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Modded Tools - Implementing Other mods tools as compatible with TFC

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I began working on a modpack a few weeks ago using Flaxbeard's, HQM, and TFC to name a few of the mods.  After setting up Ore generation, making changes using minetweaker, and adding utility mods I decided to go through each mods items to verify recipies, identify crashes, and ensure all items function properly.  To my dismay Flaxbeards steam tools failed to function with TFC installed.  Since both TFC and Flaxbeards is under the same license and code is provided on GitHub I did some investigation.


To get a "Pickaxe" item to work the changes are pretty simple, implement the ICausesDamage interface and changed the material efficiency, and damage.  


To get a "Shovel" like item to work was a bit more of a challege, Shovels & Axes dont extend off of the MC classes of their related siblings, instead they use ItemTerraTool as their parents.  So changing that and implementing the super followed by copying and pasting the block list was required to implement another mods shovel.  


...Now for the "Axe"  I implemented the shovel changes using the axe expecting it to work the same way.  Rather than the axe being an axe its a generic item, the logs register the event for being harvested then check an internal list of axes.  If the axe is on the list then the wood is returned, else the wood is placed back in the spot you tried to harvest from (Punching wood).  To get an axe to work now the you must import the modded item into TFC and add it to the list Recipes.Axes during item setup.


I cant imagine why the shovel and the axe would be created this way when it would be easier to check in the axe is a member (instance of) an interface (IAxe for example) then allow the harvest.  Im still trying to figure out why tools are programmed the way they are rather than using easier more extensible approaches.


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The short answer is that the code for axes and shovels was written a long time ago, and has barely been updated other than minimum to port between MC versions. Adding compatibility for other mods is a very recent thing for TFC, and was not even remotely a priority in the past.


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