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Animal issues in 0.79.10

5 posts in this topic

I have got a lot of trouble with animals:


1. Animals follow refine grain but do not eat it to breed (chat message: "The animal won't let you do that")

2. Cows are not milked (chat message: "The animal won't let you do that")

3. Right click on animals is not messaged me about their gender (cows return chat message: "The animal won't let you do that")

4. Seeps are not sheared by right click with knife (chat message: "The animal won't let you do that")

5. When I put both the knife above the Soaked Hide in a crafting grid I do not get any results!


Please, could you help me?


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Are you kidding me?

Please, guys, read the change log whenever updating TFC, that's what it's for!


If you are still too lazy to read the whole thing, search for "familiarity" for your questions #1-#4, and "leather rack" for #5 on the page ...


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But in this log was written:

  • [*]Fixed sheep and cows only being familiarized by shift clicking while shearing and milking.

but shearing and milking do not work at all!


I read wiki about hide, but mechanic does not work for Soaked Hide!


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You need to read earlier parts of the log. The wiki is outdated, which is why what you think is supposed to work is not working. Read the change log.


79.0 Changelog:

    [*]Added Leather Rack. Right click on the top a horizontal placed log with a soaked hide. Then right click on all of the spots on the hide with a knife to scrape the pieces off. Scraping the last piece off will give the scraped hide.

    [*]Completely changed the way in which animals are tamed. Gone are the days when a few bones are enough to create a wolf army.
      [*]Instead of being tamed with a bone, wolves will only follow players [*]All wolves will sit if tied to a fence post and stand if tied to a player [*]All animals now have a familiarity value which needs to be increased [*]Familiarity can be increased by performing a particular action at least once a day
        [*]for wolves, this means shift-right clicking to pet them [*]for cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs this means feeding them grain [*]for bears, this means feeding them fish [*]for horses, this means feeding them grain, however after a certain point, the horse will no longer become familiar this way, and instead will only become familiar by riding it for an average of 30 seconds per day [*]for deer, this means feeding them salt

      [*]Certain familiarity levels are required to interact with animals in certain ways such as milking cows, shearing sheep, riding horses, breeding animals, and naming animals [*]Familiarity will decrease slightly each day if it hasn’t reached a certain level and you haven’t interacted with the animal [*]Familiarity has a set cap after which it can no longer be increased in adult animals. Baby animals can always increase their familiarity, and do so much faster than adults. [*]Baby animals retain 50% of their mother’s familiarity when born, unless she is close to maximum familiarity, in which case they will retain 90% of it

The fact that you did not read the change log means that you violated Rule #2 for posting in this forum, and so this topic has been locked.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.