[Request] Addon Devlopment Guide

By Necoxus in Addon Discussion,
I'm requesting guides on how to put together addon mods for TFC for a few reasons: Currently there isn't one place to look and read about addon production and all the information is scattered in different threads. Of the information found in threads there is so many different methods each with their own flaws or problems.   I have read most of the material on addons for TFC and I still have trouble with it, different methods for setting up the dev environment often result in different problems that I can never seem to find the answer to.   So what  I to know from coders who have made addons is the following: How did you setup your dev environment Where did you begin creating files (In a space created by the setup/did you create a space, if so how did you do that?) Did you have to change your run config to be able to test your addon? (if so how did you set the run config) Did you have to do anything else that I didn't ask for here to be able to create your addon? Also I have practiced modding in other versions of the game, however I haven't created an addon before.   Thanks to anyone who helps me with this endeavor.
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