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Daniel Kay

Plant cultivating and mutations

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Here's an idea how plants and harvests could be made a bit more interesting:


When you find plants in the wild they are “Wild growing plants”, those are less needy, they can grow on untilled soil, grass or even coarse dirt, don't require water nearby and aren't as dependent on nutrients in the ground. However the wild growing plants take longer to fully ripen and they have a smaller yield.

Once you planted seeds into tilled soil they automatically become cultivated plants, those have more needs like water, the right soil and nutrients, but they grow faster and have more yield.

You can still plant wild ones in rougher ground and harvest those if you want or need to.


Here's the second idea. Whenever you harvest cultivated plants you have a chance of getting “mutated” seeds. These seeds have altered stats like growth time, yield, need for nutrients or water, how nourishing they are how fast they decay, temperature resistance etc.

You don't get to see these stats from the seeds however, you have to plant them first and wait until they are full grown, then when you inspect them you get the new stats from the matured plant.

You can then plant these new seeds and those plants will have the new stats. Like that you can slowly push certain plants for different tasks, for example make carrots mutate into what's essentially sugar beets by increasing how much sugar they produce in exchange for other nutrient values.

To make managing all the new seeds easier I'd suggest adding a seed box where you can keep all the different types sorted.


Another thought is that you can actively increase mutation rates by irradiating seeds (this is actually how it has been done in the past decades until more modern methods were found). You can find radioactive materials while digging, when you then irradiate the seeds it can cause a random mutation in them or they die from it. The longer you irradiate them the higher the chance of a new mutation, but also that they are killed by it.

Those mutations can be very wild, not to the point were you suddenly get flesh eating wheat, but having such an accelerated growth for example that a single plant could overgrown an entire field, so there is caution with it.

Additionally you could put two different seeds together, when irradiating them there is a chance of them “merging” into a new seed with their stats averaged and some random mutations.

For the irradiating there could be a new workbench made of lead that has both a large irradiation chamber for multiple seeds and a smaller “merger” chamber where you can attempts to hybridize seeds.

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Yes I love this idea it brings a huge ammount of focus more on farming !! Perahps irraditing is a bit too far fetched but cross breeding could be huge fun !! Imagine grafting fruit trees togther and ending up eventually with something like the whomping willow !! That would great !!


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