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lime green leaves, super bright grass w/ shader

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im using sildur's shaders and grass is unusually bright and sycamore and ash leaves are super bright green, nothing else is really affected. I came here to ask if there might be a workaround with my current shader (because im loving the light/water) Also, when i get to a certain depth in the rock (~end of 2nd layer) i get weird lighting. It happens only when i dig down, im trying to find a good seed atm so im just digging holes straight down. It'll go away when i block the sunlight so its not much of an issue during normal play. I only bring it up because i think TFC increases world height to allow for more rock and i think that might be the problem.


If there is no workaround for the super bright leaves, could anyone suggest another shader that at least does water as well as sildur's? (vibrant medium) I ask here because TFC can have wonky interactions with other things.


Ill try to find some ash/sycamore trees and give you a side by side screenshot shortly.


EDIT- im playing technodefirmacraft with some other mods i added (pistronics2/custom npcs/archimedes/decocraft).

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i ended up fixing it last night somewhat. Sildur's shaders looks really good with TFC. I tried two other shaders and there were some water issues where you could just see to the bottom. I fixed it by editing some of the files. Took me while but i changed sunlight amount to 3 (def. 4) and changed the albedo multiplier to .75 (from 1), SEUS didnt have this. Also made the light slightly more red. Makes the sycamore/ash trees more bearable, tones down the bright green grass. I tried looking and am surprised noone had these issues using Sildur's shaders and TFC. Sildur's brighten's textures and the light is more yellow, so the already bright green trees were just amplified, same with any grass. With the changes i made, everything looks a bit better and colors are a bit more realistic, for TFC at least,


I highly suggest Sildur's if anyone wants a shader for TFC. Im using medium w/ no plant sway. ~60fps on a gtx 580/i5 2500k during generation, high 70's standing still, dips down to low 30s/m-high 20s in a willow/acacia/kapok area though :\


If i could make the perfect shader i'd use Sildur's water/rain/lens flare with SEUS's lighting, toned down a bit, darker shadows. But i got mine looking good and am ready to play. If you are like me and want to know how i did what i did to change the shaders i'd be happy to help or post before/after screenshots.

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