Reply to [] HappyDiggers - The most popular public TFC server - Now also TechNode Firmacraft 3.6 (unofficial TFC)

By galros,
Hello everyone, I'm here to confirm again and again for you that TFC is an amazing Minecraft mod and Happydigers is an amazing Minecraft server, where you can play with amazing players or play for yourself and get the help of amazing Admins and Moderators. I see many other players enjoy the server every day and I play there myself since Mars 2015. I thrive on the server so much than I feel that my joy bowl is overfilled and now I want to share my joy with you  We've so much fun on the server, and the best part is that the Admins and Moderators are The World's Best at what they do. They handle server so fine that there is no place for unpleasantness. Thanks to Mr InsaneJ. You are amazing and whole your Team are amazing. And thanks to TFC developers for their commitment and creativity. You all are more that welcome to Happydigers too  Server is online 24/7 and can be accessed worldwide with excellent performance. Believe me, I've met players from all over the world, it's just to say "Hello"  We are a fabulous community with a great variety, but always pleasant, helpful and playful  You choose if you want to play with others or be for yourself, no one bothers you then. Happydigers has really nice pregenerated map. You know exactly where you are and where you are going. I like it very much. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you are warmly Welcome to us  You can find us at Happydigers Homepage. There you will find all The Best with TFC and much more... See you on the map. Say "Hello"  to us then  We'll make sure you will not be disappointed.   More details can be found in the top of this thread: Link to the Homepage: Link to the Serverpage: