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Any "simple" TP's for slower computers?

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So i was wondering, has anyone made or found a "simple" texture pack for TFC? Many people (myself included) don't have very good PC's, which can make playing a lot less fun. I agree that such a texture pack would take away some of the realism, such as different kinds of wood being basically the same color. If you don't know what the hell kinda texture pack I'm talking about, here's an example of one in vanilla minecraft:



Cheers!  :D


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Welcome to the Forums!


With the way that Minecraft has changed it's rendering with the resource pack update, a simpler texture pack is actually going to make little to no performance changes. For example, if you use a 4x4 texture pack, Minecraft just enlarges the file to 16x16 before overlaying the textures. What's slowing down your computer isn't the rendering of all the pixels in a standard texture pack, it's the terrain generation and other stuff behind the scenes.


Depending on how bad your system is, there are other ways to increase performance. Setting JVM arguments as well as finding the best settings to use with a mod like Optifine (Standard version only, ultra will cause more problems than it solves) are some options. The JVM arguments option can only do so much though. If you're running a 32bit OS, you won't be able to allocate more than 1G of Ram to MC, which is really the minimum that TFC requires to run smoothly. There are also arguments to help with garbage collection, which might minimize the random lag spikes that java can create.


However, every computer is different, and therefore needs different personalisation in order to be optimized, but even then it might just not be enough to handle the game.


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