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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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[DISCONTINUED][TFC 0.79.29][0.13.0]TerraMisc - Misc, Magic, and More!

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TerraMisc Introduction


[DISCONTINUED] 5/10/20 - I no longer have plans to update this add-on as a continuation of its original ideas or concepts. Instead I have decided that I would like to start over from scratch to produce something of a higher quality. I do not want to make any promises, my personal life can be chaotic at best, but this is a project that I did deeply enjoy producing; which is why I want to give it a do-over, done right. Thank you! Feel free to continue using this add-on in its current state, just know that it itself will not be receiving updates.


TerraMisc is an addon without any defined theme; I add in random things cause I think that TFC would be better with it or that it would have a positive impact on gameplay. Feel free to suggest things as long as they aren't things that the TFC devs themselves have openly opposed or rejected, plus they have to appropriate for all audiences as per forum rules.





Donations: Paypal *Donations received allow me to contribute more time and resources to this project. Thank you!*



Note: All of my recipes should be compatible with the NEI TFC Addon.

  • Longbow and tiered metal arrows!
  • Crossbow and tiered metal bolts! (Crushing Damage!)
  • Quiver for compatibility with Longbow and Crossbow!
  • Alternate Red stone recipes, this includes pistons and sticky pistons!
  • Suet, Tallow, and Candles!
  • Additional melee weapons such as Halberds, War Hammers, and Poniards!
  • New chain mail armor variant!
  • Alternate Clock and Compass recipes!
  • Decorative road blocks for more beautiful looking roads and paths!
  • Fruit press, which produces fruit juice from all berries and a few other fruits! (Works like the TFC Hopper.) (Now with additional fruit support and juices!)
  • Fruit wine, fermented from fruit juice, can also be used to make vinegar!
  • Sugar extraction from fruit juice!
  • Soy Milk, dairy replacement!

Mod Spotlights




TFC Spotlight -TerraMisc by Grimkor Lp

I really enjoyed this spotlight, he covered all of the major additions from TerraMisc, the things he left out I feel are pretty self-explanatory. Please note this spotlight was done as of version (0.11.1) it appears.

TerraFirmaCraft Addon Spotlight - TerraMisc by TitaniumGamingMedia (0.7.1) This one is out of date but some of the information may still be relevant.

I really enjoy seeing spotlights, if you have made any please feel free to either pm me or post them here.









Note: I will not hang on to every release ever, I will keep the previous two versions available along with the current release.

Please delete your old config file when updating by a major build number. (Ex. (0.6.0) to (0.7.0))

Current Release (0.13.0): Dropbox Download

Older Releases









-Tweak: Coil recipe now uses one ingot, to produce one coil; this is to fix the stacking coil/lost metal issue.
-Tweak: Soy Milk now removes potion effects from the player.
-Added Onion Juice (eg. "Ratt" repellent), can be thrown to inflict the poison effect.
-Fixed some minor issues with achievements.


-Updated to TFC (0.79.29)
-Updated Ore Dictionary to include TFCM weapons.
-Added various new juice products that can be produced from the fruit press. (Tree Fruits yield 1000mb per 160o, berries yield 2000mb per 160o, this is for balance.)
    -Rewrote Fruit Press to function better, and be easier to add recipes to the Fruit Press can also perform the same function as the TFC Hopper now.
-Added Soy Milk, soy milk can be used to make cheese, and functions as dairy produced from soybean paste and hot water in a barrel in a ratio similar to how alcohol is produced.
-Added Tallow Dye items, made by combining a tallow bowl and the respective dye, used to dye candles.
-Tweaked tallow production to involve use hot water in a barrel to cook the suet instead of using a direct heat source.
-Tweaked some achievements, and added a few.
-Removed colored tallow candles, normal candles can be dyed via right clicking.
-Fixed an issue with longbows and crossbows that would cause players to crash when in creative or when using infinity.
-Fixed a bug with the draw speed modifier on longbows, hopefully. It is also now an integer again.
-Simplified Longbow and Crossbow arrow/bolt entity handling.


-Fixed longbow draw speed modifier, hopefully? It is also a float again, since people want that.
-Fixed quiver consuming ammo from multiple stacks.


