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Ore diversity

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Today while reading some articles on minerals and ores I came across this page and I was surprised by the huge number of minerals that exist. In TFC we have some of these, but often we only have a single type of ore, apart in the case of copper, iron and coal. 

Personally I really like those metals because they have diverse ores ingame and this adds immersion because it looks more believable. It also adds fun to the prospecting and mining. It's better to see a greyish like ore and get confused but excited at first, instead of seeing a yellow ore and already know what it is.


Anyway, let's come to the suggestion. I spent some time to search for some minerals in that page that would fit into TFC. 



Bismuth variations:


-Bismuthinite (Already in the game)

-Bismite (


Tin variations:


-Cassiterite (Already in the game)

-Stannite (


Minerals that contain Tin in minor part:


-Canfieldite (

-Cylindrite (

-Franckeite (

-Teallite (


Nickel variations:


-Garnierite (Already in the game)

-Pentlandite (

-Nickeline (

-Millerite (


There are additional nickel alloys that can be found in meteorites but TFC doesn't have them so it's useless to add them.


Gold variations:


-Native gold (Already in game)

-Calaverite (

-Krennerite (

-Sylvanite (

-Petzite (


Silver variations:


-Native silver (Already in the game)

-Galena (Already in the game but currently can't be used to get silver)

-Argentite (

-Chlorargyrite (

-Pyrargyrite (


Zinc variations


-Sphalerite (Already in the game)

-Smithsonite (

-Hemimorphite (

-Wurtzite (

-Hydrozincite (



These are the different ores for now. Obviously I don't suggest to implement each one, because it would be crazy. Rather I suggest to implement at least 2-3 variations for each metal. Iron and copper already have 3 variations and they fit perfectly into the game, so why not add them to the rest?


Edit: Oh, do note that some ores are also made by other metals, but since also tetrahedrite, limonite and other ingame ores are made by other metals but can only be smelted to a single metal, I added them anyway.


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I think some of the choices for ore are based on need and availability. Two metals you need a ton of, and are critical for progression are copper and iron. However each type only spawns in a limited range of rock types. So for gameplay it makes sense to increase the range and availability of these metals. To stay realistic there was need for different ores to cover more rock types. There isn't the intense need for all the other metals. Until the post steel age the various metals can substitute for each other. So there isn't a need to add in more blocks, items, recipes etc. The only way to balance adding these would be to either reduce size and increase rarity of all the non-copper/iron ore spawns or make bottlenecks in progression for each bronze. Neither seems a positive direction for gameplay.


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Oh, no, I didn't mean this to increase the available metal, but just to enhance diversity. My idea was that what could be a vein of bismuthinite could become bismite instead. There wouldn't be more veins, just more variety in ores. It would increase the immersion and personally I find that when you're prospecting it's funny to find something unusual sometimes.


Also, for the ores that are already ingame, I think those are there from the start. This mod took inspiration from Dwarf Fortress, and indeed today I checked the DF wiki and all the TFC ores are present there, plus lots of almost useless ores that however in DF have a commercial function, like platinum. Maybe that's why we didn't find a good use for it yet.


But anyway back in topic. Basically this wouldn't spawn more ores, just more different ones.


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I think this would be great, it helps with learning about geology/mining, and I love having many different ores for the same metal.


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I didn't think about this at first, but it's true. One of the targets of this mod is that the player leaves the game knowing something new too. In my case this mod made me curious enough to go look how real bloomeries worked, how iron was processed, and in this case how many ores contain the same metal.


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