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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/2018

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.
    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

[] HappyDiggers - The most popular public TFC server - Now also TechNode Firmacraft 3.7.1 (unofficial TFC)

512 posts in this topic


The HappyDiggers TFC server attempts to stay as close as possible to the TFC experience. Players joining only need to have the latest TFC installed. The Freebie TFC has no whitelist and is open to anyone as long as they are friendly to other players and the staff. Players who enjoy our little community and are willing to support us with donations get access to our huge donor servers. Please read through the information below and follow the rules.



The server has a few basic rules which all boil down to: be nice.

While on the server, type /rules to read the latest server rules.

  • Respect the staff and other players.
  • No bad language.
  • Please don't ask the staff for blocks, items, teleport, promotions, etc.
  • Please don't grief or steal from other players.
  • Don't turn your town spawn into a death trap. A small room with a door will keep unwanted visitors out.
  • No chunk loaders allowed. Any kind of chunk loading without the player present must be avoided.
  • Player builds server CPU usage are fair use. Staff will determine what is fair use. If one of your builds lags the server, you may be asked to change things.

To try to keep things running smoothly we are going to enforce some restrictions. These restrictions are on a per town basis. Meaning each town may have:

  • 20 adult animals total. Not counting young animals.
  • 4 plots of tilled soil farmland or berry bushes. This means 1024 blocks. They may be in more than three plots, but 1024 max.
  • 16 fruit trees. (All kinds allowed: red apple, green apple, banana, peach, etc.)
  • 1 of each kind of anvil. (copper, bronze, wrought iron, steel, etc.

People are free to record YouTube videos on our server. We would very much like to see those videos. So we kindly ask that you let us know about it or maybe post one or two here or on the HappyDiggers forum.

If you break the rules you may be banned. In some cases we issue a warning first. If you are banned and wish to be unbanned you may appeal your ban on the HappyDiggers forums. If you cannot resolve the issue there please feel free to start a dispute on the MCBans website. Keep in mind however that a dispute only means that you think we banned you for the wrong reasons. It will not get you unbanned from our servers.

HappyDiggers Warned players and banlist:

HappyDiggers TFC on MCBans:





  • Huge 100.000 x 30.000 pre-generated TerraFirmaCraft world.
  • Huge 100.000 x 30.000 pre-generated TechNode Firmacraft world.
  • Lobby server with a lot of mini-games like: Spleef, MOB arena, PVP arena, Paintball arena and parcour.
  • Jail server where we put people who break the rules to work to pay off their debt to out community.
  • Protect your builds using Towny. Use the /t command. Towns get 32 plots per resident to use to protect their towns. More people in a town means more plots!
  • With /tgui you can get a nice interface to making using the Towny commands easier.
  • Each town starts with 16 plots and gains another 16 plots per resident making large builds possible.
  • Donors get 32 plots for each resident in a town making huge builds possible.
  • Absolutely no pay-to-win. Donors get an honorary title, but not game-changing perks (aka "free" stuff).
  • All block and inventory interactions are logged. Griefing and stealing has become pointless because anyone can see who did it using /prism i (use /prism i off to turn off the inspector)
  • Players can set personal warp points with /sethome name and then use them with /home name
  • Towns may create 2 outposts. One for a freezer and one for a mine. You can teleport between these outposts and your town.
  • Donor towns may create up to 10 outposts to help protect off-site farms, freezers or mining areas in the world.
  • Need help and no staff around? Use /ticket-open YourQuestionHere
  • Explore the map on Dynmap and plan your journey. You can chat on Dynmap if you register an account while you are on the server using /dynmap webregister
  • Moderators have all the tools they need to solve any crime on the server. They can become invisible and investigate reported players, they can see who killed your animals, they can inspect player's inventories, they can kick and ban players and much more.
  • The server can load and unload (new) plugins without the need for a server restart.
  • Corrupted chunks can now easily be regenerated.
  • Scheduled daily server restart after the backup is done. It's scheduled between 8AM and 11AM CET.
  • Town mayors may claim a vanity (embassy) plot right outside of spawn to advertise their town with. Ask staff if you wish to claim one.
  • Much, much more.