Added: New Quiver item works with the longbow and crossbow ammo, still functional with standard bow and javelins.
Added: New Sugar Bottle item, made from cooking down Fruit Juice in bottle form, right click to remove sugar from the bottle.
Tweak: Modified the rendering of the crossbow in both first person, and third person views.
Tweak: Updated TerraMisc logo file, should look a bit nicer now.


-Tweaked dyed candle recipes to use ore dictionary dyes.
-Tweaked crossbow recipe and damage value. This is a buff not a nerf.
-Tweaked Stack sizes on bottled items.
-Added brown dye item to ore dictionary for "dyeBrown".
-Added config option for compass and clock crafting.
-Added methods to replace vanilla recipes with the alternate recipes. (Recipes will only be replaced or removed when config options are enabled.)


-Added: Fruit Press Block (Make juice from berries and a few other fruits, works like the TFC Hopper.)
-Added: Fruit Juice and Fruit Wine drink items, they restore fruit nutrition and water bars.
-Added: Fruit Wine recipe made from fruit juice in a barrel.
-Added: Vinegar recipe made from Wine plus additional fruit, similar to normal vinegar recipe.
-Added: New recipe type to the barrel, converts a fluid to a different fluid after time has passed.
-Added: Achievements and a TerraMisc achievement page.
-Tweak: Casein glue recipe, 100mb of curdled milk with 1 flux results in 2 casein glue after an hour.


-Added: New link recipe, links are now crafted on the anvil from coils.

-Added: Missing arrow mold recipe

-Added: Recipe for suet bowl, a ceramic bowl, and suet in any pattern.

-Added: Recipe for tallow bowl obtained by cooking a suet bowl in a fire pit/forge.

-Added: Tallow bowl, and suet bowl items.

-Added: New metal items that can support the additional data of smithing.

-Removed: Old metadata metal based metal items.

-Removed: Tallow recipe and tallow item.

-Removed: Wick item, as it was not really needed.

-Tweak: Tallow candle recipe to use the tallow bowl, and 1 wool yarn.

-Tweak: Inventory checking code for both the longbow and crossbow, should be more efficient now.

-Tweak: Bears now drop suet, and suet drops now vary based on the age of the mob.

-Tweak: Sinew drop rate from deer, they can now drop 3 at max, but that varies with age.


-Fixed a very simple bug where if a mob dies that wasn't an animal the mob drop class tried to find information that isn't available resulting in a crash.


-Fixed a minor bug that kept arrow/bolt heads and their respective projectile items from stacking correctly.


-Added: A tooltip to longbows, and crossbows to advise players against cheating the items in.

-Tweak: Ammo scaling on the crossbow to scale the same way as the longbow, this makes bronzes and copper better than what they were.

-Tweak: Increased the max damage potential for the longbow, it is not closer to the crossbow but not the same.

-Updated some textures to make them less horrible. Yay!
-Fixed longbow and crossbow crashing, cheated items now work as well. :P
-Fixed deer dropping sinew string, instead of tendons.
-Removed piston head, and shaft items.
-Removed old iron and rose gold casing items.
-Removed clock hand item.
-Removed repeater and comparator circuits.
-Added new brass, iron, and rose gold casings.
-Added new circuit item.
-Added circuit anvil recipe that uses a gold sheet, and red stone.
-Added tendon drop to horses.
-Tweaked clock recipe to accept both brass and rose gold casings.
-Tweaked clock recipe to use sticks in place of clock hands.
-Tweaked dye recipes to fix some metadata errors.
-Tweaked piston recipe to use tyureurs and sheets.
-Tweaked comparator and repeater recipes to use new circuit item, and less red stone.
-Tweaked Sinew Recipes to be cheaper.



-Tweaked Chain mail armor weight. (Should make draw speed on bow/longbow/crossbows faster than when wearing normal armor. (excluding leather that is still lighter.))

-Implemented Crossbow and bolts.

-Added Config option for the draw speed on longbows.

-Removed option to disable casein glue.

-Added recipes to repair the longbow and crossbow.


-Tweaked Longbow draw speed config to allow for decimals.

