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Hi Forum, firstly i would like to apologize if i am repeating anything said in other suggestion posts. I have had a tiny bit of a search but nothing quite mentions my ideas for this mod.

Main theme of my idea: personally i think that any magic or mystery doesn't have a place in this mod. I dislike the presence of undead (zombies, skeletons, endermen, creepers, not spiders). With the known variety of earths species, what i would like to see is some more realistic aggressive mobs (with the essential drops of the vanilla mobs, bones basically).

Potentially passive-AoE aggressive day mobs and aggressive night mobs: for a jungle, anacondas in the day and jaguars at night (for example). Also taking from ideas from stone age films torches or fires could be used to deter these mobs making night time scarier as hyenas or lynxes (in a desert perhaps) try and pick you off if you venture too far from camp or run out of firewood at night.

These mobs would have to be rare-ish, quite healthy (lots of hearts) and powerful (2 or 3 hit kill for that ambush feel which is only applicable to creepers at the moment), requiring either metal armor or a team of swordsmen to take them down effectively (also i'd hate for these to end up like ocelots and wolves being knee high on the player, come one this is hardcore survival not a day at the petting zoo) .

Also valuable rewards or aesthetic 'trophy' drops could be implemented here such as wolf capes/helms, jaguar capes/helms as seen on nords and mayan tribesmen.


I appreciate this next mechanic would be a massive ball ache for the developers but: perhaps manipulation of the endermen mechanic by reversing it could be used for the predators, instead of them charging you they keep their distance till you drop your guard and look away.

I'd like to hear some feedback, even if not from the developers, not just on my idea but also on my posting form. this is my first post and i would be very grateful for constructive criticism on my forum etiquette and any fails i have committed.


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Lurk more , also why are you double posting suggestions ?

ALSO also : Welcome to the forums !

There are plans by the main devs to move mobs underground in some kind of crypts found in caves i ,,thinK'' , i like you're level of knowledge without much knowledge of the forums and the suggestions , hyenas maybe there have been some animal suggestions and the ,,mobs" that are moved into the crypts will be replased by passive agressive mobs liek wild bores and such bears etc. :)


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oh, terribly sorry. I was having some 'server down' issues when attempting to post, that wasn't an attempt at gaining more attention to my post i assure you.

Thank you for the information and the welcome.

upon having a further look around i have noticed these suggestions, so maybe i would be better off offering my input in the new mob suggestion thread. I noticed ECC (forum famous guy) posting some cool stuff about chunk spawning for mobs which i think is a lovely idea and would fit nicely with predator mobs.


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