[] HappyDiggers - The most popular public TFC server - Now also TechNode Firmacraft 3.7.1 (unofficial TFC)

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The HappyDiggers TFC server attempts to stay as close as possible to the TFC experience. Players joining only need to have the latest TFC installed. The Freebie TFC has no whitelist and is open to anyone as long as they are friendly to other players and the staff. Players who enjoy our little community and are willing to support us with donations get access to our huge donor servers. Please read through the information below and follow the rules. Rules Features Server specs TerraFirmaCraft Server IP: tfc.happydiggers.net:4000 Technode FirmaCraft Server IP: tnfc.happydiggers.net:3000   Discord:  https://discord.me/happydiggers TeamSpeak: ts.happydiggers.net Dynmap for Freebie TerraFirmaCraft world: http://tfc.happydiggers.net (Anyone can view the map. To chat it requires in-game registration using /dynmap webregister) Dynmap for Freebie TechNode Firmacraft world: http://tnfc.happydiggers.net (Anyone can view the map. To chat it requires in-game registration using /dynmap webregister) Twitter: http://twitter.com/HappyDiggers YouTube: http://youtube.com/HappyDiggers   The TnFC server runs the TechnodeFirmaCraft mod pack which uses an unofficial copy of TFC. The mod pack is available on the AT Launcher. See our Servers page for the current version of TnFC that we're using and the correct share code. The TerraFirmaCraft website and forums are not the place to ask for support for anything related to the TechnodeFirmaCraft mod pack.     Some useful commands and info Read the signs at spawn, they are there for a reason.     Mod-whitelist for TFC server   Server Tours   VIP server rank ARK: Survival Evolved  
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