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Complements, that other types of Bulat.
It was such a legendary Indian damask. And how long ago lost trade secret? Indeed, now is not precisely known technology that was used in ancient India. It is so carefully concealed that to 17-18 century secret was lost. This is due to a decrease in demand for damask caused by the start of production of high-quality and low-cost blade weapon of industrial steel, which first led to a reduction in the smelting of Damascus steel in India, and then to a complete stop it.
Numerous attempts to uncover the secret of Damascus steel researchers were unsuccessful. However, the Russian metallurgist Pavel Petrovich Anosov at the beginning of the XIX century the technology was developed, with which he managed to get steel, corresponding to the pattern and quality of the best varieties of Indian damask steel. It is based on this technology pour damask now. The main mistake of researchers to Anosov was that they were trying to get the pattern due to additives in the chemical composition of the alloy. Only Anosov during the experiments failed to prove that Bulat differs from ordinary steel is not the chemical composition and physical structure.
According to well-established more or less the terminology in Russia today, the word "damask" is commonly understood is cast Bulat. I adhere to this variant on its website.
Types of Damascus steel (chemical composition)
Despite the fact that the understanding of the basis of Damascus steel is its physical structure, it, as well as any steel composition may contain besides iron and carbon additional elements. If damask is melted on the basis of carbon steel with the addition of iron, and part of the auxiliary input only natural impurities in small amounts, such damask called "carbon". As with all carbon steel it is prone to rust. Modern metallurgy, has a vast range of alloy steels, pushed artists to create a "doped" and "stainless" Damascus steel. They are melted based alloy steels and can be corrosion resistant.
Carbon Bulat:    Posted Image
Stainless Bulat: Posted Image
Vutts (Wootz)
In the old days, after melting ingot or damask unfetters on the spot or so and sold in the form of ingot, called "vutts." Caravans with them went far beyond India. These ingots were in the form of a small loaf. Thus, the word "vutts" means it is an ancient Indian ingot smelting.
The English word "wootz" serves as a definition of the ingot, and Damascus steel in general. Including modern damask also called "wootz". To indicate damask blade used phrase "Wootz Blade" or "Wootz Damascus Blade".
Vutts, XVIII century. The maximum dimensions of 53 * 44mm. Weight 1 pound (about 450g).
Posted Image

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