-Fixed modified longbow draw speed not affecting the longbow animation.

-Optimized Crossbow, and fixed texture rendering issue. (When updating to this version with an older version of the crossbow either craft a new one or use the repair recipe to update it.)


-Added tiered metal arrows.

-Revamped longbow to accept metal arrows as ammo.

-Fixed an issue where the draw speed modifier was altering the range of the longbow.


-Fixed Several Bugs with the longbow.



-Tweaked damage values on red steel weapons to match with the change introduced by TFC.

-Added a crucible emptying recipe to easily remove contents from a crucible. (Configurable)


-Removed the particle effect appearance from poniards, halberds, and war hammers. (Doesn't affect their usage.)

-Tweaked the longbow's range to now be higher than the standard bow.

-Tweaked the weight and size on poniards, halberds, and war hammers to reflect their differences.

-Added custom third person renders for halberds and war hammers, should make them appear to have more length.



-Updated to use TFC 0.79.24, no longer compatible with 0.79.22.

-Changed lime dye recipe to use green and yellow.

-Changed tallow candle block hardness, now it is a bit quicker to break.


-Added an additional ladder recipe that uses lumber in place of most sticks. (This showed up in the suggestions forums a while ago and decided "eh why not?")

-Added German translation provided by BoneHawksEye.


-Fixed Piston Base Recipe to use the correct lumber ore dictionary name.

-Added Config options for the piston/logic tile crafting, and for longbow crafting.

-Added Language files for Chinese and Taiwan provided by Mymag.


-Fixed Server Ticking bug. Special Thanks to Eogen for reporting and helping to test the bug.

-Updated to TFC 0.79.25

-Hid all non-completed items/blocks from nei so that players don't become confused on what is/isn't completely implemented.

-Rewrote the tallow candle code to be easier to read and to be in closer format with the torch. (Does not affect gameplay, just an internal thing.)


TFC [0.79.21+][0.5.0] - Armor Update

-Added Coils, Chain Sheets, Chain Squares, Links, and Chain Armor.


-Tweaked tallow candle code to formulate the burn rate based on the TFC torch burn rate, which is configurable.


TFC [0.79.21][0.4.0] - Decor Update

-Added Tallow Candles, wicks, tallow, and suet.


-Added colors to tallow candles, dye recipes, and decorative road blocks.


-Removed Black Dye, tweaked some dye recipes, Updated to TFC [0.79.21]


TFC [0.79.20][0.3.0] - Weapons Update

-Added Halberds, War Hammers, Longbow, Deer Tendons, Several Sinew Items.


-Added Poniards, and modified halberds and warhammers.


-Changed Poniards, Halberds, and War Hammers to ignore right click commands and therefore not block.


-Fixed crafting using tools, all crafting using tools should now apply damage to the tool instead of consuming it.


-Added poniard anvil plan name to the lang file, Changed war hammer textures, Added flexible durability and weapon damage based on smithing skill sets for all weapons.


-Changed the War Hammer textures, added clay/ceramic molds for each of the new weapon types, added the long bow render so now it looks like a real bow. Most likely this is the final release for the weapons update.


TFC [0.79.20][0.2.1] - Redstone Release

-Added Casein Glue, Piston(w/ Sticky), Repeater, and Comparator recipes.


-Added Ore Dictionary Support.


TFC [0.79.20][0.1.1] - First Release

-Added better Compass and Clock Recipes




Legal/Modpack Authors/Terms of Use




You may download and use this mod openly. You may include it in mod packs as long as you include my IGN:Powerman913717 and a link to this forum post somewhere in your mod pack. Feel free to include a post here notifying me of your mod pack as I like to view them, however, this isn't required. This INCLUDES server distributed mod packs. You may only modify this mod for your own use, but you may NOT redistribute the modified version in any way. By downloading the mod you agree to not hold the mod author responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result of using this mod, including, but not limited to the corruption of Minecraft save files, corruption of any other Minecraft related files.




Support/Bug Reports




Please use this format for reporting bugs or issues to me, this makes it easier for me to track and find things.

