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Berry Overhaul

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Instead of using irl berries such as blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, TFC 2 should have randomly created berries specific to the world type. For instance, every bush is unique to the world. The textures of the berries would be generated similarly to the creation of dyed leather armor, by randomly selecting a color and overlaying it on a random preselected texture for berries. When you find a Berry, you can name it


Berries will also fall into one of three groups: edible, poisonous, and medicinal. You can find out which berries are edible or not by observing wildlife eat berries, or eat the berries yourself. In world, 40% of berries will be poisonous, 50% will be edible, and 10% will be medicinal.


If you eat a poisonous berry, depending on the toxicity, you will get effects like temp slowness from barely poisonous berries to extreme poison and death from extremely poisonous berries. Poisonous berries can be ground up and mixed with water to make poison, whose toxicity will depend on the berries that were used to make it. You can dip arrows and javelins into said poison to make lethal weapons that can kill enemies. When harvested, the amount of berries produced will be about the same as 1/2 the harvest of edible berries.


If you find an edible or medicinal berry, and eat it, a tool tip under the berry will display "edible". Edible berries will usually have a bigger harvest than medicinal berries or poisonous berries, but wont have any special properties other than being edible.


Medicinal berries can be discovered by eating berries, and if your health goes up a bit after eating the berry, than its a medicinal berry. If you discover a berry to be medicinal, a tooltip will say "medicinal" under the name of an item. These berries will heal a bit of health on their own depending on how strong they are, but when ground up and mixed with water they will create medicine which can be used to have a temp increase in regen (for like 24 hours).Medicinal berries are edible as with edible berries, but don't produce as much when harvested.


Also, in SMP, you can share your knowledge about berries with other people by right clicking them and there will be a pop up box asking the player if he wants to share the information. In case of pvp servers, sharing of knowledge about berries could be disabled to not annoy people while killing other people. 



Hope you enjoy these ideas! :)


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While the idea of poisonous, edible, and medicinal berries is really interesting, I really don't see the point of changing the current creation system from using real berries to using artificially generated ones. It really doesn't add anything to gameplay other than forcing you to eat the berry at least once. Generally speaking, the hardest thing about acquiring berries is finding them in the first place. At that point it really doesn't matter if everyone knows the berry type you just found is poisonous because you'll likely take all the bushes with you and your enemies won't be able to find those berries there.


By using the current system of existing berries, there is more consistency and therefore easier communication across worlds. If you get to name your own berries, a player on another world is going to have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when you talk about one of the berries you found and named.


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In the Darkness Suvival mode found on ATLauncher, there is something interesting.

You can make/loot 10 potions with unknown effect before drink them one time. (existing only 10 items, they are no random generation, they are predeterminated item).

Before drink them, their name is Unknown Potion. with no description and get the same icon. But after drank they have new description with bad/good effect on you (like regeneration, poison, sick, etc.) and a name


That be cool if something like this applied to berry. You don't know if you can eat or no them, so you harvest them and try at home. Same thing could be applied for mushroom.

I like to the idea of poisonous/medicinal berry. But i think they are the same thing.

In fact most of medicinal plants are poisonous, but in little quantity could heal you.


I'm sorry i can't explain myself deeply in english =/


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