Server specs



  • AMD ThreadRipper 1920X 12-core CPU
  • 128GB RAM
  • 2x Samsung 850 PRO SSD 256GB in RAID-1
  • 4x 10K RPM SAS 300GB drives RAID-5
  • 2x 7200 RPM SAS 6TB drives in RAID-1
  • 4x 5400 RPM SATA 3TB drives in RAID-5
  • Areca 1680i dual core 1.2GHz PowerPC Raid controller with 4GB cache memory and battery backup module.
  • 100mbit synchronous fiber Internet connection.
  • The server is up 24/7



TerraFirmaCraft Server IP:

Technode FirmaCraft Server IP:




  • Lobby
    • /server lobby
    • The Lobby server gives access to all the TFC based server. It has a ton of mini games you can play like paintball, spleef arena, mob arena, PVP arena, etc.
  • Freebie TFC
    • /server freebietfc
    • Dynmap:
    • Our public non-whitelisted TFC server. It has a lot of plugins to make life more convenient.
  • TechnodeFirmaCraft (unofficial TFC)
    • Must connect to this server directly. This server runs an unofficial version of TFC, don't ask for support here.
    • Dynmap:
    • This server requires you to have the TechnodeFirmaCraft 3.6 mod pack which is available on the ATLauncher. This pack uses an unofficial version of TFC, don't ask for support here. Once you have the AT Launcher you can use the share code to get the exact mod pack you need to join our server. See our Servers page for the current version of TnFC that we're using and the correct share code. We strongly suggest you remove the Prattle and Weather 2 mods and that you update Fastcraft to 1.25 or later and also install OptiFine.
  • Jail
    • /server jail
    • The jail server is where players are send who break the rules. Here they must serve their sentence and participate in menial labor. Non jailed players can come visit.





Dynmap for Freebie TerraFirmaCraft world: (Anyone can view the map. To chat it requires in-game registration using /dynmap webregister)

Dynmap for Freebie TechNode Firmacraft world: (Anyone can view the map. To chat it requires in-game registration using /dynmap webregister)




The TnFC server runs the TechnodeFirmaCraft mod pack which uses an unofficial copy of TFC. The mod pack is available on the AT Launcher. See our Servers page for the current version of TnFC that we're using and the correct share code.

The TerraFirmaCraft website and forums are not the place to ask for support for anything related to the TechnodeFirmaCraft mod pack.



Some useful commands and info

Read the signs at spawn, they are there for a reason.




Server travel

  • /server (gives a list of available servers
  • /server freebietfc (go to the Freebie TFC server)
  • /server donortfc (go to the Donor TFC server)
  • /server donortfchc (go to the Donor TFC Hardcore server)
  • /server jail (go to the jail server)
  • /server lobby (go to the Lobby server)


You can use these channels to chat in:

  • general
  • nation
  • town
  • local

You can join those channels with the following commands respectively:

  • /g
  • /nc
  • /tc
  • /l

While you are in one of these channels, you won't pick up chat from other channels so keep that in mind. Being in the town channel for example should only give you chat from fellow town members. That should greatly reduce the "noise" in chat.


/tgui, /tgui town, /tgui plot, etc. (provides a GUI interface to use Towny commands)

/towny (Looku towny commands)

/town new TownName (create your very own town!)

/town add PlayerName (invite someone to join your town)

/plot forsale (Mayor can set plots for sale which town members can then claim as their own. Remember: we don't use currency so don't set a price.)

/plot notforsale (Cancel a plot being for sale)

/plot claim (Residents can claim a plot that has been put up for sale by the mayor.)

A full list of commands can be found here:


People who are not part of a town, can't switch inside that town. This means they can't open things like doors, chests, tool racks, barrels, etc. To further protect such items from fellow town members or outside of a town, you can use Lockette. Simply place a sign on anything you wish to make your own private property and type [private] on the first line.


If you need help and there aren't any mods or admins on the server, you can open a ticket.

/ticket-open YourQuestionHere (this opens a new ticket with your question)

/ticket-list (View your tickets)

/ticket-check # (Check your ticket with number #)

/ticket (this prints the help, don't type "/ticket help" as that would create a ticket with "help" as it contents. We know that's stupid.)

Block and inventory logging

If you suspect someone griefed you or stole something, you can check to see what happened with Prism. You can turn on the inspection wand with:

/prism i

Now you can left click blocks, chests, tool racks, etc. and see who placed/destroyed/opened/picked them up.

If you right click a block with air above it, you'll see the history of the air block. Maybe it was broken, burned, etc.

To turn off the inspector use:

/prism i off

We can also do more complicated look-ups of events like killed animals, picked up items, etc. This requires a bit more knowledge of prism so if you need help with that ask a staff member or look up how to do it in the Prism documentation.

