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Quality bows! Become a master bowman!

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So this is based off of TFC as we know it, I know the wood types changed and as I continue to update the information and change things I'll replace the current wood types with the new ones. but I would like to get this out there now! This is a GUI thing because I couldn't think of a good way to make this happen in open world. but hopefully it has enough detail.

>Shavehorse >wooden planks >bow

>tiller >string >finished bow --depending on bow crafting skill your bow may fail/break on this step. how this would be calculated is not yet figured out.
>Anvil >Recipe >Drawknife 
Backing Items can be either. Leather, Sinew, cane, or horn.
Where to get backing items** Leather default. Sinew has a small chance being dropped by cows or deer. cane default river cane. Horn has a super small chance being droped by male sheep. Sinew and horn are effected by butcher skill.
Leather, Dura 5%/ -15% speed /:/ 
Sinew, Dura 10%, +20% speed, +10% strength /:/ +10% drawspeed
Cane, +10% speed +10%strength +10% drawspeed /:/ -15% dura
Horn, Dura 30%, +30% strength /:/ +50% drawspeed
Hardwood /:/ Dura ; Strenght ; Speed ; Drawspeed [seconds]
Ash** /:/ 400 ; 600 ; 30 m/s ; 3s
Acacia* /:/ 200 ; 700 ; 15 m/s ; 3.2s
Birch* /:/ 200 ; 400 ; 21 m/s ; 2s
Chestnut*** /:/ 600 ; 800 ; 42m/s ; 3s
Hickory**** /:/ 1000 ; 700 ; 78m/s ; 3.8s
Kapok** /:/ 600 ; 400 ; 32 m/s ; 2.2s
Maple** /:/ 500 ; 700 ; 29 m/s ; 1.3s
Oak**** /:/ 1000 ; 900 ; 60 m/s ; 4s
Sequoia*** /:/ 800 ; 800 ; 48 m/s ; 3.5s
Softwood /:/ 
douglas fir
White cedar

I would also like to add there are glues planned to be added. but not sure how I want to go by adding them. I will also add how the GUI should look. and the model for the shavehorse and tiller.
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What about Fletching? would it be implemented with bowyer or a separate skill.


The possibility of it just going along with Bowyer is optimal. Arrow tips can come from a smith. sticks are readily available and there are not a lot of options for the actual fletching. Tinker's construck as a default has Leaves and Feathers. I'm not sure what could be added to this. Shafts could be changed. 

maybe you take a stick to the shavehorse and it is how you get the Shaft? this could also add a quality variable to the shaft. I could also be dumb and not have the correct working bench but for simplicities sake the shavehorse could also be where you make shafts. 


What other types of Fletching is there? i know modern arrows have synthetic options but i'm not certain anything else aside feather and mayde leaves were used "back in the Day" tips and shaft quality were the arrow factors. but i could be wrong.

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I'm not sure that fletching needs to be particularly complicated, but we should definitely have metal arrow heads.  I would say they should not do (much) more damage though as you go up in tiers.  It should be an arrowhead vs armor thing, where the tier of the arrowhead must be at least 1 greater than the armor, in order to do full damage.  Otherwise it is reduced an additional amount - or stopped entirely. 


So for example copper arrow vs leather armor = full damage, copper vs copper 1/2 damage (in addition to general armor damage reduction), and copper vs bronze armor = 0 damage.   Then, you could allow the player to make Bodkin tips which would increase the effectiveness of the arrow by 1 tier for piercing purposes, but have a base damage 50% of a broadhead.  This would basically make them only useful for attacking a target with higher armor tier than you have arrowheads, since you otherwise could not harm such a target at all.


Presumably there might also be magic to enchant armors, perhaps alternate armor materials, that might need to be kept related for purposes of arrow piercing.  Not to mention monsters and such that probably won't wear armor, but will need to have a natural armor that simulates a certain tier.

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True, Not going in depth with fletching was the intention. its why i suggested it being added to Bowyer instead of its own skill. different tips i think would suffice. if TFC goes into the amount of customizing via skills as people a hoping, Bow users may want some more with arrows since they can do so much with their bow. TiC keeps it simple but very customizable. the Tip will determine the armor piercing capabilities, shaft determines weight which affects range and the Fletching is accuracy. with mods there are only 4 fletchings. and 2 are the primary usage. Feather or SlimeLeaf(additional mod). base TiC has Leaf and Feather. so yes i agree that fletching should be made simple but it could still have some complexity added. Bone or Wood shafts, quality could affect the weight/range of the arrow. a bent shaft is not going to be very accurate or fly that far. and then the tip would deal with armor piercing in the way you suggest. and fletching can be just feathers. its simple enough but still has a complexity to change the outcome of even a master crafted bow. 


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I could see fletching affecting accuracy.  I think it would be beneficial to keep the bow from being so OP early on.  I think shaft weight is maybe a bit much, unless it were wood vs metal - metal being some sort of high level arrow for an super-bow for uber-monsters.  But I'd say range would be better dealt with by the weapon itself (bow, longbow, composite, crossbow, etc)


I'd bet money the devs will have no interest in making a different arrow item for every type of wood (in combo with every type of metal head, not to mention fletching), so sticks will probably remain the shaft of choice, I'd guess, though a straightening mini-game could be interesting. 


I'm not any kind of archer, but I do know leaves, and I'd think most would make pretty poor fletching, as they're mostly very fragile.   Also there's no assets for leaves currently that I'm aware of.  In the scope of items with current assets, I could see leather being a passable alternate.   Maybe paper as well, but a paper fletched arrow is always destroyed when it hits, leaving just the metal head behind.


For that matter, I think it'd be good if stone headed arrows are destroyed entirely if they hit any stone blocks, with metal ones having a decreasing chance of being destroyed as you go up in tiers.  Arrows hitting higher tier armor should have a chance of being destroyed, increasing with tier disparity.


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