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[Barbaric Survival] Map Discussion (Moved)

7 posts in this topic

This discussing has been moved to here, and will no longer be updated on this post.


Barbaric Survival Map

as requested!



This post is for members of Barbaric Survival to discuss and label parts of the map as they see fit.  This means only members of the server should be leaving input in regards to the map on this post, please and thank you. Pretty much all current labels are place holders, and may be subject to change if a better name is agreed upon.  You can suggest a re-naming of a current location or naming an un-named location or region, so long as it's appropriate and others agree upon the name.

Towns or other landmarks are marked with an orange dot, if you want to get your town on the map just let me know where you want it and what you suggest it be called. Town names are not up to debate, and are chosen by town owners.

If you happen to live by one of these named locations, or you want to name the location you are in, you have more authority on the matter and ultimately it's up to you and the others that live around there.

I will try and update the map with the new names weekly if I can, this is about the fullest size the map will be. Make sure you read other peoples post as something you want to change may have already been suggested. Let me know if there's any mistakes with the map please and thank you, other then that, get to it!





Posted Image

Click Image to enlarge.

Not sure how this map is going to work on the post, so you might want to have a look at it via this link instead.


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I would like to add, this is pretty rough and a lot of things aren't labeled at all.


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TheJaoelMan and I have our settlement at the northern end of River B, so for the lands surrounding the two rivers I would like to suggest either the name Riverlands or Midlands.

When I get back to the server I'll discuss naming the settlement and both rivers with TheJaoelMan if he's up for it. (I already have names like Riverton and Riverrun in mind, not sure yet...)

Also, together with Jorgame00 we sort of dubbed the region you denoted as Wetlands, Lake Country, and we are trying to establish a Lake Country Meeting Point for trading and sharing info and whatnot. Might be an idea to switch the names Wetlands and Lake Country?

As for anything else, I feel I have absolutely no authority to name these places.


I have really enjoyed playing on this server with you guys, and I look forward to coming back to it next week!


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Nice map!


Some naming suggestions...


Region D:  Emerald Hills

Sea A: Central Sea/Middle Sea?  I thought of cooler sounding names but thought no one would actually end up calling it that lol.

Island inside of Sea A: Tortuga.  I am thinking this would be a good place to build a rail to that would then continue north to spawn.  It can serve as a trading post and/or a 'rest area' when traveling cross continent.  Wouldn't be a bad idea to build an inn there as well.


Everything else is too far from my settlement for me to have a say...


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Really nice job! 

Here are my 2 cents:

Instead of Dark woods, I'd like to call my place Dark Forest, or Black Forest, any of those would be good for me, you pick (maybe Dark better, as there's already a Black sea) ;)

Region 2 is a really dense forest place, something like a jungle. Random name generator suggests "Ukx Jungle!" :D

Lake 5 looks more of a marsh to me, didn't came up with any name yet :)

River 1 could be "Wethys river"

Region 1 is a open space area, could be something like "White hills"

Also I haven't been to Island 1, but I'd call it "Sharktooth island" or something similar :P

And btw, I really like the Black sea name!

Keep up the good work!




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Kay, here's some more suggestions / updates:


The town on either side of the bridge over "river 3"; Ennfyll

River 3; Legeian River

River 4; The Iron-Arm


I believe people are now referring to Tortuga Island as Atokos Island...

Other than that, the map looks awesome!




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