Personal warp points / home

You can set "home" using /sethome. You can set more then 1 home using:

/sethome name

You can teleport to your homes using

/home name

Dynmap chat

You can chat on Dynmap if you register an account while you are on the TFC server. Use

/dynmap webregister

You should get a code. On the Dynmap web page, if you click the button under chat labeled: "Chat Requires Login" you can use the code you got in game to register an account.




Mod-whitelist for TFC server




The HappyDiggers TFC server now uses a mod-whitelist. This means that players may only have certain mods installed when they join our server. To be absolutely clear.

You only need TerraFirmaCraft installed to be able to join, nothing else.

We have taken this measure in an attempt to prevent server instability and mass disconnects that happen from time to time.

The following list are OPTIONAL mods. They are all client-side mods that enhance visuals or provide extra information like mini-maps, tool tips and damage indicators.

  • MobiusCore
  • Waila
  • Opis (Use this instead of MapWriter, it's the same)
  • ReiMinimap
  • journeymap
  • voxelmap
  • NotEnoughItems
  • TerraFirmaCraftNEIplugin
  • CodeChickenCore
  • DamageIndicatorsMod
  • bspkrsCore
  • wawla
  • DynamicLights_dropItems
  • DynamicLights_entityClasses
  • DynamicLights_onFire
  • DynamicLights_otherPlayers
  • DynamicLights_mobEquipment
  • DynamicLights_floodLights
  • DynamicLights
  • DynamicLights_flameArrows
  • DynamicLights_creepers
  • DynamicLights_thePlayer
  • OpenEye
  • Schematica and LunatriusCore
  • BetterFoliage
  • FastCraft

We have chosen not to include Fastcraft. This mod is obsolete since the chunk generating problem was fixed in the current Forge version and it doesn't run on Cauldron. In regard to chunk loading (not generating) you are better off using Optifine. It is known to not only increase performance significantly, it also prevents certain crashes due to bugs in TFC in regard to fruit trees in b78 and b79.

If you would like us to add any other mods to this list, please use the following form:

Mod name:

Mod website/forum post: (url)

Why do you want us to allow this mod?:



Server Tours




I am recording server tours again. Server tours are short <10 minute YouTube videos recorded by me and posted on my channel here:

In these videos we visit towns and people get to show all the cool stuff they have made on our server. If you would like me, and maybe a few others, to join you on a grand tour of your village please let us know.

Post your town name and your in-game Minecraft name. Also a general indication of when you are available would help. I live in the CET time zone and am usually available between 19:00 and 23:00 however other times aren't excluded. Just let me know and I'll see what's possible or not. Use a timezone convertor to figure out what that means for you:

Please try to have a working microphone ready. We will ask you to join us on our TeamSpeak server so we can talk to each other. If you don't have a mic, or are really shy, you can type things in chat. Get TeamSpeak here:

Our TeamSpeak server IP is:

I'll update this thread with a bunch of server tours after the first couple have gone up.



VIP server rank




People in the V.I.P. group are considered trusted players of the HappyDiggers community. They gain access to our whitelisted Vanilla Minecraft server and our

Feed The Beast server which runs develpment builds of the HappyDiggers AMP mod pack. V.I.P. members also have access to the /mute command which they can use to help staff members with players who use abusive language or are bullying other players. The rules for using the /mute command are outlined here. (Accessible only for V.I.P. members.)

Access to the V.I.P. group is by invite only. The only way to get invited to the V.I.P. group is by being an outstanding member of the HappyDiggers community. You will have to make a positive contribution on our server and the other V.I.P.s have to like playing with you. The other V.I.P. members may nominate and vote on new V.I.P. members once a month. We try to add at least one new member each month.

Things you can do to help improve your chances of being nominated:

  • Be a nice person to play with on our servers.
  • Help out other players any way you can.
  • Have a spotless record in regards to the server rules.
  • Start or join community projects and take them to the next level.
  • Report abusive players to the staff. Staff members also vote.
  • Be active on the server and the HappyDiggers forum.
  • Be patient. Don't ask to be nominated, it hurts your chances. It can take a couple of months before you are nominated. People just have to get to know you and notice you.



ARK: Survival Evolved



We have also launched a new ARK: Survival Evolved server.



Server IP:

This server is free to play and has simple rules. Respect the staff and other players. There is to be no player harassment. No wiping of people's bases unless they're in a cave or on top of a mountain. And each tribe may have no more than 3 bases.



