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Eternal Winter Hardcore Survival Addon WIP

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Moved to a winterless, eternal summer area 2 years ago. Singapore is 30 degrees +/- 4, all the time. I don't even remember what snow felt like.

Anyway I got obsessed with everything cold. Listening to cold music (Diablo 2 soundtrack, Biosphere, Brian Eno), watching cold movies etc.

Even bought a massive ventilator and AC's simulate eternal winter in the house. Got sick a few times but it's worth it.

I've been waiting for the body temperature update on TFC but as it seems it will arrive after I dissolve into hot and humid matter, I set out to create my own winter survival experience. 

The Idea
Superhard winter survival within an eternal winter place, with very little food, barely any fish caught, doing anything requires immense effort, even digging takes quite a long while.

Essentially, each block built, each piece of wood cut, should be a massive accomplishment and should hold a story of it's own. 

The entire world is blanketed with snow, temperatures are hellishly cold and there's barely any resources anywhere. Humans are the only ones left alive. It's harsh harsh survival. Unfairly harsh. Every second survived represents a tiny victory. 

With the help of some good folks over here, I installed Enviromine into TFC and modified it so torches emit some heat.
I dropped the temperature of most biomes to barely survivable. You die very quickly if you are not within range of a heat source.

Unfinished business?
A whole lot, this is an embryo of an addon. Ideas are welcomed as long as they adhere to the SURVIVAL, HARDCORE, WINTER aspects of the addon.

Unfortunately I've only managed to make torches emit heat. The idea is to make torches a mild but fairly easy way to stay warm enough so you don't die. The main method to stay warm would be trees. Player will be forced to hunt for trees all the time. This forces a certain nomadism and necessity to travel all the time. But traveling is hard. 

The hope is that I will figure out how to make campfires emit heat ONLY when they are fed wood. This will be the main way to stay heated. It will provide ample heat to stay healthy and warm, and cook food. But the fire needs to be fed, constantly. 

HARDCORE, how hardcore? 
Very. The addon should initially be unplayable for most. Ideally people should die their first 3-4 attempts until they get the tricks on how to stay alive. Free heat from lava and hot springs will not work (eventually heat from lava could burn you, so you could get warmer but you will lose health from proximity to gasses and or particles flying, this is just lore, no mechanic other than health damage would be implemented, but it needs to exist so there's balance in the winter)


Barely any is used. The player barely rises above the basics and if he does, it would require much dedication and smarts. The more primitive gameplay the better.

How can I help?
Are you a Minecraft programmer? Can you do some code in MC? Can you work with other people and have some ideas shot down while others accepted? PM me and we will go from there.
Are you a texture creator or even modeler? PM
Do you have an awesome idea that would work great within the context of the addon? Write it right here.
Do you live somewhere cold? Good job, I like you already.
Do you know of a quick way to decrease temperature everywhere in TFC? Please do tell. 


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Love the hardcore aspect of the idea. Although I must confess that in real life I live in Florida and absolute hate snow. 

I think there is a big segment of tfc players that wish for a harder to survive mod.

When I first joined Terrafirmacraft back in jun/2012 the mod was a much harder mod. Inventory was limited and even food was not as abundant. I live the mod, but I feel that is to easy to just rush and get all the tech.

I'm sure this addon will be a success..


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A great addon for people that have finished the game and are looking for a challenge. Can't wait to play it! :)


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Cool concept. But I would at least like polar bears and penguins. Finding them should be dangerous


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