mechanics using the same system. These different variations of transportation used in the void could have different stability, functions, and encounters.

vvv   Summary: Overworld void corruption and random void rift encounters.   vvv

Also, I believe void like things could make for some really interesting fantasy end game tiers and weird lore if lore were to be added in the game. Expanding on the point I've made about how some portal's wards get destroyed, due to this "void" dimension possibly being more of a 0.5 dimension than a complete one, you could have rifts and tares in the fabric of space which lets out this corruption and taint into various worlds because of its natural instability. There could also be a feature to create random encounters that make you go; "WHAT IS THAT?" and either force you to retreat or bunker down. I personally love when a game adds random events that could happen out of the blue which makes you a lot more cautious with the environment. It actually gives you reason to build shelter more than the fact of comfort. I believe some players would possible give up on building a base or house on every island or so besides small two block high walls or something to prevent monsters from coming in. Though, random encounters like a void monstrosity ripping a hole into your dimension to say "what's up", or possibly more of something like a storm instead of a monster emerging from an unprotected rift to the void, will gives players a lot more of a reason to build at least some kind of fleshed out bunker. Also, one thing to make important is that I see that every hostile void creature would be aggressive to anything that isn't of void descendant.

vvv Summary: Attempted justification of making this particular aspect of the game so expansive. vvv

I know I'm putting probably way too much effort into looking at this one topic of this mod compared to everything else, I just can see a lot of potential that can be tapped into with just this one aspect. From my experience with fantasy and magic, the void tends to be absolute end game territory. Fantasy concepts usually don't get too in-depth into the nature of the void, but almost always show how expansive and powerful it is, especially how dangerous and corrupting it is. In result, from what I know, this dimension and island transporting concept is very lightly done so far and isn't that deeply thought through. Yet, I believe if TFC2 is going to be fantasy related with all of these planned features, while having these portals and this void half dimension placeholder already in the game, it would be a very good idea to expand this aspect of the mod to add such more alien and unique gameplay. Most people know generally most of the creatures to encounter in a fantasy world that's like what's planned for TFC2, but nobody quite knows what kind of horrors that could reside deep within the void, especially the aspects that are strong enough in which they have self will and consciousness to attempt hunting you or anything specific down.


In my head, I have a mixture of these following mods:


Astral Sorcery

Ars Magica 2

Dimensional Doors

These are not due to their items, creation, and research focuses, but instead more exploration, vibes, and discovery focuses. I love the vibe and reality in Minecraft they attempt to create which would possibly work great with expanding this aspect if not others inside this mod.


Though, I believe I've finally drained everything that I can think of with this aspect. Again, sorry for the ridiculous amount of text, I tend to put too much effort into my work when I get my hands onto anything. I loved TFC1 and love seeing the progress of TFC2 so I wish the best for this mod. Though, like before, I thank you for the ones who do read through my massive mess. I really wish I was able to get into programming enough so I can actually start making my ideas myself or helping/working with others. That's one of my later goals in life to do, I already know the basics of several languages, I just need to chisel out my path or receive help till everything becomes clear.

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