Metal with Glass - Metal structures with glass inlays for more visually appealing buildings and more functionality.

Better Beacons Lite - Updated Loot tables for air drops so all items added up to November 2015 are included.

Offline Raid Protection - Buffs dinos and structures considerably when a tribe is offline to strongly discourage offline raiding.


Using the standard Ark map "The Island"

A PvEvP based server. Friendly community style playing with the opportunity to still engage in PvP.

3rd person disabled

Crosshairs disabled

Map player location enabled (Only shows yourself, helpful for finding friends)

No character/dino downloads

No base leveling/wiping. Bust in get what you want and leave.

No dino wiping.

Standard XP

Player max level 160

Wild dino max level 240

4x Tame rate

2x Less food consumption

2x Harvest rate

2x Structure integrity

Mating interval .5x (half the time between mating sessions)

Egg hatch speed 2x

Baby mature rate 10x

Global spoiling rate 2x (twice as long before it rots)

Global item decomposition 2x (Items on the ground last twice as long)

Global corpse decomposition 100x (Gives 24 hour real life time to retrieve your body.




Edited by InsaneJ

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Looks like a great server, is it possible that permissions to set up a town is not set up yet?

Thanks for hosting this tfc server, looking forward to play on it.




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Sorry about that :B

I've added the permission to the default group. Could you try again?


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Hey sorry I was away for a little while, I tested and it works now.

Thank you


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Glad to hear it :)

To address the feather issue I've setup two droppers at the border of the spawn area near the end of the stairs. They each drop 1 feather at dawn. That should allow people to progress further into the game without players having to wait for staff members to be available to give them feathers.


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So far the server has been well populated. I haven't found a window so far where I could restart the server to apply some minor config changes :)

Tomorrow I'm going to do a little tour of the server and record a YouTube video. I'll try to visit as many towns as I can. Please be sure to set your town's spawn point with /mytown setspawn so I can find your builds.


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Why do you have to give players feathers?


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At a certain point they need the feathers to progress in the game.

During server testing players have been walking around for days (real life, not Minecraft days) without encountering a single chicken, let enough two for breeding.

Maybe it has to do with the world seed, maybe it's just TFC. Either way, players were unable to obtain feathers within a reasonable time span.

In the end the staff resorted to spawning in feathers in creative mode. That's not something other players can do, so I decided to facilitate them by dropping feathers at dawn.

If players are able to obtain chickens in the world, then dropping a few feathers at spawn won't affect them. You can consider it an optional server feature.


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Two days after the server went public I've done a tour of the server's villages. This is the result:

Thanks to all the players who set their town's spawn point so I could get around to all the villages quickly. If you ask me, I think things are looking pretty good already. There's progress from simple hidey holes to bigger villages, cute little houses and large farms. Good job guys :)

So far we've had more then 100 unique players on the server and it seems there's always someone on when I check the server. I'm happy to see people enjoying the server.


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Great little server tour InsaneJ, too bad I wasnt around when you did it.


Thanks for sharing


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J Is going to do another server tour this weekend,



"This weekend I'd like to do another server tour and I would like some of the regulars to participate if they're up for it. My plan is to be on the server on Sunday 2nd of March at around 19:00CET. Could you please see and ask around if people would be interested in showing off their builds? They'd have to get on TeamSpeak for that. They can talk a little bit about what they've done so far, what current projects are and about their plans for the future. They can talk about anything interesting they like. Fun moments, epic failures, anything they like. I'll then go from village to village and give the players some time to become famous on YouTube Posted Image"



There are allot of interesting creations and unique builds from what I've seen and one of the best things about TFC IMO; is that you really can put your own personal touch with the chisel and planks.


You can also check the forums at


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With warriorofcats as our guide we visit the town of Valemoore on the HappyDiggers Terra Firma Craft server. This is part of a (somewhat) weekly series where I hop on the TFC server and take a look at some of the cool stuff people are building there.


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Can you add this mod, please: It has no impact on gameplay, it's simply the server-side component to the More Player Models mod, which allows the player to change their appearance, such as height, size, add features like wings, hair, tails, and more.


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Thanks for the suggestion :)

Would it require players to also install that mod before they are able to join?



Unrelated to More Player Models.

Today KodeKatt shared his gaming rig with us. Apparently someone didn't believe he was getting 500+ FPS while running TFC. He has an amazing setup with most of his hardware submerged in mineral oil :)


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The More Player Models mod has been added to the server. This is an optional mod, players are not required to have it installed to play on the HappyDiggers server.


