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Cooking Improvment

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So while playing I noticed how lacking the cooking was in game.

Meals are nice, but throwing a bunch of food in a bowl and heating it seems a bit dull.

As a side note, I thought firepits having to be refueled everytime I wanted to cook a meal a bit annoying.

So I thought of some Ideas to make cooking a bit more robust.

First of all, dedicated cooking blocks.

The stove:

Posted Image

and the Oven:

Posted Image

The current meal preparation table should also get its own block.

Posted Image

While the Stove and Table can be placed normally the oven should be placed on a firepit. (It replaces the firepit)

The Preparation table will also be able to handle frying pans and pots, for example, as well as bowls. (Doesn't make sense to cook wooden bowls full of food on a fire anyway.)

The stove and oven both run on logs as fuel, but can be turned "off" to prevent it from burning anymore fuel. (Smothering the fire.)

To cook with the stove you will need to smith something to cook in by using metal sheets in an anvil, and then attaching a grip to it. (a stick.)

For example, a frying pan:

Posted Image

Of course there would be different cookware then just the frying pan, such as pots for making stews.

Posted Image

For example, cooking an egg in a frying pan will give you scrambled eggs/fried eggs, while cooking it with water in a pot will give you a boiled egg.

The oven in general is to be used to cook food as we do now in the firepit. Of course smelting metals is not allowed.

For the stove, however, I thought it could be something similar to the anvil, where practice can produce better results.

To elaborate, on the left side there would be a meter indicating the current fuel level/tempature.

In the middle would be a slot for the frying pan, below it would be buttons to control how you cook with it, and below that a horizontal bar.

This bar would look similar to the one on the anvil, having a red arrow on top, and a green one on bottom.

On the right side would be the progress meter, and the food outputs.

Optionally the output might have arrows around it to select a specific dish.(For example, fried eggs or scrambled eggs when cooking an egg.)

Both arrows start in the center and every so often the red arrow moves.

The objective is to move the green arrow to match the red arrow before it moves again. The closer the green arrow is to the center of the red arrow when it moves, the more "progress" is accumulated.

After you have enough "progress" the dish is completed, but if you take too long to complete it you will recieve a burnt meal, and have to wash the pan in flowing water before using it again.

The progress meter (on the right) will have two arrows, one to show your current "progress" the other to show how much longer until the meal burns.

My hope is that this would provide a more enjoyable cooking experience for players.


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That's all great and all, man. But who's gonna code and (more-importantly) bug-fix that? It's not like the current management in this regard is particularly great.

So while I myself don't mind the idea at all, it doesn't seem to be feasible at this point. Unless you can code it in and test it.


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I realized it would be a lot of work, but I decided I'd at least put my ideas out there.


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