TFC Version #:

TerraMisc Version #:
Forge Version #:
SSP/SMP (SinglePlayer/MultiPlayer):

Have you deleted your config files or are using default configs and are still able to reproduce this bug? (Yes/No):
Do you have any mods other than Forge, TFC, and TerraMisc installed? (Yes/No):
If yes, which mods? 
If you have Optifine or Cauldron installed, can you still reproduce the bug after uninstalling them? (Yes/No): link of the Crash Report:


Known Issues:


Edited by Necoxus

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Removed 1.0.0 link and added 1.0.1 due to a ghost bug that I didn't find until after release. Sneaky bugs... -_-


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Game Crashes if you change to a different plan after already working an ingot on another plan. (I think this may be a TFC Bug)


Have you made a report for this in the Support Forum yet? A crash report should make it fairly obvious if the bug is on our end or yours. Please try to reproduce the crash with nothing but forge and TFC installed, and if it still happens, then go make a report in the support forum. If it doesn't happen, then it isn't our bug.


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Yep doesn't seem to be TFC, my bad.


After checking with my addon, it was only one bad plan that caused the issue. That plan has already been fixed in 1.0.1 so I'm removing that from the know issues list.

Edited by Powerman913717

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The weird names are probably because you didn't include a localization. Add gui.plans.codeitemname=In Game Name to the appropriate lang file (en_US.lang for US English, for example) if you haven't already.


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I tried that but for some reason it wasn't working...most likely a weird eclipse thing sometimes I refresh for stuff like that to work. I'll have it fixed for the next release for sure, thanks for your input though. :)


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Fixed a very strange bug that was causing some to crash when loading my addon with TFC, should be fine now. (By strange I mean it was throwing a fit over my version naming. -_-)


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Released Redstone Update, recipes will be posted later have to work on editing screenshots for the forums. TFC NEI Addon should display everything correctly until then. :P


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Updated the Redstone update to 0.2.1 with ore dictionary support.


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I love this addon, and I am going to use it on my modpack!

I will post a link once I publish a thread for the pack!




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That's fine, I'm very glad that you are enjoying my addon. :D


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TerraMisc 0.3.0 - Weapons Update


Check change log for all the details.


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(0.3.1) Has been released Halberds and Warhammers have been changed a little, and poniards have been added.


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I like the sounds of the mod! Good job!The "legal" paragraph is also a nice little touch ;)


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Lol, thanks I was just covering my bases. :P


Glad you are enjoying the addon. :D


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I need help deciding on something for my mod regarding the longbow and arrow types. 


I will look for a solution but this is just a temporary thing, but from what I can tell from the code. I will have to remove quiver compatibility in order to implement arrow types; just until I figure this out. There probably is a way I'm just not bothering with it atm.

Edited by Powerman913717

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Updated to (0.3.2), Check change log for more details. Made minor changes to the weapons.


If you are a modder and know any thing about doing custom item renders such as how the item is held and how large it is please reply here or in at this post to help me with some stuff. I just need some sort of guide or outline cause there is almost no information out there at least from my searches about this.


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Released (0.3.3), crafting of the bow limb and of sinew fibers should no longer consume knives/hammers, instead damage should be applied to the tool.


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(0.3.4) of TerraMisc is Released! See the Changelog for more details.


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(0.3.5) of TerraMisc is Released! See the Changelog for more details. 


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The Decor Updated has began! Check change log for details more stuff will be added soon-ish!


(0.4.0) of TerraMisc is Released! See the Changelog for more details. 


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I'm curious do any of you want to have different colors of candles? If enough people want this I will implement it, the only issue is I have to create a separate block for each candle due to how the candle works with the on/off function.


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Ok the candles are done being coded, I will most likely release it tomorrow with all the different colors now.


I've also added recipes for most of the different colors however some are still uncraftable until I get around to coding their more special means of crafting/obtaining.


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TerraMisc (0.4.1) has been released, check changelog for more details. :D


A good chunk of work went into this update I hope everyone enjoys!


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TerraMisc (0.4.2) has been released, please check the changelog for more details. Also this version is built on the newest version of TFC; so please update your TFC and follow their instructions for updating.


Enjoy, :D


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