Also KodeKatt was kind enough to show us around her place on the server. She's chosen a unique build style which tries to integrate all her buildings into the surrounding terrain. Walking through the maze-like paths in the jungle was amazing. Have a look :)



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I've increased the plots per player. Players now get 64 plots to protect their towns. That should help people who want to claim things like an island or a farm area.


If there's anything else you guys need just let me know.


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I was checking out some of the other TFC servers, but unfortunately most of them were empty and Roanoke requires me to sign up to their website to download their mod pack. Guess that makes HappyDiggers TFC the place to be then :)

Posted Image


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2-3 weeks ago Roanoke had 25-28 peeps online at once, things change. I distinctly remember seeing how dead yours and Zandrov's servers were at that time (no malice, just an observation).


What I've noticed with TFC servers over the years is that there is usually one really popular vanilla TFC server at any given time on these forums. After a couple months the hardcore loyal players get bored with TFC and start demanding mods. The admins always gives in, and it becomes a modded server. Then shortly after, those players get bored with it all and the now-modded server dies, in terms of population. Then, right on queue, a new vanilla TFC server appears in the forums with a fresh map and the cycle starts again. I can never go back to vanilla TFC, it's far too bland.


I hope you keep the trend going for a long time, enjoy it! =)


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It's a really nice server with a good core community. I'm really quite pleased.


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I'm actually quite amazed at how the community on the HappyDiggers TFC server formed. It's far more popular then I would have expected. Since I don't actually play there myself, we'll just have to see how long it lasts. As long as people are enjoying themselves there I'm fine with maintaining the server :)


As for adding mods to the server that players are forced to install, that will never happen. We aren't maintaining a TFC mod pack ourselves because TFC is left behind at Minecraft 1.6.2. So just plain TFC will have to do. I don't want to make it harder then necessary. I am going to release a client-side only mod pack for use on any TFC server soon-ish. But people don't have to use that, it's strictly client-side mods / esthetics / cosmetics.


We are currently setting up a new spawn area on the server. We have just finished setting up a new spawn area. Reason being that the current area is cluttered with towns. New players can start fresh with untainted lands and mining opportunities. If you like you can take a sneak peak on our Dynmap.


Some people have asked why we don't just delete old towns. I have decided that I don't want an economy system where people have to keep on playing just to prevent their towns from being deleted. For this same reason I don't want to force players to be active. If they want to play on our server, they are welcome. If they decide to leave and come back later maybe, that's fine also. Deleting the old towns won't get back the resources those towns have consumed or undo the changes they made to the world. So instead we're moving the spawn area with some tricks. Again, if we were on Minecraft 1.6.4 or later we could use MCPC+ and Bukkit plugins to take care of this in a good way. But for now we'll just have to use command blocks :)


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How do you get access to the new area? Because as it is entirty of spawn and everything in a huge area around it are picked clean, you have a good chance of starving before getting far enough to survive.


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The spawn area is in a town called "spawn". To get there you can use the MyTown spawn command /mytown spawn <TownName>.


In short you can use: /t spawn spawn


New players joining the server should get teleported there automatically from the floating bedrock contraption at the 'natural' spawn.


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I'm sorry to report that one of our idiot admins was dumb enough to change the time on the server. As a result TFC broke.I have restored the latest available backup which, as it turns out, was yesterday's backup. Today's backup, the one from april 1st, failed. As always, as soon as a backup fails you need it.So as of a few minutes ago from when I post this, the server has been reverted to 2014-03-31 09:51 CET. For those of you who don't know how to translate to CET, that's about 1.5 days of progress lost.I'm really sorry about this. Pernix wishes to remain anonymous so I won't mention his name. But suffice it to say he'll be severely punished for his stupidity.


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The HappyDiggers TFC server is governed by a custom startup script. Among other things this script queries the Minecraft's server's query port and checks the ForgeModLoader-server-0.log file for crashes. If it can't query the server or finds a crash in the log file it will automatically restart the server.


Unfortunately TFC will sometimes 'hang' which means the script can still query the query port. Also when this happens it seems that the server will sometimes start a new log file ForgeModLoader-server-0.log.1 ForgeModLoader-server-0.log.2 etc. So the script will obviously not find any crashes in the original log file.


So we've added another check to the startup script. It will determine which log file the server is currently using and check that for crashes. Hopefully this will reduce server downtime in an automated fashion even further :)


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This is an excellent server. Keep up the good work!


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