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Engaging Chopping Mechanic

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I'm sure it is way too late to make a suggestion like this, but here you go.

This is one of my ideas that I was keeping indefinitely for some future time when I get around to learning Minecraft modding or develop my own mmo but it would be worth it to have had a part in TFC2. Also, feel free to trash it. I have no idea if this would fit the vibe. It is not on the banned list of suggestions at least.

This is a chopping mechanic that would replace the current "hold down left click" mechanic.

1. Trees have a stat called thickness. Each tree type has a different thickness.

2. To chop a tree down, a player must reduce a tree's thickness to zero, with a margin of error relative to that player's chopping/forestry level.

3. Exceeding this margin of error will ruin the tree, resulting in no logs. Alternative idea: ruining the tree results in some logs, not ruining the tree results in more logs.

4. When the player swings at a tree with a hatchet/axe, a GUI appears, displaying the tree's thickness as some sort of health bar and various wood grain patterns that the player can click.

5. How many the player gets to choose from depends on the quality of their hatchet/axe.

6. The player will come to recognize the wood grain patterns as the same ones re-appear.

7. Choosing a grain pattern will reduce the tree's thickness by a particular number, a number which changes depending on which tree type is being chopped (alternatively, each tree type could have totally different grain patterns. This would be more immersive but also more work) and is randomized for each player. Each player thus has to learn for themselves the strength of each wood grain pattern on each different tree.

8. Whenever the player chooses the same two grain patterns in a row, the thickness-reduction power of that pattern is doubled for the duration of this tree chopping process. This can be used to chop the tree down faster but the player also needs to be wary of destroying the tree due to not taking this into account.

9. If you want to go crazy, the player's forestry level could affect how frequently they can chop trees in this way. There would be a cooldown after chopping a tree. Attempting to chop a tree before the cooldown is finished would result in grain patterns that are fogged out, so the player would likely ruin the tree through chopping blindly. This could be paired with a greatly increased amount of logs when chopping successfully.


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