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Ropes disappearing

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So, I've been expanding my town for quite some time now
It has grown so large that it takes forever to get from one side to another
Thus I've started using horses 24/7

My base is well lit with lantern on lantern poles
It's very convinient because you can tie your horse to it anywhere you are

However, there is one downside to it
If you leave the chunk and reenter it - the rope breaks leaving the horse to wander the area and getting itself stuck in some unwanted places

Same goes for wolves
I've caught a couple of them and tamed
Didn't really want them to run around at the time so I tied them up to a pole
They were sitting nicely for some time

But then I went to the stables to feed the horses
That's when the things got real

One of the dogs broke it's leash and teleported to me
Then that bastard turned feral and killed my mule - the fastest breed I've ever had
That was a bummer
I even got to building a marble monument as a tribute to that mule


Khm... so... the question is
Is there a way to prevent the ropes from breaking?
Or maybe disabling the rope breaking mechanics at all?

Not sure if that would help as I'm not entirelly sure why the ropes break in the first place


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Its pure and simple a chunk loading problem, TFC1 Has no addons being made and is no longer in development so this is not going to be fixed


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