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TerraFirmaCraft - Full Mod Let's Play

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say I will be doing an Let's Play of the TerraFirmaCraft mod! I have done a series of this mod before but it has changed so much that I decided to hop back in and kick off season 2. I plan to attempt a full playthrough of the mod with the goal of creating an area large enough to support 10 or more people despite the fact it is a single player server. I also want to explore the world and see if I can find everything the mod has to offer in terms of adventure and biomes.

Demorus (DemoTKS)

YouTube - DemoTheKeySmasher
Twitter - @DemoTKS


Check out a few of my other Minecraft series...

Attack of the B-Team (Modded Minecraft)
This is now a multiplayer series featuring the Attack of the B-Team modpack by Technik. Join the Blocknauts as we take on the crazy adventure this modpack has to offer.

Attack of the B-Team - Playlist

Blocknauts (Minecraft Multiplayer)
The Blocknaut series is a vanilla Minecraft series filled with building, adventure, and redstone contraptions. Join me as I turn the landscape into a fun and exciting environment for my friends to live and enjoy.

Blocknauts - Playlist

Blood N' Bones (Modded Minecraft)
Blood N' Bones is a Feed the Beast modpack focused on making basic survival a hardcore challenge. The mobs are deadly, the food has diminishing returns, and basic crafting doesn't exist. It takes time, luck, and skill to survive. Join me in this series to find out if I have any of the three.

Blood N' Bones - Playlist

Crack Pack (Modded Minecraft)
Crack Pack is a AT Launcher modpack focused on PvP. This modpack contains a lot of mods that add weapons, magic, and base defenses that can be used for war. My focus is exploring all the mods in this pack and optimizing my setups.

Crack Pack - Playlist

TerraFirmaCraft (Modded Minecraft)
TerraFirmaCraft is a mod that focuses on making Minecraft survival realistic. What was once easy is now difficult. Join me as I travel from the stone age to being a master of steel and construct an empire.

TerraFirmaCraft - Playlist


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If all goes well there should be another episode out tonight!


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Seems awesome, subscribed :)


Thanks! Welcome to the channel.  :)


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I took a short break but I am back in action with a new episode coming out in an hour! Be sure to check it out at my channel DemoTheKeySmasher.


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Love your series. Looking forward to the next episode. I am currently trying to make a pickaxe on the there anyway you could do one on the series so I can see it? I keep getting close, in fact I line up the green and red arrow as well as the hits require being green.....but it never makes the tool. I can weld but I can't seem to make tools. Maybe if I can see it being done, I will see what I am doing wrong.


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