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Elemental damage types & weapons

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A fire would just be the most visible source of energy.  You can pull it from other sources as well, the higher the base temperature of the item(tree, stone, animal), the more energy available.  Anything above absolute zero will have some atomic motion(energy).   We might think of a stone laying on the ground as "cold", yet it is relatively warm on the Kelvin scale.   Once you  have this energy, you can use it as you will.  Making flame would just be one application.   Energy can be converted into any type of matter.  There's even an equation for it. E=MC2 or Energy = Mass x the speed of light squared.   

With the ability to manipulate energy/matter you could produce any number of "magical" effects.  Freezing someone(removing their body heat), or turning the ground at their feet to some other form, like lava or quicksand.   Or even the long sought after Philosopher's Stone, turning lead/iron etc, into gold.  

So there's no real need to destroy an object to release it's energy.  More a siphoning of it rather than a total conversion.  

The details of how this is accomplished would need to remain unexplained.  Otherwise it wouldn't be magic, but science.



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