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Caveman Spazz


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With farming and soil nutrients, is there a way to fertilize the soil? I am in an area with great metals, trees, and water, but the soil all sucks. I place seeds and they literally pop back out like the ground spit them back at me! LOL

If we could say catch fish, grind them with a millstone then mix them with a dirt block that would be super. Even prehistoric people knew (eventually) that fertilizing the soil meant better crops.

Make a composter for cactus, lilly pads, red and yellow flowers, mushrooms, pumpkins, etc... good use for those items since they are mostly worthless.

Mix it with bone meal, peat, and a dirt block in a machine maybe?

Increase your soil from sand to awesome.... with a little work anyway.

Show some farming love!!!!


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First off.......


And also a very lovely idea :D

But there are some things i would like to clarify first

As you can see there are a lot of threads in this suggestion section,

and some of them already deal with the topic of fertilizing soil.

There is a search function that you should use every time you want to post a suggestion,

otherwise people will instantly hate on your thread.

Also for an idea to be noteworthy for the devs (dunkleosteus is currently in charge here)

it will have to be very well documented, pictures are a great thing! (show us your painting skills :P)

And it should contain the following (from my point of view).

1. A basic description of the idea, this should catch readers while giving a good understanding of the basic point.

2. Maybe include pictures of how the object/thing looks and operates (again a sketch or something like an existing object can be used.)

3. A analysis of sorts discussing the good things, and the downsides of the idea/mechanic.

4. Which leads us to the important aspect of: How should it be implemented and/or balanced if necessary?

Could it use existing ingame/mod mechanics or will they have to be coded first?

it is not required to code half of it yourself, but if you can, then the better!

5. Finally there is the issue with formatting the post, if you can find someone named Jed here, read some of his suggestions.

You will know what i mean.

Turniphead out :)


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Nice idea (I too would love a way to improve my soil quality)

As for the guidelines for submitting suggestions, don't let us trollish forumgoers put you off. We actually really love to see well thought out ideas, but without some of the suggestions dukejuke mentioned, it become difficult to tell the genuinenely compelling suggestions from the "oh hai guys, I just had a idea!"

So yeah, welcome to the TFC forums! May you have many ideas to share in the future :D


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Thanks for the welcome warm and fuzzies! :D

I did a search for fertilizer, compost, soil improvement, and nutrients in the forums and most posts appear buried. ;)

Also, as a side note, it appears none of the suggestions have made it ingame. <_<

However, I suppose I could have just bumped one of them and be lost in the crowd, or, and this is where I excel, I could just jump in with both feet and express an idea that hasn't been thought of or suggested in any earlier posts and refresh it as something new and possibly exciting and somethign that might actually get seen instead of sitting at the end of 7+ pages of previous topic discussion and God-help-us-all maybe even implemented in such a ferver of HOLY-MOTHER-OF-GOD-THAT-IS-THE-BEST-IDEA-SINCE-TOILET-PAPER reaction that it would be patched tomorrow. :P

I seriously wish I could code this stuff myself, but that isn't going to happen unless there really IS a fairy godmother.... and she could code.

I would totally make it so there were:

Mastadons for hunting with those javelins, would take a group to kill one. -just plain epic dipped in awesome sauce imho

Sabertooth cats that attacked on sight.

Volcanoes that had a temple interface where if you didn't sacrifice enough everyday, it would explode lava all over. -just plain fun to irritate the volcano god

A modified bow turned into an atlatl, and another for a rock sling. -we have enough stone ammo laying around right?

A skelly bone and a stick used as primitive clubs.

Jungle cats drop spotted leather.

and a lot more....


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Seriously though,

I have no idea about code other than it looks impossible, but how hard would it be to take a fish, place it in the quern and grind it into powder, then mix that with a dirt block in the crafting table to make a nutrient rich dirt block that could be placed?

Yeah it would suck to stand there fishing for hours to get the fish, but to be able to keep a good farm growing it would be nice without being too easy. Or make every fish grind into 5-10 powders so it wouldn't be such a pain in the butt.

Yes? No? That's the dumbest thing you ever posted logoff and never come back?


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Or a good use of those gems you get from sluice boxes that you can't do anything much with. Grind those up for nutrients. LOL


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words and stuff


1) This is a very well-worn topic on these forums. The preferred post order, from best post to worst post, is thus:

OC > Thread Revival > Duplicate Topic > Thread Necromancy > Duplicate Post

a) OC: stands for Original Content. This is a new thread with a new and never before seen idea.

b ) Thread Revival: Adding to a previously deceased thread with useful information or a fresh take on the idea, bumping it back to the front page

c) Duplicate Topic: Creating a new topic for an idea already present on the forum (this is your post)

d) Thread Necromancy: Bringing a previously deceased topic back to the front page needlessly. This is different from Thread Revival in that Necromancy entails bumping the thread with useless uninformative posts such as 'I love this!' or '+1'

e) Duplicate post: double or triple-posting in the same thread without bothering to correct it after, or posting the same message across multiple threads. This is effectively spamming, and there will be multiple explosions. The Edit button is there for a reason.

2) A neat idea, but if your seeds are popping out have you ever considered that maybe you're just farming wrong?

3) That's a lot of extra suggestions tacked on the end there - most belong in the Tiny Tweaks Metathread, not one about farming


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The seeds are popping out because you are planting at the wrong time.


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